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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fanciess

The Malay Mail front page July 9, 2009

Yesterday's Malay Mail front-paged a story that linked the Malaysian Immigration Department to modern slavery. Today, the Immigration Department director-general "reacted with shock" when he learned that 10 of his officers were being investigated for their involvement in human trafficking. Abdul Rahman Othman said that he was not aware of any investigation against any of his officers by the AG's Chambers. "Til now I still don't know who are the officers they are referring to and if that came from police investigations. I am yet to find out. I don't have any details," he said.

Any man of honour would have resigned in shame before I finished typing that sentence.
Any man of some intelligence who didn't want to resign but hang on to his job for the pension would have shut up or gotten someone else to say something sensible on his behalf. But noooooooooooooooooooooooo...............instead.....................

Eh? Got ah? I also don't know la. I tell you later okay? After my tea break. Jom!



Malaysia Boleh! said...

human trafficking is one of the most profitable business in the modern world! the best part of this business is "product" that can be sell and sell again more many times! Its a multi billion I guess those officer might get alot from it! Just look at the problem arise from this issue...rampant prostitution around kl....even now we have our own geylang in the heart of the city! shame! malaysia memang boleh la!

Anonymous said...

As usual, there are not many brave and heroic politicians & goverment officials that admit there is problem in the country. Worst still many of these ppl still living in Neverland & didnt know the suffering of rakyat

Anonymous said...

Not many bravo like Chua Soi Lek, admitted the mistake & took the responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I am not shocked to hear this at all in view of the stadium in Terengganu collapsed some time ago.

Malaysians mudah lupa !

Nia Kong said...

Sigh! We have soooo much more in terms of everything than our southern neighbour but yet they're soooo way ahead of us.

Guess having everything more is not that a good thing afterall, especially having soooo many bloody morons in our administration!!!!

Anonymous said...

And he called himself a director-general...?????????

So easy to say "I don't know"...!!
Getting paid & "NOT" doing his job is a no-no !!!

So, Najib, what's his KPI gonna be..????????
I read once that if the goverment servants don't perform, they'll be kicked out.
So..! How's this???

I guess the US were right to say what's happening in Malaysia.
And Malaysians don't seem to know lah...!

Btw, Mr. Home Minister where art thou........!

Anonymous said...

The director-general must be sleeping on the job, just like our former ... (Ahem!)

py said...

"Eh? Got ah? I also don't know la. I tell you later okay? After my tea break. Jom!"


I like your sense of humour, Uncle Pat!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this old news in bolehland!, Immigration linked to human trafficking! Vehicle inspection agency linked to unroadworthy tour buses! Policemen linked to robberies! Corruption agency members linked to corruption! Judges linked to correct correct lawyers! CJ linked to bribery! Building enforcement authority linked to collapsed building! CM linked to developer(buy land cheap)! Port authority, minister, policians and cronies linked to 12 billions! Ultimately all this is linked-up to all our pocket. Our country Malaysia is a rich nation but many of us including myself are working hard like crazy to earn a simple living for our family. Last month I took my family to Singapore, and had a hard time trying to stretch my Ringgit to Singapore Dollar.

Damn Sore and Toolan

Anonymous said...

Just go to Green Elephant Spa at Sungai Wang or Grand Seasons Hotel at Jalan Pahang to see the grand scale of human slave exploitation as sex labor. To add further insult, green elephant spa is merely 5 minutes walk from a police beat station and another 5 minutes from a tourist police station.