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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big muscles for little minds?

Just when you thought you could trust a badge again...

I just saw this on a friend's Facebook page...

WHAT IS THIS MACC CREATURE? Why should Malaysia create an entity that VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS just to check money corruption? How can alleged misuse of state funds allow MACC to raid and rampage?

Good questions indeed. How come they raid and rampage people like Ean Yong, Elizabeth Wong, Hannah Yeoh...but we don't read about them being equally 'efficient' investigating other cases of alleged misuse of state funds. Like, I mean "melawat sambil belajar" trips to Disneyland etc., luxurious bungalows...all those were also 'alleged' misuse of funds or something that needed investigating, right?

Good questions indeed. Ask them of your Prime Minister, your cabinet ministers, your elected Members of Parliament. They have a duty and a responsibility to answer you. Let's do some verbal raiding and rampaging of our own.



Trashed said...

The MACC should be made answerable to the Agong.

That way, regardless of who forms the govt of the day, this "body" will still carry on its work (hopefully independently).

As it stands, I believe they report to the PM. So, the PM (or whoever MACC reports to) calls the shots. Hence, we see selective case investigations. This is a fundamental flaw.

Not only that, wasn't the son of the head of the MACC found guilty of a not-so-nice crime in Australia some months back ? The head should have resigned based on this blemish.

Anonymous said...

A Malaysian friend who has a relative working in the police force told me this long ago...during our University days in the UK:

If the police has killed the victim under their custody, they will push the body down the building to make the death appear as a suicide. This is a clever cover-up for the police. A very neat solution they have come up with since they know the best cover up to deflect blame away. Then, they can answer "I don't know" to all the questions raised by the public and the victim's family.

If during a car chase, the police has shot one victim, the remaining victims will also be shot. Otherwise, the remaining victims can act as witness. This way, the case can be closed out messy trails and remnants.

Reading about Teoh's death make me sad.

I hope the police and interrogators will get to have a taste of their own medicine real soon. Then they can feel how Teoh's family feel. I hope the loved ones of the police and interrogators will suffer "mysterious" death or better still, suffer from terminal illness.

monsterball said...

Human rights is down to the drain.
Some Malays who are Muslims hope for equal rights.
They can dream like bloody fools.
With such a is not human or equal rights.
It is plain and simple.UMNO thinks they have full rights.. to own Malaysia and all of us...including royalties...and Allah.
This is their coocoon for stealing and cheating without getting into rule forever..lot stock and money is power..even over Allah.
Brace yourself to fight for your rights with your powerful votes.
That's the only right...UMNO find it difficult to penetrate and buy all they resort to throwing sweets and fish for idiots.
Do you believe ex Chief Justice...Ian Chin remark...that Mahathir is the devil reincarnated?
I what is UMNO BARU to you?

♂无聊♀乂♥melvin♥ said...


MACC is a tool of BN to suppress Pakatan Rakyat's lawmakers.This body is only good at harrassing,tormenting and threatening people with weak's mind.It is not in line with the Najib's so-called one Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

"People first" policy wat. Ptui!

Leithaisor said...

I was shocked to read in Jeff Ooi's blog that there is apparently nothing, zilch, elek to govern what the MACC's officers can do during investigations. No Criminal Procedural Code or its equivalent.

Hence the humungous question which begs to be asked - Just what on earth gave rise to this creation with unfettered might which has been unleashed on the rakyat?

If there is a big stink now surrounding the death of teo, then there must surely be an even bigger stink surrounding those who created the MACC.

Parallel to the fight to seek justice for Teo, those who drafted the laws/Act which gave birth to the MACC must also be investigated to see if there has been any wrongdoing ranging from grave dereliction of duty to blantant criminal abuse of positions.

They must be made to answer for why they did what they did, and questioned at length to ascertain if they knowingly did what they did. Indeed, in they were cognizant of the grave consequences of creating such an infettered beast, the issue of them being punished for doing what they did that must be raised.

At this time it is premature to say conclusively that Teo did not commit suicide (despite the vast amount of material pointing to that being the case) but those who gave birth to the MACC must also ask themselves in the privacy of their own hearts whether they have the blood of Teo on their hands.

And if it needs to be said, then let me say it clearly - Give the MACC the boot NOW!

Alex said...

Head of Selangor UMNO, MACC is under the jurisdiction of your other office (PMO). So you are the direct leader responsible for MACC since they are answerable only to your office (PMO) of which you are the head of that office (unless you want to claim that it is your wife who is the head, that we can understand you spineless weakling).

So instead of offering your cynical condolences, why don't you start a full impartial royal commission into his death at the hands of the MACC whose conduct is only answerable to you as the head of PMO.

I bet your goons at PDRM was ready to classify it as suicide no foul play, but I bet your incompetent goons now cannot answer as to why an expecting father would want to commit suicide on the eve of his wedding registration, simply because your stupid goons had not an iota that his wife was two months pregnant. Coupled with the fact that on Wednesday morning he was calling friends to confirm their attendance at his October 3rd wedding dinner only to commit suicide the next morning, highly unbelievable don't you think? But I know you don't think because you are incapable of thinking.

I also bet that your goons at PDRM wanted to quickly classify this case as sudden death then accidental death then case close NFA. But your stupid goons must have taken a look at the windows of Plaza Masalam by now and realized belatedly that falling out from the high rise building window (why don't you get off your spineless backbone and go and visit Plaza Masalam for yourself, isn't this part of your job 1Malaysia walkabouts?) accidentally is highly impossible also, unless of course he was drugged by the MACC.

So that leaves another option as to what happened to Teoh Beng Hock. Murder. But already your press, your ministers, your goons at PDRM, your UMNO bloggers and cyber warriors are already dismissing that possibility out of hand.

Of course there are some of your UMNO bloggers who are now spreading rumors that DAP triads not only managed to infiltrate the MACC office but managed to kill Teoh and exited the building without any trace. Now does that sound believable to you? Why don't you warn your UMNO bloggers and supporters also for speculating, rumor mongering and (the IGP's favourite motto) "threatening public order"?

So that leaves only one responsible party for his murder. MACC. MACC under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office. The Prime Minister's Office of Najib Tun Razak. Najib Tun Razak the Head of Selangor UMNO. The head of Selangor UMNO who gave the green light to MACC to begin a witch hunt in Selangor to topple Pakatan Selangor. The same green light given by the ex-head of Perak UMNO. All roads lead to you Najib Tun Razak. You are indirectly responsible and you will be held to justice, if not now then in the afterlife.

telur dua said...

They victimise the poor, the helpless and members of Pakatan.

Yet they are blind to blatant acts of corruption by the likes of a certain ex-dentist. No wonder this dentist is quick to come to their defence. Dogs just do their master's bidding don't they?

I spit on them.

The timing of recent happenings - Anwar' persecution, raiding of PR service centres, arrests of PR reps, driving a wedge between PR component parties with bullshit unity talks with PAS and now the most unfortunate death of Teoh - is a prelude to something more sinister.

Did you notice PAS' deafening silence on Teoh's death? Maybe the Hadi and Nasha faction still worships UMNO.

Anonymous said...

wish to add that why until 3.30am? What is MACC intention? Did MACC do the same for Khir Toyo and those BN that abuse the tax payer in the by election.. and more?

What the heck MACC is about....

Anonymous said...

Niamah PDRM
Niamah MACC
Niamah BN

What is happening to Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

I think you all "Mudah Lupa" !

Very naive to think that you can do this or do that !

Suggesting this and that ! Can't you see ! What has become of us as we call ourselves Malaysians ?

What happened to the Lingam case ? Royal Commission Of Enquiry. So what ??? No BIG deal.

A. Kugan's death and the death of the Mongolian beauty ! So what ? Anything done ? You ask yourself.

Lawatan sambil belajar, the so-called RM24 million palace, Balkis. What has been done ???

Can't you see ??? Blind ??? Chose to be blind !!! These fellas "Pilih Bulu". What happened to Bala and the boy friend of Elizabeth Wong ???

Sleeping ke ??? The truth is out there !!!

Only GOD knows what is happening to our leaders and country !!!

No more Niamah !!! Niamah no use !!!

Patricia said...

To my mind, the MACC is a farce - since Khir Toyo is free to talk on TV and is given inches in the print media. Everything else pales in comparison.

Anonymous said...

check this out!

any comment?

Anonymous said...


dung by whatever name u call it is still shit.

get real, how many of us has experienced the police asking for rm? it is theway of life in this country. has not changed will not change. Not so soon anyway. it may be our aim by 2020 to change, but it is yrs away.

Anonymous said...

Trust the authorities, trust pdrm, thrust macc... how to trust when all these while they pick and chose cases to attack. The cars and cow issue got priority investigation while the luxurious banglo is an allergic issue. They are good only at thrusting the opposition party. Better to trust Niamah any time, anywhere 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Now I truly believe that we have a Stalinist communist government in power.

They have been following the sayings of Joseph Stalin all along.

First they practised this saying..
"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." Joseph Stalin

Next they ran along with this saying on our education system..
"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." Joseph Stalin

And the latest one..
"Death solves all problems - no man, no problem." Joseph Stalin

Anonymous said...

why are the PR Aduns targetted?

remember how 2 PKR Aduns were turned into supporters of BN via MACC? who was the UMNO Head in Perak which plotted the coup?

Now the same person is Head of UMNO Selangore. He is using the same tactics via MACC to takeover Selangor.

Cant you all see the evil plot? Teoh is just collateral damage. Teoh, dont die in vain. Rise and haunt the evilman and his sycophants who caused your early departure from this world.

KANNEH!!! said...

Unless an independant foreign royal commision inquiry is setup to investigate this case, we should have known what is the outcome, as usual, police said:we didn't find any foul play and case classified as sudden death or suicide. Everything is control by the corrutted govt. Or to save their ass, a scapegoat(s) will be found to eat this shit as to what befell on sirul and azilah.

Greenbug said...

Dear Trashed,

The son of the chief of MACC was convicted of paedophile / child pornography in an Adelaide Court early 2008 and still employed as a pilot in MAS. Both father and son should resign! What integrity is there for 1Malaysia?

tupingera said...

Is this the same agency that bribed a witness to tutup mulut 'coz some vips were invovled in a corruption case?
Remember the testimony of a witness during the correct, correct, correct inquest.

Anonymous said...

The Penang Pondan maDe a statement yesterday saying he SUGGEST to DPM, he is SADDENED, he Hope, he is CONCERNED. We all have enough of all these words from you pretending to show like you care or have the ability to influence the DPM, which in actual fact we ALREADY know that you don't.

So the next time you open your mouth, plse use words like DEMAND,OR ELSE, ULTIMATUM,IF NOT WE WILL PULL OUT. If not, plse don't waste your time and ours and in our eyes you are still a PONDAN.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Life or death is normally in God's hand
Unless there's unexpected human intervention
So let's join in the investigating band
Unless there's fully satisfactory explanation

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180709
Sat. 18th July 2009.

Anonymous said...

pat, why did you remove your chat box?

Anonymous said...

The police will just get 2 security guards or maybe drug addicts awaiting death sentence to admit to the killing of Teoh. The case will be brought to court and the 2 sentence to death and we will not be able to see the faces of this 2 UMNO/BN heroes.

Brace yourselves for the remake of another epic Altantuya movie. Only this time we don't know who are the actors/actresses.

Meanwhile, our big brothers from Pakatan will be shouting and waving lighted candles demanding a Royal Commission Investigation, knowing very well the reports at the end of the day will come to nothing.

Coming to think about it, correct me if I am wrong, but I have not heard or seen anything from the blog where any PAS leaders were seen giving any statements on the death/murder of Teoh. Is it becos he is a chinese or maybe they are preaching ""mind our own business"".

AyahandaAnanda said...

To everyone in MACC who involved in the death of Teoh, may you and your ancestors burn in hell for eternity!

Anonymous said...

Slogan MACC:

Penyiasatan Pakatan RAKYAT didahulukan

Pencapaian hasrat BN diutamakan

Where is the justice? said...

I am deeply sadden by the death of one of our ordinary citizen! Where is the justice? If he would committed suicide.....then dozens of the fcuking politician out there should be blame for this! One malaysia.....NIAMAH LA! Malaysia was once my home....but now I am just one normal penumpang waiting for my chance to escape from this hell full of rubbish....!!

patrickteoh said...

The chatbox has been removed from Niamah!!! because it is increasingly being used by a group of juvenile mischief-makers for their own inane purposes. Never mind la. We leave it out for a while and see how. Okay?

Anonymous said...

After one death at macc our tun sleepy head so fast support to abolish ISA. He saw that what he create is now capable to kill. Have you heard of anyone Kill within 24 hours detention in ISA. So macc can now take over isa job that is what tun sleepy head wanted all the while.

Anonymous said...

BTW, you are great in Red Thread! Congrats!! ~ a fan


I only know that those flers working in MACC are human beings with cow brains and only interested in cars. They have a dentist and an ex-MB of Selangor State to look for but prefer to close both eyes.

I feel sorry for Malaysians when MACC and PDRM are practising double standards in discharging their duties.

MACC boleh in Bolehland --- Niamah to those in MACC for taking away the life of a young man. Sign ....

Malaysians should start thinking what kind of government they want for them in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Known secret if MACC start to make headline with "Lawatan sambil belajar" to Disneyland, Balkis, Mansion as stated by Tun Dr. M (not bungalow) and other bigger fishy matters, how many big heads will roll??

By now many Msian will like to have MACC be abolish just like ISA!

Let all high profile case be done by Royal Commission or a org that reports to the Agong.


Anonymous said...

From ACA to MACC and it actually syands for MA Chow Chee ....

Anonymous said...


We can only "bitch" so much...!
What else to do to stop all these "abuse"...?????

I am sure PM is "also" informed of the rakyat's unhappiness...!!!

Unless he choose to "ignore" it...!

It seems like MACC is only all out to get Oppositions only...!!

When it comes to that Toyol feller & gang its a total.........
"I can get away with anything...!!"

How many more "deaths" & "noise" do we need to make some more.....?

Do we really need to wait that long for the next GE so that rakyat can vote.....??

By that time how many dead body will we have....???????

27 million rakyat & "decreasing".....?????????????