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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

It could be just my deteriorating eyesight or it could be really true that I saw an ad in the newspapers yesterday by a telco advertising its wonderful new mobile broadband package. Full-page. Full-colour ad. And what caught my eye was the price of one of the packages. RM89.00 for a package with a speed of "up to" 384 kbps!!!!!!!! That's 384 thousand bits per second!!! Wow!!!

But wait ah. Isn't that a bit slow? And the promise is "up to" only you know. And I am sure, thanks to Streamyx we are all too familiar with 'promises' like these.

I think when I was in Singapore recently I heard them boasting that in 2010 they are going to have a broadband speed of 1 gbps. I may be a computer idiot but I think one gigabit/byte whatever per second is infinitely faster right? So why are we still making like 384 kbps is a big deal?



blink4blog said...

and the said part is government is doing nothing about their openly public cheating campaign, can we sue them for misleading advert?

patrickteoh said...

No blink4blog. They are not misleading you at all. They are telling you the truth. They only promise speeds of up to 384mbps. And they want you to think that is good for you. Nothing wrong with that is there?

Anonymous said...

easy ny...
that Telco sums it all up!!


Nick Chan Abdullah said...

malaysians will only get quality internet connection when only a foreign telco company is allowed by the gomen to compete. local telco companies just do not have the cash to invest

jonestation said...

i just made a call to that telco terminating the account!
The connection speed was CONSISTANTLY 50kbps to 60kbps when i am paying for "up to 3.6Mbps" package.
Their best "Best effort" is not even up to 2% of the promoted speed!

Anonymous said...

Haha...384Kbps at RM89. I'm paying S$47 which is about RM100 for 12Mbps... which is 31.25 times faster :p

Ang Tan Loong said...

Hi Patrick, My name is Ang Tan Loong, we were ex schoolmates in St Michael's Institution, Ipoh and we've met on our alma mater reunion dinner on a number of occasions.
All these broadbands provided by TM, Celcom are protected by BN and do we expect them to be competitive? Due to the services provided by them, I have no chice but to terminate their services.

Maybe unless, a new govt can dawned on our country. Anyway I admire your guts as u being a celebrity in the entertainment biznes you do have a decent following and we wish u the best. If you wish to know more about me kindly google search my name Ang Tan Loong as I am with you, just as the resounding Malaysians do.
Ang Tan Loong

Anonymous said...

Our Government can say all they want to improve the penetration rate of internet. Remember what the ex-greakan chief Kheng Yaik said before he stepped down many years ago?

But in reality they are trying to block the accessibility of internet with the ultra-slow blockband (note: not broadband) at very high cost to deter more signing up.

In this way they hope all rakyat would listen to Awang Selamat in Utusan, Rise Yatim's point of view on RTM (TV1 especially), MCA on Nanyang Siang Pao, to absorb the BERNAMA propaganda (BETUL & BENAR).

Imagine what would happen if all the kampung folks start to say Niamah here Niamah there after reading the 'doctrines of Patrick Teoh' (e.g all wanting to take up dentistry to live the 'Shah Alam dream')

In Singapore, you can get broadband access (min 1 MBps) for free at public places like shopping centre (while you sip you Starbuck or munching your Old Chang Kee curry puff or eating your McDonald's $4.50 set lunch), library etc.. Definitely faster than 384 kbps.

Streamyx should not unashamely call 384 kbps as broadband. You are putting Malaysia back to 3rd world.

Pak Lah said we have worldcalss infrastructure but 3rd class mentality.

Now we have MSE infrastructure that is 3rd class to match our 3rd class mentality.

Niamah or Malaysia Boleh?
The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i laugh at the shitmyx in my country.

i now work and live in singapore, without any grudge on the speed of the broadband service here.

best of all, even the free wireless@sg is faster than the shitmyx.

hahahahaha shitmyx... hahahaha

(I will probably cry when I go back to my hometown to get online... )

Anonymous said...

Next time you visit Singapore, try the free Wireless@SG.

You will agree that we have been served with Shitmyx by TM!

Anonymous said...

wat's all about : gbp, kgp, megabite gigabite , evilbite, billgates,
1 gate .....???
i only know gallon, pint, cc, liter, ml, cm, mm, km, in ,ft., yd, 1 batu = 1760 ela = 5280kaki = 63360 inchi,
kg, gm, kati, tahils, .....SIGH !

BTW, BEWARE of 22nd july !!

kampong said...

Hey, we have not been on the same league as Singapore for a long time. To be fair please, compare Malaysia only to Zimbawe, Pakistan, or Burma.

Anonymous said...

Patrick I am in Finland and I have a slow and cheap package costing 20 euros a month- 100Mbps, There are faster speeds but what for the 100 is already very fast, can watch movies directly don't need to download- btw I am your new addon on facebook.

Anonymous said...

P.s from the same modem for my wireless its 64mbps

dolphin said...

384kbps only? i'm using streamyx at home, but sometimes disconected, sometimes cannot even online~ i truely hope that there's other BETTER internet service provider other than streamyx will appear in m'sia so that they have a competetion among themself and hopefully their service will b improved~
in my opinion, 3G broadband is Much more better and have a stable connection than streamyx~

AlixmeOne said...

we should follow our neighbour, Singapore, regarding broadband. The only broad 'things' in Malaysia seems to be the BN pockets...

Anonymous said...

When Singtel make an offer to invests in many years ago(if my memory serve me correct), Mahathir was so against it and eventually the offer got rejected. Tun even make a mockery of the rejected deal by saying Singtel can only 'Sing and Tell". So who is 'crying and telling' now?

Anonymous said...'s my food for thought (I'm neutral) as I find many responses which to me are mere bursts of frustration for people who are Streamyx customers:

1. 384kbps is already pretty fast compared to most countries. Take for example Australia where 1MBps wasn't even affordable a couple of years ago.

2. Singapore has a total land area of 710.2 sq km so wiring up the entire island state is not a difficult thing to do. As a comparison, Malaysia has 329,847 sq km and Australia is 7,686,850 sq km.

3. One ironic fact(?) is Singapore goes through Malaysian infrastructure to connect to the rest of the world (need fact check) so how come Malaysia is so slow?

4. I do use Wireless@SG occasionally and it's speed is patchy at best if it can authenticate me in the first place.

5. Singapore offers 100MBps only to certain households and content served by the provider.

6. I have 6.5MBps but never get that kind of speed, ever. Most of the connections provided to households are cable so highly populated areas are very slow. I also notice a lot of cheapskates in both Malaysia and Singapore who can't dish out the $15-$20 for an original copy of a movie so this problem will never be resolved.

7. Streamyx tech support is non-existent. My grandma can do better.

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader of Patrick's blog for almost 2 years now, and got to know it through his brother's comic shop, of which I'm one of the regulars.

I need to correct some facts posted above regarding Internet services in Singapore.

We have 5 types of Internet connection types available:

Dial-up: 56 or 112 kbit/s
ADSL: 512 kbit/s to 25 Mbit/s
Broadband / Cable: 2 to 100 Mbit/s
Mobile Broadband: 512 kbit/s to 7.2 Mbit/s

The national wireless broadband, Wireless@SG, is capped at 1Mbit/s

As far as I know, our main trunk actually passes through Philippines and Taiwan as the main connection to the other side.

100 Mbit/s cable plans are available to every single HDB flat. It is not available to every private housing estate, and ground works would have to be paid for should the private estate want it.

As with all internet speed measurements, you will always have to take about 25% off the stated speed for overhead reasons.

As such, my 100 Mbit/s connection will be around 80-85 Mbit/s, which has been verified through

One common thing most users overlook is that a 100 Mbit/s modem (DOCSIS 3.0) is required to get the full speed. Most standard cable modems are capped at 32 Mbit/s (DOCSIS 1.1 / 2.0). Higher speed cable modems cost a bit more and most users are not willing to pay for it.

We have just started OpenNET installation works, and the first few blocks in the Cantonment Road area have just been wired with fibre-optics for the new network. It is targeted for every household to be wired with fibre-optic by 2012.

Fibre-optic based internet service is expected to start next year.