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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Mat Rempit menace

Don't worry. When you grow up we give you another title if you don't like Rempit. OK?

When I read the following article in The Sunday Times I was rather ... what's the word? Bemused? I also don't know la. But I do know that this thing with those young flers on their souped-up little motorcycles has been going on for just a bit too long without resolution. Remembering what's happened in the past I can't help but think that the 'authorities', whoever they might be, have just not been quite resolute about how they intend to deal with it. Not beyond making some polite noises whenever the occasions called for it. Or making half-ass excuses for their inaction and/or ineffectiveness. Well, they did do something years ago when those motor flers first began to gain celebrity status. The 'authorities' gave them a really cool name. Mat Rempit!!! Then all of a sudden being a hell-raising motorcycle hooligan became quite the thing to aspire to among certain youth. From then on the MR flers have been steadily rising in notoriety and getting themselves into front page news on a regular basis. Most recently they hit the headlines when it was reported that it was one of them who caused the death of an expectant mother after a botched snatch-theft attempt. The usual hue-and-cry hit the headlines. Again. The police, as usual, threw up their hands in resigned desperation. And in the process re-named these motorcycle mavericks. Road Thugs!!! Samseng Jalanan!!!

Mat Rempit. Samseng Jalanan. Road Thugs. Doesn't really matter what we call them. Fact of the matter is, there seems to be nothing anyone can do about this menace. Why? Well, maybe this statement by the new Youth & Sports Minister will shed some light. I am not going to comment on his statement at all. You read it and then draw your own conclusions as to why Malaysia can't solve a problem such as this. Enjoy! But don't get too angry okay? And try not to foam at the mouth like the YB tends to do.

The "road thugs" (samseng jalanan) label given to Mat Rempit, youths with a penchant for street racing is a bit too much, said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.
He said only a handful of Mat Rempit were involved in crime while the majority were just ordinary youths looking for some fun.

"This explosion of culture happens in many countries like that shown in movies like Tokyo Drift and The Fast and The Furious," he said after presenting prizes to "Golf Amal 2009" participants at Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak here yesterday.

Shabery said the scenario was similar to that during the 1980s when the community was against the craze for Scrambler motorcycles and Breakdance.

Despite disagreeing with the label, the minister said Mat Rempit groups were looking for trouble racing in the streets rather than at the tracks.
"Mat Rempit are not interested in real racing. They can always join racing clubs if they want to. The closure of Batu Tiga track and the distance of Sepang track is not an excuse. Building more race tracks is not the solution. They just want to show off to other road users."

Shabery urged the authorities to tackle the Mat Rempit problem at the source, particularly the role of parents as most of the motorcycles used were owned by family members. -- Bernama

What a nice Youth minister! And of course he ends by blaming the parents lor. Eh? Sorry, I said I wouldn't comment. Maaf ye?



crazyant said...

Remember a few years ago khairy and gang gathered some of these motherfuckers to parachute in the Artic (or was it Antarctica?). Then a couple of weeks ago some lame ass fler said to build a centre to rehabilitate these motherfuckers. What i dont understand is why can't they use existing laws to put these motherfuckers in jail once and for all. I mean we pay our road taxes too right? Doesn't that mean we should have access to roads that are safe? Why waste our fucking time making excuses after excuses how the brainless authorities cannot tackle this fucking problem? If the fucking police can't solve this, bring in the army la. Shoot these motherfuckers to death! If the army can take action during peaceful vigils, I'm sure they can be deployed to wipe out these fucking bikers right?!!! DNMCH!!!!

amoker said...

Shaherby, are u nutS? you are syaing that we should accept everything that is wrong with the rempits today and not do anything? No need nnew infra .. no need to do any reeducation... bla bla.

I can't follow his argument at all. What a daft minister.

Anonymous said...

"This explosion of culture happens in many countries like that shown in movies like Tokyo Drift and The Fast and The Furious," he said after presenting prizes to "Golf Amal 2009" participants at Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak here yesterday."

Yeah and king kong is real, and so is Batman which in hindsight I would rather like to believe.

Anonymous said...

Our doubles coach Rexy Mainaky rammed the Mat Rempit with his car when they tried to snatch his wives bag.

Quick thinking. Perhaps we should resort to similar measures. One or two less MRs on the road won't do anyone any harm.

Anonymous said...

The amount of Rempits is quite big. Budak Nakal need Rempits votes (in future)...

Budak Nakal know that its hard for them to gain support from educated people, that's why Budak Nakal changed their tactic to Rempits...

Malaysia Boleh!!

Anonymous said...

Mat Rempit are well 'promoted' by FINAS in local moview like Remp-It, Bohsia, KL Menjerit, ... (while the Metrowealth and SKOP productions laugh to the bank).

These movies should not be allowed at all.

Speaking of 1Malaysia, FINAS should provide more grant to the likes of Yasmin Ahmad to make more '1Malaysia' movies like Sepet, Talentime ...

Patrick Teoh will then have no excuse of going to Singaproe to cari makan.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

there is not a part of this country that is clean neat and in orderly fashion...NS is no exception.....

i have been telling all DAP state assemblymen to organize more gotong royong and win the hearts of the rakyat but it has fallen on deaf ears.

come next general election DAP will lose like shit...

we voted for changes but where are the changes..

except charles santiago the king of gotong royong..he knows how to win over new customers/voters...

Anonymous said...

ENUF!!! I have had it with these piss-talking freaks of nature continually finding excuses to further mollycoddle criminals in our midst! And that is exactly what these effing Road Thugs are!

It is just too much when they say things like "rehabilitate" - what the hell were they thinking of by allowing that murdering drug addict to go free so that he could brutally murder a woman, her child and their maid! Where was rehabilitation then!

Shabery Cheek, after your disastrous debate with the eloquent Anwar Ibrahim you are once again setting yourself up for public ridicule and contempt.

And Musa, if you love those thieving, law-breaking Road Thugs that much, then take them into your family, let them mingle and what else with your family members and rehabilitate them there.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh the fucking police is busy arresting peace vigil rather than the MAT REMPIT.. Mat Rempit = road holigans... Mat Bond = lazy/corrupted police... Nice?

next time refer our policeman as Mat Bond...:)

Anonymous said...

When you have so much foam in your mouth how to talk properly.
The bloody problem in the country is,we have too many foaming leaders around.

Leithaisor said...

Votes, votes, votes. Which translates into power, power, power.

That was the first thought which crossed my mind.

But it also crossed my mind that while the Rempits are definately a
menace to society, and a deadly menace at that with several deaths and
folks ending up crippled as a result, they are young humans.

Young Malaysians who could have been national assets instead. And they
still may become that.

I do not support measures like merely relabelling them Mat Cemerlang,
dropping some of them over the Arctic and building all sorts of
expensive facilities and hoping that all that will magically turn them
around. Fat hopes.

Undoing all the years of damage which created the monsters takes much
more than that.

A proper study, free from political interference, needs to be carried
out by real experts to investigate the matter, to come out with
concrete solutions.

If Malaysia can spend so many millions on that glorified space
tourist, a few million on the Rempits is surely a far better cause.

I dare say many Rempits are rather smart or gifted in various ways.
And even those who are not, are still our young people.

I can understand the feelings of those who suffered at the hands of
Rempits, and those who would ram those involved in crimes (heck, I'd
probably do they same!), but if they are turned around, that would be
a far better thing for everyone.

But that would take much more commitment and thought that the
quick-and-easy Mat Cemerlang re-labelling type of measures. Does the
government care enough about the Rempits to do the right thing?

Anonymous said...

Parents play a role too to ensure that this "culture explosion" does not go out of proportion.

In the mean time,MRs should have they bikes taken away, jail and caned. So far, government has been very linient to this MRs, I am not sure if this has anything to do with the MRs being mostly from certain race group?

new fart said...

Sorry lah folks....if these MR flers were from a different race group, bet your bottom dollar they will be wiped off the face of this earth pronto! Unfortunately that's fact but a damn sad one lah! Niahmah Chow Hai!

artchan said...

half past six comments can only come out from mouth foaming half past six dungus.

Sometimes these "ministers" should just learn to shut the fuckup

Anonymous said...

We need the police to beat up the mat rempits like the way they beat up the Pakatan supporters. And we need them to shoot their water cannons at those thugs, and use their batons to crack their blady empty skulls. These mat rempits are a threat to national security.

Anonymous said...

Aiya catching mat rempits is a bad activity. Not rewarding and no datoship for the dirty job. And the cops may even get run down by those terrorists. Beating up some Pakatan trouble makers will probably help to secure a promotion. Even catching speeding motorists , or those jumping the red light are "better" activities.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that some of these gutless politicians and their families are done in by these mthrfker biker hooligans then some.. like one commentator said ...give them some of their own medicine ..break one oe two of their limbs...aand see how they whine ...
I just wonder though apart from the obvious reasons for no further action, why these politician flers are so scared to even come out and call these mthrfkrs criminals plain and simple..hmmm

Kong Bo Yong

Anonymous said...

Not too long a time ago, members of a perticular race were encouraged to have more children by a certain ex-PM.

So out comes 8 of them, and now the blame is back to the parents that didn't have time to look after all those children?

The irony.


mat garang said...

Don't have to beat around the bush, go straight to the point. The reason WHY the Police and Govt DOES NOT want to take a strong and harsh action against the Mat Rempits is simply a question of 'race',That all!! All those Mat Rempits are Malay youths!!. If they are Indians or Chinese youths, long time ago 'sudah habis cerita'. Mandatory to use the ROTAN and CONFISCATION of their motor-cycles laws are NOT implemented. That is also why Mat Rempits still around.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

Eh hello, why blame movies such as Fast and Furious and Tokyo Drift, etc. If those movies are such a bad influence, why approve movies like...
K.L. DRIFT???? (The movie and upcoming TV series, etc etc etc.)