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Saturday, July 11, 2009

And the Moron of the Day award goes to....


......of Kg. Carok Bemban, Batu 42, Baling, Kedah who wrote, among other things, in his blog that school should be taught in Jawi and that people who speak English end up as maids!!! (And he uses Filipinas as examples. I see a career for this guy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

If you are fearless you can go read his full blog here.

p/s if you read his bio you will know that this man sure can talk la. He don't "need" English and doesn't want any of his countrymen to have it (and become better than him maybe) either. BUT! This man received almost his entire education in English. Ashby Road (English) Primary School, Ipoh. King Edward VII Taiping. Maktab Tentera Di Raja, Sungai Besi. A-Levels in Pakuranga College, Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 1982-1986.

Sorry. I meant to scare you just a little bit more but forgot just now. So here it is.

This guy is also the Member of Parliament for Kulim Bandar Bharu.

Did that spoil your weekend? Good!!!

Now if you've got a bit of mood left for a good weekend read this....

This moron
also sits in the Pakatan Rakyat's Higher Education Committee!!!

I don't know about you but I am going to get a stiff drink.

See? Alcohol is good. After I had a couple...ok so I had about 8... I opened my email and a Niamah!!! visitor reminded me......

Mr Teo,

I think you are exaggerating. He didn't say that that school should be thought in Jawi but Bahasa Malaysia subject to be thought using Jawi character instead of using roman character.(Malay literature used to be in Jawi in the early days).

He also add that Chinese and Tamil subjects should be available in the national school and that the Malays should be encourage to take them up.

He also said that English literature should be included in the English subject to enhanced this language proficiency in schools.

You left out all the positive points and only take the negative point to draw a conclusion. It is not very fair isnt it?


Thanks, Mus. Appreciate it. By the way, it is "It is not fair, IS it?" Double negative. Isn't it?



Keong said...

really NIAMAH!!!!

Walski69 said...

NIAMAH with a capital 'T'...

artchan said...

"Sebaliknya kita lihat bangsa Filipina contohnya yang begitu fasih berbahasa inggeris tetapi sekadar berjaya mengekspot ramai pembantu rumah!"

I would love to see the Philipines Embassy response to this moron.

Fed Up-ed Rakyat said...

The beauty is this King of Moron got the support from Anwar Ibrahim and Lim kIt Siang, by their silence on the series of actions by the Moron King.

So tell me, Patrick, is this Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) or Lim Kit Siang (DAP) really sincere in championing for us plebian Rakyat? SO far I see, they are good in prostituting the name of democracy, press freedom , and judiaciary for their own self political interest!!!

Look at the mess these flers doing un Selangor, no better than UMNO/MCA, semua pun mahu cari makan besar!!!

Anonymous said...

there is some Truth in what he is saying.

1. the Filipinos LOST their own Tagalog to bad Spanish and later American colonization which gave them bad English.

Hence, Filipino Maids speaks English.

2.Add to this are many Indians, Mauritians, Jamaicans who totally lost everything of their culture and CREOLE they become.

3. Chinese who migrated to Malaya, some who don't quite like to be reminded of Mainland, they speak but cannot read and write Chinese but English has become their PROUD language.

And they become Christians too because in AWE of the GREAT WESTERN CIVILISATION.

Tom Brown.

telur dua said...

There are people who speak Chinese, Russian, Arabic of even Bahasa Melayu, but end up as murderers. So, what does that proof? Nothing, bodoh!

Let's make sure this guy is a one term MP. OK?

Serious Shepherd said...

This 'moron' is unfortunately not a 'Melayu celup', which is comparable to 'banana' for the Chinese as stated in the comment by Tom Brown. And that's how he became a Member of Parliament.

Let the Malays learn jawi like how the Chinese learn Mandarin in Chinese alphabets, not in pinyin only.

Anonymous said...

Not moron of the day, but Moron of the year, Is he saying that he is offering himself to work as a man servant. I do not want to waste my time on this type of people. Real niamah.

Anonymous said...

It really disgusting to see this moron in the paper and he is the Jekyll and Hyde of Malaysia.I don't understand why he is still hanging on the post when he and his Pakatan buddies are not at the same key.This moron is trying to gain political mileage in this issue of teaching maths and science and his political image with regard to his constituency is as good as gone.

Anonymous said...

I am very sure the he's where he is in PR dueto the lack of credible candidates just as the three Perak frogies.

They had to field someone for the recent election and they know PR will make it big and they were forced to field idiots such as these.

The only word I can think of upon reading this is NIAMAH!!!


Anonymous said...

I tell you why BM cannot become the bahasa ilmu, while beside B.Inggeris B.Jepun, B. Mandrin, B.Korea etc also can is because BM has no writing of its own. The language is either b written in Romanised alphabets or Jawi which is Arabic, while other languages has their own writings.

Anonymous said...

Even umno would not want this niamah face in their party.

Anonymous said...

He is definately fr the flintstone generation. I copy this from one blogger comments below. Can someone ask him what he think of the sentence?

written by HEadACHE, July 09, 2009 21:27:41 (Mt.m2day)

Now we are going to teach Science in BM

The whole world uses the language as an information and/or technology language. How dangerous it will be if we try to use Bahasa, especially in school. See example below:-

Hardware = barangkeras
Software = baranglembut
Joystick = batang gembira
Plug and Play = cucuk dan main
Port = lubang
Server = pelayan
Client = pelanggan

Try to translate this:
That server gives a plug and play service to the client using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the port of the client.

Now in BAHASA:
Pelayan itu memberi pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan menggunakan batang gembira jenis keras atau lembut. Batang gembira itu akan dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan..

Now you know the problem.. coming in 2012.

tere said...

I believe you guys have been too harsh on the fellow. He does have something there. The English Language is not the be all and end all towards the acquisition of scientific knowledge. You would indeed be surprised to find out while attending international scientific forums that the scientists acknowledged as among the best in the world do not have English as their first language. Indeed they honed their scientific edge using their own mother tongues, be they Russian, Korean, Japanese or Hindi. It is indeed true that in Malaysia, reference books for science are almost, if not all, in English. But have you considered that just as many, if not more, science books in German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Spanish often hold the cutting edge of scientific break-throughs? As an example, my friend attended a science forum in San Francisco and, surprise, surprise, most of the scientists there have only very rudimentary knowledge of English. In fact during the coffee break, the predominant languages used in the informal discussion, while munching tidbits, were Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Spanish and even Hindi. I suppose I would be called a moron too... over here.

Anonymous said...

We have enough MPs to be chosen as Moron of the day for a year.

Blame the rakyat who elect them.

Anonymous said...

i veri takut so tak berani pegi to his blog !
he should bunuh diri coz his @#$%^&* kelapa...oops , kepala is full of inglis shits !!

Anonymous said...

i bet he left his brain somewhere else when he wrote the article

Alexander El said...

don't you worry, uncle Pat..... PKR is down to face the wrath of the people in the next GE.... if they still fill this type of moron still in 2012/2013.The people will speak loud and clear.

Waenne said...

Dear Anonymous at 5.43 PM! That a scientific language must have its own alphabet, sounds like a weird joke. Thai, Javanese or Singhalese script in BM version would not help much, would it? The problem of being up-to date in "modern" fast-changing topics will not go away: You can't translate the latest in science and technology fast enough! I have tried that myself. A book about electronics is half-way obsolete once it is translated, revised, proofread and printed. And forget about the publisher's enthusiasm: as long as Malaysia is reluctant to cooperate with the other big brother Bahasa speakers in Indonesia, such publication will not be profitable. So we'll have to live with the problem, thank you. Choosing that PKR guy as the champion of the month is timely, anyway: isn't that the moron who talked a lot of abusive bull recently about SIS? What is he doing in PKR anyway? Couldn't he get a right-wing PAS or UMNO job?

Anonymous said...

Mr Teo,

I think you are exaggerating. He didn't say that that school should be thought in Jawi but Bahasa Malaysia subject to be thought using Jawi character instead of using roman character.(Malay literature used to be in Jawi in the early days).

He also add that Chinese and Tamil subjects should be available in the national school and that the Malays should be encourage to take them up.

He also said that English literature should be included in the English subject to enhanced this language proficiency in schools.

You left out all the positive points and only take the negative point to draw a conclusion. It is not very fair isnt it?


Anonymous said...

Really....this a major asshole....there are a few of them in the PR....but they seem to be clinging on....

If the PR is serious...they ought to get these guys out...EARLY....dont wait for another Perak disaster....

Paranoid Android said...

You are right, Patrick. A major downer. I nearly puked my dinner.

I guess an overseas education + professional degree, wealth and power does not guarantee you common sense. And this holds especially true when you are a politician who has nothing to contribute to the country and wants to be popular by playing with the sentiments of the masses.

@Anonymous/Tom Brown at 2.56:
I find your arguments a bit flawed. If we were to follow your reasoning, I will not think that Malay Muslims in Malaysia will be happy to hear you say that they are Muslims because they are in awe of Arabic Culture.

Thank you.

Whatmeworry said...

Tiu nya sing ... this guy is a far hai!

Anonymous said...

Such an @#$%hole can be a MP?

Nutmeg said...

> And they become Christians too because in AWE of the GREAT WESTERN CIVILISATION.

> Tom Brown.

That's too much, Tom Brown. You are an a**hole.

susanloone said...

hey patrick;
a good one, hahaha!
i learnt jawi in school and now can read urdu also but cant understand a thing. what does that make me? hope its not a moron like zul!

:) have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

This YB claims that he was partly educated in the Royal Military College. In actuality, in 1980, he went for English classes for a few months to prep for his "A" level in NZ and stayed in the dorm of the officer cadets and not the elite Cawangan Putera for the best & brightest boys in the Country.He received this facility coz he got a MINDEF scholarship. He is giving a false impression to score a few Brownie Points.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pat,

U got a good voice, maybe a goodlooking face too but somehow lack of thinking skills. Sorry for you who are so proud of English like Tun Mahathir but can't even pronounce and write your claim to be "Bahasa Kebangsaan" correctly. Moron? Nahhh.. U are worse than him.

Anonymous said...

Filipino Maids who can speak English can get good jobs in Arab countries and UK etc !

Anonymous said...

This chap was born with ass and brain at the wrong places; he shits with his brain and speaks with his what comes out from whichever outlet not only stinks and smells like toilet, its gaseous, too! Kulim folks deserve a better rep and not a crap like this moronic idiot, or is it idiotic moron? Whatever!!!

telur dua said...

This MP is a history illiterate and simpleton.

If he had bothered to do a little research he would know the real reason why The Phillipines are exporting maids. The country was ruled by a corrupted despot by the name of Ferdinand Marcos who bankrupted it.

Similarly, another English educated country - Zinbabwe- is another basket case under the government of a despotic Mugabe.

So, English speaking/educated or not, it won't make a difference.

Would Malaysia, which emphasise on BM education, be a shining star? Looking at the gomem of the day I'm afraid not. Instead it is veering dangerously towards the same route as the two aforementioned countries.

Malaysia would be exporting BM speaking maids very soon.

Anonymous said...

this is not niamahhhh


genesispassion said...

rais yatim from umno, this noordin from pkr and ng yen yen m c a. we have 3 in one nescafe.....

Anonymous said...

Tom Brown,

Christianity is not from Western but from the Middle East! Please red the is in English!

Lee Wee Tak said...

Tiu Niamah,

can't the Malaysians master more than 1 language?

why the captial F we cannot be good at more than 1 language?

why the capital F we cannot be multi-tasking?

why the capital F we must talk down our own capability?

If Malaysians can swear in 3 main languages and curse some more in dialects, why the capital F we cannot learn more than 1 language and continue to play the zero sum game?

Anonymous said...

Pakatan only supports vernacular languages to be taught. That's nothing wrong with it... everyone is happy that is what BN trying to do.. making sure BN does not lose the next election. When everything turns the way you all want it i.e. hell to English.. be thankful OK? Why condemn when you get what your desire. English is not important coz we of all races wanted our children to be MORONs.... God Bless Malaysia smart people for your handwork decision!!!! hahahah

Anonymous said...

Pat, Niamah; You guys are the moron. There is nothing wrong with this guys comment. He did not say that that school should be taught in Jawi, but merely saying that The Malay Language should be taught in Jawi. I don’t see any wrong with that.

He also said that "It’s not necessary that the use of English guarantees a nations success and gave example of Japan a powerful nation that is not excellent in English. Then gave example of Philippines - a nation with good English speaking ability but exports Maids (OK I guess this comment is uncalled for and should apologize to the Philippine people, but he is just trying to prove a point).

Let me give you my example. Thailand is more advanced than Malaysia but their universities are taught in Thai and uses Thai Subscript. What do you think of that huh? Why don’t you tell the Thais to teach in English and drop their Thai Subscripts? (you probably get your ass kick real good for that tho).

Actually you don’t understand Malay and therefore misinterpreted this guys comment.

Just admit it, you are a racist when it comes to Malay. Jawi is bad because it is Muslim or Malay, but Thai Subscripts, or Chinese Characters are OK because it’s not Malay.

Wwang said...

All politicians are bad, some are worse and this Zulkifli is among the worst. Niamah, why dont you say 'hai' to this person, be nicer!

Anonymous said...

Is that why Filipino maids cost much more? ;-) 'Cos can give the kiddies English tuition....

Anonymous said...
60% dari rakyat negara ini..mahu math dan sains dalam bahasa malaysia..40% lagi dalam english..okla everone entitled to his opinion...tapi jangan pulah some people say they are malaysian but can even speak properly the country own national languange.. id dont heard any turkish imigrant speaks bad in germany..or algerian speaks bad french when they are actually french citizen... in this country we have a minister or even a mp can not speaks proper bahasa malaysia in parliment!!!this also includes bn and pr!!

Anonymous said...

With this type of low calibre,shallow minded MPs, ministers we have in M'sia, it doesn't matter if our school teaches in English or BM. One thing is for sure....M'sia will be exporting maids in the near future.

moo_t said...

Philippine lost out is NOT BECAUSE of bad English . But BAD GOVERNANCE.

Bare in mind that, Malaysia might become another Philippine if the people fail to think out of context.

patrickteoh said...

Since the start of this debate on English or BM to teach Math and Science many people have quoted examples of how English does not guaranteed a nation's success bla-bla-bla. All these flers quote as examples Japan, Korea, France and somebody even used Thailand as a shining exammple of why English is not necessary.

Of course none of these chaps want to know that nations like Japan, France, Korea and China now recognise the importance of English as a global language of communication, commerce and technology and have started making efforts to have their citizens learn and master English. They are practical without sacrificing patriotism. Are we?

PM said...

A biggest idiot making comparison with Phillippines.

Anonymous said...

Even the Philipino maid pay is higher than a lot of our civil servant pay. They are more intelligent and responsive to the situation. Our civil sector will stare blank if you speak English to them.

flychart services said...

This moron should know that Japanese love to read and they have 130 millions population.

How many idiots in Dewan Bahasa can translate nano technology into bahasa and how many monkeys willing to read their translated books.

Moron is translated as PEKAK BUIH in Bahasa Malaysia. nO?

Perahudua said...

How nice to be educated in NZ. Think of maori. Maori people and language is malayoaustropolynesia. Do they lost everything to pakeha, the white immigrant? yes, they lost everything, the language culture to pakeha, but they are not ruined and devasted psychologically. & they have dignity & not all are lost.

What happened to them if they were isolated? australian abo?.

Is there any lesson to learn? & to learn about social changes?


(malay-maori language)
..the 2nd waves of sailor wanderers who landed on the known as New Zealand.

Profiler said...

You drank too much and took many of his opinion out of context.

Azizi said...

This is the gent who also let the protest march against Bar Council. Apparently he is Muslims first and lawyer next.

I say is an idiot first and a moron next.

This man should be disbarred, disrobed, and chased down the road like the thug that he is. He is a disgrace for all Muslims, Malaysian and humans.

If lynch mobs were legal, I would gladly lead one against him. He has all the makings of UMNO.


Anonymous said...

This idiot is definitely a moron. But how can I blame him. Ashby Road school was (probably still is) not one of the better school in Ipoh.

And Patrick "Niamah" Teoh is damned 'cos his "England" is good. He's going to be labourer in Dudai for life. So is Mohd Taib who recently became so proficient in English.

spirit said...

Perhaps his suggestion is worrying others on the 1 sekolah 1 bahasa which call for no more sekolah jenis kebangsaan.
Therefore, every rakyat shall master the B.M. like what Indonesia has done.
I think he meant Jawi on Bahasa Malaysia language only and not all the other subject in Jawi.
On the English, thumbs down. We don't have proper words to translate therefore English in still prominent for us to move forward and be competitive.
Thailand over the years has improved leap and bound in English language.
Just MHO...Rgds.

rodinia said...

manalah anwar ibrahim find this type of moron?

Anonymous said...

You people should think deep before criticizing this guy,he is only voicing his opinion.

He is definitely doesn't deserved to be called moron or idiot. You guys are the bunchs of idiot and moron who thought Malaysia only revolves around sick blogsphere.
Grow up and face reality.

Anonymous said...

By the same logic (ZN's) Indonesia is also exporting lots of maids (and construction workers) because they were educated in English (but can't speak a word of it!).

Anonymous said...


Commenting on your comment,

Japan, China, and Korea are examples of developed countries that emphasis the importance of English Language. The difference here is that they still maintain math and science in their native language rather then bilingual.

We have also emphasis English language since the beginning of our education programmed after merdeka.

Therefore if some flers says that, well Japan, China and Korea do not have bilingual school but they still managed to progress then their argument is valid.

I am not supporting the goverment move to revert to BM but I think your comment that the MP is a moron is too much.

Anonymous said...

Lazy academics who use Malay Language in their written academic works produce less writings in Malay Language.

When university students want to search for references in their assignments, they need to refer to written materials in English.

I pretty sure that those who are majoring in Malay Language themselves in their first degree, master's degree and doctoral degree need to refer to English books to produce theses. What an irony.

-Chee Kheong, UPSI-

Anonymous said...

A few years back I was posted to Korea to work in a Korean multinational company.
It is true that their education is entirely in Korean and the kids leaves school with only rudimentary English skill.
What is really telling is that at my company and many other multinational, the first thing in the morning between 0730 to 0830 all the staff have to attend English lesson through the PA system.(Mind you between those hours it doesn't count towards the working day but it is compulsory that everybody is at their desk).
Furthermore all meetings at middle level management and above is conducted in English. They see the world as their oyster, and they are very determined to dominate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I think everyone has their reason for their opinion. We need to have compassion to listen and understanding their opinion and get clarification before comdemning that person. Those who tagged the person MORON is the MORON becaue didnt take it as academic discussion. If the opinion is not good it doesnt mean he/she is MORON instead it shows that he/she got guts to present his/her opinion. Not like people who said other MORON who dont even give a single cent of their own opinion on how to improve our education policy a success story especially Maths and Science. Not a single person ever think the mechanism or approach taken by teachers are more important than what language they use for teaching the students. Everyone only concern is why he was chosen, from PKR or UMNO and why we should not support him in next GE. Dont you see how stupid is our way of analysing our education state. Nothing is going to gain from this blog for sure on our education other than condemning the courage on opinion provider. Good or bad at least someone is given his opinion. Language is not an issue here, only the methodology of implementation to teach the student is more important. Give your idea to improve that, is more beneficial.

Anonymous said...

To all morons here who think Patrick Teo is a hero of the day. My word is as simple as this: u want to improve English or do u want to improve Maths and Science? If English, then learn English more. For Maths or Science, studies and research proved that it is better to learn it in your native language.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well what cn i say, other then all the countries which excelled using thier own language, such as Japan, Thailand and so on...did not have chinese who were given too much freedom in thier country.

In fact Iblame everything which is happening to this countryto these chinese community.

They say the UMNO gov. is not fair because they only give to the malays...well from where did this UMNO gov. learne to do this, if not from the chinese.

The chinese only gave to another chinese..if another race got involved in the same business start doing well the chinese got together and buried him.

The chinese brought corruption to this country...brought everything illegal to this country.

The whoe country is in the ruin because of these race...this niamah race

i dare the moderator to allow my comment to be posted

Anonymous said...

Moron is too good a word and according to Larry Flynt "Arsehole of the Month" would better describe this PKR nut.

Azizi said...

Come on lah, not all Chinese like that. Remember traditionally Chinese are adapters and survivors. Its a natural instinct for them. As with everyone there is good and the bad.

Look at Indians. Genetically designed to be worked to death. And they will graciously do it. You pay them pittance but they will be able to save money from that.

We can look at the bad of any race. But we have to look at us as Malaysians. If not what is the difference between us and people like Zulkifli Noordin ?

salukis said...

This is the biggest MORON i ever known in this earth.. i dont think he is fit to be a Wakil rakyat. he should be out by next general election. he has to be stop so that he cannot be a hindrance for the progressive PAKATAN RAKYAT

Anonymous said...

I've read through YB Zul statement in his blog regarding the PPMSI issue. He made his points clear and representative of all Malaysian. MORON label you tagged on him is a bit too much and it clearly shows how racist, self centred and you actually put yourself at the lowest level of intelectual. Looking at your background I'm not surprise and I would sugges to the rest of your viewers or visitors to ignore your stupid-racial-selfish ideas and better still stop visiting this blog altogether. BAHLUL!!!!!

Jazzmamma said...

First off, it might interest you to know, En Zulkifly, that there are a good many Filipino maids who possess College Diplomas & University Degrees. Some are nurses, quite a few are teachers. Some aspired to become lawyers, even doctors! It isn't unusual to find out, when you strike up a conversation with these English-speaking women who "have landed up only as maids", that they had once aspired to be something more than the sorry lot that you are trying to depict in this article. Many of them, halfway through their course (and quite possibly their parents' meagre possessions) decided to give it up in favour of earning a living to feed their families, or even a nobler cause like funding their siblings' education so that they do not suffer a fate as harsh as theirs.

You see, En Zulkifly, in the Philippines, no such things as government subsidies and Bumiputera-esque benefits exist. It's a dog-eat-dog world, pardon the haram-ness of the phrase! That's our reality.

But I believe the stark reality is that my countrymen can gain employment anywhere in the world because they CAN SPEAK ENGLISH, whether they are maids or nurses, drivers or doctors or whatever their profession. The Japanese? Well, they may not speak good English but they are great and technologically savvy innovators and their work ethics speak loudly what their tongues cannot verbalise.

On the other hand, you, and the hordes of supporters rooting for this backward move of reverting to the vernacular to educate our children, seem to be really unclear on this concept of reality. I doubt that these young Malaysians, armed with their thoroughbred Bahasa Malaysia education can gain employment overseas. Even as maids.

To say that you are a half-wit would be a gross miscalculation.

Dunston R. Har said...

Now, Umno (including sister parties) and PKR also cannot be accepted, so what else we can do? Go on with independent party? Or vote for ourselves.

kaarjel said...

Hat's off to Jazzmamma.