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Monday, March 09, 2009

No more problem but something smells fishy.

Adam: Hmmmmm....something smells fishy....

The headline story in the printed version of The Star today made me rather suspicious. Okay, okay it is probably just me la. What? Okay, the headline read RULING CAST ASIDE. Then the box inset has a quote "With immediate effect, the importers can use the insulated containers on a voluntary basis. So, the issue over the containers is now considered closed"...Mustapa Mohamed, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister. And there was a photograph of people selling and buying fish at a market.

Normally, I would have ignored the story completely as the sight of dead fish isn't what I like to start my morning with. But it was those words that piqued my curiousity and suspicion.

"....the now considered closed"???

And a minister said that only days after the 'issue' began?

Hmmmm.....smacks of something not quite right here. Why the haste in 'closing' the issue?

Since it involved the ministry forcing fish importers to use only 1 type of containers which can be bought from only ONE supplier??? Suspicious, right? I mean if these containers would improve things for everybody then the government must press ahead in implementing its carefully thought through decision, right? (Ok la so I had a tough time trying to type that last bit with a straight face la.) If not then why come out with the ruling in the first place and why must buy from ONLY one supplier???

I love the minister's statement......"So, the issue over the containers is now considered closed." Ha! I wish some other stuff would be resolved with as much speed and efficiency.



ricky said...

"The headline story in the printed version of The Star today made me rather suspicious. Okay, okay it is probably just me la."

No - I too had my suspicions.

To make it mandatory for the importers to use only one type of container (which incidentally is more costly than the rest) and from only one supplier is indeed fishy.

Anonymous said...

same fucking rent seeking mentality from BN cronies. why the monopoly from one supplier? you mean the supplier is so fucking technically advance that no one else can compete?

as usual, the supply price is at least 40% higher than whats available in the market. Still surprise? yes I am coz the price differential is only 40% extra and I thought it would be not less than 200%!

Niamah, you miss out something. the idiotic minister, as usual from UMNO, mentioned that the supplier will be compensated for "closing the issue"! what the FUCK is this? Another rip-off BN -style.

borneo headhunter said...

they are really bunch of celaka menteris..only know how to think on ways to get their heads off from the chopping block and blame all the dirts and shits that they have created and wipe it onto others' faces!!geeeeezzz...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


In the game of monopoly
Only one gets the glory
Others just listen to story
Why they are left out so sorry

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100309
Tue. 10th Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

my fish-seller said it cost 5 kali lebih mahal wo !!

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

I have been trying to get use to this kind of flip-flop rulings, but I find it harder to adapt to it now as I am getting older, I guess.

From the recent highway hike, to the fishy fish containers, and a lot more that I do not want to waste Patrick's space here, I started to wonder why not my cats be the ministers and I believe my cats can run this country far better than those there, at least my cats are more decisive and less fishy, even they like fish alot. :P

Trashed said...

Sapu under carpet lor, before more fishy tales leak out.

Anonymous said...

Suspicions? No, but confirmation, most probably. What else do you expect? This is after all Bolehland ma.Any way to make an extra buck la otherwise how to make the extra million?

It has been like this for a long time and wont be changing anytime soon.

Just ask yourself uncle Patrick, why did the govt give out concessions to certain individual? Is it because he has the expertise? No la. MAS was sold to someone who has no experience in running an airline and the govt has to buy it back when he failed. Water concessions given to lawyer? Steel given to ....the list goes on and on. This is Bolehland. CANNOT change, WILL NOT change. Not in our lifetime.

donplaypuks® said...

No big mystery lah!

Some crony got a directly negotiated non-tendered out monopoly contract (10/20 years)to make a killing with over-inflated prices from which kickbacks and 'donations' would have been made!

No different from Toll Highway/IPP/Water Privatisation crony contracts.

Now they are attempting a cover up as the outcry and opposition from the industry is too great. This is standard modus operandi of UMNO/BN Govt which should be investigated by MACC.

Anonymous said...

It is a Halal container supplied by UMNOputera via patronage under the NEP.

KoSong Cafe said...

In Batu Gajah, the previous BN District Council insisted on a device to filter sludge from washbasins of coffeeshops. The device was supplied by a company in Selangor. The joke was that the people who came to clean would throw the contents into the public drains! The sad part was that the PR council did not make a quick reversal of this ruling, and the coffeeshop proprietors have to bear and grin with it.

caravanserai said...

Fishy, fishy, in the market place
Every one understands
Walking in the busy noisy wet market
This is what the early morning folks do

Steering wheel monopoly
Hit the head no excuse
One company takes it all
The fishy story the millions profit

The economic downturn
The monopolistic endeavors
Favoring one person
All the way to the bank

Decision made
Thinking the plan worked
Fish wholesalers protested
Consumers felt it was fishy

Harm Noh leaders never learn
The way they do business
Fishy plans millions in the bank
Compensation for shoot and run

Here we are Niamah
Smell fishes losing out millions
For government leaders
Flip flopping again

Anonymous said...

Why don't MACC comes to the ground to investigate those who are involved in the ho-ha? I believe some hanky-panky is going on with the the chap who was the one who had authourised LKIM as the sole supplier.The is no transparency and you can do what you like to monopolise the trade.WTF!!

new fart said...

Third world country with third world mentality, what can we expect? A country run by a bunch of corrupted goons without an iota of sophistication and finesse. God help us!

Anonymous said...

reading thestar is like reading a bunch of lies....

Anonymous said...

Mana Ada Corruption Corporation (MACC).

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) has called on the Government to revoke the visas of 70,000 Bangladeshi workers who are expected to start work in the country soon.

MTUC president Syed Shahrir Syed Mohamud said hiring the foreigners was bad timing amid an economic downturn.

1. who approved this huge number in the first place? Ada jalan to make a few rm ah

2. how can u cancell visa now la. Aiyah, malaysians kena retrence fr manufacturing work la, you think they want to work a generallabour in plantation ah.

Think a bit la before talking. If malaysians want such work at such pay, u think employers stupit issit to get foreign labour.

SInce the world's economic and financial crisis started, malaysia only tokkok. Habis la if we dont act fast.

Anonymous said...

Win Win situation - for the sole authorised supplier. If he gets to continue he gets super profit. If his contract is to be terminated he gets compensated. What is the defination of compensation? Compensate the loss of future profit? That means instant profit - no need to wait.

mohd ali ismail said...

Hey Guys,Why are you people so kepo.Someone wants to make quick bucks and you must spoil their fun.Let me touch on one other matter that may exite you.You ask subsidy recipients about the fertilises and the like they get whether they are of any good.Not only they waste Goverment money but the farmers time and expectation for good crops.How and why I will mention that in my blog in due course.I am a farmer and a subsidy recipient at that.

telur dua said...

Why do these leaders in cohorts with their cronies continue to leech on the people? Can't they do an honest day's work and earn their money the hard way like everyone else?

And the case is closed just because he said so? Ptuiiiiiiiii!


Anonymous said...


This will catch your attention if you haven't already read about it. They made Elizbeth's slight dark crotch shot, which were candid considering she's sleeping, head on to to see NAZRI CAMWHORING with a cheap hooker.

Money can't buy class. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

for the previous thing, was sleepy when i typed that, was intending to say "They made Elizbeth's slight dark crotch shot, which were candid considering she's sleeping a big brouhaha" yea

sad, they shut the site or blocked it.

sad fucks has dirty secrets. someone must've lost sleep last night.

cibai kias.

CF said...

I suppose the only way that we (the public) can stop this type of unconscionable behavior by the policy and decision makers is to constantly be on their backs.

We need to drum into their hard skulls the immortal words of Howard Beale 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!'