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Friday, April 03, 2009


A typical weekday at 8 am on the MRRII which now includes
DUKE users (entering on the left) who'd just paid for the privilege of joining the MRRII traffic snarl.

Almost every driver in Kuala Lumpur knows that the MRRII is a badly congested roadway on the best of days. On rainy days it is a traffic nightmare. Everybody knows. Well....I guess not everybody knows actually. The folks who designed and built Damansara Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) obviously don't know. Or maybe they chose to close their eyes to the problem since they'd been given the opportunity to 'toll' the motoring public for heaven knows how many years. I am sure they also receive subsidies and compensations from the government like all the other toll road operators. And so they build this highway and launch it with the slogan, "There are things I'd much rather do than be stuck in a traffic jam" or something to that effect. When the truth should be something like, "DUKE, we get you to the other traffic jam faster!" Look at the photo above. All DUKE does is to bring motorists from Gombak, Sentul, Batu Caves and soon, Jalan Duta to the overcrowded MRRII faster so that they can get stuck for longer due to the increased volume of vehicular traffic. That seems to be the Malaysian way ya? We don't solve problems. We just bring you face-to-face with other problems. Faster. Boleh!!!



veena said...

i live in bkt antarabangsa...and work in pandan takes me a freaking 1 hour or sometimes even more to get to my office....because of the traffic i practically have to crawl down the hill to even reach the MRR2....IM SO PISSED....And there is no end to this mayhem....

Anonymous said...

You talk like you are not a KLite or even a Malaysian or never driven on the MRRII. You only know how to complain when situations are not in your favor. The problem is not the DUKE, stupid. It's the MRRII. You only complain because the traffic is now back up to the junction of Antarabangsa where you live. Motorists have for years endure traffic crawl on the MRRII from Taman Melati to Pandan Jaya and Salak Selatan to Pandan Jaya. You got complain then?

Duke is a godsend, period. You have a problem with MRRII, talk to the Mayor. Better still complain to the Mayor now and tell him not to open the Jalan Kuching/Duta because it will cause more traffic on these roads.

Guess what he will tell you?

Niamah back to you.

DoOrDie said...

uncle pat, u are soooo rite. The $$$ u spent on Duke does not really worth it.

Keluar mulut buaya, masuk mulut naga! haiiyaa!!

Anonymous said...






zxf said...

Who is the consultant who designed the interface between these 2 major highways ? Was there a traffic study or traffic projection to support basis of design? Do the design of the merging lanes (interterms of nos, width, length) at the connection comply to accepted Malaysian or British road design standards ?

Who approved the design ? JKR ? LLM ?

I understand that one of the Director of DUKE concessionaire is... Kerismuddin's brother !!

Any political influence or interference ?

In any case, any layman can tell that something is seriously wrong with the design of the connections between the highways !!

Another example of BN Boleh & UMNO boleh at the expense of the suffering rakyat ?!

Niamah !!

animah said...

Yes, DUKE has designed it so that 7 lanes merge into 3 lanes at one point. Any idiot could have foreseen that this would be a problem. It can take me up to 45 minutes to travel from the zoo to flamingo hotel - normally a 5 minute drive!

I sat fuming behind a car with exactly that sticker the first week they opened DUKE.

Corporate Middle (lower) caste said...

i am aghast... blatant rip-off of public money and useless highway if this is the case where highway beget another highway. with no solution to this existing traffic congestion

Again, this kind of story has been repeated for 'god knows when' (even before DUKE) for e.g. LDP (in Puchong area), Jln Duta exit (after toll) Sg Besi Plus exit (during peak hours) stories.

How long are we going to tolerate this.. The simple solution is when residential development is being planned, it should take into account the potential of people moving in the area... as simple as that and road will be build accordingly with future anticipation...

If there is no solution in place by the current highway operator, then in short term the highway operator should forgo their toll collection especially during peak hours as it did not provide the solution to our cause

MalaysianJustice said...

when we have BN leaders that are dumb and selfish, this is what we get lah!
Check out their latest briliant idea to get voters in Perak!

pearl said...

i'm among the many that have to faced this madness 5 days a week.
i live in melawati and my office in Subang...and malaysian drivers like to create their own lane to make it even worse! and definitley the duke is a fluke!!!

this is just the tip of it..i have to travel the whole stretch of mrr2before i hit the kesas tol to get to my office by 9am

There are few other hot-spots along the way...and not to mentioned when its hujan or accident.SO Stressful!!

..going back home to Melawati is another never ending story..the freaking terrible jam near bandar tasik selatan.., near pandan perdana, near flamingo hotel...i dont see any immediate solution to this.

Lain la if i can get police escort to help make some people kan..we been sitting in the car for hours, 20km per hour, and this fellow just sail through..walau weh!!!

Hamba said...


MATA KUYU said...

Who is the consultant who designed the interface between these 2 major highways ? Was there a traffic study or traffic projection to support basis of design? Do the design of the merging lanes (interterms of nos, width, length) at the connection comply to accepted Malaysian or British road design standards ?


for your info they did all that. They really do!
After they study only then that they do the design.

They study how to make it worse,
They design how to make it worse.

THEN THEY OFFER TO UPGRADE MRR2 and put several booth as they go.

nice plan ain't it?
just like jln damansara remember?

Anonymous said...

My friends, the LDP at sunway toll is no better at peak hours ! that toll is jam pack from 6.45am to 10am (sometimes later). from Puchong to SS3 will take more than 1hour! normally this distant only take less than 5 minutes! And we pay RM1.60 one way to suffer the jam ! Malaysia BOLEH !

Anonymous said...

Duke is not the problem, the problem is MRR2.

The root cause is the Pandan indah junction/exit where 3 lanes merge into 2 lanes. Solve this problem, solve everything, easy.

However, I doubt that the authorities going to resolve this problem.

Anonymous said...


who owns duke highway? who owns sole monoploy to supply security stickers at fucking inflated prices/

check it out, naimah. if I were him, not only would I raise the fucking keris. I raise a cannon to fuck those who oppose.

Pakatan, get lost.

Anonymous said...

Wah they want to load MRRII some more? You know the MRRII at Kepong Selayang area have failed sections still under a second repair. After the first repair the speed limit was and is 60 pkh. How can a super highway 6 lane dual type allow such a low speed. Ridiculous, the speed should be at least 110 kph. That means the first repair was not up to mark. No wonder pieces of concrete fell recently requiring second repair. When will the second repair be OK. I feel scared driving below the green wrappings every day.

Chet said...

"That seems to be the Malaysian way ya? We don't solve problems. We just bring you face-to-face with other problems."

To help you forget the earlier problems, mah.

Azman said...

I agree that the problem is in MRR2. The hot spots (Sri Petaling-bound) are exit to Jalan Ampang and AKLEH, Pandan Indah flyover and exit to Cheras.

Basically the problem is bottle-necking, and obviously high flow of traffic. At Jalan Ampang exit, there is an Hindu temple and a river on the left and Flamingo Hotel on the right. At Pandan Indah, the sides of MRR2 are at the edge of the housing compound. There is no way they can widen MRR2 at these spots.

Having said that, we have known this problem for years. So now why make the problem worse by diverting cars from Damansara to Ulu Klang? DUKE is redundant!

Mr Teoh, you're right about this one (actually you are right about a lot of things).

Anonymous 9:25 AM, yes, MRR2 is god-damned, but DUKE isn't godsend either. It doesn't solve anything.

monsterball said...

Not one political blogger cares so much for Pat is now.
He is the same old Pat...not afraid to expose POLICE...45 years ago.
I only know..the government of UMNO is out to suck Malaysians high and the name of development.
Hoe else can they throw expensive celebration banguets all over the country to celebrate Najib's PMship..when country is going through the toughest time....ever experienced?
Recall Mother Teresa's banguet cancelled to fed the poor.
That is is a Saint.
Our Satanic leaders are so used to lavish and rich lifestyles.
It is like the Marcos in Philippines.
We are never going forward at all.
Keep it up..Pat..expose all!!
Bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia BOLEH maa!


Anonymous said...

Looks like even the road user know what is the problem, bottleneck, etc at MRR2 at certain location.

I wonder why the authorities doesn't do anything about it. Don't they know the reason? When are they going to do something about it?

What are the plans?

Ir. EAK said...

We have idiots for road transportation planning. You can see a lot of places where bottlenecks are a major cause of the congestion due to poor planning of exits, entering and intersections. We are creating more congestions when a new interchange is built.

The problem is at the MRR2's various exits and interchanges. DUKE is not a priority. The local cummunity will suffer because the MRR2 is also their daily route.

And the idiots who like to drive on the emergency lane and cut queues .....niamah!!!!!!

Ir EAK said...


Yes....I always see that Proton Perdana Executive with dark tints with police and bodyguard escorts.....

siapa lah tu agaknya?

kalau dah lambat nak pergi kerja, keluar awal us all common people....

Anonymous said...

I like to repeat that DUKE is a godsend. DUKE is not a problem. It may have aggravated the problem to MRRII but it is not THE problem. Most blame MRRII. I have been living in this part of the city for over 25years from the time Ulu Kelang was a dirt road and the only way to Gombak and beyond is to loop round the Zoo, TAR college and Setapak.
Much have improved. The traffic into MRRII today had increase beyond what it was designed for. It's design as everyone on hind sight says is flawed. It is not flawed, it's the best the highway surveyors could do under legal land rights constraints etc etc.
So what is the solution? If Niamah is really that interested in solving the problem instead of been an armchair critic sitting comfy on his butt and cry like a baby, DO something about it. GET OFF your bloody high horse and lobby for the Outer Ring Road to be built. For those who are wet behind your ears .. many of us suffer through the 2 hours crawl to get home along Jalan Ulu Kelang to Gombak and beyond when it was in construction. Your bitching of 1 hour ride is 'nose pickings' what we went through for years before MRRII was completed.

For those uninformed .. still wet in your diapers .. MRRII is traffic lights and toll free .. period.

Like MRRII the ORR is long overdue.

Franbkly I don't think you (Niamah) have what it takes to lobby for the ORR .. so this is an heads up.

p/s if you can get ORR built maybe I will reveal my real name to you.

Double Niamah back to you.

Anonymous said...

From an anonymous,

"The traffic into MRR2 have increase beyond what it is design for"

Well what is it design for?

The traffic was already crawling less the 5 years it was commission.

The problem is that the people who design it only dimension the infrastructure to be free of congestion for only a few years.

Why do not you open your eyes wide enough and look at other countries.

Quadruple niamah back to you.


Anonymous said...

LDP- u have to pay to be stuck in the jam at Sunway.

MR11- The jam is toll free. us Ulu Klangians are lucky bastard, are we? DUKE perhaps is not the problem, but it has increased the problem on MR11 which has bottlenecks in a few places.So, 2 years back i can go to work at 7.15 and still have fast moving traffic until ampang. But now, even if i go out at 6:50... the cars are already backlogged sometime till the zoo. WTF?

rakyat biasa

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

I stay in Setapak and worked in Cheras,but before Duke I can leave my house at 7am but now with jam from the "Duke",built by "Hisapputing's" brother, another crony wasting taxpayers money have to leave at 645am and still could not reach office in time.
These bloody BE END should have studied the jam near the Beecham roundabout to Ampang Point before embarking on this "stupid" project!!
Patrick, what can we do to solve this problem??

Anonymous said...

anon 12.13pm

vote the cronies and keris waving morons out. simple solution aint it but you need to start working now to get enough voters to kick the corrupt cronies out come next election.

Anonymous said...

One of the major shareholders of Duke Highway is from the family of Tun Hussein Onn.

Anonymous said...

The problem jam area near flamingo is contributed because the narrow two lane from Jalan Ampang, merging with one lane (usually two) joing to the MMR2 two lanes. Get rid of the petronas, sorry but even the sikh temple, the few houses and especially the workshop about 300 meters away. You can solve much traffic congestion.

Funny, how the government is keeping quiet by allowing the workshop to operate and most often cars parked on the emergency lane.
Somebody must be giving big money.

Jams near Pandan Indah is impossible to solve unless they build exit somewhere else far away so that there's no slowdon and overspill to MMR2.

But who cares? Just like allowing motorcyclist to use the already narrow elevated Ampang Highway. Heard even that way not build to international accepted standard for two vehicle lanes.

Anonymous said...

Who owns Duke Highway?

Hishammuddin Hussein and Haris Hussein

Politicians get Govt Contract

The DUKE concession is renewed another 30 years TO COLLECT TOLL TILL 2060! even before it expired by his cousin Najib