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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bloggers arrested in Ipoh

I just received news that bloggers including Zorro have been arrested in Ipoh. I know this will be old news to a lot of you but you can get updates from Stephen's blog here.



Anonymous said...

ganesan@#$%^&* is the new speaker & the putera is talking NOW !!

Anonymous said...

the mighty siva is missing & his driver is crying for him : HELP pls !!

Anonymous said...

but this zorro fler has become too-RPK after the March 8 tsuanami, -big headed oredi i mean.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have just worn a normal t shirt with the word "I wear black under wear" written on it. See if the prdm will confiscate the under wears!!!!

Anonymous said...

any colour blacker than BLACK , pls !?

your home city man !

Anonymous said...

zombie is actually an indian adopted by malays lah !!

Mike C said...

If Darth Vader was around, those men in blue will also catch him !

We read newspapers everyday saying that not enough of workforce to catch thieves, Mat Rempits, etc. but have the entire workforce at Ipoh.

Proud to be a Malaysian !

Niamah !

Hamba said...

I'm totally disgusted with the police and I think most Malaysian are too...I think now Malaysian view the police as lap dog and we don't respect them at all. I think from now on the Malaysian people are going to boycott every single policeman just like what we did to all the mamak shop in Penang. Don't blame the people when this happen as the Police also say what they did in Ipoh is their duty and Malaysian cannot blame them for doing their duty. You did it to us and we can do it to you. Police, remember that rakyat is your boss and when the boss is angry at you, be afraid!

Gua said...

Bear it mind,

is our right to wear any color T-shirt that we like.

What kind of democracy is that by stoping ppl wearing specific color of T-Shirt?

What harm will the black T-shirt bring to the nation?


mat said...

anon 4.09 he has a natural big head but you have a pea brain,at least he had the balls to be in ipoh unlike you for change.

Anonymous said...

too lan and niamah these BN and Hee the bitch. Never thought greed over power and money is mighty than serving the people who voted them in. Perakians are all being screwed!

Anonymous said...

The leap frog is now like a lap dog under the command of its master. Did you see today's first order by the master? I can just imagine this lap dog waiting by the side of its master hoping for a piece of bone to be thrown to it. Shit.

donplaypuks® said...

Heard from Z. He's ok and bcak home!

amoker said...

bloody hell.
i hate umno.

Hee should go to ....

and zamry too...

Anonymous said...

Is that all you can do ? An inconspicuous posting to tell people Zorro has been arrested ?

The great Niamah!!!and toolan Guy from Perak ? The Voice ? The made it guy ? The patriot ?

It takes a tragedy to reveal true colors ! and it stinks to high heaven !

Take down your niamah blog ! Niamah !!!

Anon 4.09 pm said...


That was my comment and opinion on zorro from reading his posts. It is my freedom to express and right to critize and right to give credit wherever deserved (subject of course to be published by moderator).

Size of brain does not matter, using it intelligently mattters most. It is always right to call a spade is a spade notwithstanding on your politcal affiliations lest not be call hypocrite.

You don't need to be Ipoh to express, they are many ways to skin a cat. But avoid being emotional and avoid untoward incidence, please read some good deed by Mahamat Gandhi!! Avoid violence at all cost.

Again, please use brain intelligently and avoid blind support. Have the wisdom to get better understanding of situation, not to be tool for others, and seek as much facts and information before you make any decision for you will be sole responsible for your own doing.

Tiger said...

Bloody fcuking oppressive way of government by arresting people as means of intimidation!
Very good, now they make all the Perakians too lan!
Confirmed BN will die like a dog in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

without b-end, royalty should've been dropped ... that's why b-end must stay on.
pity sivakumar.
justice ... my foot !

Anonymous said...

Royalty graced the assembly giving it some form of legitimacy. I take my hats off for the PR assemblymen who chose to listen to him speak.

If this is what it is all about, I think it is best to have a Republic.

Anonymous said...

I pity Uncle Zoro for the incarceration but his heart and soul are with me so please be strong.I salute him for his desperation and vocal against this illegitimate government of this double-head snake of Zamri.

Mike C said...

1Conclusion = 1Malaysia = flushed down the toilet bowl !

Malaysia Boleh !

Toolan ! Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

justice ...your foot !
justice = just ice lah !!

kopitelp16 said...

And we have leaders justifying the Rape of Perak! Great job done by police in maintaining peace and order! But the NEVER mentioned that BN started the circus act first by switching off the Speaker's mic and robbed his place!

Maybe that's what we call selective justice.

Malaysia Boleh!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Arrested Uncle Bernard without a charge! Just for the sake of making some arrest. Have to wait until next month to know whats the charge!
Ordering a cup of Ipoh's white coffee while inside a coffee shop is now a major crime.
Thats the only crime Bernard and some of his buddies committed .

This is not 1Malaysia.
It is NiaMahMalaysia

Trashed said...

Anonymous 7.50 am.

I believe the blog owner was in Macau when he posted this article and is still overseas for job -related activities.

Though your opinion was that it is an "inconspicuous posting", I look at it as being conspicuous since he is not in the country and has limited internet access (which is not quite the same as roaming SMS).

That in itself makes it a valued effort.

Of course, you can disagree since you were not aware that he is not in the country (we all have to cari makan, kan ?). But I would like to think that he cared enough about his friends to make this posting.

Would you do the same for your friends ? If yes, then you are a good guy/gal and your friends are lucky to have your support. If no, you are entitled to determine how you treat your friends but at least let them know that you don't care too much.

BTW, I am not Patrick Teoh in disguise nor am I family or friend. Just a passing commentator who came across some information on his whereabouts in the past few days. I just took some offense to your posting in which you made some implications which did not reflect the true facts.

NutzeyWagen said...

Luckily there was no Chinese funeral procession passing by.....otherwise whole family would be arrested for wearing black!

monsterball said...

No arrest la.
Round up...put in a hall ..can walk freely...serve with lunch and released.
Arrest like Shieh....lock up...spent few nights in jail...that's arrest.

amoker said...

Black eyed pees cannot come to Malaysia to perform.

monsterball said...

Read carefully !!
It is not arrest.
It is rounding up...feed them and let go..few cold nights sleeping on cement police station.
Zorro will love to be known as a hero.
Hero my foot!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Trashed. Too many people blurt out comments without having much empathy in themselves...I am sure if one of our friends in in trouble we will do all we can to get the news out and get help.

We are with you Patrick.

Anonymous said...

trashed ( indeed !)

trying to untrashed niamah and ever so feebly trying to elk out a lame one to coverup the lost voice smacks of wilful corrupted collaboration with the Devil . Your fallen mishero is the typical cowardly chinaman who pretends he is the only smart one among the fools around him to just swallow hook , line & sinker.

His seemingly absymal lack of interest ( or so it would seem ) in Perak of late ( his own kampung sadly )is too glaring for comfort and no zorro on monsterball can help save him from the dreaded truth , which is to make more money - to hell with the loyal fools who are stupid enough to follow his blog like lapdogs, Niamah !!

no lapdog of niamah !!

Anonymous said...

zombie should be rounded up coz he wore BLACK biologically !!

Anonymous said...

Now that the court has recognised Nizar as MB, and that there may be another round of election, it is so tempting for PKR just to test water and make a mockery of BN by fielding a monkey to challenge BN.

Wouldnt it be a real kick if the monkey wins???

Trashed said...

Anon 1.07pm

I don't know why you read this "Niamah" blog but you write like you are a cybertrooper sent by a political party.

I read this blog occassionally because I find it entertaining to read an ordinary Joe Rakyat's musings about life in Malaysia.

The blog owner has praised some agencies (Customs dept, Polis, Immigration & some others) and has been critical of others (MPAJ, DBKL, etc). I can relate to that.

The entertainment part is his embellishment in questioning the logic of certain actions or lack thereof or statements/actions made by personalities which seem to contradict themselves or devoid of context to the ordinary rakyat.

I certainly do not read this blog for insightful socio-political content and if you are doing so, please refrain as you (as do I) will not benefit.

Anonymous said...

Those officials that drag the speaker is the typical tactics used by BeEnd since 1960's in Selangor when the almost lost the election.

Anonymous said...

highcourt : yes !
appealcourt : wait !
federalcour : coming !

GOD : panadols pls !!

Anonymous said...

see, i told u : federal court is waiting for Nizar BUT no use laa !
dream3 till GE13 !

Anonymous said...

many need to be isaed for safety measures & securities after today's judgement yang niamah toolan !!
Reformacy !