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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And here we go again!!!

Photo from NST

What to do? Cannot pay so let them do lor

I suppose, like so many other people affected by landslides in the Ulu Kelang-Hillview-Highland Towers-Bukit Antarabangsa area I had been expecting this to happen. And it was announced in The Star today. In the Metro section. It didn't even deserve coverage in the main paper.

"No halt to ongoing projects" was the headline of the story today. Selangor's Ronnie Liu announced that Class 3 and 4 hillside developments may be an option again when the level of professionalism in the country improves and regulations are followed accordingly. I presume that Class 3 and 4 developments are those that involve steep hillsides and smaller numbers mean less steep slopes but hillside projects nevertheless. (It pays to remember that Highland Towers was built on flat ground) So okay, most of the story is Ronnie Liu's yada yada yada as a politician but the scary bit is where he announced that 144 hillside projects approved by the previous government will continue. Albeit under "the watch of council officers". Ronnie Liu explained that the government could not afford to pay the compensations to the developers if they were to cancel these projects. Yada. Yada. Yada.

I must admit that this is the first time that I have heard my old friend, Ronnie Liu tokking political double kok. Feels kinda strange la.



mat t said...

Politicians one a thief the other a robber you don't know meh.

semua sama said...

Politicians and thieves , are there any different?

Any politicians from DAP, PAS, Pakatan, you think they are saints and you think they are better than UMNO/MCA/MIC?

int said...

"under "the watch of council officers""

Very good. Under their watch. Means they are DIRECTLY accountable.

If God-forbid one of those projects were to suffer a landslide, then Ronnie Liu must retire from politics and get a real job.

Anonymous said...

You know all this talk by Ronnie and LGE that their hands are tied because reneging on a previous contract may bring on dire financial problems for the current (PR) government is absolute bull shit....

If there is a case of deceit, of public safety or a clear cut case of underselling or corruption....the PR govt must take the issue up in court with their array of lawyers and stop the project if it is going to harm society in the long run....

I suspect these two buggers also want to be seen as prodevelopment and pro developer...that has to be the real which case. the real truth is ....these fellas have no principles and no balls....

casper c said...

Not very convincing, statements made by Ronnie and if I may int - "under the watch of council officers" - I think it is common knowledge no matter what the dilemma, accident man made/act of god destruction, building not up to code etc, council is NOT liable for negligence.

Such is the precedent in place after the outcome of Highland Tower verdict. With that in mind, those goof balls(councilors and enforcement unit) who are suppose to enforce a statutory obligation, owe us a duty of care but can sleep through their jobs with impunity.

I fear the landmark decision coming out of the Highland Tower collapse will come back to haunt.

Regards as always

Trashed said...

I think the PR bargers are literally caught between a rock and hard place.

Previous govt's antics are legally binding on the current govt. Sure, the PR govt can offer compensation to the developers but guess what ? Its the tax payers money lah i.e yours and mine.

I think the best they can do is stall for time or impose strict regulations and monitor them. Don't allow the MPAJ bargers to "close one eye" like in previous administrations.

ahoo said...

Don't be too hard on your friend lah ! They are just expericing on how to govern properly and with so many former "corrupted" give-away projects tied with non nego terms, he can see light too.

You should encourage and assist him to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don't lah lead him to the dogs !

afn21896 said...

Like it or not, a state which is run by the opposition party cannot afford to get into financial difficulty.
If that happens, they may as well surrender the state to BN.

The main reasons why the Kelantan state government did not fall in the past during the course of its rule are:-
i. ADUNs were of impeccable integrity. Frog free.
ii. Fiscal prudence with positive cash flow. No opportunity for BN to gain a back door entry.

Anonymous said...

there are no clean politicians. only less dirty ones!

Anonymous said...

Politician or Polishtician semua sama aje. Kalau tau makan, mesti juga tau jaga keselamatan rakyat. Saya ada nampak kerajaan PR ada tau jaga rakyat. Umpamanya, S'gor ada bagi subsidi air tanpa beza kaum & agama & bangsa. Ada subsidi bagi warga 60thn keatas.