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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So farrniiii one?

Come, come we all fren-fren now. What is past is past lor. Heh heh heh...

The ironic hypocrisies of politics sometimes defies logic. Don't you think so. Recently, that old Communist Party of Malaya fler Chin Peng has been a lot in the news. He wants to come back to his home country. Just to die la cos the baarger damn old already, right? Wah! When he said that, all SHIT hit all the fans la. A whole bunch of people jumped on the bandwagon and shouted CANNOT! How can anyone be so insensitive to all the people who've suffered as a result of the communist's terrorist activities? It will open old wounds. It will definitely make 'us' unhappy. CANNOT! And the government echoed CANNOT! It is the PEOPLE's wish and we must listen to the people.

Let bygones be bygones la said some other groups of Malaysians. After all other former members of the MCP were allowed to come back to live out their winter years in the motherland. So why can't the Chin Peng fler be accorded the same treatment? And then the media make a big deal about the PM's visit to China. Damn big milestone event la. Following in his fathers footsteps la. Will be damn good for the country la. Etc. etc. etc. But like some people pointed out, China was behind the MCP all those years of the Emergency what. They presumably supplied some of the bombs and guns and strategies and ideologies that caused such misery and tragedies to those Malayans who are against allowing Chin Peng back to die. So how come our prime minister makes a much-publicised visit to China to woo these old enemies to come to our shores? I mean, I am not against one or the other. But what's with this hypocrisy la.

And oh I just read from my friend, Mob's Crib (the blog) that some minister wants to prosecute blogs that 'promote' Communism. Well, I guess I'm on that list now. At least for investigation.



Trevor said...

To summarise:

First they blocked ex-communist person to come back to Malaysia.

Then, they went to a communist country to say hi (again)

Anonymous said...

Old man Chin Peng comes into the scene at the wrong time !
Certainly making it just the right moment for some opportunists.

Things have been so darn down lately - economically, politically - everything doesn't seem to go their way - for those in power that is. Defeated in one by-election too many,negative publicity, scandals and more scandals...

So this nasty communist provides just the right rallying cry to arms for some wash-out and yes, hypocritical politicians. Shamelessly involving the Press, Radio TV while they are at it.

How low can they go ! Don't they ever ever make a study about the peoples feeling. Don't they even know that honesty is the best way !


SC NG said...

My first question is

"Why is it Malay communist can come back, get a stay at a resort courtesy of the government and die in peace in their homeland while CP cannot?"

My second question

"Why the heck did the Malaysian government sign a treaty allowing CP back and then now want to reverse?"

Hamba said...

Uncle aaa, isn't Mongolia part of China or isn't it a communist nation too? Then it will mean whoever have an affair with a communist mongolian woman is also sympathetic in spreading communist believe maa... Correct or not?! Pi mai pi mai tang comes back to the Monggolian woman again... Maybe her ghost is haunting the cyberspace already.... No matter how hard they tried she just won't go away!

artchan said...

Rice Yatim also don like that fler back...but I never tahe rice seriously after that bugger flip and flopped from UMno to S46..and then back to Umno.

Zanie said...

Come on lah. I've written a lot of comments about this Chin peng. We live in 21st centurylah, not 20th. Let bygone be bygone...let him reconcile with the remaining family members. After all during war people do kill each other. If not they would be killed.Not only the communist killed soldiers, they too got killed. It's war for god sake!

So I say let him come home. Am I in the list too? Hope not...p/s*takut already lor...

westwindman said...

something doesn't feel right about the "timing" & current discourse between Chin Peng's desire to return & PM's trip to China.

Prawns & Lobsters behind the stones here man ....

GreenBug said...

What lah these flers... wasn't it another old fler Tun M who once said, "in polictics, there is no such thing as a permanent friend or a permanent enemy?"

Too much lah, cannot even let an 85-year old man to come home and die....

Masyarakat kita masyarakat prihatin?? Niamah!!

jonestation said...

American civil war caused 520,000 Casualties, yet Rober E. Lee was pardoned and regain his citizenship of United State, and where appointed president of Washinton and Lee University.
So Why Chin Ping is not allowed to come back? The agreement said he can come back. Do you think he will come back with AK47 and granade in his luggage or what?
Niamah indeed!

Anonymous said...

I don't really have an opinon on the MCP and whether its legacy was good or bad.

But I'm damn embarassed that my government agreed to let them come back and then went back on its word.

Some more use cheap trick like asking Chin Peng to prove he was born in Malaysia.

Come on, we were taught in schools that he was from Kg Koh is Sitiawan.

Govt should have thought it thru before deciding to let them return. But since they didn't they should keep their word. If the govt cannot keep its word then they should stop moral classes in school since the crab cannot teach its young to walk straight. Wait a minute, now we know what the problem is with our country.


JLBoonT said...

There can be no peace if none is forgiven and none forgotten.

True enuf the MCP were like a bane to civil life, but that was then, now is now. Are we still haunted by our past and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I agree with "jonestation", we need to reconcile with our enemies, our past.

If we welcomed the Japanese with open arms back in the 1960s (just a mere 15 years after WWII), i hope someday we can welcome back ex-MCP members after their so call surrender / peace treaty in 1989 (20 years ago)?????

Anonymous said...

Double standard mah....!!!

Eventhough old man..., i think they are afraid he might start another chinese party to give MCA a "big" headache.....!!!

Or join PKR to strenghten the party.....!!!

Hmmmm.......! I might be right & I can be wrong...........!!!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

the bn government is not honoring the 1989 agreement they signed with the CPM by blabbering that Chin Peng did not attend the interview.

This means that Chin peng can return to Malaysia if he attended the interview ?
And now bn is singing another tune.
But on the bright side, Chin Peng aka Ong Boon Hwa is far more popular than najib (45%).

Anonymous said...

Some say that Chin Peng is a British National, so he can apply for the M2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) scheme. No immigration officer would recognize him la, after all his real name is Ong Boon Hua...he can just come back quietly to Setiawan :)

Trashed said...

My history is a bit blur, but wasn't the original aim of the CPM to gain independence for Malaya ?

I may be wrong but can someone correct me ?

Tiger said...

Patrick, you are hereby appointed Malaysian branch head of the People's Communist Party!
(eh, actually communist not bad, you know. The country can feed, clothe and house more than 1 billion people. Malaysia, 27 million people also cannot kau tim)

Anonymous said...

Aiyaaa...let him come back and die in peace-lah. These jokers all one kind-one. The Japanese also came in and killed many people, why let them come in and invest? Should have kicked all the Japanese out too and shoot those who brought them in to stay and invest in the country.

Niamah to those who complained! Hello, this is the future, don't stay in the past!

Anonymous said...

I am quite OK with not allowing Chin Peng to come back and it's Malaysian govt's perogative.

However I am quite upset about this Rais fella who said Communist no good this la no good that la, cruel la, kill innocents la and all his rubbish. The Brits, Dutch, Portugese, Javanese and Japanese killed more Malaysians that Chin Peng and gang. If Communist is bad, can we first banish Najib for trying to be more friendly with Communist China? And we should also re-write history on Najib's dad that Razak betrayed Malaysia for visiting China when Malaysia was still fighting Chin Peng nad gang?

In fact I think corruptions, inefficiencies, robberies, idioctic policies, stealings, misuse of power, abuse of taxpayers' money by certain political parties caused even more untold suffering and misery to all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I have a hunch that after PM returns from China, Chin Peng will be allowed to come home based on "advice" (read warning) from Chinese premier.

rafflee said...

Hi Pat,

It has been a long time since we met. Its great to know that you are enjoying life and doing well!! Well, maybe we shall have the opportunity to meet up in the future as from what I can see you have a tight schedule.

All the best Pat!! Arirang....yep Korea my friend!!

Best regards


u-en said...

Chin Peng is a part of Malaysia and Malaysian history whether we like it or not.

As for the bekas perajurit2 who demand that those supporting his return be shot, I cordially invite them to the sushi section at Jusco supermarket where they can kill any number of sad pitiful lupa diri pendatang who sinfully purchase the foodstuff of the Japanese Imperial Army.

On the other side of the coin, I'd like to ask those who see a racial motivation in this to determine for themsevles whether or not Abdullah CD, Rashid Maidin, dll, were allowed to return to Malaysia.

Steadyboy said...

Errrrr, what about the atrocities that the Japanese had done during WW2 ah? Why are there so many Japanese FDIs to our countries ah? Why we allow all the Japanese brands to set-up plants here ah?

Promote communism?? Errrr, what ideology does China practice ah? Why PM still goes there ah? There are close to a million tourists from China last year (don't quote me, it was from PM's own mouth in his article in China Daily), why are we welcoming tourists from a communist country ah??

BTW, China is Malaysia's fourth largest export destination (again it's from PM's own mouth), why are we doing so big business with communist country ah??

Anonymous said...

Fuck Chin Peng!

Quebac Boy said...

If Chin Peng is allowed to come back to Malaysia - he is dead meat for sure.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I didn't know there are so many stereotypists here. Are we agreeing to punish ALL Iraqis for Saddam's sins? All Americans for Vietnam war? All Cambodians for Pol Pot's sins? Perhaps we should wipe out Serbia off the map for Milosevic's war crimes? Are you guys listening to yourselves? Or you guys are THAT desperate to sound like you have an opinion?

Mike Chooi Kok Keong said...

Can or cannot is not for us to say. The GOVERNMENT has the SAY !

Well, we have been living like this for the past 50 years or so what ! Why ! No BIG deal !

If we think out of the box like who fought the British ? You ? Me ? Communists ?

Ha ! Niamah !!! Leh !

Peace Village said...

Can some one tell me why after almost 20 years living happily and comfortably in exile, SUDDENLY Chin Peng wants to come back to Malaysia??
Does'nt make sense!! He should have taken his case to the Courts after the 5th, 6th or even 8th year after the signing of agreement in Dec 1989. Why ONLY 2 years or so ago he decided to go to the Courts. Really!

Anonymous said...

though he has killed many japs, our enemy BUT he juga killed some of us !
who ever allows him to balik is our traitor !!
China is different , though a communist negeri BUT pm wants soft-loan from them ma !!

Anonymous said...

The gomen allowed Shamsiah Fakeh and Musa plus family to come back to Malaysia after their long sojourn in China. Don`t forget, both were hardcore communist too. But, Chin Peng is not allowed. Why??? Answer simple ma.....he is Chinese lor. As I see it, Chin Peng should convert to Islam, start speaking Malay in everyday conversation and show the gomen that he is practising Malay culture. As the Malaysian Constitution says, a person has to follow the above conditions to be known as a Malay (...come to think of it, this is the only country in the world that a person can change his/her race,wah can play god mah!). Once Chin Peng has fulfilled the above conditions and dah masuk Melayu, only then he will be given a red capet treatment to enter the country, with Rais Yatim, Awang Selamat and the usual BN goons (of course, with MCA and Gerakan with their tail behind their two hind legs!) sprinkling flowers on him at the Malaysian/Thai border checkpoint!!!!!

Anonymous said...

aiya, why come back ? no need lah, u frust more !

Shahnon said...

Dear Patrick,

This is not about hypocrisy, but of reality. Back in 1974, the Malaysian Communist terrorist are still actively fighting in Malaysian jungles and Tun Razak was fully aware that China was supporting the MCP directly or indirectly, yet he knew how important it was to built diplomatic ties with China.

If Tun Razak were to follow your simple logic and IF Tun Razak was not far-sighted he wouldn't need to trouble himself to seek relationship with the Communist China then!

Similarly, the Americans have been strongly anti-Communist throughout the decades but they have a strong economic presence in China. Microsoft and Google, just to name a few, have offices in China.

Anonymous said...

UMNO would still need to have Chin peng as a bogeyman to justify their Malay nationalistic stand. It is also a way to rally the malays against chinese who will still be portrayed as Pendatang, Komunist etc...

arin2772 said...



niamah 2 u!!

LM said...

This country is turning more and more into a totalitatrian country anyway. What's the harm of having an ex communist back into malaysia?
its not like its gonna make any difference.

"must listen to the people" ??

when do they ever?

Anonymous said...

Actually NONE of you here had your family members OR your friend savagely killed by the bloody Chin Peng led communist! That's why you all hav the 'Nevermind' attitude. IF, just if one of you were to experience a family member or friends killed by say a Thug during a robbery, you would want that person to be hanged right?

Contrast this with this butcher Chin Peng who killed thousands and.. it's okay he can come home because so what he killed those ppl, Dead, dead alreadylah. Now forgotten already maaa. Just remember that under Chin Peng, he killed all races, Malay, Chinese, Indians... His purpose was POWER! to make this land a communist state.

He can die anywhere he likesla. BUT not Malaysia. Never!

Politics punya pasal everything okayyy punya. Damn Hypocrites!