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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Singaporeans will soon get to enjoy Asia's first Universal Studios theme park.

So what are we getting?

A pile of plastic bricks.



Trashed said...

Putting up Legoland is not too bad. Given the high probability of rain on a daily basis, the plastic blocks won't need much maintenance and all it needs is a wipedown when the rain passes.

On the other hand, if you had a Universal Studio, oxidisation (rust) will be a major maintenance issue since the rides are built on metal girders (most likely iron or steel), certainly not aluminimum or wood.

But in both cases, bila hujan turun around 2-4 pm, I think most visitors will be indoors, so there should probably be a lot of indoor activities.

I wonder how the S'pore Universal Studios takes care of this rain issue. Maybe everyone has an umbrella and a rain coat ? Or will it be totally domed ?

Nutmeg said...

Frankly, I like Lego. And I am sure many people, both young and old, agree with me.

This is something we can see positively, only if the govt does it right without corruption. Now the latter, I am not so sure. But nothing wrong with Legoland if it is done right without corruption.

Anonymous said...

LegoLand ain't bad at all.It would be a bad idea if we have two Universal Studios in such a close proximity.

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Uncle Patrick,

Don't get too heated up!

We have already Safari World....

Also "The Empire Strikes Back" Perak edition.

Lastly, we have Bali Palace in Shah Alam...

All these serves us well.

monsterball said...

When you are inspired to put out your truthful thoughts in a comical and sarcastic are the Pat I like best...hahahahahahahaha
PAP is "People Action Party".
UMNO is "Ulu Monkies No Otak"...or.."Unholy Munafiks Neolithic Oganisation"

Anonymous said...

Legoland is for 3-12 years old.

Anyway many Malaysians have lost childhood or young-at-heart. Many have grown up not playing th expensive lego bricks.

But given a choice of Universal Studio (with the Transformers ride) at Sentosa in Singapore across the 2nd Link, the choice of the young generation is obvious.

Brick-&-mortal vs High-techie toys?

BryanT said...

Patrick, some people are easily enticed, even by a colourful piles of bricks.

BTW, I see some inaccuracies in the map, even within the limitation of Lego-brick constructions. "Economising" already?

Anonymous said...

Just drop by to say hello, and remind you that there are someone who you don't know likes your words in this blog, please carry on with this good work.

A proud & not in hand-outED Malaysian

Hasan said...

Seriously whats so bad about Legoland????

natives are restless said...

Well , Legoland seems like the next best thing after Disneyland.

Oh! btw , plastic last a whole lot longer than metal & other materials alright ..... hundreds of years in the dumpsite.

Gigantor said...

sorry but I prefer Lego land than Universal Studio.

and these plastic bricks actually create current generation geniuses everywhere around the world.

tapi...heres wishing it wouldnt be a cincai buat Lego Land. Who knows, Malaysia maaa.

Anonymous said...

trashed, if me no mistaken..i tot i hear universal in s'pore is indoor type apology if i am wrong hehe

Mr. Kong ah, u bery gud la in red thread hehe

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

We can't even manage Mimaland.
And then came the Bukit Celaka or was it Bukit Cerakah .
A Billion ringgit went to built the Masjid Kristal which you and i will NOT go to visit.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect, Uncle Pat ? They can't even decide whether to teach Maths & Science in English or Bahasa Malaysia ?

Perhaps, with Universal Studios theme park, they need to have a lot of English translations !

With plastic bricks, less words and more illustrations !

Niamah enough already ! Everyday niamah ! Still those people so thick skin until no more Niapah !!!

Anonymous said...

I don't bother whether it is made of plastic or bricks, so long it could bring economic values to the country. It is a thumb up.

Who cares? But please don't end up as "MIMALAND".


monsterball said...

Legoland is for dreamers...always happy....not real.
It's for children.
UMNO wants all be live in Legoland...have plenty hard working puppets...planting and harvesting to fill in their fat in Legoland...they will rule forever as little napoleans.
Legoland and Bolehland..are the slogans to inspire people.
We want a simple Malaysia land for Malaysians.
To get it...just do it...change it..or else you will keep living in a Neverland.....good for nothing...only good to talk .with no actions.

Anonymous said...

the different between Ma-lay-sia and sin-a pore is.

our neighbour hungry for foreign world class talent...

Ma-lay-sia hungry for foreign maid

see the different????

Obefiend said...

i grew up playing with LEGO. dad was too poor to buy MASK, Transformers or TNMT. i end up making my own lego version of the toys above

i take legoland over Universal Studio uncle Patrick. at least i know legos can stimulate my brain. Universal is just a mindless Hollywood theme park

go legoland!

Anonymous said...

To make the Malaysia Legoland one of its kind in the world, I suggest we have BIONICLES modeled after our great BN flers.

Lego can then sell alot of the toys featuring the BN superheroes to rival the Transformers at the Universal Studio in Singapore.

For example, a superhero ex-dentist who can build a RM25 million dollar bungalow with RM3.5.

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

huh, I love lego. but what else can I do at legopark besides taking pictures and walkabout?

I want some universal studios action ! singapore, here I come !