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Sunday, February 01, 2009

What a shame!

Zulhasnan: Just give me RM7 billion. I will solve KL's public transportation problems. Trusssssssst me.

Like many Malaysians I was taking advantage of the last few days before school re-opens to spend time with the kids. And yesterday we decided that we would go to the park nearest our home, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. I've been there quite a few times but of course Adam and Laura were much more familiar with the place.They took me around and I was very pleasantly surprised at what the park had to offer even the casual visitor. First of all, it is deceptively big. And it had more facilities for visitors than any park that I have been to in Singapore! Playgrounds. Dedicated racing circuit for remote-control drivers who in turn provide thrills and spills to entertain the crowds. Beautiful fountains, crystal clear lakes, food and beverage outlets, horse-carriage rides, jogging tracks, cycling tracks and even a traffic games circuit with working traffic lights! Good, right?

The day I was there with my family it started to rain very heavily and we sought and found shelter in a rather unusually designed building which I later discovered was a covered area for Main Gasing, the Malaysian game 0f top spinning. It had a caged rink of red earth and arena-type seating. Wonderful. BUT when I began looking closer it was really quite SAD. Remember it was raining very heavily...

The roof of the Gellengang Gasing leaked. Which is an understatement really. The roof is in a horrible state of disrepair with water pouring in and onto to floor of the entrance and seating area.......

But never mind la. Surely if we walked around the arena we'd be able to find some seats which were dry for us to wait out the storm. We walked around and came across this spread across the walkway. It's a pile of...


It's a big steaming pile of..........HORSE SHIT!!!
Actually there were 3. But I think you've seen enough.

Anyway, after about an hour the rain lightened into a sprinkle and the kids thought they'd go have fun on the wet playground and discovered....

.......bad drainage had turned the walkway surrounding the playground into a 2-inch deep moat!

Take a look at these 2 photographs and wonder why..........

Clogged drains and water-logged fields

..................Malaysia is experiencing its worse ever dengue outbreak!

Despite all that, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is a beautiful park. I am sure it was built at multi-million Ringgit expense. Rakyat/taxpayers money. It's just that after the YAB's and the YB's came to make the speeches and cut the ribbons nobody was really quite interested in maintaining it. After all, the YAB's and YB's won't be coming back what.

But it is a piece of public property. Built at the public's expense. And somebody should be made to take responsibility for the sad state of affairs. I strongly urge every Malaysian residing in Kuala Lumpur to visit and use the park. Look at what your money was spent on. See the possibilities that this park has for you and your children and their children to enjoy. Get mad. Get angry that DBKL is doing horse-shit about taking care of YOUR investment. Make your anger heard. Make your anger felt. Make them pay.

And finally, think about this. If the Federal Territories Minister and the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur can't even manage a public park do you honestly think they can manage that RM7billion of YOUR money that they have just been given to "fix" Kuala Lumpur's public transport problems?
That's not all. That Federal Territories fler,

Zulhasnan has also threatened to "turn" KL, Putrajaya and Labuan into World Cities. I am sure he doesn't even have a clue what that means. So while you tighten your belts and change lifestyles and buy Malaysian, the fler will be spending more of your hard-earned Ringgits on...........HORSE SHIT!



Anonymous said...

damn...damn...DAMN !!
dun touch our bloody tax money lagi &
untung the kickback !! @#$%^&* !!
curse those who have abused the fund !!

Anonymous said...

Coz the fler wants to threaten his bank account ma. CIS bedebah!

Mr Bojangles said...

Nothing to be surprised about.

This is the modus operandi that has given us our world-renowned status as 1st world infra, third world maintenance.

And that Zul fella is only parroting a former Mayor of KL who, upon assuming that august position, declared that he will turn KL into the most beautiful city in, not just Malaysia, not even ASEAN, or even Asia, but "in the world."

Diligent Zul must have just dug up some past speeches in the DBKL archives.

Maintenance culture badly lacking. So is shame at plagiarising.

Wonder where we went wrong.

monsterball said...

An idea to make UMNO built it. Make everyone happy...certain UMNO man got filthy rich.
Public happy..Umno man happy.
That is the formula.
Follow up?? in pocket..who cares!!
How many will take time to do such post?
Pat love Malaysia like no other I know.
Will the authority take actions over this?
I am sure there are hundreds of such cases all over Malaysia.
There are so many unfinished buildings you can see. They are there for more than 10 one cares.
UMNO will always use the excuse...court cases are on....cannot touch.
These unfinished buildings are the homes of drug house for filth and dirt.
What shit Pat have seen in that building......I can imagine 10 times more in those unfinished buildings.
UMNO will not propose any building not completed within 10 years...should be torn down.
They dare they also take 10 years to built a short freeway...which should not be more than 2 years.
That is sign...tender paid...contractor disappear...start all over again and again.
Of course..all contractors are UMNO members...hush hush...don't tell the public.

Anonymous said...

tell that ex-fighter pilot datuk zulhasnan to fly kite if he is still up to it.


Anonymous said...


If not for these "dubious" projects, macam mana mau cari "makan"!!

Many of these projects are paid by the Rakyats and can last only a few months and left to rot so that more "created" projects can be "ongoing". Titiwangsa is not the only one but the park in Pudu Ulu, Cheras built for RM 30 million will suffer the same fate. What about the "ferris wheel" in Titiwangsa? Is it still functioning or is it still being "subsidised" by BN By "squeezing" the Rakyats' BALLS...oops MONEY!!

Most of these are not necessary and doesn't benefit the Rakyats but those "crafty" goons in power are sharing the "loots"!!


Anonymous said...

1. "Crystal Clear Lakes"? sure onot?

2. Only DBKL Enforcement Officers are alllowed to ride Horses there...

caravanserai said...

Horse shit and rain
Clogged up the drains
On the staircase
The wasted millions go away

It isn’t DBKL home
Built it then stayed away
Looking for other new projects
To whet the money chain

This is the dilemma
The BN government horse riding it
Shitting on the ground
We know the truth somewhere

Even a “small” park can’t manage
The minister is talking billions to turn cities
Into a world class stature………..
It isn’t about his dream
It is about the money coming in

Do he and his team walk about?
It takes a plan to visit the parks
And other government buildings
Clock it into the schedule
Once a month it works magic

No Sir
They sit and take long breaks
In the air-conditioned buildings
Outside it is too hot and humid
No time to get sweat rubbing shoulders
Of the ordinary city folks

The way our tax money gone
Seriously change must come quickly
Those BN MPs should think hard and fast
Before the collapse slap on our faces

Square said...

it is nothing new, big park like titwangsa also can turn out to be like this, imagine those small ones... I never been to a park in KL, I am just too horrified to risk my shoes, just in case i step on any horse shit, cow shit or dog shit... believe me, there are everywhere...

pearl said...

I'm sure Mr minister bring his kids elsewhere and not tasik titiwangsa or lake garden. That's why it doesnt bother him.
With so many activities to do at one park, this is the most happening park in kl i agree with you. But parking is still sikit. The overall cleanliness is teruk. The mini road track for kids bikes pun still the same for the past 15yrs or so...niamah!

Anonymous said...

I think you may have mis-read it. That fler threatened to turn them into "worse" cities.

ahoo said...

Hi Patrick,

Can we seek legal helps to sue them for wasting public funds or tax payers funds in view of potential corruption ? Malaysia is well known as one of the "land" with the most failed projects of the highest degree. We don't seem to learn from past mistakes. Just look at the standard / quality of the socalled new buildings around. The Duta courts, Customs building, Parliament's renovation with bocor incident etc.

We have with us a bunch of crooks who are able to get away scotfree whenever failed premises or half-baked projects are left standing with developers in hiding. So many things are just not right with substandard buildings, potholes after road resurfacing, poor renovation work for schools, etc.

Many creative projects ends up in pathetic state and the man in charge would not even be called in to explain or to be responsible for it. Can we mobilize a group of dedicated law makers to keep watch over new projects that are of no benefits to the people. If we are unable to stop this rot in this perilious time, can God saves Malaysia for our future generation ? They who robbed and steal knows no shame. If we are not doing anything to stop them, we are accountable to our future generation for leaving them with not only a corrupt systems but also a nation that has lost its soul and spirit.

The wheeling and dealing will goes on and on as the enforcement is lacking and not in place to check on them. And to haul them in due to connection as well as patronage. Must the people just stand by and watch while they continue to dip their hands into the nation's drying coffer ?

amoker said...

Zulhasnan is the only UMNO MP to win in WP, he has no right to brag. And yes, we trust him not with your money. RM7 billion. U got to be kidding. Use RM100 million and be wise. Stupid

Anonymous said...

politicians la, give you with right hand and take away with left hand.........u cant trust them

Anonymous said...

I heard these type of claims,"that the mayor is poist to turn KL into
world class city",many years ago.
Nothing was achived since then.
I recently visited the Taman Lembah Kiara and was shocked to see the sorry state of the toilet facilities..Sob...
Aiyah,they cannot maintain a small toilet,how can we trust them to turn our city into world class..

telur dua said...

The guy does have a sickening face. Add greed and bodekism to his CV and we really shouldn't expect much from him.

monsterball said...

I am really sick of those bastards.
They love to drag PR into more by-elections.
Since Najib somewhat took over...just go and read what RPK have said.
He was offered RM10 million....or jail. He chose jail.
Now one more UMNO man..came out to say..Najib offered RM50 to buy up some Perak parliamentarians.
I guess he just go and swear by the Koran...that's the end of the story.
How sick can greedy people for power and stolen money can be.
30 years....encouraged by Mahathir...still on going.
That devil reincarnated ... promised to put out a list of all corrupted UMNO people in his blog...all forgotten.
What kind of mentalities do thee UMNO politicians have?

Edward Chan said...

I totally agree with all the people who left comments on this article. However, I would like to take this one step further, which is...

"why are we moarning and groaning about this?? Can we not DO something about it?? What can we as part owners of these assets DO?? I strongly believe as a concern group and concerted effort, we can achieve something."

Any one here has any ideas apart from moarning and groaning??

Anonymous said...

pat, if u r back to ipoh & looking 4
a new makan place, here it is :
'moon river' (?) behind Taiko & near
smi, BUT BUT BUT prepared ,
1) smell from the river !
2) nyamuks welcoming u !
3) snail computer system 4 ordering
makanan !

patrickteoh said...

Hi Edward. I hear what you are saying. That's why in my post I said that KL residents must take ownership of the park. Go there. Use it. Take care of it. How? By not turning a blind eye to bad or mismanagement.

What do you suggest that we can do? Do you have any ideas apart from moaning and groaning?

Soon Chuan said...

ya.exactly.It's all our money. We should use the park as well. The DBKL is useless, how can they let these kind of situation happened? What a shame!

Anonymous said...

South Korea's super broadband

SEOUL - TECH-SAVVY South Korea will install a nationwide super-broadband infrastructure by 2013 which would enable the downloading of a feature film in one or two seconds, officials said on Tuesday.

The project unveiled by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) will require investment of 1.3 trillion won (S$1.4 billion) from the government and 32.8 trillion from the private sector.

Are you listening, TMNet?

Nonengko said...

You want the money, you show us what is the plan first, what system and why 7billion? Who is going to plan, implement and enforce it? It is then for the rakyat to decide whether it will true, can't even manage a park properly and want to solve this and that and with billions of ringgit which is not theirs....


pah nur said...

I believe in tackling the root of the problems. In this case, the government needs fixing, then perhaps, we may be able to trust them with taxpayers' money to fix stuff at non ridiculous marked up prices....

Anonymous said...

I pay tax but the money is gone into UMNO hand (via Najib's stimulus package).

There is no transparency on how money is spent.

UMNO need the money for its crony to undertake project int eh Ali Baba manner.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will always be known as the country that has First World Infra/Building but 3rd Class Maintenance and 3rd Class Mentality.

Just look at Sepang F1. Threatened by FIA baru nak upgrade the place.

daniel said...

Saying that Malaysia has 1st world infrastructure and 3rd world maintenance is already giving the govt too much credit. Due to the quota and racist systems, incompetence is blatantly rewarded right at the planning and building stages; that's why we have leaking roofs (think our parliament building) and crashing ceilings, the MRR2, the on-again-off-again JB bridge and the CIQ (which has the daily travellers cursing and swearing right from day 1) and of course the numerous govt buildings, hospitals, army barracks which had to be evacuated, decommissioned, renovated, repaired and what have you even before you could use it. Short of voting in a new govt, there's really nothing we can do about all this except moan and groan.

Btw saw trailers of your new show on Mediacorp 5. Garang, man, garang.

monsterball said...

Every blog is talking about Perak and Pat is still on leaks and cow dungs in buildings.
Yes...besides moaning and groaning...and taking time to expose mismanagement of present government...there is nothing ordinary folks can do.
The govt. does not give a shit what Pat is complaining about.
But the readers and commentators do..and that will encourage more to vote the govt out...have a new one.
I guess on Perak matter...Pat is feeling the same way.
Why talk so0 much..when we are helpless.
With that attitude...he can live a happier life.
I wish I can have some of his practical minded qualities.
All the best Pat!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick

If everything is done well then there will not be any more allocation for funds for renovation works...get it

Anonymous said...

Huge gathering at 7pm ( thursday) at the MB residence, IPOH : come & be UNITED , tq !
Pat, can u make it ?

Anonymous said...

Sad news.

Perak is gone to BN!


What a coup by Najib.

Stanley Benjamin said...

Whatever you said in your blog is damn true. I have been living all these umpteen years and it is getting from bad to worse. I despise the whole thing. You are the ONE person I admire. I have been following your blog for some time and this is the first time I am making a comment. ( Michaelian 1962 )

The Unladen Swallow said...

Look at it this way; at least now you have a Taman Titiwangsa Water Park!

monsterball said...

Water park for cows...dogs...frogs and slimy ones.
First one in the world!
Malaysia sure boleh.

Sumo Master said...


Ada filem baru ka?

orang kaya said...

UMNO big ideas, poor implementation,
no operation skill, always look for quick result and no staying power. Typical orang malas!

Anonymous said...

It's always the same old story.... waste of tax payers money etc etc.

How many actually pay taxes?

And then it is the rakyat this and that etc.

Why not just give the rakyat the money and ask them to manage the park?

In theory, if it cost RM XXXX to manage the park, divide that by the million or so tax payers and let them run the show lah.

Then watch the fun.


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy Theory:

dragsuperstar said...

UMNO n BN never helps we (Malaysian)

this is my view bout them..i hope you all enjoy it..

damn u BN

Politikus said...

Ni amah mo kau co.. hahhaa

Anonymous said...

One ringgit of expenditure is divided as follows:

10 pct to Fixer of contract
30 pct to Giver of contract
30 pct to Subcontractor
30 pct to Sub-subcontractor

So the sub-subcontractor only gives you 30 sen worth of product lah, which includes his profit.

This is Bolehland, and we all know how it works here. No mystery at all.


monsterball said...

Niamah...cit pie cin cia charm....bor lun chiow kor.
lai lai...dim dim...cui song.......hahahahahaha

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Pat , i do know what you are trying to say.
The new dbkl mayor is just another pile of dung.

Anonymous said...

I received this email and I think that everyone should know about this...

Subject: Crooks and crooked cops

This happened to my own Dept Manager, she wants this circulated to warn everyone to be careful when on the road, whether dealing with the police or otherwise.

Take care,

Dear Friends, I've finally got this down in writing..... Be paranoid if you must be but don't trust even the Police .
These are desperate times. I have a story which you should send to all your friends to warn them. I was in a car accident on 15/11/2008 along the flyover coming up from then Federal Highway into Jalan Maarof, Bangsar . My car skidded and went over a road divider. When I came to a stop a few minutes later 2 Malay guys - one driving a blue Satria and the other on a bike passed my car and stopped. They looked very decent - clean cut, well dressed like they worked in an office. Both approached me and asked in perfect English whether I was ok and whether I needed help. I declined of course as I had already called for help. They hovered for a while and then went off. I decided then to get out of my car to check the damage and when I got out, the 2 guys reversed and came back . At first I thought they were nice guys and just wanted to be sure I was ok. Nevertheless, I ignored them and kept a distance. Then the drama unfolded. The guy driving the Satria opened his car booth and took our a pair of black pants which he then threw on the road behind my car. The motorcyclist then sat down on the divider and began to roll up his pants and took off his shoes and socks ! I saw that he had a scrapped knee which was rather red. Realising then that something was very wrong, I asked the two guys while still maintaining my distance from them what they were doing . The motorcyclist then turned to me and said " You langgar saya tak payah bayar?" I was shocked and told them no such thing happened and why they were doing this. The guy then said " Awak jangan biadap, sudah langgar saya nak marah saya !!" I quickly went back into my car and called the
police. Call this Bukit Aman No. (03-22626555) - the response is fast. While waiting for help to arrive I kept praying for protection. The Police came within 5 minutes. BUT, you know, the police whom I thought were my heros also turned out to> be crooks. The 2 officers approached me and asked me what happened. while I related> to them what happened one of them went to speak to the 2 guys who were still hovering around at the back of my car. The remaining cop asked me "Sekarang macam mana?" I said there was no way I could have knocked them as there was no evidence of damage to their vehicles or injury on them. The cop then asked me " Kerja di mana?" I told them I worked in a Bank and he said " Wah jadi you banyak wang!!!" Although on hindsight now it was a strange thing to say (at that pt they were still my heroes) to
which I responded that I am only a worker , I don't own the Bank so I don't have money ! He then walked to his partner and came back a few moments later and said to me " The guy claims I broke the side mirror of his car" He asked again "sekarang nak buat apa ?" At this pt I was furious and told him that we should all go to the Balai to make our repsective reports He kept quiet at my response . I then blurted out some names of ex-Bkt Aman Inspectors whom I happen to know and then he went to talk again to his partner and the next thing that happened, the 2 guys accusing me left the scene. I was just overcome with relief by then my family had arrived to help. Little did I realise until much later that the 2 corrupt cops were in cohorts with the 2 malay boys to extort some money from me. They let them go without my consent, did not even
record their details or vehicle reg nos. Nothing !!! Imagine the cops who are supposed to protect you are as dirty and corrupted as the crooks roaming our town !!!! Abdullah Badawi whose mission before he leaves his position says he wants to curb crime in the country and eradicate corruption should go dig out the shit in his garden first. What an experience!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, they probably can substitute horse shit to fertilize the badly needed plants around the city centre. The plants look like shit!
And I don't understand why they need to always dig out and replace plants in the flower beds. Can't DBKL spend less money in just mantaining and preserving the plants and at the same time, put some ayam shit in them to make them bloom instead to chucking them out? hmmmm DBKL DBKL Ayo!

Anonymous said...

This fella stays at the setiawangsa bungalow.

Behind he built a retention wall like the one of china great wall, has expensive timber for his house tree 3 storey,

Thats where the rakyat's money went.

his wife datin ana is doing the guest bathroom for pak lah to come.
i don't know jeanne coming or not but this fella is spending the money for his house.

Anonymous said...

hm. that's how a billionhair looks like.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat

You have been MIA since 1 Feb 09. Cannot be no Niamah issues in Bolehland since then to 'provoke' you into action.

Therefore I am very concerned. Could you be 'missing' like those Pakatan Rakyat MPs who later emerged as 'cleansed' and 'BNed'?