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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Huh? Can one ah?

We will reduce corruption by at least this much. If possible la.
(Photo of RTD Director-General, Solah Mat Hassan)

I just read in The Malaysian Insider that the RTD or Road Transport Department has signed an agreement with the anti-corruption authorities to get rid of corruption. In its own operation I presume. Can one ah? Sign an agreement with an0ther Federal department to get rid of corruption. How does it work? Read this part of the report ...

Seen as one of the more corrupted government agencies for licensing bad drivers and vehicles, the RTD today launched its integrity plan to standardise its procedures and work outline.

“The public have all the negative perception about the RTD, such as not being responsive, not customer friendly, bureaucracy and bribery. I have received many public complaints and I know they are not satisfied with the RTD,” the Transport Minister said when launching the ‘RTD Integrity Plan Malaysia’ here.

“These accusations comes from the experience the public face as well as the stakeholders who have dealt with the RTD on an everyday basis. There are some truths in their accusations. Even though it is hard to swallow but the RTD must accept the reality,” Ong said.

Ong later told the reporters that the department had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to end corruption in the department.

Rather novel way of combating corruption don't you think? Ah...but later on the Ong fler added......

"This shows the aspiration of the RTD and also the ministry to end bribery, if possible, or to at least reduce it."

Oh okay. If possible la. Baarger! Before starting already put in disclaimer. What la!!!



Anonymous said...

RTD is corrupted, that's for sure but MACC is utterly useful, so it's a bloody waste of time. Publicity only, no substance.

chong said...

kerana dia pun tau "it's a mission impossible!"
no corruption? How UMNO survive??? and how to feed on the lap dogs??

matt said...

Pat what do you expect we now have monkeys at the highest level in the civil service who can everyday con the rakyat.At least in any other country this bullshit won't be tolerated but here in bolehland it is our culuture to be bullshitted by these ptd morons.

artchan said...

Before Ong became president..all he said can still be acceptable, now that he is president...his cocktalk is worse than Kating and Longshit put together

caravanserai said...

Is it a joke?
Signing MOU with MACC?
If RTD is corrupted
Send the calvary
Catch them....

So another con job?
The problems will remain
The core is cancerous
MACC catching cows

Sometimes it makes us
A fool or what in our lives
Reading reports like this
MACC should just walk in
Catch any one presumably on the take
Ask the runners many stories to filter

So what is MACC for?
A beauty parade for the last sleeping beauty
Now he is tending his garden
Forgetting the marks on us

Now we realize
MACC is toothless tiger
Even in a cage, it can't roar
Outside it is worst....
No bite only as a guard dog
Barking all the times
Yet the big fishes smile

“See our pet dog
Knowing the rules
Guard the house
Inside we can swim
Splashing of glory
Who can say.......”

Hamba said...

Uncle, normally we have MOU with person who have power to decide things right...So now the MACC is signing the MOU with this fella Solah which means he's in control of the corruption in JPJ. No wonder lah he say they want to end bribery or to at least reduce it...he is the one who decide mah!!!! He's the chief corruptor and he gets the bigger cut and I bet you he'll never end this money making scheme of his and the ministry...

mohd ali ismail said...

It's all so pathetic to think that those buggers should come up with that kind of desperate arrangement to slow down in the hope to eradicate corruption.So they aknowledge that corruction really exist within the department.Wonder whose idea was it if it's not coming from Mohd Said Porno himself.

Anonymous said...

What is a MACC going around signing MOU with RTD on nabbing corruptions for ????

They should be nabbing those corrupted.

Looks like signing MOUs are going to be all the departments KPIs. The more MOUs signed the higher the ratings.

But anyway who believes in them.

Do you???

I know for sure I don't.


Anonymous said...

Well, he already got himself a KPI, need not scratch the head to find one. What more, he's engaging the service for his dept, whatever format of report can be produced from his supplier, no problem already....

Taikohtai said...

And while they are at it, why not also swear on the Koran, Bible, etc that they are serious about the matter.
After all, Najis has done it, so why stop there?

kk said...

What a joke! He definitely knows who are those corrupted officers and why can't he just fire their ass? Signed MOU for "mat kow chart"!

donplaypuks® said...

I really can't understand the logic of these MoU.

I mean, its the job of the Head of any Govt Dept to root out corruption and instil honesty, good values and best practices among his staff. Likewise, it's MACC's job to prevent and eradicate corruption as much as possible.

So, what next? An MoU with I Polis Raja to make crime 'illegal?' It's already their job. Corruption is illegal; committing crime is illegal. So, what is this redundant action of signing MoU's for?

MACC should have been in JPJ, Immigration Dept (Foreign labour section) and Land Offices 20 years ago. If they had taken their jobs seriously then, we would not be in this mess today!!

Anonymous said...

....and all the time we thot this Ong fler is a little bit smarter than the rest. With this he has proven to be the shittest of them all.

Shit Head!

Bang_Zai said...

MoU with MACC?
This could be the crudest joke of the century for Malaysians.

As being said before, its the job of the MACC to kick ass when dealing with bribery cases, any ass for that matter. By signing MoU, i could only think this will tamper the MACC ability to conduct investigation. Why? I have yet to see the details of the agreed MoU.

-naga- said...

It's simple to know how this is going to end up.

One fine morning we will all be reading in big bold heading that corruption in RTD has been officially eradicated. And then just below that, you will see a gratitude to MACC.

Yup, just like that. *Poof* goes corruption.

solidleong said...

MACC signning MOU with RTD? Is this a joke or wat. And i thought they are only interested in car and COWS!!!!

Anonymous said...

signed MOU first for all to see. then put in KPI so that their performances can be measured. day in day out, week in week out, month in month out..MACC performed raids on their workplaces but come out nothing. see 100% KPI met.

seik see orr farn.

Anonymous said...

Among the terms and conditions would be:-

a. Catch the small fella who demand RM 10 ringgit from the driver who jump the red light.

b. If an officer was caught taking more than 1000 ringgit bribe, he must share it 3 ways i.e police, MACC and themself.

c. Money from approval of permits, licence etc are for top dogs only. The highest on the food chain only gets to taste it.

d. If serious accidents happens... all must cooperate to cover up.

e. Never implicate the bosses ... all the bosess.

you add them yourself.

Vernette said...

Another bullshit! How much bullshit can Malaysians take? Unlimited I would think! Pathetic!

KIMHO8 said...

Sure can one lah!
We are jaguh boleh ma!

Jonathan's Parody of BolehLand said...

Well for a a department known as Really Teruk/Terrible Department, corruption seems written in its Code of Ethics. And 6 years to clean up the sh*t goes to show how thick in muck and filth makeths them the Jabatan Paling Jahat to common BolehLanders. We are so tired hearing of cleaning this up and cleaning that up. If they don't have a clean house do you blame polluting vehicles on the road!? see 'JPJ top jobs for clean only'

Adriel D.K said...

togather gather maa so if kena tangkap got friend in lokap. But chances of getting jailed is kind of low for high ranking people in malaysia.

No fair :(

megaman said...

Guys ...

MOU or Memorandum of Understanding is not a legally binding document.

It is more of business document to list the principles and concepts that two or more parties have agreed upon. This document is only to serve as guide for future legally binding contracts.

Therefore, even if there are no results or no continuation or whatsoever from this MOU, no parties will be held responsible for whatsoever consequences.

In other words, the MOU is just another piece of shit. Better save the tree by not having the document anyway.

Anak Malaysia said...

Haha, before he can clean the RTD, the Mr "Cleans" will clean him out. That is for show and publicity lah Patrick.

Boh Kow Lat said...

This Ong fler is talking through his bloody chibai. All you need to do is amend the laws and impose the DEATH PENALTY for any JPJ staff involve in corruption. Once a suspect has been identified, he should be immediately brought to that USJ balai and aggressively interrogated similar to what Anthony Kugan has gone through. Everyone in Malaysia knows only too well that each and every new driver taking JPJ's driving test must pay RM200 to the Driving School. No pay No Pass. I did not pay up and was failed three times yet I have driven from JB to Bukit Kayu Hitam alone and without any driving licence.

Anonymous said...

How does one measure the level of corruption? Is it based on the number of corrupt cases or the quantum of ringgit involved? First we need some guideline before we can put the blame on RTD.

Dont forget we also got to consider other applicant for this top honour. Please reconsider this top spot taking into account the following:

1. customs
2. PDRM and last but definitely not least
3. ministers (both in govt and maybe even in religion)

It will be a tough call but I think if the amount of money is the basis then I think govt ministers will win hands down. Just imagine, how in the world they can be so very very rich beyond our human imagination if they only earn from the gaji? No way la.

patrickayu said...

it sounds like an iso accreditation to show the public they are clean, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

The MOU is to make 'exception' for teh big fish!

pjan said...

Just my 2 cents opinion. I dont think gov will seriously take action to stop corruption. Even minister also involved then how can corrupted people to stop others from corruption.

Anonymous said...

boh kow lat,

how about imposing the same death penalty on power abusing judges?

guess, there will be no one to man the counters in JPJ and to hear grouses in the courts.


Anonymous said...

Save our RPK from being ISA-ed!!Justice must prevail.Truths must be revealed!RPK a mere blogger, not a threat to national security. Those buggers in Umnos who play racial fires and politics are the real threats to our national security and nation's instability and racial disharmony & divide.Niamah & bloggers, pls act now.The power of cyberspace and netizens.

xRey said...

Seen as one of the more corrupted government agencies for licensing bad drivers and vehicles, the RTD today launched its integrity plan to standardise its CORRUPT PROCEDURES and work outline.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, despite the fact that i am a man, and i am a non-muslim.. and despite the fact that it could be a fake.. but still somehow i felt so sad listening to the conversation below.

Maybe you would like to post in in your blog, as i have none, so that many will listen to it. We need to bring more awareness as to what happened to Manohara.

We've already lost an Altantuya.

Please, create the awareness if you possibly can. Noone knows where she is. What is the difference between Manohara and Nini?

Anonymous said...

WTF! This guy, if he drops dead, it wouldn't surprise anyone.

One single FOAD example:

The JPJ wants a certificate of fitness from Pussykom for the car scrapping deal! Got meaning, ah?!

Even if we're about to forgive Proton for what it has done to the car market and is about to deign to get one, this stipulation makes it impossible to do so. Why should we subject ourselves to wasting a day at Pussykom?

Ye bums in Proton, you wanna do biz and yet cannot work out the aggravating kinks in the form of red tapes with all your cohorts, ah? You think you're running a gomen dept. meh? Then it seems you can't deliver our new car as you take the old one.

All adds up to, "NO DEAL"! 5K rebate with all accompanying rubbish, very great, ah?

Anonymous said...

Buses still shoot out black smog. Motorbikes still spray white smoke. Dangerous driving. Kopi O licenses. This guy is honest. Only need to reduce corruption by 2 inches.

Nash Ar-Rawy said...


April 23
Unity Government ( Kerajaan Perpaduan/Rakyat )
Unity Government ( Kerajaan Perpaduan / Rakyat )

01 Speaker mengatasi kehakiman kerna beliau adalah Ketua Badan Perundangan yg menggubal undang-undang samada di dalam
State Assembly" ( Dewan Undangan Negeri ) maupun di dalam Parliament ( Dewan Rakyat ) seperti yang dijamin di dalam perlembagaan.
02 'Unity Governmen t" bermakna Satu Kerajaan Tiada Pembangkang. Semua parliamentarians adalah anggota kerajaan kerna elaun mereka
dibayar oleh kerajaan ( Rakyat ) bukan parti yang diwakili. Namun status dan identiti kekal seperti sediaada. Tiada sebarang perubahan dari segi
konsep dan prinsip perjuangan parti masing-masing. dan ianya bukannya menjadi 'Coalition Government" ( Kerajaan Campuran ) maupun 'National Front"
BN atau Pakatan Rakyat. Konsepnya berlainan samasekali sebab 'Unity Government" sebenarnya pada hakikatnya gugur BN, gugur Pakatan tegak RAKYAT
03. Tiada lagi wakil BN atau Pakatan. Semuanya adalah wakil rakyat Malaysia bukan lagi wakil parti. 'Mind -set " parliamentarians kena berubah kerna
tatkala mengangkat sumpah sebagai parliamentarians gugur habis pengaruh dan kongkongan kepartaian kerana semua anggota parliament dalam Dewan
Rakyat yang mulia ini adalah bertaraf sama sahaja ; yakni, ANGGOTA KERAJAAN ( PILIHAN RAKYAT ) yakni, selaku WAKIL RAKYAT BUKAN LAGI WAKIL PARTI
Justeru kerna, rakyatlah sebenarnya yang membayar elaun mereka dan yang pasti bukannya daripada sumber parti. Justeru itu, yang ada hanyalah Kerajaan Perpaduan
( Rakyat ) bukannya kerajaan Parti BN atau Pakatan.
04 Bukan parti yang bayar elaun parliamentarians tetapi kerajaan Malaysia( WANG RAKYAT ) . Justeru itu, di dalam parliament; tiada parti pemerintah
dan tiada parti pembangkang. Semua parti gugur dan ahli parliament semua parti tiada lagi terikat dengan parti masing-masing, BEBAS daripada sebarang
ikatan dan kongkongan parti( parti hanya digunapakat sewaktu pilihanraya sahaja ). Bila menang dan angkat sumpah selaku anggota parliament Malaysia;
automatis gugur parti dan element kepartaian dalam parliament justeru kerna semua sudah menjadi angota kerajaan perpaduan belaka , satu negara , satu warga.
Sudah bersumpah berkhidmat untuk rakyat tanpa mengira parti lagi. Bahkan bukan lagi boleh dianggap sebagai wakil parti kerna persidangan di Parliament bukan
lagi mesyuarat Bahagian atau Kawasn parti masing-masing. Tenyata di dalam Parliament; parti bukanlah kerajaan dan kerajaan bukanlah parti; tetapi kesemua parliamentarians adalah anggota kerajaan Perpaduan ( Rakyat ) bukan lagi boleh dinisbahkan sebagai wakil parti lagi.
05 Justeru itu, tiada perlu lagi ISA untuk tangkap pembangkang tanpa bicara , Akta Percetakan sekat akbar pembangkang, Akta Universit/Kolej sekat pelajar
sokong pembangkang ( Di Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan dan Pulau Pinang amalan konsep gunapakai sekarang Umno/BN adalah pembangkang ) Kesuma
akta draconion ini dimansuhkan kerna di dalam dewan mengikut Konsep 'Unity Government" sudah tiada lagi parti pembangkang tetapi kesemua ahli parliament
pada hakikatnya datang dari rakyat , kepada rakyat, untuk rakyat; yakni untuk semua rakyat malaysia , mana ada parti lagi mengikut konsep dan sumpah selaku
wakil rakyat.
THE PEOPLE'S GOVERNMENT NO MORE BN OR PAKATAN; Satu Negara, Satu Kerajaan dan Satu Rakyat ( Warga ) yang SAMA
07 'Wakil Rakyat BN' atau ' Pakatan' boleh kritik parliamentarians dari parti masing-masing dlm berhujjah kerna pada hakikat dan konsepnya
tiada lagi wujud parti di dalam Dewan Rakyat yang mulia ini. Justeru , nama pun DEWAN RAKYAT bukannya Dewan BN atau Dewan Pakatan.
08. PM bukanlah Presiden Parti di dalam Dewan Rakyat, tetapi PM rakyat Malaysia. Tiada lagi parti dan gugur-mansuh kepentingan parti dan element-element
Nescaya bisa tertegaknya Insya Allah Hu Negara Baidatun Thoiyibatun Warobbun Ghafur( " Negara yang makmur , aman damai dan mendapat
kerehaan Allah Hu Ta'ala.
09. PSRM, SPR, Jabatan Pendafaran Negara, IGP, Peguam Negara, Hakim Negara, Pengarah Penjara, Audit Negara, Akauntan Negara, Ketua
Tulus Tentera, dalam 'Unity Government" bebas lepas daripada 'Ketiak" atau sebarang pengaruh PM sebaliknya diletakkan seratus peratus
dibawah kuasa Parliament ( DYMM Agong ) Justuru , ruang lingkup sistem pemerintahan negara dalam 'Uniy Government" Insya Alla Hu Ta'ala,
dengan petunjuknya bisa menjadi telus, berwibawa dan berintegrity tinggi kerna tiada amalan-amalan ' Bias" dan berkepentingan Kroni bisa
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Jika ada element yg mengancam negara bawa sahaja ke mahkamah terbuka atau dakwa bawah Akta Hasutan yg boleh bela-diri bukannay di cekup bawah
ISA yang ternyata zalim, primitif , tiada bertamadun dan ketinggalan zaman.
10. 'Unity Government" juga bererti ; Tiada lagi campur tangan PM ke atas kehakiman( Judisciary ), atau kehakiman ke atas badan perundangan/Legislatif
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ii) Badan Eksekutif dan iii) Legislative ( Badan Perundangan ) 3 IN 1 yang kembali kepada yang maha ESA yakni KITABULLAH dan ASUNNAH.
THE ABSOLUTE LAW GIVER dan parliamen membolehkan AKta Hudud di perundangkan supaya HUDUD KISOS TA'AZIR boleh terlaksa kerana ' la ikro hafideen "
(Tidak ada paksaan dalam agama /" There's No Compulsion In Religion) Hudud just meant for the muslims only n non-muslim could be a abide to the present
civil Law.
Nash Ar-Rawy / 23.04.05
( )


01 Nas : i) Ani'budullah wajtanibut thoghut ( Beriman dgn Allah dan menjauhi thoghut ) ... Al Qur'an
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iii) Tegakkan agama ( Ad-deen ) dan memerintah dunia dengannya kerna Islamu yaklu wala yakla alaiah
02 Pembelajaran mata pelajaran matematik dan sains menggunakan Bahasa Pengantar Bahasa Malaysia ( Bahasa Melayu )
sebagaimana peruntukan yang sediada dalam perlembagaan di samping memberikan kebebasan kepada Bahasa lain digunapakai
03 'Air Time' yang relevent dan sekukupnya diberikan kepada semua parti politik yang bertanding pilihanraya di dalam RTM melalui Ketua-Ketua parti menyatakan
dasar,agenda dan manifesto parti masing-masing secara adil dan saksama kerna RTM bukan milik mana-mana parti dan pembayar cukai kepada
kerajaan berhak untuk mendapat maklumat daripada semua pihak dengan maklumat yang jelas , betul dan tepat daripada mulut ketua-ketua
parti yang bertanding bukan daripada mulut parti lawan yang disogokkan dan yang dipaksakan.dengan fakta fitnah dan pembohongan.
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05 Siaran langsung keseluruhan sidang Parliamen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri dan siaran ulangan sepenuhnya tanpa sebarang'censorship'
supaya rakyat bisa saksi siapa yang tidur , siapa yang bekerja dan layak sebagai wakil rakyat mereka.
06 Untuk menghapuskan sebarang keraguan ke atas SPR dan ketelusan serta ketulusan semua pihak; CHAP JARI ( DAKWAT ) digunapakai,
semasa mengundi jika semua pihak jujur untuk hapuskan 'Pengundi Hantu" dan pendaftaran pengundi yang cukup umur dan layak secara " ON-LINE'
07 Majlis Syura Ulamak Negara yang bebas dariapada belenggu mana-mana parti politik yang terdiri daripada golongan ulama', profesyenal,
dan pakar-pakar seperti jurutera, hakim, doktor , peguam, intelektual , professor, saintis, researcher dsb yang diketuai oleh Mursyidul Am yang bertindak
sebagai ketua AL HISBAH yang bertanggungjawab langsung kepada Parliamen( DYMM AGONG ) bukan kepada PM atau Kabinet selaku PENGAWAL SELIA NEGARA ke atas
perjalanan pemerintahan berjalan secara telus, tiada salahgunakan kuasa, nepotisma, kronisma, korupsi dan penyelewengan dengan menerapkan
nilai -nilai sejagat dan universal sebagaimana yang dituntut dan diperintahkan di dalam KITABULLAH DAN ASSUNNAH sebagai ASAS
FUNDAMENTAL yang ternyata cukup sesuai dengan FITRAH semulajadi kejadian manusia. ISLAM UNTUK SEMUA ( RAHMATAN LIL ALAMIN ) tanpa mengira kaum, ras, etnik, agama, ideologi dan pegangan ; JUSTICE 4 ALL insya Allah by HIS GRACE.

Nash Ar-Rawy/23.04.09
( )
Email ID/ YM Chat :

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monsterball said...

hahahahahaha.....just love to look at he face of that crook...where you can read like a book.
Police are also back...cari makan in certain K.L. streets.
My driver took a turn from Chan Sow Lin road to 18th night.. and was stopped for no reasons on a jam free road....only few cars...just driving. So many were stopped turning to Pudu!!
Police took out his diary and seems to write a summon...and I asked what is the problem.
Then my big mouth driver also asked...what has he done wrong? The Police officer showed his hand drawing of a road map.....saying he was driving along dotted lines...that is against the law.
I traffic jam...small matter....any country police officer will give warning..teach and let driver go.
He got chickened out..did as I said. But the other poor drivers must be pleading for mercy...negotiating a deal.

Nash Ar-Rawy said...

In application of law there must b discretion

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It means a "toyol" making a pack with Count Dracula.

Mj said...

no matter what they still corrupted lo - best of all right, like the cops they will start wearing the 'saya anti rasuah' badge; and go abt their business as usual.

mmg duno how to paiseh wan, face veli tebal wan.

Anonymous said...

Come on BROTHER SOLAH you are one of them. I dare you to say NO! You are deviating the issue. You must lead with example all amongst JPJ and Automotive industry knows your corrupt practice and what about your file in ACA which is classified as OPEN. Tell me about it!This is niamah!

Anonymous said...

Wasting Prime time.....We have seen the previous directors from the cowboy Pahamin Rajab, Sahar, Emran and Ahmad Mustapha NOTHING HAS CHANGED!Visit any JPJ office or being stopped by JPJ Ronda or Road block all the solutions are the same.....hulur or berapa! Still Dato' Solah hupping on SURAT KHABAR LAMA!

Anonymous said...

Ini orang pun sama juga.......macam mana...