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Friday, July 10, 2009

Is it thick skin or thick skull?

Maybe somebody should check how he paid for his botox makeovers.

It was reported today that ex-chief minister, Khir Toyo has released all the details of his housing loan agreement with HSBC Malaysia Bhd. Apparently, he 'bared all' in his blog. I didn't even bother going to read what he had 'bared'. Why? Because he missed the point again. Okay let's go over it again.

Ng claimed that he (Khir Toyo) had built a palatial home (which everyone for some inexplicable reason insists on calling a 'bungalow'. Ok for the sake of simplicity we shall let it be known as a bungalow. A 50,000 sq. ft. bungalow) costing RM24million.

Khir Toyo says not true because it only cost RM3.5milllion.

Ng asked where he got the money to afford this 'bungalow'.

Khir Toyo said he was rich before he became chief minister and that his riches came from his dental practice.

Ng asked where he got the money to afford this 'bungalow'.

Khir Toyo said he got a loan from the bank for RM3.5million.

Ng asked if the loan was for RM3.5million how much was the 'bungalow' worth since banks are not in the habit of giving 100% housing loans.

Khir Toyo said he bought the 'bungalow' from a company that was facing financial difficulties.

Khir Toyo said, "I don't deny that the bungalow belongs to me. But I deny that it costs RM24million." Nah! Come and see my housing loan la.


Is this son of Toyo really that thick? The original question was about his ability to pay for the property ...... alright, the bungalow on a menteri besar's salary. Simple question. Just a simple answer la.



Anonymous said...

Watch this interesting speech from RTM:

Greenbug said...

You are smart enough Patrick not to go to his website because of hundreds of his supporters praising him for being transparent and brave. You would probably scream Niamah!!!

I just can't understand all these people who wrote the comments, are they that stupid or what? Perhaps these are the people who have been "looked after" by this thick-skinned botoxed man.

Anonymous said...

Cmon lah, give this guy a break. We all know most ex-MB can afford great villa after their so-called national service (serving the pocket..oops sorry, serving the people), so can most ex-Minister/MP. Just look around those ex, see where they live-great villa,greater cars too.The common folks who voted them bcos of their great rhetorics are still as poor.

Anonymous said...

Bro Pat, if you recalled the ex-Klang councillor also can affort a mansion with big swimming pool. An ex-MB can't afford bungalow of 50K sq ft?

Anyone will definately buy that bungalow with 3.5M. One thing very strange, who in the sane mind would sell that for such a value, unless something fishy behind the sale? Hmm...i wonder if this belongs to PR guys, how fast MACC will act?

Again, the basic question how he managed to get the money to buy still unanswered.

Anonymous said...

This is definately one of the greatest benefits of being in the BN gomen with NEP, MACC and Home Ministry covering.

Btw, Anyone out there understand what 1Malaysia brings?

Anonymous said...

Effect of botox started to sip into the skull


Even Tun Dr Mahathir has expressed his doubts and has also asked that Khir Toyol fler to explain where he got his money to buy that bangalow. Khir Toyol truly Boleh in this Bolehland.

Niamah kau kau to this thick-skin UMNO moron! It's good that UMNO still keeps his membership for the benefits of PR supporters.

Anonymous said...

his bini oso got money wat : how ?

Trashed said...

I hope the Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeri will also look into this case. The ex MB's business could be a major contributor to Malaysia's diminishing tax revenues.

Apa ? Tak de file ke ?

niakong said...

Why waste time & resources discussing the niamah issue? Why complicate matters when things are so simple??

You know, i know, everyone knows ... there is only one answer to it...


doraemon1972 said...

gave praise to him? those guys must've been living in their arse...

telur dua said...

It is very obvious he is evading the question. Assuming the housing loan is 100% of the purchase price, which is what he like us to believe, it still does not add up.

He is a fool giving this sort of answer. A small semi-D in PJ already sells for more than RM1 million. HIs mansion is the size of a football field.

Actually he is not thick skull or thick skin, he is just so blatant because UMNOites like him are immuned which is what he like to believe.

telur dua said...

Do you notice the common trait among fraudsters nowadays? Ya, the likes of Bernard Madoff and....

They steal your money and flaunt it. No?

Anonymous said...

Forget the American Dream,

We can now have 'Shah Alam Dream' courtesy of Si Toyol.

Why migrate when you can achieve so much in Bolehland?

Anonymous said...

You orang sakit gigi ke ?

Kalau nak jumpa buatlah appointment dulu. Kalau tak boleh tunggu-


Tapi kena jaga jaga tau. I dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

anak kucing

telur dua said...

This is not a garage. So, a house so large can't have plain walls, empty rooms and toilets.

How much would the interior cost add up? Not peanuts, I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Beating around the bush. Why can't he just reveal the content of his declaration of his assets he gave to Dr.M when he become MB?. I am still angry when I remembered the ex MB who was caught at Australia carring millions in cash. An angry tax payer. Niahmah

Anonymous said...

that was the ex ex-mb who carried
dirty millions in a bag, now terhilang oredi !

Anonymous said...

He will probably answer, the house looks like belongs to me, sounds like belongs to me, etc !!!

Monkey see monkey do !

MACC what ???? What ????

Niamah ! also no use !!!

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for the MACC to investigate Khir Toyo. Maybe they'll turn up in 3 years time. Under UMNO, no investigation. This is a guarantee of UMNO membership.