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Saturday, July 18, 2009

And it ain't even Maths or Science.

English is a funny language. Especially at the hands of some newspaper sub-editors and/or government statement issue-rs. Or recalcitrant old bloggers I suppose.

For want of something better to do (since we hardly get updates of current news in Malaysia) I surfed to The Star online for updates on the Teoh Beng Hock case. I almost fell off my chair. Laughing.

Teoh died of injuries due to high fall: Pathologist......Initial findings in the pathologist’s report on political secretary Teoh Beng Hock showed that he died of multiple injuries due to a high fall.

It's almost like stating the obvious, isn't it? I know, I know, I know. I know what it means. I just found the headline funny for a few moments. My country these days is so full of tragic comedy, contradictions, frustrations. Sigh.



monsterball said...

Small fall will not die high fall is correct.
No say head cracked...or legs broken.
How does high fall occured?
Wind blow him over ah?
Maybe thrown over to look like a fall...and why so idiotic..."high fall" wanting to commit suicide..for want to get married?
Someone said...3 Chinese far.

ayahanda ananda said...

MACC morons, we already know how Teoh died, probrably you didn't tell he was beat up before the high fall injuries. Now the most important question to be answered, which sons of b*tch*s threw him from the building?

Anonymous said...

Do we need pathlogist to tell the world that?? 3 years old kid also can issue the same statement.
What a waste of expertise and resources.


Anonymous said...


according to sycophants from UMNO, some bit shit triads did that to protect DAP. Never know triads favour DAP coz its a freaking poor party with no money to make nor position to gain. Always thought and know triads are abundant in BN.

still remember years back, I happened to be in a drinking joint owned by a notable TAIKO in KL. He threw a party to celebrate his birthday. Guess who attended? Past and present Presidents of MCA were there and of course include many of the VPs and sycophants.

Richard Cranium said...

As opposed to dying from multiple blows to the body? That's what the pathologist was trying to say -- no one beat him up.

Obviously, falling from such a height would mask the effects of prior body blows, would it not? *cue: music from Twilight Zone*

donplaypuks® said...

There are experts, foreign ones mostly, who can tell from a very detailed examination of the dead person's body and bones, whether a person is likely to have been dead before or after a fall.

Death from a fall from high up can mask many other injuries which an expert can unravel.

If Teoh's family is willing, I am willing to start the ball rolling with a donation to engage an independent foreign pathologist,

new fart said...

I second that, donplaypuks!

Anonymous said...

the pathologist was merely confirming cause of death.
it rules out him being dead and then thrown off the building as some have speculated.
i'm surprised u didn't realise or cannot appreciate the significance of this patrick.

Anonymous said...

lol...had exactly the same thought...niamah!

Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,
Dont forget to write and tell the truth is difficult but to write and tell lies is even more difficult lah...

Anonymous said...

Never have I heard of a person falling down from a high building experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. The tear from Teoh's trousers is highly suspicious and unlikely. There were no blood splashing around where he fell. The only thing I can conclude is that Teoh was tortured to death and his body flung out of the window. And the only conclusion the police can come in their preliminary investigation is that Teoh died due to injuries from a high fall. Morons, who do not know that? Even a kindergarten child would do better.

But I do know of one famous wardrobe malfunction. This came from the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson during one of her high-octane performance. From a person bigger than life itself, and combining with another heart-trob, Justin Timberlake the chemistry flow between them inevitably caused a wardrobe malfunction, to the astonishment and delight of million of MTV gawkers.

But the MACC episode is macabre and disgusting. This is a political murder engineered by no other than the veteran Perak-coup leader, Najib.

Anonymous said...

I would like to help with my small donation. Pls, it's important to have an independent foreign pathologist. Thanks for suggesting this.

Greenbug said...

And this is where MB Khalid failed in his promise to send an independent pathologist to help with the post mortem but failed to do so. He needs to explain why....

Crankster said...

I agree with what Cranium and DPP are saying. I am one of those who suspect that Teo might have died even before he was thrown out of the window.

telur dua said...

Like some of those cheap judges, this pathologist appears to be telling us a lot when in fact he tells us nothing.

They should all be BN politicians instead. That's where the morons end up, OK, I'll make KJ an exception.


Palmdoc said...

It may sound obvious but it is important to establish the cause of death.
He might, for instance, have been killed before he was pushed over.
So no, it's not as "obvious" as it sounds.
The reason for the fall is not easy for the pathologist and now that depends on good police work.

Anonymous said...

We don't get fool again, don't get fool again, no no!

Anonymous said...

This is malaysia, a land where your name can be deleted fr immigration records. Get it!! Be careful, be very very careful.

Anonymous said...

That's why I laughed so hard and angry at the same time yesterday. This is really idioctic. It is absolutely brainless to say TBH died of multiple injuries due to fall from high place. It is no difference than telling me 1+1 = 2, but to this idiot polisman, obviously 1+1 is not necessary 2.

Anyway, has any Malaysian Accredited Corruption Corporation's officers been suspended? Trust me, evidence has been tampered. TBH shall die in vain. I hope the piece of 'shit' and his friends are happy.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.29am

same modus operandi. use the MACC to scatter the chicks like in Perak and then move in with the kill. unfortunately, this time the "killing" became real in Selangor and a young innocent man went to MACC alive and kicking and hours later came out in a body bag. It was accidental, right but a death is a death.

Who was UMNO Head of Perak then and UMNO head of Selangor now? Far fetched? But, speculative or not, its real scary to me at least.

Anonymous said...

people, be rational....don't be emotional.we mustobserve the rule of the law...righttttttt

Anonymous said...

" why did he jump ah !? "
' WHO said he jumped ? '
" one minister said that !! "
' ...@#$%^&* ...!!! '

natives are restless said...

Wow ! , death due to high fall ... .. I would never have guessed.

elizabeth said...

I too was surprised that the 2nd pathologist promised by Khalid did not turn up. However, it became clear when I read the report yesterday which implies that it is the wishes of Teoh's family not to have a second autopsy.

It is also the family wish that his death not be politicised. What it means, and its implications on the national change agenda is yet to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Hah ! I know ! The answer is don't teach English in Bahasa Malaysia.

Oops ! I am being ungrateful ke ???

Sorry ! I mudah lupa !!!

Niamah ! Talk Cock with Engrand !!!

Anonymous said...

A lot has changed since I last learnt Bahasa Malaysia in SPM 20 years ago.

Nowadays many original Malay words have been substituted with the 'tranlated English' words.

For example:
1) Olahgarawan - Atlet
2) Keadaan - Situasi
3) Ilham - Ispirasi
4) Hakikat - Realiti
5) Ilmu Alam - Geografi

I am sure you have more examples, just watch the news buletin (or warta?) on TV.

We might as well call our Perdana Menteri - Minister Prima?

Next time Babi will be known as Pigi. Lembu as Kaw; Itik as Dak, Ayam as Chikken, Kambing as got.

I shall blame Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.