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Friday, July 24, 2009

Commission? How much?

Commission? Errr....... tu kesalahan kan? Oh not that type of commission....oh....maaf ya? Ya boleh, boleh, boleh...bila commiss ni start?

So now there is going to be an inquest, led by a magistrate, into the death of Teoh Beng Hock. And the Royal Commission of Inquiry announced by the Prime Minister is going to look into the how the MACC works. Okay la, so I paraphrase badly but that is basically it. Right?

I am not a lawyer nor am I well-versed in how the Law, okay Malaysian law, operates but I know this inquest is going to be headed by a magistrate and we ALL know how LOW in the scheme of things a magistrate is, don't we? If many Malaysians don't even trust findings by judges of the High Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court how are they going to take this magistrate-level charade?

Since the tragic event of Teoh Beng Hock's death Malaysians have clamoured for a Royal Commission of Inquiry. We all think that only a Royal Commission has the clout and the transparency to conduct an inquiry into the case.

So now we are going to get both an inquest and a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The question I want to ask now is who does the spin for dear old Najib? Bad job, right? It's almost like a badly written comedy skit.

Okay, okay they want a Royal Commission let's give them one. But we make sure this Royal Commission is only to study the interrogation methods used by the MACC. In other words it is a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the investigative methods of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). So if they find something...... like maybe we should not 'investigate' past 2 a.m. or allow outsiders to sleep in our pantry... then they can recommend that MACC amend this and that and the other lor. No problem what. And if we say things fast enough the Rakyat won't notice one la. Just make sure we emphasise the words, ROYAL COMMISSION. They hear that one sure ok reddy. Then to double confirm we say that MAYBE only we will make the findings of the Royal Commission public. That will divert their attention from Teoh to Tiu. Kao tim.

But then the fler's death how? Huh? That one ah? Very easy what. They want to know if anybody kill the Teoh boy, right? Call inquest la. Put one of our magistrates in charge. After some time we say got one fler over-zealous and went 'too far' with his investigative methods. We all do a loud collective TSK TSK TSK then handcuff the fler, take him to court, guilty, send him to jail......after a few months nobody will even remember and then we can quietly 'accident' the fler or something la. Hello! We've been doing stuff like this for more than 50 years la. Sure can one. Kao tim.

Anything else?



DPM, Muhyiddin Yassin said all quarters should respect the royal commission as an independent body and accept its decision without any prejudice. Errr......yeah.....since when did we say we wouldn't? You scold us for what?

He also said that the commission was the result of calls by various parties including Teoh Beng Hock’s family. In other words you asked for it, we are giving it to you so? Errr......yeah......we asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the events resulting in the needless death of Teoh Beng Hock.

You are going to pick people for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the investigative methods of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Big difference. No?


Sunday, July 19, 2009

You better watch out, you better not......

Malaysia. Our country. Our home.

The Berita Harian today carried an editorial written by the Group Managing Editor of The New Straits Times, Zainul Ariffin Isa which, to say the least, is quite scary.

In the article entitled, “Kematian Teoh timbulkan pelbagai spekulasi politik” he accused the opposition of politicising the death of political secretary, Teoh Beng Hock to weaken Malay-controlled institutions. (I always thought that government departments were all part of a non-partisan civil service. When did they become Malay-based institutions?)

He also wrote, "It is not just the Chinese or supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat who know anger and seek justice. Suspicions have been raised especially among the non-Malays that MACC, which like other departments have many Malay officers, selectively chose non-Malays to be investigated".

This is even more agitating.....

“Why did the Selangor MB, a Malay, question those of his own race to act fairly?”


Anybody going to pick this journalist fler up for some good old Malaysian-style interrogation...I mean, interviewing? The Home Ministry going to check when the fler's publications' KDN's are up for renewal? Surely they will right? What? You mean .... same boss ah? Oh I see.....

But anyway, whatever la.

Encik Zainal, it is not a racial thing. A young political secretary died under rather mysterious circumstances. Of course with such a tragic occurrence people in the community will get emotional and vocal and ask questions and demand to get to the truth. The truth. That's all. Surely that one can isn't it? Why do you have to go and make it all so ..... racial?


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

We're striding ahead of the Red Devils la

I am not a football fan. I don't even watch it on TV. But I do listen when fanatics of the game and of teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal talk when "their" teams play. And I also do know that Malaysian football isn't exactly going to get anybody's adrenalin flowing very much. I have always wondered why. Malaysian football no good meh? We've had great players like Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Zainal Abidin, Mokhtar Dahari etc. And I remember that some years ago we were a force to be reckoned with in the region.

Then tonight when I read the NST's updates on the friendly between Manchester United and a Malaysian XI I knew that Malaysian football is finally back to its former glory days. I mean just read this from the writer whom I presume was there at the match......
".............the Premier League champions struggled past a Malaysian XI 3-2."

"..............they let a two goal lead, courtesy of Rooney and Nani, slip."

"..............Goalkeeping errors let the home team back in the game, with Amri Yahyah capitalising both times."

"..............United though were clearly rusty and missed the flair of Cristiano Ronaldo, with passes going astray and Malaysia being given too much room."

"..............Van Der Saar was caught napping by Yahyah who cleverly lobbed the ball over the Dutchman’s head from 30 yards to set the crowd alight."

"..............Yahyah pounced on to draw Malaysia level after 52 minutes."

".................Malaysian player Mohd Aidil Zafuan outjumps Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney."

Doesn't all that make your chest swell as a Malaysian. No need to be football fan also. Wah! Malaysia Boleh la!!! Yay!!!

Okay, this is tiring. I am going to watch TV now.


And it ain't even Maths or Science.

English is a funny language. Especially at the hands of some newspaper sub-editors and/or government statement issue-rs. Or recalcitrant old bloggers I suppose.

For want of something better to do (since we hardly get updates of current news in Malaysia) I surfed to The Star online for updates on the Teoh Beng Hock case. I almost fell off my chair. Laughing.

Teoh died of injuries due to high fall: Pathologist......Initial findings in the pathologist’s report on political secretary Teoh Beng Hock showed that he died of multiple injuries due to a high fall.

It's almost like stating the obvious, isn't it? I know, I know, I know. I know what it means. I just found the headline funny for a few moments. My country these days is so full of tragic comedy, contradictions, frustrations. Sigh.


Big muscles for little minds?

Just when you thought you could trust a badge again...

I just saw this on a friend's Facebook page...

WHAT IS THIS MACC CREATURE? Why should Malaysia create an entity that VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS just to check money corruption? How can alleged misuse of state funds allow MACC to raid and rampage?

Good questions indeed. How come they raid and rampage people like Ean Yong, Elizabeth Wong, Hannah Yeoh...but we don't read about them being equally 'efficient' investigating other cases of alleged misuse of state funds. Like, I mean "melawat sambil belajar" trips to Disneyland etc., luxurious bungalows...all those were also 'alleged' misuse of funds or something that needed investigating, right?

Good questions indeed. Ask them of your Prime Minister, your cabinet ministers, your elected Members of Parliament. They have a duty and a responsibility to answer you. Let's do some verbal raiding and rampaging of our own.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh yes ah? Really? But ....

Ha! First we teach in English but now we reverse. Teach in BM again. No flip-flops ya?

Mohyiddin Yassin said that the government's decision to reverse the teaching of Maths and Science in English (PPSMI) STANDS! Any policy decision must be CONSISTENT! And then he says......

"There cannot be a flip-flop within the policy." But his previous announcement is a flip-flop isn't it? So if there is not going to be anymore flip-flops then why did he go on to say that the Education Ministry will study views from members of the cabinet or anyone else? WAFFOR?

Hahaha....our Deputy Prime Minister is bit of a joker la. Did you hear what he said today?

The fler said no need for Independent Commission of Inquiry into the "death"of political secretary, Teoh Beng Hock because the police conduct a transparent investigation.

And then he also said that demonstrations organised by opposition parties, especially the DAP over the incident were unnecessary as the police knew the situation better. (Errr...what exactly does he mean by the police knowing better? Something that we the people don't know but should? What?)

Then this great punchline which would have made any stand-up comedian proud..."This is under the security jurisdiction. If the police say there is no need to organise such demonstrations, then do not blame them if they take action against such demonstrations. "

And finally a rib-tickling parting shot... "The police I'm sure will leave no stone unturned in handling the matter".

Eh! Dato...I mean Tan Sri you damn funny fler la. Hahahahahahaha...


R.I.P. Teoh Beng Hock

Teoh Beng Hock, political secretary to Seri Kembangan Assemblyman, Ean Yong was found dead on the roof of the building next to the MACC building in Shah Alam where he had been taken for interrogation by MACC. For the story and updates go here and here.

It is a black day for Malaysia.


Monday, July 13, 2009

When is a bribe just an incentive? undi Barisan Nasional...

So when is a bribe a bribe and when is it just an incentive? Okay, ready for Bribery 101 Malaysian style?

It is a bribe when you offer a cop money to tear up your speeding ticket.

It is an incentive when the Deputy Prime Minister makes an offer of "....a new deal to turn Manek Urai into a new development area in Kelantan, provided Barisan Nasional wins (the) by-election."

A legal mind defines it this way...

An incentive is given to encourage better performance of a task at hand, a bribe is given to procure a task.

The Instant Cafe Theatre Company's YB says, "No! I never, never take bribes. I only take GIFTS."......"It's only a bribe when I ask for it. That's why I never ask. I only SUGGEST."


Chaining the children of the poor

My friend Marina sent me a copy of the article below which I think should be read by Malaysians at this time. If you agree with the views expressed please help to spread the word and pass this article around. Thank you.

Chaining The Children of the Poor

M. Bakri Musa

The ancient Chinese bound the feet of their baby daughters so they would grow up with deformed tiny feet, thus limiting their mobility and participation in life outside the little world of their homes. These women would then be totally dependent on their men.

In rescinding the policy of teaching science and mathematics in English, the government is likewise binding the intellectual development of our children. They and future generations of Malaysians would grow up with warped intellect. They would then be totally dependent on the government, just as ancient Chinese women with tiny feet were on their men.

My friend and fellow commentator Azly Rahman has a more apt and colorful local metaphor; we are condemning future generations to the Pekan Rabu economy, capable only of selling pirated versions of Michael Jackson albums. That would be the extent of their entrepreneurial prowess and creative flair. They are only subsistence entrepreneurs and ‘copy cat’ creators.

Make no mistake about it. The government’s professed concerns for the poor and those from rural areas notwithstanding, reversing the current policy would adversely and disproportionately impact them. The rich and those in the cities have a ready escape; the rich through private English classes, urban children from the already high levels of English in their community.

The most disadvantaged will be the poor kampong kids. That means Malay children. Thus we have the supreme irony if not perversity of the champions of Ketuanan Melayu actively pursuing a policy that would ensure Malay children be perpetually trapped economically and intellectually. I thank Allah that I grew up at a time when the likes of Muhyyuddin were not in charge of our education system. Otherwise I would have been trapped in my kampong.

The idiocy of the new move is best illustrated by this one startling example. In 2012 when the new plan will be implemented, students in Form IV will be taught science and mathematics in Malay, after learning the two subjects in English for the past nine years. Then two years later when they will be entering Sixth Form or the Matriculation stream, they will again have to revert to English.

Pupils in the vernacular schools would have it worse. They would learn the two subjects in their mother tongue during their primary school years, then switch to Malay for the next five while in secondary school, and then switch again, this time to English, in Sixth Form and university!

Had these policymakers done their homework and diligent downstream analysis, such idiocies would not crop up. Then again this is what we would expect from our civil servants. They have been brought up with their minds bound up; they cannot think. They have depended on others to do the thinking for them.

Najib Razak’s flip-flopping on this major national issue eerily reminds me of similar indecisiveness and lack of resolve of his immediate predecessor, Abdullah Badawi. No wonder he supports Najib in this policy shift. Najib should not take comfort in that, unless he expects a similar fate as Abdullah’s. Abdullah was kicked out by his party; with Najib, it would be the voters who would be kicking him out. Public sentiments are definitely against this policy switch.

Failure of Policy Versus Failure of Implementation

The cabinet reversed course because it deemed the policy did not produce the desired results. However, in arriving at this pivotal decision the cabinet failed to address the fundamental question on whether the original policy was flawed or its implementation ineffective.

It just assumed the policy to be flawed. Muhyyuddin and his senior officers relied heavily on the 2005 UNESCO Report which suggests that “‘mother tongue first’ bilingual education” may (my emphasis) be the solution to the dilemma of members of minority linguistic groups in acquiring knowledge.

Muhyyuddin and his advisers seriously misread the Report. It was concerned primarily with the dilemma at the societal level of members of a linguistic minority having to learn the language of the majority (“national language”) versus the need to maintain linguistic diversity generally and minority languages specifically. UNESCO was rightly concerned with the rapid disappearance of languages spoken by small minority groups. The report was not addressing specifically the learning of science and mathematics.

Malay language is not at risk of disappearing; it is the native tongue of literally hundreds of millions. To extrapolate the UNESCO recommendations for Malay language is a gross oversimplification and misreading of the report.

The UNESCO Report does not address the issue of when and how best to introduce children to bilingual education. Later studies that focused specifically on the pedagogical and psychological aspects instead of the sociological and political have shown that children are quite capable of learning multiple languages at the same time. Even more remarkable is that the earlier they are exposed to a second language the more facile they would be with that language. They would also learn that second language much faster; hence second language even at preschool.

The acquisition of bilingual ability at an early age confers other significant cognitive advantages. These have been documented by clinical studies with functional MRIs (imaging studies of the brain). Malaysia should learn from these more modern studies and the experiences of more advanced societies, not from the UNESCO studies of backward tribes of Asia.

The other basis for the cabinet’s decision was ‘research’ by local half-baked and politically-oriented pseudo academics. They should be embarrassed to append their names to such a sophomoric paper. The quality is such that it will never appear in reputable journals. As for the Ministry’s own internal ‘researchers,’ remember that they came out within months of the policy’s introduction in 2003 documenting the ‘impressive’ improvements in students’ achievements!

The one major entity that would be severely impacted by the cabinet’s decision is our universities. Yet our Vice-Chancellors have remained quiet and detached in this important national debate. They have not advised the cabinet nor lead the public discussions. Again that reflects the caliber of leadership of our major institutions.

Had the cabinet decided that the policy was essentially sound but that the flaws were with its implementations, then measures other than rescinding it would be the appropriate response. This would include recruiting and training more English-speaking teachers and devoting more hours to the subject.

What surprised me is that when Mahathir introduced the policy in 2003, he was supported by his cabinet that included Najib, Muhyyuddin, Hishamuddin, and over a dozen of current ministers who now collectively voted to reverse the policy. Likewise, the policy was fully endorsed too by UMNO’s Supreme Council then. Like the cabinet, many of those earlier members are still in that body today. Yet today the Council also voted to disband the policy. Muhyyuddin, Hishamuddin and the others have yet to share with us why they changed their minds. The conditions that prompted the introduction of the policy back then are still present today. This reversal will do not change that.

Najib, Muhyyuddin and Hishamuddin are “lallang leaders,” they bend with the slightest wind change. Unlike Margaret Thatcher’s famed resolve of “This lady is not for turning,” with Najib, Muhyyuddin, et al., all you have to do to make them undertake a U turn would be to blow slightly in their faces. Blow a bit harder and they would scoot off with their tails between their legs. These leaders will never lead us forward.

This reversal will not solve the widening achievement gap between urban and rural students. The cabinet has yet to put forth new ideas on ameliorating that problem. So, just as ancient Chinese women were physically handicapped because of their bound feet, rural or more specifically Malay children will continue to be intellectually handicapped by their warped and small minds, the consequence of this policy shift. Perhaps that is the real objective of this policy reversal, the shackling of the intellectual development of our young so they will forever be dependent on their ‘leaders.’


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Singaporeans will soon get to enjoy Asia's first Universal Studios theme park.

So what are we getting?

A pile of plastic bricks.


So who gives a flying ***K!

Okay, you say first. Then I repeat. Can?

Everyday our newspapers and electronic media will feature 'quotes' from VIP's, mostly politicians. Statements that are made, you suspect, because somebody happened to thrust a microphone in his/her face and so had to say something. Or a reporter had, for want of something better to do asked a silly question hoping that he could use the answer to pad a skinny story. Like for example....

"I am happy that Najib has managed to prove himself well in just 100 days"...Abdullah Badawi, former prime minister.

"The announcements prove the PM is a proactive leader who listens to the problems of the people"...Tiong King Sing, BN Backbenchers Club chairman.

"...he understands the problems faced by the people and his walkabouts will inspire all of us..."... Ong Tee Keat, Transport Minister.

Why is that whenever some VVIP says something all the other flers must come out with heads nodding and repeat what we've already heard?

If you still subscribe to newspapers or if you have your wife's fish wrap from this morning, go look and see if you can discover more useless sayings from our 'leaders'. If you post a really funny one I will give you a prize. Really one. I am just following example ma. Everything must come with a bribe......I mean an incentive.


Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Not all plans for grandeur can be implemented...

Did you read this one yesterday?

Khir Toyo said the PPSMI policy of teaching mathematics and science in English should continue at all levels as additional classes after school hours.

“I suggest additional classes of between two and three hours a week, starting from standard one, be held."

Well I would like to suggest that he give himself a root canal. Without anaesthesia!

Khir said he supported the government’s move to discontinue the policy introduced by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“I believe the move was part of his (Mahathir) vision of a greater Malaysia and I understand his disappointment” he said, adding that not all plans for grandeur can be implemented.

Wah! So many words just to say, "Haha...F**K you Mahathir!"

Khir expressed his thanks to Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for removing this obstacle, which was preventing rural students from grasping basic mathematics and science.

That is a good one. Two birds with one stone. Polish 2 balls and score some points with simple minded rakyat.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wah! Damn expensive man.

Hmmmm......did they advertise last time or not?

Okay, so Najib has completed his first 100 days in office as Prime Minister and 65% (?) of Malaysians surveyed think that he is doing a good job. Great!

Najib himself has, since Day 1, advocated a People First Performance Now style of management. I am guessing he meant a no bullshit style since he also went on walkabouts to 'meet the people' and get a feel of what was happening on ground level. Najib also has been known to want a no frills approach for his administration. In other words do the job and don't expect red carpets, bunga mangga, polystyrene backdrops and expensive 'souvenirs' at official functions. Unfortunately, the last bit never filtered through.

Today, in 'celebration' of Najib's first 100 days there were 9 full-paged, full colour advertisements taken out in the New Straits Times alone to congratulate the man. Now you do the math. Each full-page, full colour ad costs Rm30,000!!! So okay, those are taken out by corporations who don't really care how they spend shareholders money. But there is also one ad from the state government and the people of the state of Perak!!! Now I wonder how many Perak tax-payers were consulted on how their money should be spent?

So okay, congratulations Najib. Keep up the good work and all that. But can you also ask those carriers of round objects to stop wasting money on these things? I was going to say "useless things" but then corporations are also not known for doing things for nothing. So I guess when these corporations make presentations for this project and that approval you will remember their ads congratulating you on your first 100 days in office. At least they hope you will remember.


And the Moron of the Day award goes to....


......of Kg. Carok Bemban, Batu 42, Baling, Kedah who wrote, among other things, in his blog that school should be taught in Jawi and that people who speak English end up as maids!!! (And he uses Filipinas as examples. I see a career for this guy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

If you are fearless you can go read his full blog here.

p/s if you read his bio you will know that this man sure can talk la. He don't "need" English and doesn't want any of his countrymen to have it (and become better than him maybe) either. BUT! This man received almost his entire education in English. Ashby Road (English) Primary School, Ipoh. King Edward VII Taiping. Maktab Tentera Di Raja, Sungai Besi. A-Levels in Pakuranga College, Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 1982-1986.

Sorry. I meant to scare you just a little bit more but forgot just now. So here it is.

This guy is also the Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Bharu.

Did that spoil your weekend? Good!!!

Now if you've got a bit of mood left for a good weekend read this....

This moron
also sits in the Pakatan Rakyat's Higher Education Committee!!!

I don't know about you but I am going to get a stiff drink.

See? Alcohol is good. After I had a couple...ok so I had about 8... I opened my email and a Niamah!!! visitor reminded me......

Mr Teo,

I think you are exaggerating. He didn't say that that school should be thought in Jawi but Bahasa Malaysia subject to be thought using Jawi character instead of using roman character.(Malay literature used to be in Jawi in the early days).

He also add that Chinese and Tamil subjects should be available in the national school and that the Malays should be encourage to take them up.

He also said that English literature should be included in the English subject to enhanced this language proficiency in schools.

You left out all the positive points and only take the negative point to draw a conclusion. It is not very fair isnt it?


Thanks, Mus. Appreciate it. By the way, it is "It is not fair, IS it?" Double negative. Isn't it?


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

Fruit- sellers and construction workers most welcome. Selamat Datang.

The story is about Ibrahim Moro, a Ghanaian who 'migrated' (I thought only birds and animals migrate and people emigrate) to Malaysia in the 1990's. It also says that in 1994 Ibrahim decided to settle in Terengganu and married a kampung girl and they now have 5 children. Ibrahim is his own "boss" as he sells durians for a living and makes up to RM300 a day from his durian stall. Very heart-warming story isn't it.

Ok, now if you are:-

A Malaysian married to a foreign spouse who can't get a permanent resident visa even after being in the country for 15 or more years


A foreigner married to a Malaysian and can contribute to the pembangunan (development) of Malaysia because you are a doctor/teacher/engineer/architect/nurse/manager but yet cannot work because you are not even a Permanent Resident after 20 years of living here with your Malaysian family


A foreigner who has been doing business here and paying taxes for 22 years and are in love with the country and want to stay but can't because all your applications for permanent residence have been rejected for no good reasons

.............what and how would you feel after reading the above story? Come on now, be honest.


Is it thick skin or thick skull?

Maybe somebody should check how he paid for his botox makeovers.

It was reported today that ex-chief minister, Khir Toyo has released all the details of his housing loan agreement with HSBC Malaysia Bhd. Apparently, he 'bared all' in his blog. I didn't even bother going to read what he had 'bared'. Why? Because he missed the point again. Okay let's go over it again.

Ng claimed that he (Khir Toyo) had built a palatial home (which everyone for some inexplicable reason insists on calling a 'bungalow'. Ok for the sake of simplicity we shall let it be known as a bungalow. A 50,000 sq. ft. bungalow) costing RM24million.

Khir Toyo says not true because it only cost RM3.5milllion.

Ng asked where he got the money to afford this 'bungalow'.

Khir Toyo said he was rich before he became chief minister and that his riches came from his dental practice.

Ng asked where he got the money to afford this 'bungalow'.

Khir Toyo said he got a loan from the bank for RM3.5million.

Ng asked if the loan was for RM3.5million how much was the 'bungalow' worth since banks are not in the habit of giving 100% housing loans.

Khir Toyo said he bought the 'bungalow' from a company that was facing financial difficulties.

Khir Toyo said, "I don't deny that the bungalow belongs to me. But I deny that it costs RM24million." Nah! Come and see my housing loan la.


Is this son of Toyo really that thick? The original question was about his ability to pay for the property ...... alright, the bungalow on a menteri besar's salary. Simple question. Just a simple answer la.


Fantastic Facts and Fanciess

The Malay Mail front page July 9, 2009

Yesterday's Malay Mail front-paged a story that linked the Malaysian Immigration Department to modern slavery. Today, the Immigration Department director-general "reacted with shock" when he learned that 10 of his officers were being investigated for their involvement in human trafficking. Abdul Rahman Othman said that he was not aware of any investigation against any of his officers by the AG's Chambers. "Til now I still don't know who are the officers they are referring to and if that came from police investigations. I am yet to find out. I don't have any details," he said.

Any man of honour would have resigned in shame before I finished typing that sentence.
Any man of some intelligence who didn't want to resign but hang on to his job for the pension would have shut up or gotten someone else to say something sensible on his behalf. But noooooooooooooooooooooooo...............instead.....................

Eh? Got ah? I also don't know la. I tell you later okay? After my tea break. Jom!


And the Moron of the Day award goes to....

Ismail Noh, Pasir Mas PAS area chairman.

who said....

"It [the Infuenza A (H1N1)] came from the Europeans since they are the biggest consumers of pork."

And people like him are the leaders of our country?


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

Maybe it comes in 210 different shades of pink and other nice pastel colours.

If you've got a copy of today's Malay Mail, turn to page News | 3. The story there is titled "Local police armed with Tasers". The writer, Muzila Mustafa says that members of the PDRM are now armed with this modern weapon known as The Taser X26 Electronic Control Device (ECD). Now here is the interesting part... the story also reveals that the X26 is one of the 210 models worth about RM2.1million that the Malaysian police purchased last year. either it is an editing mistake or Muzila is on the verge of a scandalous expose here. They bought 210 (different) MODELS of stun guns??? Anywhere else on the planet most people would say "Hiyah mistake la. 210 pieces of the same model is what they meant. How can they be so stupid one?"

But then this is Malaysia. Boleh one!



Celebrate good times, come on!

Back to BM.................
The Star

English in schools: Policy reversed.........The New Straits Times

Tokoh akademik mendesak kerajaan supaya memansuhkan dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI) dengan segera dan bukannya menunggu sehingga 2012...............Utusan Malaysia

Science and maths to be taught in mother tongue.....Sin Chew Jit Poh

2012年起恢复母语教学 废英化数理政策....Nanyang Siang Pau

(Tried looking for Tamil newspapers online. Couldn't find any.)

It's a great day in Malaysia today.
A day that will go down in history as a day of celebration. Celebration of short-sightedness and knee-jerk stupidity. Rejoice fellow-Malaysians.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So who's the fool here? Update

I read in the NST today that that Toyo fler has explained it all. It wasn't the "my-wife-is-a-successful-entrepreneur-in-her-own-right" scam. It wasn't even the "it-was-a-gift-from-my-grateful-constituents-who-love-me" excuse.

Former Selangor chief minister said that he could afford to service his RM3.5million housing loan because he now operates a transport and development business. He also said, "Before I was a menteri besar, I had a clinic. I already had money."

I am sure that next year's university enrolment for dentistry will go through the roof.


Fantastic Facts and Fancies

It could be just my deteriorating eyesight or it could be really true that I saw an ad in the newspapers yesterday by a telco advertising its wonderful new mobile broadband package. Full-page. Full-colour ad. And what caught my eye was the price of one of the packages. RM89.00 for a package with a speed of "up to" 384 kbps!!!!!!!! That's 384 thousand bits per second!!! Wow!!!

But wait ah. Isn't that a bit slow? And the promise is "up to" only you know. And I am sure, thanks to Streamyx we are all too familiar with 'promises' like these.

I think when I was in Singapore recently I heard them boasting that in 2010 they are going to have a broadband speed of 1 gbps. I may be a computer idiot but I think one gigabit/byte whatever per second is infinitely faster right? So why are we still making like 384 kbps is a big deal?


Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Not all. Some only. So it's okay.

Today's fantastic fact................

Shoddy workmanship is found in only a few government buildings, Deputy Works Minister Datuk Yong Khoon Seng said.

One wonders which government or which country he is talking about.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This little piggy....

This little piggy went to market....this little piggy stayed at home.....this little...
(photo from The Star)

Now, if only real-life politics was this...errrr...NICE! We might be a happier nation.


So who's the fool here?

Khir Toyo's modest abode in the suburb of Shah Alam. Nice eh? See what you can get if you eat your vegetables?

The above photo is lifted from the front page of The Star today. It supposedly shows a house (if you want to be modest, call it a house. I think 'estate' is more appropriate) that belongs to the ex-chief minister of Selangor. Take a good look at it. It is over 50,000 sq ft or 1.17acres. I daresay that it rivals some of the star homes in Los Angeles. It has been claimed that it took RM24million to build, RM20million to furnish and the land cost RM3.18million. Now, Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim wants to know how a non-practising dentist earning the salary of then chief minister and now opposition leader can afford a property like that. Yes, I would like to know too, Mr. Khir Toyo.

Of course in his own defence Khir Toyo fired a couple of salvoes back at his accusers.

"I cannot tolerate anymore...I will sue..."

"I bought the house for RM3.5million (meaning not RM24million as alleged la)...with a loan from HSBC. I did not buy the land and build the house on it as claimed by Ng."

"My contractor has absconded and the work has yet to be completed. That is why I haven't moved into the house yet."

This man Khir, the son of a Toyo is either the stupidest F****R in town or he thinks we are.

Okay, sure. Sue the bastard if what he says is untrue. Don't have to tolerate. Pull it all out in the open. Nail the baarger's ass to the wall. Now! And we'll provide the hammer and nails.

Eh! Hello! You bought the house for RM3.5million issit? Wah! So that's going to make things okay issit? We all go AWWWWWWWW!!! and pat you on the back issit? The fler bought it la. So okay lor. But tell us also la how you manage to get such a good deal. RM3.5million for a 1.7 acre estate completely built up? You must have had some damn good connections man! The last time I looked a duplex apartment in Damansara Perdana, 2.500 sq.ft. was RM800,000 already. Maybe we should all move to Shah Alam. But anyway......

Like, that is not the point or the question we and that Ng fler are asking. You really that stupid or you think we are?

Your contractor absconded and you can't move into your palatial home issit? AWWWW!!!

Like the fuck we care! We do care however to hear some answers to the questions we are asking. Since you are not so clever let us speak the questions s...l...o...w...l...y...okay?

How does a non-practising dentist and now ex-chief minister manage to obtain and service a loan of RM3.5million?

How did a non-practising dentist and lowly-paid Menteri Besar (albeit tax-free pay) afford to buy 2 plots of land worth RM2.9million and RM900,000 respectively?

Oh wait..........somebody somewhere might want to suggest you pull out the "my-wife-is-a-successful-entrepreneur-in-her-own-right" routine. Please don't use that because it's been used too often and we are quite tired of hearing it. You can try the "it-was-a-gift-from-my-grateful-constituents-who-love-me" angle. I think we haven't heard that one in some time.

RM3.5million housing loan. Was it given to him or the Chief Minister?
(since the post many have asked why I used this old photo instead of showing him with the new face makeover. This is the real man ma!)


And here we go again!!!

Photo from NST

What to do? Cannot pay so let them do lor

I suppose, like so many other people affected by landslides in the Ulu Kelang-Hillview-Highland Towers-Bukit Antarabangsa area I had been expecting this to happen. And it was announced in The Star today. In the Metro section. It didn't even deserve coverage in the main paper.

"No halt to ongoing projects" was the headline of the story today. Selangor's Ronnie Liu announced that Class 3 and 4 hillside developments may be an option again when the level of professionalism in the country improves and regulations are followed accordingly. I presume that Class 3 and 4 developments are those that involve steep hillsides and smaller numbers mean less steep slopes but hillside projects nevertheless. (It pays to remember that Highland Towers was built on flat ground) So okay, most of the story is Ronnie Liu's yada yada yada as a politician but the scary bit is where he announced that 144 hillside projects approved by the previous government will continue. Albeit under "the watch of council officers". Ronnie Liu explained that the government could not afford to pay the compensations to the developers if they were to cancel these projects. Yada. Yada. Yada.

I must admit that this is the first time that I have heard my old friend, Ronnie Liu tokking political double kok. Feels kinda strange la.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Aiyoh! How la like dat?

Na! A little something for you la. Takde pe. Sikit je. Huh? Oh murid-murid lain? Oh tu lain kali kira la. Ingat ya? Undi...saya...ya? (Tak) Jumpa lagi!

Yesterday (?) the newspapers carried the story of the BN government's gift of school uniforms and bags (no mention of books to learn stuff from) to 6,142 primary, secondary and religious school students in Manek Urai. Unless you've been napping for the past few months you will know that Manek Urai is the hot, contested constituency this time. BN vs. PAS. BN had, some time ago, already announced that they are more Islamic than PAS so this time around they are going to prove that they are much more generous as well? 300 school bags and uniforms you know. But of course, cynical all codgers anywhere will know all about the spin-doctoring statistics.

Remember there are 6,412 schools in that area. Only 300 students got their goodie bags. The rest? They ".....would be handed out in stages" wor. And I am sure whoever made that statement would have some land to sell you in Terengganu too.

Anyway, the reason why I chose the above title for this post is this. How are things ever going to get any better when we inculcate in Malaysians the habit of bribing from school-going age?


Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hmmm...okay. No more 30%. Now 50%. Can?

Ta' boleh! We are not ready.

When I read Najib's pronouncement yesterday I was a little unsure what he meant. Today, I am totally confused. Why? Najib says something which I didn't quite understand. And today, PAS's Hadi Awang made a statement which is totally stupid even. Okay, okay maybe I am not making myself clear. Okay let's go read what The Malaysian Insider reported today....

Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced yesterday that the government will drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing, the cornerstone of the New Economic Policy (NEP), but they will now have to offer 50 per cent of the public shareholding spread to Bumiputera investors.

Drop the 30% Bumi equity requirement and then have to give 50% of the public shareholding to Bumi investors. Errrrr.....okay. That's different and is good for us Malaysians issit? Okay.

Then the Hadi fler says....he rejects the government’s plan to drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing because he believes that the time is not yet right because the Malay community is not strong enough to face economic challenges.

First, Najib's announcement doesnt'make sense to me. The 30% equity requirement would not have benefitted the ordinary Bumi folks, right? Would they have the money or the knowledge to make such investments? No, right? That's why after years of the NEP we're still in the same shit-hole. And so, now give 50% of public shareholding to Bumi investors? Huh??? What's the difference ah? Isn't that going to have the same effect on our Bumiputra brethren? A BIG nothing???!!!

And then the blaardy PAS fler says he rejects the proposed plan because the Malay community is not strong enough to face economic challenges. So? It's been 50+ years. When are they going to be 'strong enough' with this kind of treatment from the people in government? Then the next part of his statement is quite laughable...“What was proposed before has not been achieved yet. We want equality for all races but at the same time, the Bumiputeras must be given the strength,” he told reporters in parliament today.

As a Malaysian I totally agree. But this strength must be in education, mental empowerment, confidence...not in hand-outs which in the long run benefit nobody. So can Najib or Hadi or somebody please say something intelligent?


Reader Billie Jean sent this explanation. ...


The public listed company require 25% of it shareholding be held by public. Najib new announcement want 50% of that "25%" to bumi investor, effectively 12.5% in total of public company shareholdings. Hence it would be improvement as compared to the existing 30% requirement.

Thank you, Billie Jean. Now why can't our Prime Minister be like you?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It is the dawning of the age of ...

Ooops! Forgot to switch off......KABOOOM!!!

I must be really out of touch with Malaysian news while I was in the little red dot. Apparently, according to a recent Tenaga Nasional report it announced that it hoped to start its first nuclear power plant by 2025 once it gets the go-ahead from the government. And today's newspapers carry reports that Muhyiddin Yassin had gotten France's offer to help us build our first nuclear power plant as an alternative source of energy supply. Now you can call me what you like but this is how I feel about this news.

For a nation of people who can't a) keep public toilets clean, b) maintain the exterior paintwork of buildings, c) keep litter off the streets, d) repair pot-hole in highways, e) obey simple traffic rules, f) police and regulate local councils.............we think we can operate and maintain a nuclear power plant???!!! France thinks we can (read this piece on French nuclear capabilities by Greenpeace) and according to Maximus Ongkili, South Korea thinks we can too. Of course they also think that we can afford to pay them the billions that will be needed to uphold their 'confidence' in our discipline. The only consolation is that (I might be wrong) the first nuclear power plant, will be in Johor. So it will at least take some time before the fallout reaches the Klang Valley. Maybe that's why those flers down south want all that sand. Maybe they want to build a lead-reinforced concrete wall between them and us. What you think?