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Monday, July 06, 2009

Aiyoh! How la like dat?

Na! A little something for you la. Takde pe. Sikit je. Huh? Oh murid-murid lain? Oh tu lain kali kira la. Ingat ya? Undi...saya...ya? (Tak) Jumpa lagi!

Yesterday (?) the newspapers carried the story of the BN government's gift of school uniforms and bags (no mention of books to learn stuff from) to 6,142 primary, secondary and religious school students in Manek Urai. Unless you've been napping for the past few months you will know that Manek Urai is the hot, contested constituency this time. BN vs. PAS. BN had, some time ago, already announced that they are more Islamic than PAS so this time around they are going to prove that they are much more generous as well? 300 school bags and uniforms you know. But of course, cynical all codgers anywhere will know all about the spin-doctoring statistics.

Remember there are 6,412 schools in that area. Only 300 students got their goodie bags. The rest? They ".....would be handed out in stages" wor. And I am sure whoever made that statement would have some land to sell you in Terengganu too.

Anyway, the reason why I chose the above title for this post is this. How are things ever going to get any better when we inculcate in Malaysians the habit of bribing from school-going age?



Anonymous said...

Given up on them a very very long time ago !

Do not care which party or hole they crawl up from - matters just keep getting worse, comments more nonsensical

Who takes them seriously - listen to them on TV1,TV2, TV3 or read about them in the NST, STAR. The newspapers we bought daily pile up unread because .....its all craps.

I'm sad for the few remaining sincere politicians who chose to work unheeded behind the headline.Sad they have to be judged together with these power-grabbing opportunists,

Such a small country - so very many small, small politicians !

Anonymous said...

Depend which side you are from. If you are from BN, this is time for charity. If you are from opposition this is bribery. There is no right or wrong. The massage of this story is BN credibility is so bad now that whatever they do is seen as bad thing.
If PAS did the same thing, the perception would be different.

Anonymous said...

those bee-end flers know nothing else if not bribing their way through anything.

but as long as there are suckers, bee-end will still have their say.


but like anwar or tok guru said, just take whatever goodies them bee-end hands out, and then vote pakatan rakyat :-)


Anonymous said...

Start them young, campaign !!!

I am not surprised at all !!!

natives are restless said...

How about all our MPs resign or drop dead one bye one .... as by-elections always bring "benefits" to the Rakyat .

giam2020 said...

Never mind, Malaysia boleh.
At least the kampung folk are getting
some benefits out of it.Take their money and vote PAS.

MJ said...

Eh don't call it bribing ok!
It is voting incentive!

This is BN style!
Along with go-go girls and RM300 cash!

Better get your share now while you still can or else you have to wait for another 5 years lah!

genesispassion said...

given in one delivery ? kai wan seow..if they lose...bye bye joes..same old tricks !

Sow Wai said...

and pls don't forget it's "kurang ajar" to refuse a lamb brought to the tiger's mouth....

caravanserai said...

Corruption in kind
Sweetly discreetly giving away
Telling the country folks
“Vote for me
The goods will be plenty”

The ardent supporters of Bee Anne
They will get the goods camouflage as helping the poor
Funding amongst the poorest groups
Showing to all in the area
“Vote for me
The goods will be plenty”

Believing in God
It is true a welcoming change
Without developments
The people get no living

So Bee Anne brings temptations
About rule of law sorry is put aside
Winning the game is every thing
Either you are with me or else
“The goods will not be coming!”

The people of suffering range
They live it praying everyday
Life is simple hardship they bear
For God is kind grace will come

So Bee Anne wants to play games
Bring them goods money and projects
Temptations the folks there smile
They know what they want
Paradise in light

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work Pat!

bla bla bla said...

I thought Najib had said it no longer works and no more "mi segera" culture from BN in elections??

Anonymous said...

This is the BN's economic stimulus for Manek Urai.

I hope my MP goes kaput so taht we can have a by-election to get those BN goodies.

By the way, any new update on the new palace at Shah Alam (RM24 million?) that is being built by ex-MB (or ex-dentist)??

Anonymous said...

Corruption under any guise is still corruption. Any goodies given so that ones gain any support is still corruption. MACC must scrutinise any goodies given from any Party. Goodies given where the whole or most of the population benefit are Ok. e.g reduce fuel price.
To BEE ANT members, who have taken millions or even billions, what is given away thousands. After all, it is taxpayers money.
Still too lan.

ahoo said...

I say, when people give we must take lah, this is to avoid offending the giver mah ! The more they (bn) gives, the more the people benefit. Just take with both hands and salam thereafter.

During voting, just vote according to your conscience as Tok Guru had taught his people well. Take what they give as these are all tax payers money anyway. Vote wisely the people of Manek Urai and show us all that you want change at the federal level too.

Anonymous said...

How to receive duit rasuah without been noticed?

Use right hand or left hand to receive?
(Right hand for eating and left hand for wiping the a@#$).

Maybe AXN could help us to uncover the tricks ala 'Breaking the Magician Code'.