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Monday, June 29, 2009

And now for something completely different...

On my last day in the little red dot I thought I would share with you some photo memories of Singapore............

On the weekend that I was there, Orchard Road, the city's main drag was celebrating the SHINE - Youth Festival. A celebration of youth and all that is good and healthy. Their way of dealing with their Mat Rempits I suppose. Arguably, more interesting than reading statements from policemen and politicians and dodging whining kap-cai's.

Orchard Road. 40-ft wide sidewalks. Shady trees. Clinically lively.

Music and arts for free.

Where you can meet out-of-work Storm Troopers.

...and heroes from the land of the Rising Sun.

Un-smiling jokers and sweaty rodents in rubber suits looking menacing.

And cute miniature bad guys.

Away from the glitz of Orchard Road a step into a world of manufactured "old style" Chinatown.

...with shops that have a distinctively Chinese look. And not a single Bangla or Nepalese in sight.

Where if you look closely enough you might find remnants of another age like this printed card weighing scale. And get told you're fat for just 20 cents.

...and tourists staring in amazement at the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board's version of exotic ASIA. I wonder if it is the same one that we promote as being truly Asia?

A benevolent government's effort perhaps for the Republic's toothless seniors...

...who prefer to gum their Hainanese chicken rice washed down with a plastic glass of barley water.

Hope you've enjoyed the photo memories. I rest in the comforting knowledge that tomorrow I shall return to the land that is barely.....errr...I mean TRULY Asia.



Richard Cranium said...

uhm...ok, what is completely different?


anti-incompetent said...

Bcoz we get less than half-cooked people to run the country. Whilst the people are choking in smog, crime and endless other worries.... we hv senior officials debating on Babi/khinzir vs world medical terms. The blardy tourism lady can't even deal with trash disposal in Perhentian, what more to expect?


michelle said...

well done, patrick!

this is why i find it hard to uproot my family from singapore to go back to kl.... :(

monsterball said...

hahahahaha.....Malaysia..a land of plenty for chosen few and the truly Asia only to make more money from tourism.
It is truly Asia if Europeans wants to see all races found in Malaysia.
It is barely the real Asean way of life.....for all.
It is Asia most advanced concrete jungle..with slums and poorest of the poor...just few yards away...all covered up with trees ..concrete fool Malaysians too.
Barely is not good enough word describe.
It is truly Asia most corrupted dictatorial regime.
Enjoy it and be safe.
Hunger makes people rob.....kill and steal.
And the many photos on S'pore...makes me sick of how Malaysia is managed by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy ur act in Red Thread, hope 2 c u in more demanding role 4 even bigger audience in near future. Thanks for ur point of views 2, Pat. 99.5% agree wif u.

Anonymous said...

Then for all of you who worship other countries better pack up your thing and get the hell out of here..Our beloved land Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Lived and worked in S'pore with my family for 3 years before moving back to KL in 2006. Despite the criticisms of the S'pore govt, no one can deny that the S'pore govt is more creative and capable than our Tan Sris', Dato Seris' and Datos' infested govt. I never had to fear for my family's safety and security in S'pore but upon our return to KL, we are in fear of our personal safety even in shopping malls' carparks and our own residential housing estate. If I am a busker in KL, I would either be robbed of my takings and my musical instrument (if I am lucky) or get arrested for wearing a black T shirt and illegal assembly while performing to 5 people (a very brave audience).

Anonymous said...

Human beings are like that. They only want to hear what they want to hear.

Therefore, no need to compare. Even our Tun gets irritated during Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's visit to our country.

Some people want to move forward but some people like to live backwards.

Anonymous said...

looks like Encik patrick is planning tp make Singapore his 2nd home.

By the way, what is your comment on the JB CIQ? I am assuming your do not travel by air.

Agree that Spore chinatown is not operated by Bangla/Nepalese. They are not Truly Asia like our Petaling Street (not to forget the Nigerians that are operating the money scam)!

Anonymous said...

Being a Malaysian working in Singapore for more than 5 years now, I do agree with your point of view. While still proud to carry the Malaysian citizenship, I am embarrassed by the way our Dato's in MY Govt fight among themselves over petty issues instead of focusing on public interest.

Hope to see you in more "SG made" shows.

Anonymous said...

Any chance 'Red Thread' be shown on local TV?

Patrick please promote it to NYV7 or 8TV.