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Friday, May 22, 2009

Damn terror Engrand we all!

Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Education)
"Ah macam ni la. First we twist their heads open.... then wash their brains....then...)

I was glancing through the soggy fish-wrap this morning and something in it caught my eye.

"Oman looks to Malaysia for English teaching plan"

Now, wouldn't that make you do a double take too? Apparently, Malaysia's Teaching of Maths and Science in English (PPSMI) has earned rave reviews in the Gulf States and a 12-man delegation from Oman is in town to see how we do it.

Well, hopefully there aren't any delegates there charged with ensuring that Omani writers learn the rules about using ambiguity in journalism. Just look at the headline. What does that make you think? That we damn good at teaching English, right? No. It's the teaching of Maths and Science they're talking about. But I digress. Sorry. So back to the story....

The Oman Education Ministry plans to set up a dual-approach system where English is taught alongside Arabic in classes. Ah they come and learn from us. Some more, one of the delegates said, "The level of English proficiency among Malaysian students really stands out....". Huh??? Oh wait, she said that after visiting SK Bukit Damansara. Geography does explains a lot doesn't it. The delegates also visited schools in Putrajaya and Cheras but the paper didn't report them saying anything after those visits. Hmmm....

So who says that our standard of Engrand no good? See? Even the Arabs want to come and learn from us what. Maybe it is our way of reverse colonisation. We export our standards to flers like the Omani's and other friendly Arabs. In a few years, they'lll be worse than us. Then we take over!!! Yay!!!



Your Average Mat said...

That is an interesting way to look at it. :D

joolee said...

My kids all studied at SK Bukit Damansara and yes, it was a model school. Every time the Education Ministry needed to show off, they'd send the delegation to SKBD. Sometimes the timetable would be rearranged so that the best teacher would be showcased teaching the best class. Semuanya sandiwara. I'll tell you though, these little dramas were very disruptive to the school.

pinsysu said...

holiday tour in disguise lah ... they too learn velyfast from khir toyo. hehehe!

Malaysianjustice said...

Did you see today's newspaper on the moronic solution Muhyiddin Yassin gave for the JPA scholarship students??!

You got to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to be so sarcastic? Malaysia standard of English is the best amongst all Islamic countries not just the Gulf states.

What better country than Malaysia to impart English teaching methodology to fellow Muslim countries.

Your insinuation that Malaysia has poor standard of English is an insult to your own country men and women.

Bloody Niamah to you.

art harun said...

Ah, I see. Ambassador Todt was the one who brought the Omanist eh?

We have excellent standard of English? The other day I asked a law graduate who came for interview "why do you read law?". The answer was, "to pass exam!".

I kid you not. It really happened!

KIMHO8 said...

Go home and sell his Muar otak-otak sajalah!

Anonymous said...

A student wrote in his essay...."yesterday I saw a man passed away....."

Actually what he wanted to say was.. "yesterday I saw a man passed by..."

How about our former Information Minister who said on an international TV news..."every four years we have erection"...??

Engrand sure damn not bad!

Anonymous said...

sex ? 4 years once lah, cannot meh ? @#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the high standard of English in Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh!

We can tell Oman people that our ministers are are very god in speaking English, sprinkled with Bahasa!

new fart said...

Anon 2:42pm............don't hide behind the truth lah...oi..! You do have the bloody hide to say this country's general standard of it spoken or good enough to impart English teaching methodology to your fellow Muslim countries??? You got to be kiddin' yourself! Ever since Kutty came into power, the standard of English had been on a slippery slide and only cow brained like you still reckon your English is good enough to teach others!!! Puke!
Double NIAHMAH to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear! Dear!, there rae those who are so sensitive to their Maruah that a little criticism to awaken them is twisted to mean unpatroitic to the nation. The problem is always the basic: I have come across UK trained engineers who couldn't string a simple report on a breakdown crane.
I didn't even bother if the grammar wasn't good, even his thinking, which an average engineer should be able to do it logical, was mumbo-jumble. This they never bother to change by fixing the foundation correct!All their experiments fromUK and USA would never work. Then this the their tricks: spend plenty to keep the target moving and the rural people will never find out!

Why Lie-Dis & Lie-Dat Oso Can? said...

Foreign fellos have great pride and faith in our ingrish and yet in BolehLand, it has become politicised or rather racialised.
For us in BolehLand, after more than a year, no leview yet? The For-lun Minister's glaring poor Inglish in the White House interbiew when he leplied out of cuntext and failed to comprehend a simple journalist's question does reflect badly on the level of Ingrish in BolehLand.see 'BolehLand's England admired by Oman'

Anonymous said...

LOL!...This is a good one.

On a serious note. Be careful of black arabs. Dont turn your back on them.