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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I tell one ah I tell you!

I got proof. So you don't play play me ah.

It's been irritating me for quite a long time now. So today I thought I'd rant about it here and see how many of your out there feel the same way.

Have you noticed how our Malaysian politicians LUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRVVVVVEEE to THREATEN? All the baargers do it. Bariasan Nasional baargers. Umno Baargers. MCA Baargers. MIC Baargers. PKR Baargers. DAP Baargers. Independent Baargers. They all, at one time or other when it suits their immediate purposes, threaten. Either threaten us or threaten their opponents.

Threaten us - If you don't do as we tell you... May 13!!!

Threaten the opponents - If you don't do as we say...I will print the list, release the video, call the witness, show the signed affidavit/stautory declaration etc. And of course the most famous threat, until recently, We will take over the Federal Government by (date)!

Baargers all like small kids la. No wait. That's insulting the kids.

The latest threats appear to be coming from this woman who is contesting the Penanti By-elections. She says she has evidence of wrong-doings by the PKR flers who were her old colleagues. Yes! I got proof. I got video (or is it audio) recording of the proceedings. Actually, I've had this proof long time already.

Oh yes ah? Then expose the wrong-doers and bring them to book la. Waffor all this threats. For what?

I don't know about you la. But my upbringing tells me that if there is a crime committed or a wrong perpetrated against the public it is my DUTY to expose the wrong-doers and bring them to book. I don't use my knowledge of the criminal acts to threaten the 'culprits' for my own purposes. Right? Or have things really changed so much in this country?



Anonymous said...

I'm glad your blog provides outlet to highlight 'out of this world experience' from our politicians. Our foreign friends must be swinging their heads when they read Malaysian Politics. Niamah!!! Now I feel good after saying it!

AngeL BeaR said...

It's like preserve the pickles...the longer u keep it, the tastier it this case, they can appear on TV and act high and mighty...syiok hor?

abROcadabRO said...

Niamah!!! Correct, correct, correct.

Politicians are politicians. You can never trust one. Today frens, tomolo enemy.

But this Aminah Ronggeng is very funny la.

Where on earth would Anwar wants her to be the Deputy Chief Minister 1.

Is Anwar's taste that bad, meh?


pilocarpine said...

Where on earth would Anwar wants her to be the Deputy Chief Minister 1.

- in putrajaya's toilet

true ma said...

Would think twice even to consider her to be my maid !

Anonymous said...

Right on the dot. Cannot get what they want they move party, if there also cannot get, they go independent then also cannot get, they threaten. All for what! Not to serve us the people but to satisfy their greed! Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Actually ore , if you know any crime or any scandal and never report to the authority you will be charged,my friend say one.

If you dont want to report and keep quiet and so no body know is ok lah. But if you disclosed the scandal later becos you did not get what you want from the party concerned then you had committed a crime.

Then my good friend asked my opinion is it ok to record people talking but I cannot say anything becos I also lont know he will record my talkingor not.

I am not kiasu but I really KIA KONG.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do like to threaten and threaten and threaten. Only cowardly bullies like to use their positions of power to threaten those around them.

Reduce these bullying politicians to ordinary citizens without the protection of the high and mighty, and they will be reduced to whimpering cowards.

But they are to be pitied as well as hated, because it is not hard to imagine just how miserable they are as they stew in their numerous jealousies of others, their unending low self-esteem and their desperation for fame.

Real leaders, that is leaders with substance, will have their finger on the pulse of the people, to find out what the people want. Real leaders will offer real solutions to existing problems instead of just issuing threat after threat after threat.

A real leader is admired, not despised.

kopitelp16 said...

This hooker looked more like a witch from Oz. Down right ugly!

For someone that betrays friends for personal gains.... so much for credibility. She can go fly kite. Selling goreng pisang won't do because no buyers!

durianguy said...

Alot of our actions,our thinking, our believes system today are because of our upbringings.

U proud to have such leaders to lead our beloved country?

I'm not. u?

I suka ronggeng said...

The more religious they look, the scarier they behave!

mat t said...

Pat i believe this a how to best describe politician,one a thief the other a robber LOL.

hj jamaludin said...

Bismilah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Saudara DSAI tidak pernah hargai pengorbanan perjuangan Kak Min Sekeluarga selama bertahun tahun . Memang dasar Saudara DSAI suka menepikan orang2 yang beperlajaran tak tinggi. wal hal orang2 yang tak beperlajaran tinggi macam Kak Min Sekeluarga lah yang memperjuangkan Parti Keadilan Rakyat walaupun Saudara DSAI merengkuk dalam penjara . Wang ringgit,kudrat, masa , dan LLN yang selama ini di korbankan oleh orang2 semacam Kak Min Sekeluarga untuk memperjuangkan parti Saudara DSAI walaupun Saudara DSAI masih didalam penjara tanpa mengeluh pengorbanan demi masa depan Parti Saudara DSAI .
Tapi apabila Saudara DSAI keluar penjara ramai lah ahli profesional dan graduan graduan pengampu pengampu berduyun duyun tunjuk muka memberi sokongan kepada Saudara DSAI ,walhal semasa Saudara DSAI masih dalam penjara ,ahli profesional dan graduan graduan pengampu batang hidung pun tak nampak . Golongan yang beperlajaran rendah macam Kak Min lah kuat memperjuangkan PKR dengan ihklas tanpa bayaran pun . Tapi hati mana tak terguris bila golongan macam Kak Min Diketepikan oleh Saudara DSAI . Malah golongan ahli profesonial dan graduan ini memperkecilkan dan menghina perjuangan orang seangkatan Kak Min yang selama ini memperjuangkan Parti Saudara DSAI dengan berkhemah . Contoh yang ditunjukkan oleh Kak Min perihal dua ekor lembu yang berpelajaran tinggi ahli PKR Tertinggi jawatannya yang cuba memperlekehkan malah merendahkan martabat keluarga Kak Min dengan lawak bodoh mereka ini ( tawaran jawatan dan duit ) . Cuba kita fikir patut ke? dua ekor lembu ini buat lawak bodoh kat sekeruti Airport dengan berjenaka isi kandungan beg baggasi mereka ada "BOM" . So YB Saifudin jangan lah nak mempertahankan dua ekor lembu ini yang terang terang menghina keluarga Kak Min dengan lawak bodoh mereka e2. Saya rasa Kak Min nak tunjuk perihal keburukkan ahli ahli profesional dan graduan graduan PKR ini ( yang selalu menghina dan memperlekehkan perjuangan orang orang seangkatan Kak Min yang beperlajaran tak tinggi tapi masih ada maruah diri ) kepada Saudara DSAI yang selama ini ditipu oleh orang2 sekelilingi Saudara DSAI . Saudara DSAI jangan lah lupa perjuangan orang2 macam Kak Min ini. So saya menyeru kepada pengundi pengundi PRK Penanti undilah calon BEBAS supaya kita dapat menghukum Parti Saudara DSAI yang terlalu hina penjuangan orang2 macam Kak Min . Kalau tidak orang2 profesional dan graduan2 PKR akan menencingkan perjuangan orang2 yang beperlajaran rendah yang masih setia memperjuangkan Parti Saudara DSAI . walaupun Parti keadilan Rakyat kalah pun di Penanti tidak akan tumbang Pakatan Rakyat . Saya cuma memohon pengundi pengundi Penanti ajar sikit golongan2 profesional dan graduan2 ini yang suka menghina dan memperlekehkan dengan lawak bodoh mereka ini. Lawan Tetap Lawan . Syabas Kak Min berani kerana kebenaran supaya Saudara DSAI tidak lupa golongan macam Kak Min ini/ Hidup Kak Min

SF Yong said...

Wah lau eh! Record this, record that... I bet all her "FRIENDS" are having sleepless nights now. Who knows what she has recorded and when she will use them. Who needs an enemy when they have friend/s like that!

Anonymous said...

I understand that the 2 guys that went to her house to "negotiate" were called by the MACC after her report.The MACC was damn quick to act but when reports against Khir Toyo,Ali Rustam and UMNO's goons,it seems to be evaporated into thin air.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the 2 guys that went to her house to "negotiate" were called by the MACC after her report.The MACC was damn quick to act but when reports against Khir Toyo,Ali Rustam and UMNO's goons,it seems to be evaporated into thin air.

telur dua said...

With HUMNO as their mentor and role model why are we surprised?

Monkey see, monkey do lah.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad, our country is in recession and all those politicians only care to scratch someone's back.

Next time we need to vote the lesser of the 2 evils ...

Anonymous said...

Wah, this new puke face is even more pukey than the previous puke face that you posted.

FCUK MAN! said...

those 2 PKR flers also damn stupid. This woman would not have anything on them if they didnt go and try to bribe her.. you all so angry with her for what??? should be angrier at that 2 chinaman buggers..

Anonymous said...


The reason she is still hanging on of not revealing anythng is, she is still waiting for some sort of compensation (monetary or something that will benefit here alot). Policitians are like that what. Even though they say they want some sort of explanation or round table discussion or all that kind of bull crap, its the same.

Give them some moolah and they'll shut the hell up for a long time. Many examples but I shall not give names.

If this is the case, she is more evil than the pepertrator who is offering her the $$ to not contest. How to repent like that?

Got proof go and report it lar. Stupid b*tch.

"Sick-&-tired of idiotic politicans"

mob1900 said...

Someone mentioned on MT she looks like the Pahang MB dressed in women clothing. LOLOLOL!

Im sure BNality is enjoying the 'women' they puschased by now.

Hee Yit Fong the Tramp and now, Minah Ronggeng.

BN's taste in these 'women' remains suspicious though, with the exception on Najeeb Mongolia's choice on the beautiful Mongolian.

KIMHO8 said...

Xiao Char Buo Aminah, go home lah! Your children are waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

I propose all voters now look to vote for people NOT from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

Never trust any politicians from both BN and PR anymore.

Any politicians want to be credible, must come from NOT BN or PR.

How about a 3 party system for Malaysia? To give better options to voters.

niamafulat said...

Anwar said long time ago that he has 6 boxes of evidence of corruptions or rasuah in UMNO and that he will expose them!!! Wah, so loud sound and terror lah!!!!

Patrick, today, more than 10 years later, have you seen any of those evidence from Anwar!!!

Anwar also said he has solid like a rock evidence that Najib was invovlved in the Mongolia stuff, where is the evidence. In case Anwar doesn't know, Patrick, please tell Anwar, Najid oredi PM now. What is Anwar wating for?


Anonymous said...

Very true, Patrick...!

Just like what we all use to do in school......
"You don't give me, I'll tell my "mother" arr....!!!"

Oh yes, we were "scared" of their "mothers".....!

Pat..., You also another "one". Why put that "face" & spoil everyone's day....????????????

My maid also better looking than her lah..........!!!!!
Don't even spoil my day at all.

Now I feel like I want to "Oor see...!"

Tiger said...

Waiting for "reward" lah, that's why threaten first and wait.
We have too few politicians who are actually there to SERVE the people instead of thinking what they can get in return.

natives are restless said...

try picturing her tudung as a turf of toupee instead. Now how does that look ?

Anak Malaysia said...

They have nothing more to say mah. Thinking the exposure will be good tool. They are all siao lang.

Jessica said...

She looks like an amazonian transvestite with lots of lalat shit all over her face. Horrible!

natives are restless said...

.. she is the MAN !!!

Anonymous said...

I think children will cry when she look at them.

Mike C said...


Hah ! The blaming game ! Blame our education system lah ! Moral classes failed ! Help us to fight the economic crisis and not fellow Malaysians.

Niamah C H !!!

pah nur said...

Video on colleague? I know why she's not in it. She was the one busy recording the video and friends trusted her steady hands to hold the camcoder

Anonymous said...

Please Uncle Patrick put the picture away. Kids like me will get nightmare looking at it.

Anonymous said...

Give her a break la, everything also record just in case can make a buck or two la. Recording artist ma.

Parody of Bolehland said...

Don't do the Minah Ronggeng grove!
Spill it all out baby
Don't get us all heated up
When there is fire burning in your bosom
From all the lies PKR says of you
Give us the hots that you promise
Open up dear Minah Ronggeng
Let us see
Expose all baby
Lay them bare if you dare baby!

For more see '
Aminah is becoming a Minah Ronggeng!'

Anonymous said...

Threaten us - If you don't do as we tell you... May 13!!!---> now u racist. this is obviously about chinese.

follow u = equality
not following ur demand = racist

sum of all this = BULLSHIT!!

Patric, don't u know that we're kind enuff to let ur people live in malaysia? u read history rite? of course la, u kan pandai. maybe u need to read it twice! stop blaming this and that, if u can make a difference, then u do it. now u tokkok la..

Anonymous said...

partaking by-erection with her ?
you want meh !!??

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. The Lady did it, she EXPOSED the PKR bargers whom people think they are angels sent from Heaven. Bravo... and Niamah to her detractors! PKR bargers are guilty of bribing TOO.

Anonymous said...

A HE-woman wanted by Horriwood for
a new film !

btw, dun spoil her swami's plot for
durian-runtuh.... cari makan = pls let live , ok !

Birds Talking Too said...

Charbor? I say ar. she looks likey a man lah. Take out tudung, a bluff rubber nose a specs and a moustach.... ta...Da... a Batang!!!
Did anyone did a sex check?

Still she talk like a man... look like a man...

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way, with all the shabby deals going on, her little gimmicks is elementary! Elementary, Watson.....or shd i say Patrick.

Next, bring to where? Hey, the courts in our nation is moving on the courtlessness oredi la. Tak jadi lor

I will, however, agree with one word you have said.... NIAMAH, damn tulan, right?

Birds Talking Too said...

Wah Amin-ah won 392 votes!!!
Maybe from her 300 cats, 30 relatives, 50 customers, the rest from her maid, rotiseller, gunny-botol/paper-lama man,newspaperman, postman, gardener,Astro repairman........

Anonymous said...

go to 'the might of the pen' for
Manohara escaped from kelantan !!

Anonymous said...

Our politicians are no different from Samseng Jalan or Ah Long.

Anonymous said...

Give us more reason to exercise our votes.

Your Average Mat said...

I dont really know politics, but this lady is sure is irritating. haha..

like one of those ayah pin with weird teachings.

komando said...



elvin said...

eiye....friends also can betray...uglee some more. I think in past life she's a man. Ugly looking man