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Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh! Really ah? What a shocking surprise! Hor?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Who's giving? Who's taking?

So now the Zambry fler is back as Menteri Besar of Perak. The 3 judges of the Appeals Court have decided so. The people of Perak did not have a say in this.

You're not going to sit there and tell me that you're really surprised. Are you? If you are then I must commend you on your optimism and belief in the sanctity of the Law and belief in the purity of our judicial system. Good for you. I am not so gullible la. From the time the circus began there was no other outcome that I would have expected.

Now 'they' will all tell us, "It's the law!" Sure it is. "We won fair and square. It's legal!" Sure.

But it isn't even about the Law and justice really. It is about trust. Maybe legally Zambry is the chief minister. Maybe the other fler has lost the confidence of the majority. Maybe the old Sult was right in his decision ordering the resignation of the other MB. Maybe like the old saying says, pigs will fly.

It is sad isn't it? That after more than 50 years of Independence we have lost trust in our courts and judges.




KIMHO8 said...

The British-Malaya Royal Circus.

Anonymous said...

This Kangaroo court is meant for kangaroos not meant for homo-sapiens.Infact,Nizar fate was already sealed when the Appeals Court had granted it to Zamri.With lightning speed of 3 hours to be granted a stay of execution,Malaysians have already knew what type of verdict would be.Sure enough the judges did the predictable verdict of unanimous decision.It is a black day for our Judiciary's court and a laughing stock in the eyes of others.


All this was well planned by BN. How good if all the cases in malaysia can be settle in 1 day...the best wayang...should go for International Flim fest Award!!!The best Director_PM Najib, producer_Former PM TUN M, Actor_zambry,supporting actors Judge of Court of Appreal and High Court Judge. So Can Nizar get court order to stop Zambry from performing as MB...than they will say its up to the Sultan... The Sultan become pak ikut of BN...Good luck for perak and BN...I believe more worst things to come under prepared

Anonymous said...

No one in Bohonland needs to think too deeply what the verdict will be. Why do the tax payers need to support so many kangaroo courts...are'nt we made suckers by these omo scums!

not your ordinary tour member; said...

I should not be surprise at all with the court ruling on the MB case! As usual being a non democratic country.....we do expect it! Sorry for all the rakyat in Perak.....U r betrayed once again by the 3 stooges that u have voted for! The sandiwara of BN continues and getting from bad to worse or even sucks!

donplaypuks® said...

Yes Pat, I am optimistic because when all is said and done, it is the People who will decide, with finality.

2013 is not far away and Najib, in taking the tiger by the tail, has bit off more than he can chew!

But what we are seeing is another low in our Judicial history, when our higher courts fail to give written judgements, thereby stymying our Constitutional right to appeal.

And in the decison of the Fed court not to uphold the Constitution, as graphically exposed by ex-Judge NH Chan, we can see that the damage done during Mahathir's era has not been rectified. This, despite an RCI on the issue.

I mean, what can be clearer than,
“The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court”,

Yet the Fed ruled that Sivakumar had acted beyond his powers and they could over-rule him!! Now we know where our real enemies sit!

Anonymous said...

lont woly about the outcome.

My glandfather always say small money no go out , big money no coming in.

Samo he say no 13 always got something happen. lont know correct or not. Wait and see loh....I lont know is he talking about le 13th general election ?

Anonymous said...

The verdict as perdicted.We know whose the chief justice.The one admit practice bribe when he is a lawyer. Know what else can we expect.If YB Nizar won means the Royal in shame.Pitty for Perakians.The three frogs should be toasted by hatetered from the Perkaians wherver see them.Justice die long time ago in this country.The three Juges soon will be promoted.I wonder what they eat as their daily meal. Amino through . may be.

TOKZ said...

Lose means lose & Zambry is lawfully the legitimate MB.

Why are you guys behaving like sore losers??? Groaning & complaining over spilt milk will not change things.

Can you all get real & face the fact??? Stop living in self denial & more importantly stop living in fantasy.


Golden Man said...

I saw this coming. The first court rule that the MB is Nizar, he was so happy and told the other fella to go out and to "respect the law".
The next day the court of appeal approved, I saw the whole 'shabang" coming. Everyone statement was to respect the law and so on.
Now the court of appeal says this black dude that compares himself with Gandhi, is the MB, Nizar is in a corner.
A way of understanding this, in May 13 1969, when the opposition won the majority, they didn't have a chance to form a government.
Now this Nizar guy... hmmm what chance he got?

caravanserai said...

CoA got through the script
The ordinary folks knew about it
The days leading to the appeal court
We knew the game had played

Nothing shocking really
The outcome had come early
“Stay order” granted within hours
When Nizar filed in
It took CoA 8 days to hear

Albino won with tainted script
No matter what its leaders want to spin
We in Perak will not forget
The Constitution dies today

CoA judges
They fail to address the Constitution
Lay out to bind the government and people
The way it should be now falters in time

The Judiciary in black
It's a sad Black Friday
The Perak crisis will seal Albino fate
And its coalition partners......
The Waterloo in GE 13
We will never forget!

Hamba said...

Uncle, I think the Kangaroo is going to replace the tiger on the State Crest. And if the Aussie protest and sue the gomen, they will surely win the case in the high court but eventually lose the case in the appeal court due to the fact that most UMNO people has transferred a lot of money over there and that practically mean UMNO own the Aussie even though not a single Aussie ever agreed or even signed any S&P. Heck, if the simple language of the constitution saying that anything transpire in the state assembly cannot be challenged in any court and yet our court says otherwise then our court can easily says that since UMNO is sending tons of money over there then by default UMNO bought Australia or maybe just the Kangaroo at least! Proton to change it's logo yet again?

Anonymous said...

Zanmbry had suffer more than Ganhdi,Mandela,Ang Suki combined,so he shd be handed the post.How can we allow a fellow countryman suffer so much.Follow very closely is Toyo who also over suffer for the nation.

I swear said...

Notice Najib is not in Malaysia today? Can we trust Malaysian courts and judges? Even primary school child understand the meaning of Perak Consitutions. How Malaysian judges interprete words is beyond me and even Humpty Dumpty gotta concede defeat.

joenathan said...

Only in Malayasia,can a lawyer appoint a CJ.

Correct,correct,correct what.For what you fellas are whining for?

Anonymous said...

" ...i have nothing to do with it...i'm in singapore...dun curse me...ok ? "

Anonymous said...

when nizar wins, all hail the judge as brave. When zanbry wins, the courts and judges are no good.
so nizar must win all the time,whether or not he deserves the victory.

- org Perak

not surprised said...

hey, org perak, nizar does not need to win "all the time" He just needs to win the very last round (the round that matters) because he is right. Which part of the word, "justice" don't you understand?

take this case to the privy council, if UMNO dares

amoker said...

We are not whining... we are laughing so hard at our judges . they think that they are the king...

Anonymous said...

it took 3 hours for a stay decision. now lets see how long it will take for the 2 frogs case to find their way in the court systems. alredi, there's a postponement to end may for the hearing.

well, their idoitic action only serves to confirm that judiciary is now nothing but a place for kangaroos.

Anonymous said...

I can see how much trust you lost with you double NIAMAH.

Anonymous said...

To make things simple..let the raykat be the judge so the question of who is right or wrong,who is legal or illegal will not arise.

Afterall it is People/Rakyat that matter most in a country.

We thought we often heard the slogan - Listen to the rakyat??
Why not walk the talk??

If nothing changes then it's a blessing in disguise. Win little ,loose Big.

Gan said...

Lost our faith & trust in royalty as well !

Anonymous said...

All this was well planed to deny Nizar the rightful MB of Perak.First they let you win in the High Court, so we accept the decision in good faith than the game starts in court of appeal to reverse the earlier High Court decision. Now we have to say that courts decision must be honoured as you accepted an earlier decision. This BN government has 50 years experiance in handling all kinds of unfair dealings. The only hope is ballot box, we topple the government of the day when we ballot next. bring in the electronic balloting to be fair, India can do it, we are more advanced, we should have full proof method of voting.

Anonymous said...

Hakim kita memang best-giler!

merandok said...

how dare you question those judges?

your article is blasphemy - the 3 judges are a wise man and it all democratically done - 3 against 1 what..

what..? they don't have writing judgment? come on.. don't get too technical.. with all the backlog that everybody are complaining sure you don't expect them to spend too much time writing.. no?

sorry, had to stop writing this, i need to bank-in my life-savings into the account of my long-lost uncle in nigeria, i just received an e-mail 2 days ago saying that he is very sick now & will leave an inheritance worth USD10 mil to me (he did say why, but i did not read it, just too technical for me..)

see u when i get this cool USD10mil

Anonymous said...

Mahathir got a lot to answer , he was the one who destroyed the independence ,integrity and impartiality of the judiciary during his 22 years of iron-fist rule.

weber said...

never mind who wins... the most important thing is to dissolve the DUN and give back the power to people.. let Perakians choose who they want to be the MB..

Anonymous said...

federalcourt : Nizar, r u coming or not .....cepat lah , coz we have the judgement oredi !!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Patrick, I was surprised at first, but quickly I frowned at my own surprised. What ot be surprised about? This country runs with jungle laws...

I used to believe in our justice, law, police, leaders, you name it... Our school taught us to trust in these ppl/institution, rightfully, but as I grow older now and encountered numerous occasions of frustrating experiences along the way, I learn that what were taught in school were principles and idealism, not truth--at least not in this Boleh land...

Very toolan... niamah...