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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Not all plans for grandeur can be implemented...

Did you read this one yesterday?

Khir Toyo said the PPSMI policy of teaching mathematics and science in English should continue at all levels as additional classes after school hours.

“I suggest additional classes of between two and three hours a week, starting from standard one, be held."

Well I would like to suggest that he give himself a root canal. Without anaesthesia!

Khir said he supported the government’s move to discontinue the policy introduced by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“I believe the move was part of his (Mahathir) vision of a greater Malaysia and I understand his disappointment” he said, adding that not all plans for grandeur can be implemented.

Wah! So many words just to say, "Haha...F**K you Mahathir!"

Khir expressed his thanks to Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for removing this obstacle, which was preventing rural students from grasping basic mathematics and science.

That is a good one. Two birds with one stone. Polish 2 balls and score some points with simple minded rakyat.



Cuddly Family said...

He didnt study here in malaysia, did he?

Why cant they reduce the amount of BM lessons, there are sooooo many lah. I really hope they dont drop art/music. stupid!

k will be the batch from 2012. sigh if they dont change their minds again of course.

not your ordinary blogger; said...


Anonymous said...

aiya, where to cari guru2 English unless patrick uncle volunteer lo !?
btw, 5 billions akan di spent on this conversion !
Last time, 3.1 sudah wasted on the other way !
total 8.1 billions gone fart man ;
hey, our blood money laa NOT your
mather's one @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

Even the grand master of corruption don't believe this guy, how can we all trust his ideas on education?

natives are restless said...

This guy is full of shit that's coming out from the wrong end of his anatomy or was that his right end ???.

He even makes the lowest of the low look good . No wonder UMNO is still keeping him .



You should get someone to write a script for a movie or play about this "F..KR" it will be good entertainment. Only thing is when it comes to categorizing dono whether to put it under "humor or horror"

"Botox Balls" (face meh?) always talks through his a##. Now he wants to ask teachers to stay back and teach more hours! Last time he want all the Muslim people to attend "Kursus Bina Insan" The F##44Kr thinks he owns the govtmnt service meh? How can the state people oder the federal staff? Maybe all the camps give him "kopi money" .
I feel like stuffing a penyapu up his you know where. I hope he shits tempe for 7 days and nites.
KT the BB (botox Balls) is even the head of the Selangor YUMMONO Youth Think Tank . The feller got brains meh to think. This is recipe for horror movie.


You were once screwd by this F##kr
Don't ever let him F##k you again.

Anonymous said...

How to say 'Fantastic Facts & Fancies" in BM?

Pak Niamah better brush up your BM or you have to continue to chari makan at MediaCorp Singapore. By the way, what your next project after Red Thread?

Anonymous said...

Antoo Toyol is taking revenge against Mahathir who did not believe his Balinese Palace cost only 3.something million.
But Toyol has no fear of MACC. He can go into exile and take refuge in his own village in SE Sumatra and live like a King.

Satish said...

Patrick, you certainly have a way with words ;)

As for Toyo, his political career is dead. No longer can he run away like before.

He's in big trouble now, & I hope he gets what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Father of lies! He can lie through his teeth ( because he is a qualified dentist ); he can lie day & night ( because he is a toyol ); worst of all, he can lie to those who chose to believe him ( because he knows there are a lot of stupid people out there! )

Anonymous said...

toyol's should not be allowed to speak or seen in public.idiotic toyol

Anonymous said...

This is one classic case of a dog biting the hand that fed it. He was the chosen one by Dr,M. Serve Dr.M right too for not curbing corruption. He was too proud to learn from LKY of Singkapor how to wipe out corruption. Now we the ordinary malaysian suffers. Actually we should support the Law that chopped off the hands of thieves of our nation. Social evil like corruption that are difficult to eradicate, calls for drastic action to be taken.

Anonymous said...

I would like to dedicate the song Toyol by the late-Sudirman to this dentist.

He can act as a Toyol for David Teoh's new venture "Mari Pandang Belakang'.

prvlabel said...

You are hilarious ,Patrick! Get your point.

Anonymous said...

this's velly ridiculous laa :
the 1st batch of babi-guinea from 2003 std one till form 3 in 2011 having mad&sain in inglis will change to bm instructions from 2012
for form 4 & 5 .....then ...then ...
back to inglis for form 6 & vasity !
aiiyooooooooo mak ...@#$%^&*...HELP .

Anonymous said...

5 billions to be spent on this new system & 3.1 oredi wasted since 2003.
= 8.1 billions of our blood $$$$$$$ .

Anonymous said...

Si Toyol will be featured in a studio interview program on Astro Awani.

Maybe we can ask him how to apply HSBC loan to build his castle.