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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

Maybe it comes in 210 different shades of pink and other nice pastel colours.

If you've got a copy of today's Malay Mail, turn to page News | 3. The story there is titled "Local police armed with Tasers". The writer, Muzila Mustafa says that members of the PDRM are now armed with this modern weapon known as The Taser X26 Electronic Control Device (ECD). Now here is the interesting part... the story also reveals that the X26 is one of the 210 models worth about RM2.1million that the Malaysian police purchased last year. either it is an editing mistake or Muzila is on the verge of a scandalous expose here. They bought 210 (different) MODELS of stun guns??? Anywhere else on the planet most people would say "Hiyah mistake la. 210 pieces of the same model is what they meant. How can they be so stupid one?"

But then this is Malaysia. Boleh one!



Super Chu Chai said...

maybe its not 210 different models but 210 units? if its 210 units for 2.1 mil then it sorta make sense as 1 unit will then cost bout 10k each

Anonymous said...

Give them some credit because they can no longer use C4.

heckler said...

HI Pat,

Even 210pcs of the same model = to abt 10,000 a piece? I don't know but can a stun gun cost that much?

Anyway, why would they need it? What's wrond with bullets? Simple and easy.

Wait... now it gels, Remember teh news about getting Robber to do community services instead of putting them behind bars.


Greenbug said...

Wow, thats MYR10,000 each. Now we cannot argue if we are issued a traffic summons erratically? Recently, there was an article about a 72-year old woman being tasered many times....


mut said...

Does this mean there will be less shooutouts where everyone is shot dead by the police? (you know lah, witnesses very inconvenient one!)

Or is this another "kontrek untuk kroni" arrangement under UMNO?

Bob said...

Aiya, Malay Mail article said can get in Pasar Road (from the boot of a white colored Nissan Sunny station wagon) for upto RM350. Maybe super canggih model can buy at RM1K per unit (i thinking onlylah).

FoggyDuo said...

Check the pdf file found at Go to page 3 of 4, the very last paragraph on that page. It says "All of this form and function doesn’t come cheap. At $799 per unit, the X26 is expected to sell for about $300 more per unit retail than an M26 ."
In other words, one unit of the Taser X26 is US$799. That is less than RM3K per unit. So why have the police ended up spending RM10K per unit? Where did that RM7K go???

Andrew said...

No the nett figure is not the price for per unit basis. They add in training, commissioning and delivery charges. Maybe some con-sultants fees as well to justify the figure of RM 2.1 million.

This is just small change lah when compared with the subs and others. If we are to list them all down, it may travel the length of NS Highway, lah !

Anonymous said...

perhaps with the tazers, the pdrm will have the courage to walk the beat and take the streets back from the snatchers! It is the lack of walking the beat by the pdrm that has emboldened the riff raff.

khensthoth said...

A simple Google search revealed the retail price for this is about $999. Bare in mind that's the "retail" price, not a wholesale price. Using the exchange rate today, that would come to less than RM3600. The PDRM acquired the TASER guns for more than 2.75 times its retail value.

The news was reported weeks ago in TheStar. Why this hasn't turned into a big scandal yet, I have no idea.

H J Angus said...

Hi Patrick
Given the decline in the standard of English in Malaysia, are you sure they are not referring to models who wear skirts?

Anonymous said...

Maybe our cops need a smaller customized helmet to use the Taser since the Americans have bigger heads...that's why the Taser for Malaysia cost more ..kekeke ... or maybe the tasers supplied to Malaysia needs modified electronics....whatever ... we sure miss the old comical botak's comical public statements now that he is no longer around.

natives are restless said...

.... why dwell on these unimportant statistic ?.
Can you imagine the people at the receiving end of these guns by some trigger happy officer ?.

I'm sure all of you have mosquitoes zapper at home don't you ?.

Give a thought of the mosquitoes.

Anonymous said...

Money for unnesassary stuff they have....!!!

When it comes to the poor & important stuff....???????????????

"Let's look into it..!"
"Go fill up a form first...!!"

natives are restless said...

Police Brutality Report :-

Police Officer's statement :
"It's wasn't the lazer gun ; ..he must have zapped himself with the mosquitoes zapper in his cell & his heart stopped ."

natives are restless said...

Scenario 2.
Police Brutality Report :-

Police Officer's statement :
"It's wasn't the lazer gun ; ..he was struck by lightning in his cell & his heart stopped ."

Anonymous said...

konsep 1Malaysia??...1 orang untung banyak, lain orang tanggung. MACC mana??

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - patrick

so many posts in the last few days!

keep them coming - cheers


NoktahHitam said...

They only have 3 types of gun. X26 being one of them.

RM10k for a gun? Some is robbing bank under our nose. On some website, it is noted that X26 cost half of normal hand gun. A Cold Handgun costs roughly USD2k = RM7k. and I don't think we use this type. Our police are most equipped with revolvers.

Another Curious Case of Tipu Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Hi People,
I thought we have allocated "rakyat" funds for many teachers to stay in London for at least one year to study English in England so that they would be able to teach Queen's english when they return to Malaysia. Am I right? How many have gone on this prestigious programme this year and how many next year?

resident.wangsamaju said...

Where did the test units go. Petaling Street?

Anonymous said...

Remember a few years ago about the scandal when the Gomen buy screwdrivers, or some small hand tools for a ridiculiously inflated price?. This is still the culture of those in power. Anyway I just hope they will not test it on peaceful demostrators.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ziarah dari Pak Karamu

Anonymous said...

why reporter got confuse by how to do basix maths in BM or English-ah? maybe must + for person who help with contract. summore buy LAST YEAR? now already july-lor.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean C4 will no longer be used?