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Friday, May 29, 2009

Will you help?

I received these emails from a Niamah!!! reader asking for help for an autism care centre. Please read them and decide if you can or want to help. Thank you.

Patrick Teoh

Thank you for your reply.

Basically I am looking for help in any form, financially and also in kind. Also help to make the need know to all in the net, may be someone has a spare corner house to let for free, and who know we have so many kind heart soul in Malaysia. We do!!

Why am I here asking for help? I have no way to go and seeking the help from whoever I can get my hand on to. We need the following: -

1. Premises - prefer a corner lot house with some garden area where we can setup sand and water therapy area.

2. Musical - Since autistic kids are very artistic and musically inclined, I want to setup some music class to explore their potential. Any good working Piano or electronic piano are needed. Can Yamaha donate some? Anyone who know someone in Yamaha?

3. Art - Art supply for painting and others

4. Renovation - Can some good soul help to pay for the renovation and furnishing of the center?

5. Telecommunication - Telephone, Fax and Internet access

6. Funding - We need at least one year of funding before we can be self funded. I will work out the requirement one more people come into play and willing to help

7. Teaching material - I have plenty in my house because both my sons are autistic.

Anyone can help me to published all the above? I have 2 weeks to put thing together before they closed it down. 20 kids will be affected if the center is closed down with giving them an alternative to go.

I have post the SOS on My Blog, I am very determine to keep the center going and I hope can get some help. I am willing to go in the media, TV and radio to highlight the need.

Yong Yek Ming (Father of 2 autistic boys)
Blogger ( and http://myautismresource.blogs

The center was ran by some MCA guy and I belief he is running out of fund. He already make a decision to stop the service center, what I am doing is to take over from him.

I don't think he like to make his name known and I am not going to use back the same name for the center. It will be a new center who take in the 20 kids and will look into taking more autism kids in the future.

We would like the new center to be around Seri Petaling, OUG, PJ or Subang area. The new center will be managed and run by myself and the teacher (Mr Liew)


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

Could you provide me bank account no of this austism centre?

Thanks in advance.


Om Saravana Bhava

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 8:19 PM, please communicate with the blog owner at



Shiok Guy said...

Dear Patrick

A few friend online wanting to donate to help us in the center. Since we have not register the company for this purpose, using my account will be a BIG Conflict Of Interest.

I am writing to ask if Brother Bernard or Brother Patrick are willing to be a trustee and use your bank account instead of Mine?

Thank you

Shiok Guy

johnny cheah said...

Patric, I have a Casio CTK 700 keyboard at home. Hardly used! How do I donate the item

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit suspicious.

artchan said...

anon 1033pm..

if sound suspicious..don't give. simple as that.
Expose him if you have details. if not..please refrain from casting aspersions.

May you have a good day..

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Anon 10:33pm

Please give me a call, and I can reached at 012-2082818.

Google Yong Yek Ming or Shiok Guy you will come across my participation in Autism Related issue.

visit my blog at

I am also a committee member of PR4A at

Yong Yek Ming
Aka Shiok Guy

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Johnny

I can arrange to pick up the keyboard at your place if you are in KL or Selangor so I can personally thank you in person, let me kids meet you too. Just warning! They will not be socially greet you and more.

I just visit your blog, dare to talk is just born!

Visit and see if I can design your blog for you free of charge. Its my honor!

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

any sms method ?

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Anon,

No SMS donation. Usually the telecommunications company will take away 50% of the donated sum.. no worth it.. the needed fund does not reach the needy!

Shiok Guy

ahoo said...

I personally think that what you are doing is just GREAT ! Have you tried approaching Ms Hannah Yeoh, Ms Teresa Kok etc. ? I thought a caring state govt like Selangor whould be able to cater to such needs.

I you have tried and yet got no positive feedback, we would be eager to know, why ? Thanks.

Shiok Guy said...

Please see the latest update 4 June 2009 on the Autism center here

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

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