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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stimulus or Stupidus?

Adam: Aiyoh!!! Why so stupid one?

If you turn to page N19 of The Star today you will see a full-page, full-colour advertisement taken out by the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Malaysia to say "Terima Kasih" to the Yang Dipertua of Pulau Pinang for officiating at the launch of a Tourism Malaysia campaign.

Now, call me stupid too but I just don't get it. In such economic times should much-needed public funds be spent this way? I don't know how much exactly but a full-colour, full-page advertisement in The Star must cost at least a 5-figure amount of Ringgits. And that's not counting the costs of writing, designing the advertisement. What does Azalina and her gang hope to achieve with the ad? That would benefit the cause of promoting tourism to and within Malaysia? And isn't it a part of the Yang Dipertua Negeri 's job to officiate at these functions? So why waste public money in thanking him this way?

Coincidentally, the headline news today is about the MACC investigating possible wrong-doing by the said ministry and its officials.



Yean said...

5-figure amount of Ringgits???
kanasai~! that's our money they are spending~!

Why out ministers all so dumb? Gosh~!

Anonymous said...


Ya classic case of cakap tak serupa bikin....frankly, I do not expect much from these guys anyway...ok maybe we can say our neigbours down south are a little arrogant etc, but you will not find their Ministers and government servants incompetent...maybe what is lacking in Singaporeans is the human factor and the core human value of compassion and empathy for others.

GreenBug said...

This is not the first time lah Patrick. This woman also put up huge 64-piece billboards all along the highway promoting Malaysia but instead of Malaysian tourist spots, show picture of PM, DPM and her.... few million ringgits down the longkau!

amoker said...

cause the UMNO folks disdain blog.... a simple sms of TQ would do.. 5 cent.

CF said...

Agree with you that such ads are a waste of funds - especially when it involves government officials including ministers and the like.
There should be a public policy to prohibit such useless ads.

Anonymous said...

She needed to boost her image lah. However, her body is quite "boosted" in the picture, don't you think? On the highway billboards, you can see her together with PM and DPM. Waa, macam like she is 3rd in line. If mention her name at tourish spots, you think got special discount or not?? Or kena charged more???

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Uncle Pat,

Don't be so exited la! This is the way to channel fund onto the private sector ma!

Anonymous said...

last yr it costs ~RM34,000 for a full page ad in the star...this yr may have drop a bit but shouldn't be too far from there.

a journalism undergrad who takes advertising classes too

Anonymous said...

no projects where got kangtau (lobang)? only through projects can they make money dat u oso dun know ahh? neeneh! (not u!)

DJ Khor said...

She's UMNO what!

They can do anything and get away with it!

The MACC will most likely NOT find anything wrong with her Ministry.

Anonymous said...

chun wai's "reward" for kissing azalina's ass?

Anonymous said...

20% of 5-digits ah ! ...a..aa = oso 5 DIGITS man ...@#$%^&* ...!!

Anonymous said...

It is a 'ritual' or 'Adat' to brown-nose those of higher authority.

A waste of pubic fund!

wanching said...

Uncle Patrick,

Let's see it this way. Many full page ads = Resources for The Star = Pay rise for the employees = Richer consumers = Higher buying power = Increased cash flow = Better economy = Citizens thinking Federal Govt has done something good = Election wins = Said minister gets promoted.

Eh, a far sighted minister we've got here lah.

hamba said...


Anonymous said...

Why the boy face looked like he just discovered the pleasure of life - due to the mini budget announcement ah ?