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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toolan to hear la!

Universal Studio logo

This afternoon while driving home I heard this piece of 'news' on the radio. The deejay was making an announcement calling for interested young Malaysians to attend an audition session that was going to be held by Universal Studios (the theme park) Singapore. It seems that Universal Studios, the theme park, is going to open in Singapore and they were looking for people to join their workforce. What made me feel 'too lan' and I must admit a little envious of our neighbour is this.

Our YB's have spent millions of our Ringgits on study trips to theme parks all over the world. Disneyland and Universal Studios included I'm sure. Weren't we supposed to have built some major theme park in Johore years ago? So, after all that the Singaporeans are going to build Universal Studios on their Sentosa Island Resort. And we Malaysians are being offered jobs there.

You say la. Too lan or not?



Sycorax said...

Very dulan

Anonymous said...

Yes, vely vely toolan too.the more I think about it, the more toolan I become.Can I suggest that the whole gang that went to the study tour, now go to work in Singapore's Universal Studio, than they will not simply spend tax payer money. Toolan.

Polong Siang said...

Dear Niamah,

Couldn't agree with you more, but you must understand that's Singapore, not Malaysia the Bolehland.

In Singapore, they (the ministers and civil servants) serve the people. They are answerable to the ppl. They don't behave like kings.

But in Bolehland, everything is possible - nothin is impossible.

In Bolehland also, the people electorates) serves the YBs. They get to become the YBs, get their Datuks, Datuk Seris due to being elected by the electortes; but they demand to be treated as kings.

I think we shouldn't call them Yang Berhormat anymore, just call them Wakil Rakyt will do. They are your wakil. They have to serve you.

Besides your "TOOLAN", if you allow, I wish to add "HOR LANG KAN"

telur dua said...

Our country is cursed. Everything the BN Govt touches either lose money big time or dies. Sort of a reverse Midas Touch.

No need for me to quote examples. You all know already.

casper c said...

If only "Tu Lan" meant more than just words. After all the hype, Universal Studios went with the Lion City option !

As an average citizen, I'm so embarrass, WTF Johore MB.

pilocarpine said...

too lan
too ciao
too bai
too flu...

Anonymous said...

toolan since day one until Bangkok and cant do it strait anymore and getting even more toolan...


Anonymous said...

Not toolan la.To mature for that .Only tay kin lam pah la..!!!Serves bolehland big talking politicians right.All talk only nothing to show.Only know how to spend pppl money and enjoy.No quality only quantity.That can toolan chiau.Haaaaahaaa..

T.U Alampa

fahmi said...

well, i guess their govt work better than our govt.. thats why they get many investors to come to their country.. unlike us.. hehe

KTemoc said...

wah, patrick, so many toolan and even one hor lang kan ;-)

hope you don't mind if I add to this rich lexicon with a phrase that's more appropriate than toolan, namely: TnEH TIAO LAM P'AR

Wouldn't that be what your readers must be doing more than just feeling toolan, a sense of frustrated helplessness expressed as TnEH TIAO LAM P'AR wakakaka

caravanserai said...

The Bee Anne always says
Go for trips and study methods
When these ministers come back
Nothing concrete to show

Down the South of Our Border
We can learn so many things
The ministers dont have to go far
Across the causeway learn plenty

A nation with no natural resources
Singapore can build herself into a World standard
With national reserve we are crying for
Yet what do our ministers do?

Study, working visits more on holidays
Any economic returns on our tax money?
I am afraid nothing to sell to the people
We aren't wiser rather we looked foolish
Right at our corner the ministers travel all over
Yet they don't get anything right....
Look at our MSC.......

No change of government
We will hear the same old story
Working visits and holidays
Nothing to show only our tax money gone

Anonymous said...

To beat Spore in the game our one-step ahead leaders(MBs.MPs,councillors,wives,kids and maids also)must travel to every corner of the world to "study" how their governments manage it so keeping toilets clean,Disneygate,landscaping,rubbis collection,farming etc for many many years already. The rakyat is waiting anxiously for implementation of these study trips which cost just a few million bucks only.Spore has all the answers but it's too near.

Anonymous said...

just wondering if Lee family travelled first class with kids and maid in toll to visit all the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in the world?

Even if they did, they have done well. At least, they have a same STUDIO there.

What do we get? UMNO punya excuse.

Anonymous said...

No, I am not TULAN at all. If they build then I become very TULAN. Simply bcos, more money (compared to market price) will be required to build a scaled down one.Then no maintenance and it will be let to rot. So, look at the bright side, don't TULAN, it actually save us from MORE TULAN.

Trashed said...

Never mind lah.

Legoland is supposed to open in Iskandar region. Operative word is "supposed".

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of ignorant idiots. You don't know all the details of the study trips simply shoot from your no balls hips.
After detail study trips it was determined Disneyland and Universal Studio is incompatible with Malaysian culture and landscape. So we suggested them to build one in Singapore so those whose culture are compatible from Malaysia can still enjoy DisneyLand and Universal culture. Don't ask why only Universal open and Disneyland still no news.

There will be no Disneyland and Universal Studio in Malaysia .. period.

KoSong Cafe said...

Before, we toolan Ah Tu Lah.

Now, we toolan Nah Chi.

Result: Everyone, Lan her toh!

For those who do not understand Hokien, it is better not to know.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Poolong Siang is obviously not Singaporean or if Singaporean has bought the PAP govt's crab about its governance. Singapre has corruption in high places. But no indpt media to uncover these ills. Just track the Lee family-there enough dirt there that is not so dissimilar to corrupt Malaysian politicians : )

Wood said...

The Universal Studio/Casino in Singapore is not bulit and owned by Singaporeans. It is built and owned by Resort World/Genting which belong to Malaysian. Ha ha ha that makes a double too-lan.....

Li Huat Chai said...

Patrick, indeed, there is no point too lan here.

I believe u hv contact with PR people, tell them to go to Sabah and Sarawak to "preach" to the natives about politics in this dirtyland and tell them to stop being used by BN and get a little smart to give Pakatan a chance to rule in the next GE.

They hv to do the work now and not 7 days campaign to change their innocent and naive mindset.

Remember the majority of us ada baca buku and still it took us 50 years to change our mind. How abt them, bo tak chek...

Anyway, I never vote for BN since day one...

Anonymous said...

Don't need to Too Lan because our Iskandar will have Legoland 'soon'.

Singapore has learnt from teh 'Tang Dysnasty' theme park (folded already) that our kind of weather may not favor outdoor theme park.

I understand they have learnt the lesson. The Universal Studio is likely to be 'indoor-based' to beat the heat.

If our Iskandar Legoland did not learn this lesson (the Johor MB better have 'lawatan sambil belajar/belanja' to Singapore). Otherwise the visitors to teh Iskandar Legoland will be 'baked' under our 35 degree hot sun!

Anonymous said...

A little bird told me a ma chai (happens to be my neighbour) of a former Selangor DUN who didn't get elected but now chairman of a multibillion white elephant got 1 acre of industrial land free. No bad for being a ma chai of M C Eh man.

Anonymous said...

..come to think of it, should'nt the Toyol prick who visited the various Disneyland be inputting on this matter?!.....

patrickayu said...

no need to too lan lah good news now melaka going to have two arab cities.

natives are restless said...

An Arab City in Melaka , ain't we a lucky lot?

I'm sure they are hiring too . Camels i.e.

K L said...

Really must salute to the Johor and Selangor Clowns. Spent millions to visit theme parks all over the world and end up nothing in their own states.Let's show our mighty rakyat in the next GE!
Duran Duran Duran !

Anonymous said...

Gua memang too lan,
cos this tukang gigi cin kuai lan,
went to disneyland with his wife A Lan and his entourage tua lan. I found out that they were there to kam lan. Come back project go Hor Lan. Cin too lan, cin too lan.

donplaypuks® said...

I heard from very reliable sources the Legoland Theme Park project in Iskandar Development JB has already started preliminary works.

But Disneyland, Universal etc failed in the past because local promoters killed it off with demand for 'free equity' and upfront 'liaison and admin fees'! Also our general infrastructure, airports in JB and Melaka and hotel standards are nowhere near Singapore's standards.

More than that, we have all sorts of restrictions like bumiputra participation, cultural content, repatriation of profits, work permits etc, etc, etc.

If we want people like Disney and Universal, UMNO and PAS politicians have to change their mindset. That's where the real stumbling block is!!

Anonymous said...



monsterball said...

Niamah..Toyo is treating Malaysians like fools explaining how his wife and family spent the RM1.2 million studying theme parks.
But then...he learn from Mahathir making trips to North Poles studying how to make high quality ice.
I guess...spend as much as you like as much as they long as they do not pocket one sen...that's not corruptions.
You can keep feeling..."too lan".
They simply don't care.
I sooooo "too lan" long long ago and vow to talk till I drop dead..hoping to open eyes of voters.
In are doing extremely well.
Keep it up Pat!!

monsterball said...

By the way.........nice video.
Reminds me of the movie...a true story.."Born Free"
Nice song ..sung by an Australian..the late Mat Monroe.

monsterball said...

And may I add Pat...through is nice to keep in touch with you.
We met and talked a little...that's all we did for years.
But in blogging...I read your messages and meeting you at the Pres Club was a joy.
Yes..Pat new heroes emerges tell the truths for no personal benefits or selfish ulterior motives.
You did that 30 years ago..when no one dare to do that...exposing corruptions of the police force.. You are a Malaysian hero....and still is.
More than 35 years friends...I look at papers and see one by one...friends..drop dead.
To my age..each day is a blessing..still healthy and well.
May you and your family be well and good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, monsterball = long time no see man !!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Any of you here remember Mimaland?
I guess toyol 'planned" to waste billions to built NiaMahLand .

artchan said...

Can we submit Toyol name for official road sweeper using brooms for Singapore Disneyland. Anyway he went on a study trip to Disneyland and I am sure he must have learnt a thing or two how to sweep clean.

Who else but him...remember he used to gave out brooms awards.

Too lan means pIg dick??

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

why need we tulan? Do you not know that our former CEO of Selangor state cannot even understand English? That was the reason all the numerous study trip amounting in the million resulted in absolutely nothing!

If you cannot understand what the Americans are speaking to you during the study trips then how to come back and built one? If they built it will not be DisneyLand but Dismayland. More taxpayers money going to waste!

Luckily they cannot understand English but our Pee Em understands Mongolian and thus wrong understanding of the language also can result in death!

Anonymous said...

Chin toolan, chin toolan. The more I read on I lagi toolan. Toolan liao ko chin toolan. Tapi toolan for waht? I toolan that Toyolan who played us round-and-round until out lan pah cannot tahan anymore!!

Anonymous said...

What do u expect from a so called simple man? Universal Studio proved too complicated for this simple man having studied in very detail together with family and maid! They found disneyland and universal studio haram and thus concluded no point having one in Malaysia. It's all for the good of Malaysian folks, truly 1malaysia!

Ipoh White Toolan Coffee said...

Of course toolan lah...

Hey Uncle Pat.. are you joining us this May 7?

I know you're an old Ipoh boy.. dont dissapoint us.. JOIN US for an Ipoh White toolan coffee lah this thursday!

amoker said...

We got legoland in Johor ( big news!!) and Arab city via Ali Rustam ( who reclaim lands for rubbish works).

how many disneyland visits end up with these 2 rubbish projects.

Vincent said...

This is something I would like to share with all friends.When I first went into Lim Kit Siang's blog (, the first thing I read is him calling Mukhriz (Jerlun MP) and Tan Keng Liang (gerakan kedah youth chief) as people "lack of grey matters" and silly. That was about 2 weeks ago. Today, I read that he said "the IQ of the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, who is MCA Vice President and Penang MCA State chief, is highly suspect when he could not understand simple English". The problem is that the more Lim Kit Siang branding that he is smarter than the rest of the people in the world (which I don't belief), the more people will just see him as a person barking on the wrong tree. I support DAP but I wish that our party's chairman can be more polite when addressing other leaders (whether they are Barisan or Pakatan). Otherwise, this will set bad example to the new generation of Malaysians.

ikanbilis said...

bukan nak bukak Legoland kat situ ka?

Mike C said...


There are plans to build a Legoland in Johore.

Mike C said...


There are plans to build a Legoland in Johore.

monsterball said...

I am a regular commentator at Lim Kit Siang's blog and read Vincent comment concerning LKS.
It is easy to judge and I somewhat do agree with Vincent too.
But looking back all these 45 years....and noted..there is no politician that I can admire more than LKS for his guts and non stop exposing UMNO's crooked deals.
He never change nor lose interest to love Malaysians.
Put it this way...if LKS is a pain in the arse....DAP will never capture Penang.
Who are we to judge LKS??
I say he has reached legendary status...much much better than a self given false title like.."Tun"...and it is better we focus our minds on MCA..Gerakan...and leave that old man alone who has ...sacrifice his whole life for the country and people.
Comparing with is like comparing a devil and a saint.
Do not be foolish to judge LKS anymore.
Like I said...I sometimes hate his big mouth...then noticed how stupid of judge him..forgetting he went to jail for years..partly for me.
You can twist to say...he did that for DAP...also correct...but end results...did we not see a better Malaysia after 12th GE..benefiting Malaysians?
Lim Kit Siang will forever be the true Freedom Fighter father of Malaysia.
We are so lucky to see him alive and well....still talking actively in politics. His personal reward is so clear...son is Penang CM. You will never appreciate this...until he is dead.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick
For one who professes to be a true patriotic Malaysian ( and a staunch Perakian to boot ) how come you are so silent on the Perak Circus ?

Finally people can see the grain for what you are , an sadistic opportunist who talks only when you have something to gain

Your tokkok writings can only fool the children , the stupid or the niamahs but not us !

StMichelian 2

monsterball said...

I think most Malaysians have given up interested in Perak affairs....except political minded buggers.
Malaysians shouted and yell like hell for State election.
If UMNO is so democratic and sure of themselves in Perak..they should accept a State election.
Perak citizens are suffering...because UMNO will try all sorts of stunts to stay in power. Only way to settle it .is wait for 13th GE. So why talk of something..Malaysians have no voice nor can win against UMNO who is still governing the county with all instruments of powers to do as they like....or else ...all hell will go looose.
The non stop basketball game with referees titling to make sure UMNO wins...what to be interested in the usual one sided unfair corrupted politics...practices so openly and alive..still..bribery and corruptions UMNO will always win the fixed game.
Pat hates to waste time arguing. He puts out his thoughts..that's it.
He will talk with his vote and surely for change of government.
Any idiot can read that part of his why should he talk of Perak..when he knows..unfair and unjust are even supported by the rulers?
Maybe the wise ones...doing keep UMNO creating havoc for the country.......protecting innocent by-standers?.....who knows.
Patrick Teoh is a self made successful..millionaire....yet dare to expose corruptions for the love of unselfishly.
Find out can you be like him....before judging him.

monsterball said...

If you want to judge Patrick Teoh...know history.
1. First to start mobile music box.
I recalled the company is
"Time Machine"?? From there onwards..great music and stage homes.
It is his original idea! Wellknown in the music industry. He made millions and hate to show off.
A polio victim...and a divorcee....he had his shares of personal pains.. sorrows....and now blissful happiness.
2.First and only voice sort out by advertising houses...indirectly it was his voice that made him a millionaire..followed by music industry and other business.
PS: Pat...remember Frankie Cheah?
3Most popular radio talk show the 60's
4. Film and stage well respected actor.
I heard .also shareholders of few successful companies.
Yet..he still have time for the country and people with his blog.
Who can think of "NIAMAH"...sounding off his frustrations. He will blog without fear nor any political any politician....on anything...anyone..mistreating the country and people.
He belongs to no party...a free and easy voter.
Before you want to judge him....check out your list of successful adventures in life.
I dare say....not one political blog owner can come close to be like Patrick Teoh.
Please stop judging him and show some such well educated..senior citizens.

Peter Lim said...

Good mah. atleast we can earn in Sing Dollars......

Anonymous said...

toolan also with the chicken koh. he screwed up Penang state which is now landed with RM40m compensation which the state can ill afford.

when asked to provide clarification so as to assist the state in defending against the claim, he said "NO".

what sort of a shit gerakan president. may be, the shit party is only good at land grabbing, like taking over a piece of land in bandar utama meant for public utlities and turning it into a commercial building known as BU 8.

may be its time to start a boycott of those companies who support these land grabbers by renting the space in BU 8.

backStreetGluttons said...

If you are the alter ego of Niamah then I happily say this to you :

If that be the case with Pat Teoh the he can't do a thing about all those things he selectively niamah about...that he is a self made millionaire that he can change things every 5 years by his 1 vote ,
then I suggest he stop his Bull and terminate his cover up trojan horse niamah Blog which is his marketing and promotion arm as everybody knows, do his work and then once in 5 years cast his power.

Then I will respect him as an honest sincere man, not the smart alex bulshit that he thinks he is !

Honest Malaysian who can't stand hypocrites

Anonymous said...

BSgluttons, meet at YMCA 2moro with other travellers : breakfast at 9am !
i-kopi !

Andersonian said...

I agree with you, backStreetGluttons!

If all you can do as a Malaysian is just to blog and sigh and complain and niamah this and toolan that..

..might as well pack up and shut up.

Millionaire should be able to do more.. at least more than owning a seafood restaurant and blog about how stupid other people are but when it is time to show solidarity, you are nowhere to be seen.

Patrick...another Rocky?

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

Too lan too long oledi. But if i keep complaining, they ask me to go back to country of origin, better apply for job in Spore la. Then apply for PR and later citizenship there .

We "visitors" cannot demand too much. Just leave when the opportunity arises. Otherwise we can t alk till the cow, bull comes home, still the same. Took us one generatin to become like this, so it will take another generation, earliest to change....but i am afraid of this coming change. Firstly, i am too old to wait and secondly, it may be worse; like out of the frying pan into the fire.

Bye Patrick.



Benjamin Lee said...

Each day I see Malaysia dwindles away in her competitive edge. In terms of economy, education, foreign direct investment, and freedom of speech, we are further and further away from the race towards developed country.

sad...but true. In your signature words... Niamah!!

Anonymous said...

sori, cant even walk to YMCA = polis everywhere !!

Anonymous said...

Aiya Patrick, don't so too lan lah. At least when we Malaysians work there, we get a fat Singaporean paycheck. Not only that, at least we get a chance to be employed. If the Univ Studio is in Johor, we probably get disqualified when the employer looks at our names.

monsterball said...

backStreetGluttons....You have a bone to pick with so right to his face and not use my comment to insult him.
What are you talking about...I cannot understand nor is interested to understand.
The one point that keeps me wondering how do you how Pat voted every 5 years. How do yo know?
In life I have seen and know enough of friends become foes..due to jealousy ..due to money and due to opportunity one lost to the other....and not about how one voted at all.
I admit I do not know Pat that well...but for our 40 years casual friendship...I read and know enough ...that he has succeeded in keeping his life ...useful..well respected by his peers...and living a comfortable life.
You go and yell to God and complaint to HIM.....why he obviously is more favoured by Allah than you.
Your sour grapes mentality so clear.
I hope you are not an old cock like Pat and me.....still talking useless stuffs.

kongee said...

Uncle Pat.. Try to use "Toolan to the max" for upcoming issue that will make you toolan to the max.. hhaha