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Friday, July 24, 2009

Commission? How much?

Commission? Errr....... tu kesalahan kan? Oh not that type of commission....oh....maaf ya? Ya boleh, boleh, boleh...bila commiss ni start?

So now there is going to be an inquest, led by a magistrate, into the death of Teoh Beng Hock. And the Royal Commission of Inquiry announced by the Prime Minister is going to look into the how the MACC works. Okay la, so I paraphrase badly but that is basically it. Right?

I am not a lawyer nor am I well-versed in how the Law, okay Malaysian law, operates but I know this inquest is going to be headed by a magistrate and we ALL know how LOW in the scheme of things a magistrate is, don't we? If many Malaysians don't even trust findings by judges of the High Court, Supreme Court and Federal Court how are they going to take this magistrate-level charade?

Since the tragic event of Teoh Beng Hock's death Malaysians have clamoured for a Royal Commission of Inquiry. We all think that only a Royal Commission has the clout and the transparency to conduct an inquiry into the case.

So now we are going to get both an inquest and a Royal Commission of Inquiry. The question I want to ask now is who does the spin for dear old Najib? Bad job, right? It's almost like a badly written comedy skit.

Okay, okay they want a Royal Commission let's give them one. But we make sure this Royal Commission is only to study the interrogation methods used by the MACC. In other words it is a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the investigative methods of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). So if they find something...... like maybe we should not 'investigate' past 2 a.m. or allow outsiders to sleep in our pantry... then they can recommend that MACC amend this and that and the other lor. No problem what. And if we say things fast enough the Rakyat won't notice one la. Just make sure we emphasise the words, ROYAL COMMISSION. They hear that one sure ok reddy. Then to double confirm we say that MAYBE only we will make the findings of the Royal Commission public. That will divert their attention from Teoh to Tiu. Kao tim.

But then the fler's death how? Huh? That one ah? Very easy what. They want to know if anybody kill the Teoh boy, right? Call inquest la. Put one of our magistrates in charge. After some time we say got one fler over-zealous and went 'too far' with his investigative methods. We all do a loud collective TSK TSK TSK then handcuff the fler, take him to court, guilty, send him to jail......after a few months nobody will even remember and then we can quietly 'accident' the fler or something la. Hello! We've been doing stuff like this for more than 50 years la. Sure can one. Kao tim.

Anything else?



DPM, Muhyiddin Yassin said all quarters should respect the royal commission as an independent body and accept its decision without any prejudice. Errr......yeah.....since when did we say we wouldn't? You scold us for what?

He also said that the commission was the result of calls by various parties including Teoh Beng Hock’s family. In other words you asked for it, we are giving it to you so? Errr......yeah......we asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the events resulting in the needless death of Teoh Beng Hock.

You are going to pick people for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the investigative methods of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Big difference. No?



telur dua said...

They will do everything and anything except what is right and expected of them.

Lingham the one and only chili sauce said...

Correct, correct, correct.

hey you said...

that's a good 1.. funny & true

solidleong said...

YES!!! Kau Tim is the word, is the word, is the word......

natives are restless said...

Gonna be another white washed job....

...don't get too excited ok ?

rak thai said...

again and again...cakap tak serupa bikin! Malaysia Memang Boleh....Tapi un tuk semua sebab yang SALAH!

chong said...

we should give a deadline to the polis/government for an answer. if they can't, we should all go to the street till we get what we want - the sacking of MACC & POLIS head.

only the rakyat can save themselves now. if they are still don't bother and selfish; thinking if they stay away from politics, the injustice and brutality will not go to them, then, we are all doomed. these incidents will never stop, more and more innocent people will be slaughtered.

so, it's time to make a stand, will we/malaysians willing to shed blood to uphold the truth, justice and freedom or most importantly to save themselves?

Anonymous said...

very sad! What's becoming of this Bolehland, Patrick? Why can't they include opposition leaders to be in the different types of inquiry? Scared? Dare not stand up to the challenge? Always call on the opposition for interrogation for mere RM1-2k matters and delay the millions and billions ringgit-cases. Semua ini wayang kulit je!


Anonymous said...

Why you so like that one, have Royal Commission, surela must have. Not to worry we are expert on Commission, Submarine Commission, Sukhoi Jet Commission and now what got Royal Commission also ah. Sure okay with Royal Commission , we give Royalty to them and all kau tim la. Why worry brudder in MACC , we have experts in Commission Royal or otherwisela.

bayi said...

Big brother and Big Momma are back. Semua sudah kau tim! Duh!

Anonymous said...

They want to divert our attention, NO WAY!!!! WE, MALAYSIANS will always remember what they had done to Teoh & his family and will act wisely in the next general election. QI YOU CI LI(in Mandarin)

Trevor said...

This two separate investigations into one case, as opposed to Rakyat's will, is clearly a waste of resource.

What a way to celebrate "People First, Performance Now."

pinsysu said...

najis' smoke screen ... Royal Con_mission ... a move to con ppl one lah. Selangor is still on his radar screen ... he won't stop juz bcos a young life is lost.

cherasusie said...

plenty to hide

if not why all the wayang....


Anonymous said...

Quote :
"Errr......yeah.....since when did we say we wouldn't? You scold us for what?"

Wahaha.. I can imagine you saying this, Uncle Pat!

Real comic and funny, I like!


Anonymous said...

muhyidin tak tau malu ke? RC buat Lingam-gate sampai sekarang takda bunyi.

Anonymous said...

just look at RCI on lingam = nato !
IF, give you RCI on BH's tragedy =
nato juga laa !

RCI on macc : between 5pm & 3.45am > 10 hrs ....
1) how many macc people have humiliated, tortured, interrogated,
fcuked, fondled, touched ....BH ????
2) did BH weep, cry, laugh, sit, stand , throw big&small water, smoke, makan , minum ?????
3) was the air-con working ??????
4) ...............???????
5) ok, here is the answers.
6) allowance, pls !
7) tq, terima kasih !
8) pls appoint us again for next RCI !
9) bye-bye !

Trashed said...

This is a good example of how the govt of the day is trying to dismiss themselves from being accountable.

Not even a good job at spinning this !

Anonymous said...

Since there are so many commission, add one more can or not. This time have a Royal Commission to find out why all the Big Fishes got away scot free. Don't be surprise that the Tai Kor is behind it. Simple mah!. If all the big fishes are killed, how are the fishermen going to survive. Correct, correct or not.

Old Fart said...

What is worse, they get our King to endorse this commission and make him believe that the commission will mean something. But look at the last two comissions. The king endorsed it and now they play fuck all with it. What does that make the king look like?

About time the King protected his royal institution from being abused by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

I do like to add further, "then handcuff the fler, take him to court, guilty, send him to jail" in the front door and out the back door the same day. The fler will be paid RM Millions, and given a new identity by National Registration Dept & even some Datuk Seri medal for saving BN.

Anonymous said...

My 10 years old son with his own common sense knows that TBH was killed and threw out of the Window.
from 14th floor.

Anonymous said...

Ur Moh Mai Din again? He is only good at moh hai. T4TBH is out now. What are you waiting for? Another raid and innocent life at 14th floor? Public asked for RCI and the fler come up with Inquest. Easy to kow tim? Time and again the idiots are testing the public's IQ.

WoW said...

Royal Commission is just the government puppet show, They use RC to show that they are really "Clean" & Innocent...

natives are restless said...

And what happened to the last Royal Commission ???

Did it get jammed into some ass holes ??? ... No? tsk! tsk! tsk !

razifembi said...

You talk nonsense things too much .

this is our beloved country. appreciate it. from your writing it can raise the hate emotion among who read your story.

Do you want to look our country in chaos?

Pls change your writing skill to be more educated eventhou there are many mistake from the goverment and the people.

So pls you too pls dont make the same mistake too.

otherwise you and them are just SAME .

Anonymous said...

Looks more like Royal Cover-up of Inquiry! Don't ever dream of getting the truth out with UMNO in power. The only way is to get them out of power first. Otherwise, we are just wasting our time hoping things wuld get better!

natives are restless said...

razifembi ,

It is precisely what NIAMAH is all about ... talking nonsense .

If you are into the more serious kind of talk ... like life & death issues .... you should try logging into Che Det's blog.

niamah san said...


patrickteoh said...

Thank you, natives AR. It gets tiring explaining to these cyber trooper types. You've managed to put it so well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeh we have the RCI: the royal commission of inquiry, and inquest. After that maybe they will invite the Royal circus of India to come to town and everybody will just forget of the whole incident. Yeh Malaysia Boleh and Teoh Beng Hock first 1 Malaysia.

deepend said...

Im surprised that the royal family would allow their honour to be tarnished by calling the commission "royal". More like royal lies and cover ups.

Anonymous said...

Wah lau!

Even Utusan Malaysia knew more than the police what actually took place including details of Teoh's notebook.

It's a syndication.

Utusan, Berita Harian, NSTP, MACC, PRDM, RTM, TV1, TV2, TV3, 8TV, NTV7Bernama, Astro Awani, Awang Selamat ... are more a Malay Institution than anything else.

Trust who you may ask.

Niamah you may utter, I rather read blogs and make my own judgement.

Common sense would have told you that who are the real racists.

Malaysia boleh or Melayu Boleh?

Towering Malays that requires tongkat NEP and AP? An irony?

NIAMAH kaw kaw!

Anonymous said...

That M fella has never said a worthy sentence since he became DPM, all his words come out as low leval SH*T. Who will believe him?

razifembi said...

haihhhhhhhhhhh !!!

you boom bang boom .... and then you it called it talking nonsense. Wow what a big foolish camouflage.

Imagine if someone talk about you and your family, tell you bodoh and bangang. And then he claims that he only talks nonsense not a serious shittt of talk. what do you feel?? cooolllll???

pls dont say something "bad" to people.pls . . . eventhou you only talk nonsense . .

Oklah patrick. Im sorry if I said something hurt you. Niaaamahhhhh.

monsterball said...

I think Malaysians are getting quite bored with Najib's sickening low class presentations ad explanations...always leading to nothing....and only showing signs to win votes for UMNO..and defending crooks.
UMNO is a crooked corrupted need to keep hoping they will change.
They cannot and will not ever change. Change means...go to jail.
Corrupted to the is one for all and all for rule forever....or gone case...many will go to jail!!
So they will keep on win much as they can.
You expert them to expose any one who is employed by mist be nuts.
We need to vote them out...period!!
Poor chap...razifembi...whose sense of proportions are tilting defending UMNO.
Such is one lost soul..blaming others..when ..NAIMAH is one of the candle to light up and show Malaysians..the way to the end of the tunnel..for him too.
razifembi cannot differentiate freedom against living in a cage...with snakes and monkies.
Or maybe...he is a gone case...a stupid.
But we will free him..soon and he can thank NIAMAH later.

u-en said...

tambah lagi satu:

brader razifembi, tak negara kita SUDAH ber-chaos? kenapa mau appreciate pulak?

kenapa sengaja mau butakan mata kalau ada "mistake from the government and the people"?

macam ni, kalau pihak bersenjata kasi maut sama rakyat biasa, atau si anwar memang benar ada main-main dgn si saiful, sudah pasti kena biar saja, kan?

kalau nak biar, biar la.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watch that TV1 program on Sunday nite 11pm - supposedly a current affairs program with call-in from viewers.

It is a program that incite hatred particularly towards USA and Israel. It is always one-sided with a very narrow view on the global affair.

I suppose TV1 should not promote hatred but to promote peace.

Anonymous said...


Setback For a top scholar
Malaysia’s 17-A wonder shockingly failed her second year medical course at Edinburgh, reports blog.
July 26, 2009

Malaysia’s 19-year-old Nur Amalina made history by scoring 17 1-A’s in the O-Level exam, the highest number on record at the time – in 2004.

She became the pride of the nation, her laudable achievement toasted in the newspapers and on websites.

Her academic abilities in Malaysia were no fluke when she passed her A-Level at Cheltenham Ladies College, UK, where she took five subjects and scoring distinctions in all of them.

Nur – now 25 – received a Bank Negara scholarship to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh is reported to have hit a setback, reported blogger Fudzail.

“I was really shocked and speechless to be informed about Nur Amalina Che Bakri, he said. “I was informed that she had failed in her second year medical study.”

“I really hope this is not true (and) if it is, what went wrong?”

In an interview before she left, Nur said that she wanted to study
medicine so she can be a gynaecologist to help women with cancer.

"It is my passion," she said. "I've read that so many women have cancer and since I am a woman, I feel that I have the responsibility to help them.

"Most gynaecologists in Malaysia are men, and that's why I want to be a gynaecologist."

There has been no confirmation or details of this or whether she is still studying there. One online source vaguely refers “culture shock” as a cause.

One surfer, Rahman Hariri said that failing a year is not the end of the world.

“...Failing 2nd year medical is no failure. I have seen many top students 'failed' during the (medical) course at Monash in the 80s, and many of them are now top in their profession in the country.

“C'mon, this is not a local school where one could make 'arrangement' to ensure all would pass.. Let's give her encouragement for her success,” Rahman added.

Other surfers, however, held Malaysia’s system partly to blame.

One said that an “A” grade does not carry much at Malaysia’s secondary leaving exam – known as SPM. Seal added: “I salute her for the A's but the education system in Malaysia is crap.”

Malaysian Jerine declared, “Maybe there's nothing wrong with her, but there's something wrong with our education system.”

Others, like Adialhadi, believes that it takes more than just straight A’s to become a good doctor – like attitude, commitment and dedication.

“For this reason I feel the way the Western education system is many times better than our system. They create more balanced- individuals.

“Hope she learns something from this failure, and others, too,” he said.

On Amalina’s failure, abgbesq wrote: “Amalina, Hadafi, Adi Putra, etc are names of past top exam scorers. Question is: are they scholars or more talented at storing facts to later regurgitate it?”

He said these people point to “our failure of an exam oriented school system.”

Anonymous said...

One of PM Najib's KPI is "To improve the international perception of corruption in Malaysia".

Therefore BN has concluded and told the rakyat that Corruption in Malaysia is just a perception, not a reality.

Syabas Najib!

The Angry Medic said...

Good God Patrick. "We all do a loud collective TSK TSK TSK"?! You owe me a new computer keyboard. Lesson learnt: never drink Coke whilst reading this blog or IT WILL COME OUT YOUR NOSE.

P.S. Yasmin Ahmad!! Sounds like a terrible nightmare. You know Sepet was shot in St Michael's...

Anonymous said...

PM to spend RM20 million to get foreign PR firm to boost his image standing in the world?

Maybe the world do not understand what is 1Malaysia. I don't blame the world as the rakyat is equally blur about PM's vision.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat., you are not the only one who is sick and tired of all these clowns and circus going on in our country. More and more things that we are able to see clearly. They think that we are still infants who does not know who is lying and who is not.

It is a matter of the authorities who wants to do or not.

The so called Special Branch who can catch MAS SELAMAT who is brilliant in disguises and yet Hilmi ( Elizabeth Wong's ex-boyfriend )is yet to be caught ???

See ! The ROYAL COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY on the VK Lingam's case was done and over !

If he ever speak cantonese, it will be the word, " Lei Chui Meh " !

So what, my brothers and sisters, why bother as it is going to be another normal Malaysian cerita like Altantuya style of inquiry lah !

nstman said...

It is all written in the script, Barisan script of course. Verdict: Death caused by DAP people. Reason? To prevent him exposing DAP's conspiracy. MACCa praised for professionalism. End of the story. Moral of the story? Barisan Nasional is the government of the people. Barisan takes care of the people. Pakatan is evil. Vote Barisan. Vote Toyol. Barisan will help you spend state money like a drunken sailor. Now I am inebriated.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

IMO, it should be the other way around .... the RCI to investigate how the poor fella died and the inquest to investigate the MACC. An inquest on the MACC. That would be something, right?

monsterball said...

Sometimes drunkard people are smarter than women.
But all things been said...the women are smarter than men in every said Harry Belafonte.
Jail Anwar...wife will be a great PM!!
Drunkard people usually talk nonsense....with lots of cow sense like my friend..the nstman.

YouAreWhinerNo1 said...

Hi Patrick,
The state of M'sian politics today is more absorbing than M'sian Theater or Cinema scene.
No wonder that's not much crowd at these openings.
Well, until the plot, actors and critics improve to be as good as our politics, the Art Scene will die a slow death.

Anonymous said...

his face macam onion. peel and peel, lagi ada. NO SHAME, eh?

kita anak melayu said...

Ronnie Liu dilantik jadi mufti selangor baru, bacalah di

kalau orang PAs tak sedar sedar lagi tak tahulah

wahai orang melayu semua bersatulah

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from an article in Malaysia Today:

Bersih, Cekap and Amanah was introduced. More than two decades later, the civil service is still stuck in a quagmire of inefficiency and corruption.

Remember how the once-proud Malaysia Boleh slogan became a buzzword for the ridiculous — the longest satay, etc. Remember how Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi promised the world to Malaysians and delivered little with his Gemilang, Cemerlang and Terbilang.