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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hmmm...okay. No more 30%. Now 50%. Can?

Ta' boleh! We are not ready.

When I read Najib's pronouncement yesterday I was a little unsure what he meant. Today, I am totally confused. Why? Najib says something which I didn't quite understand. And today, PAS's Hadi Awang made a statement which is totally stupid even. Okay, okay maybe I am not making myself clear. Okay let's go read what The Malaysian Insider reported today....

Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced yesterday that the government will drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing, the cornerstone of the New Economic Policy (NEP), but they will now have to offer 50 per cent of the public shareholding spread to Bumiputera investors.

Drop the 30% Bumi equity requirement and then have to give 50% of the public shareholding to Bumi investors. Errrrr.....okay. That's different and is good for us Malaysians issit? Okay.

Then the Hadi fler says....he rejects the government’s plan to drop the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity requirement for Malaysian firms seeking public listing because he believes that the time is not yet right because the Malay community is not strong enough to face economic challenges.

First, Najib's announcement doesnt'make sense to me. The 30% equity requirement would not have benefitted the ordinary Bumi folks, right? Would they have the money or the knowledge to make such investments? No, right? That's why after years of the NEP we're still in the same shit-hole. And so, now give 50% of public shareholding to Bumi investors? Huh??? What's the difference ah? Isn't that going to have the same effect on our Bumiputra brethren? A BIG nothing???!!!

And then the blaardy PAS fler says he rejects the proposed plan because the Malay community is not strong enough to face economic challenges. So? It's been 50+ years. When are they going to be 'strong enough' with this kind of treatment from the people in government? Then the next part of his statement is quite laughable...“What was proposed before has not been achieved yet. We want equality for all races but at the same time, the Bumiputeras must be given the strength,” he told reporters in parliament today.

As a Malaysian I totally agree. But this strength must be in education, mental empowerment, confidence...not in hand-outs which in the long run benefit nobody. So can Najib or Hadi or somebody please say something intelligent?


Reader Billie Jean sent this explanation. ...


The public listed company require 25% of it shareholding be held by public. Najib new announcement want 50% of that "25%" to bumi investor, effectively 12.5% in total of public company shareholdings. Hence it would be improvement as compared to the existing 30% requirement.

Thank you, Billie Jean. Now why can't our Prime Minister be like you?


Anonymous said...

Salam dari Melayu Bersatu

Dengan kerana BABI--- DAP tikam belakang PAS
DAP sanggup tikam belakang PAS hanya kerana satu rumah lapah babi

Mula Mula Lim Guan Eng memecat Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai Johari Kassim yang dikenali sebagai seorang ahli majlis yang ikhlas bekerja keras untuk membersihkan MPSP yang dikatakan begitu kusut dengan pelbagai permasalahan.

Johari dipecat walaupun PKR Pulau Pinang memohon agar belau tidak dipecat kerana beliau seorang yang kuat bekerja. Malah TKM1 yang baru dilantik pun meminta agar johari tak dipecat...

Tak layan.. pecat juga... malah katanya kalau suka, boleh suruh PKR cuba lantik Johari semula... begitulah bongkaknya Lim Guan Eng dari parti Roket.

Kemudian dituduhnya, kaum India yang bakal kehilangan rumah mereka sebagai bodoh dan katanya Hidraf sudah menjadi boneka BN...

Eh wahh sedapnya mulut,
dulu masa nak kan sokongan Hindraf, langit dan bumi bulan dan bintang dijanjikan,

Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala a.k.a. High Chaparral yang marahkan Lim Guan Eng - jawab Lim Guan Eng: merekalah yang bodoh kerana tak ambil pampasan- sekarang nak susahkan aku pulak..Gambar oleh Star Online

Tak cukup dengan itu, DAP sanggup keluar dari pakatan Rakyat demi kerana rumah lapah babi YANG DIDIRIKAN SECARA HARAM di kedah dirobohkan. Ait satu rumah lapah babi punya pasal pun boleh tinggalkan pakatan... macamana ni... BACA RENCANA THE STAR DI PENGUHUJUNG POSTING INI

Bila PAS nak berbincang dengan Umno untuk satukan Melayu dia kata macam macam kat PAS, sampai ada yang suruh PAS keluar dari pakatan kerana khianat... NI DAP sorang kat kedah to tak Khianat Pakatan Rakyat ke.. or more specifically, tak khianat PAS ke?

DAP bukan sekadar memaki hamun pas tapi meninggalkan pakatan hanya kerana sebuah rumah lapah babi, apa agaknya reaksi mereka kalu PAS betul betul mahukan negara Islam

DAP begitu lantang menghina Haji Hadi Awang kerana mahukan orang Melayu dan Islam bersatu kononnya ia mengguris perasaan Cina dan bukan Melayu yang lain, tetapi di Kedah mereka tak hiraukan langsung perasaan orang Melayu. Yang peliknya Nik Aziz setuju cakap DAP pulak tu... entahlah

pikir pikirkanlah wahai orang Malaysia

kopitelp16 said...

Whaddaya expect from goons pretending to be clever? I'd be ashamed if my 50 yr old son comes to me and ask for assistance; b'cos he's not strong enuf to make his own living.

Billie Jean said...


The public listed company require 25% of it shareholding be held by public. Najib new announcement want 50% of that "25%" to bumi investor, effectively 12.5% in total of public company shareholdings. Hence it would be improvement as compared to the existing 30% requirement.

As for Hadi statement, it reflect how backward his leadership is

michael said...

Deep in his heart, I think Hadi is even more Ketuanan Melayu than Najib.
However, this ketuanan thingy, according to Tok Guru Nik Aziz, is unislamic.
There should only be one ketuanan, ie. Ketuanan Tuhan. Everyone else should be treated equally as per need.

Why is Hadi then wasting his time in PAS since PAS is supposed to be for all?

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I can explain this with an example. Pardon my long-winded-ness.

Say, I have 10 shares in my pocket. The old NEP-style is that I must find some bumiputra to take 3 shares from me, so that I can sell the full 10 shares to the public.

But in reality, not all 10 shares will be made public. I may want to sell only 7 shares, and keep the other 3 for myself.

With this new plan, of the 7 shares I plan to sell, I must give the bumiputras the right of first refusal to buy the 3.5 shares (50%!).

Sounds good, right?

Like most things in life, its "ho thye mmm ho sake" -- looks good, tastes awful.

You see, what will happen now is that for very good issues, e.g. a very good company, the non-bumi's suddenly get less of a pie to share. But for poorer listings, the bumi portion will not be taken up anyway.

This may help the business owners, but the last I heard, they only make up 2,000 (the number of listed counters) of the population. The remaining 13,499,100 chinapeks, and indian mutus are getting lesser of a pie with this new non-NEP NEP.

And I hope people did not think he was doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

giam2020 said...

Nowadays,bumi are no longer interested in the reserve portion
in public issues cos they are mark
to market and no longer at discounted
price.Hence,no longer can they make
easy market and this policy of 30%
is redundant.Simple logic,no easy
money,no demand and policy is a
failure.You can see for your self
that new public issue are no longer
in demand and sometime upon listing
goes below par value.To make money
one has to be a long term investor.Moral of the story,you
have to have holding power.

Hamba said...

Both of them are the different faces on the same idiot coin.... One is the neanderthal male bimbo leach and the other is the moron village head who aspires to be the US president.... Malaysia sure breeds the worse of them, don't we?

Richard Cranium said...

And if you miss this recently. The CEO of Bursa Malaysia is saying that they will require listed companies to free up more shares to be trades.

To do this, you need to issue shares. And guess what, 50% of this issued shares must now be allocated to bumis.

Another parallel is taxation. We'll reduce your tax. But you pay for tolls, service taxes, this fee, that fee, etc.

Remember guys, "the government giveth, the government taketh away".

Anonymous said...

“What was proposed before has not been achieved yet. We want equality for all races but at the same time, the Bumiputeras must be given the strength,”

i hope the bloody fella would stop using the word Bumiputera. if what he meant was his own race, please don't include the rest of the bumiputera races. damn retarded man this fella.

Anonymous said...

The "bumi" leaders should examine why Malays cannot hold their equity!
Frankly based on their population percentage they should be acquiring and holding above 50% of the total equities in the Bursa!
You cannot force others to give you 30% or any other % if you are not willing to save and hold!
That has always been the problem. Only UMNOputras were able to get cheap loan and share allocations which they can disposed for a profit! Why should any of them hold shares when they can always get cheap shares later?

What A Lulu said...

thank you billie jean [who is not my lover] for clarifying that.
i didn't understand what that 50% meant.

anti-incompetence said...

A whole load of goons!!!!

amoker said...

Shame on Hadi and his UMNO talks.

Still , need to see how this thing goes. at the current moment, it is just talk.

Ravepotato said...

Meh...the reaction from Hadi was to be expected anyway, the more important issue here is how will the government respond to the certain objections form parts of the Malay community?

Benjamin Cheong said...

Ah! Now I understand too! I also thought how come 50% is less than 30% when I read Najib's statement. Billie Jean is not my lover, but she's just a gal that's pretty good in explaining things in layman terms...

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...






Anonymous said...

LOL.PAS has finally reveal what it is clearly and clear any confusion that I have about the party.

err.. and for the PAS supporter club members,it's all about hygiene.It has nothing to do about the race.

Anonymous said...

It always the Malay leaders that never gave a chance to the ordinary Malays to excel, by telling the world they are ready to stand on their own 2 feet. This leaders are the ones that is holding back the progress of the Malays and not the non-malays. I'm very sure any Malays in any organisation that excel in their work would get their just rewards, I have been working for more than 30 years and I have truly dedicated Malays getting their just rewards on their own. For once let the ordinary Malays stand on their feet and let them excel instead of holding them back.

Anonymous said...

The politicians will twist and turn with their words. All they can say is that the media twisted their good intention.

If my 40 or 50 year old kid come and tell me that he is not ready to become a father and has already been a father for 20 odd years, I must be sane enough to tell him to go to ****.

Infant talk or what !!!

Puke man !!! Oh ! Niaaaamaahhhhhh !

Y2K said...

with regards to Billie Jean's clarification

As I understand it, "The public listed company require a MINIMUM of 25% of it shareholding be held by public"

So if 70% of the company was held by the public, this would mean that 35% of the shareholding must be in bumi hands. Not exactly an improvement, just adding more confusion.

Trashed said...

The comment by Richard Cranium might not be correct as the PM also indicated that subsequent to listing, the bumi shareholding requirement will not be applicable.

In other words, once listed, if all the 12.5% bumi shares are sold to non-bumis, there is no requirement for the company to have to issue shares to maintain this quota. Thus, if bumi shareholding is zero, so be it.

I stand corrected if I am in error.

ahoo said...

When the policy enacted was hijacked by politikus, we are in dilemma now. Whatever new policies implemented MUST take into account the poor and needy i.e meant for ALL Malaysians, irrespective of races and religion.

Forget the middle class and above as they are already too comfortable already. Why continue to pamper them with 7% discount for buying houses above RM 500,000.00 etc ? If they are already so rich, why continue this policy ? Give those poor ones more incentives in terms of scholarships etc and barred those filty rich family from even coming near. If policies are only for the elites, then this nation will struggle for another 50 years without seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever being disturb by all these equity share holding !!!

A Co not making money will not be listed. After listing, if you ( applied to Investors of all races) take fast cash and "dispose off" your share will not augurs well for long term investment.

Eventually, the distribution of wealth will fail.......

Anonymous said...

These means the Bumi quote will increase from 30% to 50%. Najis think all Malaysian are emty cocunut like him. U think all the Malaysian masih :katak bawah tempurung;Huhhh
Anon 12.10
Kalau Kedah dibawah payung umno/BN tentu hang tak kutuk MB hang kalau MCA tidak berpuas hati dengan tindakan kerajaan negeri,kan?Mungkin MB hang akan ikut jejek toyol selangor dan hantar orang ke Jerman survey cara sembelih babi yang dan binaan kandang yang Moden dan canggih dan boleh hentam konisyen 10% dari projek tu kan?OH maaf , Najis kata now 50%.
Pendeka kata UMNO Kedah ikut Babi Selangor.
Hang jumpa dulu mamak kutty kalau tak pun jumpa Najis dan suruh mansuhkan surat "Aku Janji" yang dipaksa ditandatangan oleh kakitangan awam era Mamak Kutty untuk menutup mulut kakitangan sektor awam dari membongkar mismanagement gomen kepada rakyat.Berapa ramai pekerja swasta yang jujur dan iklas dipecat? Kalau orang hang pecat yang tah bersalah bolek kah?Buat homework dulu sebelum komen. Sampai now surat "Aku Janji "disimpan untuk memeksa dan mengugut kakitangan awam supaya tutup mulut dan ikut kehendak gomen.Alasan dibayar gaji oleh gomen memerintah.
Pemimpin Hindraf memang ikut perasaan. Masalah tanah di Penang sekarang masa UMNO/BN koi sue Kon.Bukan DAP/PAKATAN. ok. transfer tanah tu sebelum DAP membentuk kabinet Ngeri.Ingat Fail hilang dan Exco kau yang sebelum kata tak tau fail kat mana? Dan apa khabar angin katakan Pemaju Perumahan itu di miliki sebahagian oleh salah seoarang ketua hang yang suka sebut perkataan Beruk.Hindraf patut fikir dulu sebelum buat demonstrasi.Kalau UMNO/BN yang perintah Penang dah lama High Chapperal jadi sejarah. Come Penang Indians be wise and dont follow emotion.
Hang kata DAP tikan belakang PAS kerana isu kandang Babi. UMNO/BN selangor tikam MIC dan rakyat India selangor dengan merobohkan kuil 100 tahun pada hari pertama Deepavali , Apa hang nak Cakap?
Anon 12.10. U are a racist cum from the skunk goons group. Niaaamahhhh.


Anonymous said...

hadi awang can go ahead and submit his application form to join umno! what a trojan horse!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just heard from RTM's TV1 that PM Najib should be called Bapa Kemajuan.

Not bad for 100 days of effort.