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Monday, July 20, 2009

An open letter to Berita Harian

Read. Comment.



Malaysia BOLEH said...

The held a innocent witness for HOURS and been treat like a suspect....

And they treat ex-MB who face million $$$$$ corruption like a KING...

Another Malaysia BOLEH

Anonymous said...

Baguslah Berita Harian cakap-cakap yg bodoh,yg lagi bodoh ialah Tuan Besar Rasuah tu yg sekarang enjoy mahligai baru nya dengan wang kita semua,baguslah BeritaHarian dan Utusan,terima kasih kerana memperbodohkan semua kaum terutama melayu sendiri.

wakmempelam said...

Satu ulasan yang amat tepat yang telah diutarakan oleh Saudara Art Harun. Surat khabar mesti bersikap adil dan objektif dalam ulasan mereka. Portal internet mendapat ramai pengikut kerana orang-ramai sudah bosan dengan BH dan UM.

Anonymous said...

the LORD says : " Vengeance is mine!"

Anonymous said...

that toyol stuff million into their mouth,ass hole until they hv nothing to say...and will always say they will go to dick

mob1900 said...

NST, MM, BH led by Kepala Hantu Utusan has always been run by pricks who would whored their own to make it into a racist matter.

All these happens when it is run by politicians from AMNO when clearly they should have finish school first.

Kudos to Art & Pat for speaking out without fear and favour.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all !!!

51 years of Merdeka and we have bred this kind of idiot that stoke racial tension and will get away scott free ! I scratch your back and you scratch my back.

The ex-MB plus many more Lingams will get away scott free. They don't have to be responsible for whatever they have done. They are outright righteous.

Niamah ! Enough already ! How many more niamahs to go ! Can't you all see !!!


Telan sahajalah ! Gulp !

Yadayada said...

keep on linking this kind of article Patrick...
(thumbs up to you)

mike said...

Many thanks for the link, Pat.

Alexl said...

ha!.. another sure malaysia boleh one!!..boleh anything!!.. you know what i mean..kekekek..
add your Recent Comments Blogger Widget with just single click... easy!!..

SetiaSelalu said...

How come MACC has not even ask ONE QUESTION or investigate those politicians who have ammased Millions if not billions of Taxpayers money to build HUGE HOMES & PALACES in KL and abroad.?
Oh I forgot this is Malaysia boleh !
Majority of Malaysians of all races are no longer fools.
Government are here to serve the Rakyat NOT the other way round.

art harun said...


Thanks for linking up my blog to yours. And thanks to everyone who visited it.


novice101 said...

Nazri, Muyhiddin, Zainul Arffin and Selangor UMNO Youth, please read this :

Monday July 20, 2009
Fatwa needed on MACC procedures

OUR nation is shocked by the death of a young man after he had undergone an interrogation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). It saddened us more as he was only a witness to assist the investigation and not even the accused.

As a practising Muslim, my heart cried for justice as prescribed by our Holy Book of Islam, the Quran. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) taught us strict principles to imagine what would we feel if such a tragedy were to happen to our own son, brother or close relative.

All Malaysians should extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of the deceased.

At the same time, it is a sin to let such an incident happen without a thorough revamp of the investigative procedures.

The investigative procedures used by MACC were professionally taught by Westerners. And it is a fact that these Westerners are godless people. They do not believe in the existence of Almighty Allah nor do they ever accept that there is a day of judgment after death.

Therefore, their ways of working are based on the ends justifying the means.

To them there is no meaning of sin. They are not afraid of accountability to Almighty Allah. This clearly is in contrast to the teachings of Islam.

I would like to humbly request the National Fatwa Council to play an active role here. The Fatwa Council should scrutinise all the procedures used by MACC and give a verdict according to the Islamic ruling. This is a huge responsibility but the nation is in need of such prompt action.



Deputy Nazir,

Masjid Al-Mujahideen,

Damansara Utama,

Petaling Jaya.

Alex said...

And to those that haven't done so yet, please donate to Teoh Beng Hock's family and ask your friends and family to do the same. Even RM1.00 also can.

CIMB (Alor Gajah Branch) Joint Account Teoh Leong Hwee, Teng Shuw Hoi (Teoh's Parents) 0412-0000333-52-8

Let not his death be in vain, let not a child lose the father in vain. Justice for Beng Hock, for our children's sake, for the sake of a child that will never hear the father's voice, that will never feel a father's love, that will never know the father...

DeZemBer said...


I hope we all share the same view as mine...


what come around, goes around said...

I really sympathise this Zainul for he himself will face the consequence for the evil that he has done.

The world is fair, each will be responsible for the results of either his evils or good deeds.

God bless him and family

Anonymous said...

Let us see where all this will lead to shall we?Did you guys read today what the MACC whatshisname had to say on the public reaction to Mr Teohs' death.Not a very bright fellow is he? Or too obtuse like the other goons.And the fuckwits at the two tabloids.. sheesh .. and people do read that crap.''
Only in this Bolehland of ours.

Poon Lan Kan

Anonymous said...

The following, just to share a "current" joke as to the future of how a young Malaysian son-of-the-soil would do with his future. Perhaps, some have read & some haven't but amidst the present anguish amongst right-thinking malaysians; perhaps a lighter side of things to say "Up yours! to Zai of BH.


An old kampung imam had a teenage son, and it was getting time the boy
should give some thought to choosing a profession. Like many young men
his age, the boy didn't really know what he wanted to do, and he didn't
seem too concerned about it. One day, while the boy was away at school,
his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy's room and
placed on his study table four objects.

1. The Holy Book.

2. A fifty ringgit note.

3. A bottle of whiskey.

4. And a Playboy magazine.

'I'll just hide behind the door," the old imam said to himself. "When
he comes home from school today, I'll see which object he picks up."

"If it's the holy book, he's going to be an imam like me, and what a
blessing that would be!"

"If he picks up the fifty ringgit note, he's going to be a business
man, and that would
be okay, too."

"But if he picks up the bottle, he's going to be a no-good drunken bum, and
God, what a shame that would be."

"And worst of all if he picks up that magazine he's going to be a
skirt-chasing womanizer."

The old man waited anxiously, and soon heard his son's foot-steps as he
entered the house whistling and heading for his room..

The boy tossed his books on the bed, and as he turned to leave the room he
spotted the objects on the table.

With curiosity in his eye, he walked over to inspect them.

Finally, he picked up the Holy Book and placed it under his arm. He picked up
the fifty ringgit note and dropped into his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and
took a big drink, while he admired the magazine's centerfold.

"God have mercy," the old imam disgustedly whispered. "He's gonna run for Majlis Tertinggi UMNO."

Anonymous said...

Thanks god, we stil have brothers
who speaks without fear or favour.

The righteous is in everlasting rememberance and Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

As for the Brother-Sesat , pls remove your mask and look at yourself in the mirror.First thing to check is whether your skin has grown as thick as the elephant toe..


natives are restless said...

You are so right ... after 51 years of Merdeka we have bred such idiots . Just imagine the next 51 years .... hybrid idiots ?

Anonymous said...

Like you commented, Art Harun just put all those words together about whole truth about Berita Haiwan and Utusan Melacur. A human life has been lost and yet they are spinning it again, as usual from their extremely racial commentaries. And that son of a seafaring cockroach, Awang Selamat should be skinned alive and made to see what color is his blood that flows within. But then again maybe he and his fellow racists' blood could be greenish yellow in color, just like pus! Coz only pus would run within such racists who continually undermine the intellect of the rakyat and fanning racial divide at every single oppotunity without slightest sensitivity to the cohesiveness of this nation.

kopitelp16 said...

Right till now, no one in the PR has said anything or demand that this is a 'race' case. All they want is justice for a pol-sec that never came home after an 'interview'.

The race thing is being harped all along by the DPM, and UMNO papers. They are playing the racist game one again. Can't they just accept the fact that a young Malaysian died in a very suspicious manner; in the vicinity of MACC? What Malay power? UMNO papers can only come out with shit and the only improvement is that the shit gets stinkier!

If other Newspaper were to comment like this, sure kena tapao oredi.

natives are restless said...

To justify for anything in this country is to turn them into a racial issue .

Anonymous said...

Yesterday si Toyl was on Astro Awani.

He said he is devoting his time to humanitarian work.

Ha Ha ha!

He said the government should reduce the poverty among the Malays. He forgot to mention that the poor should not have so many children such that they are deprived of quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Utusan and BH - chao hai paper that deserves to bungkus only shit.

Anonymous said...

Why are we all sitting in front of the computer keyboard moaning like Kindergarten kids? Why don’t we all start taking action and doing something to bring this corrupted government to its knees?

1. Stop buying any publication from the NST group. Don’t even bother visiting their website
2. Stop buying The Star as well. Its just another Barisan (MCA) voice piece
3. wear the Barisan embelm upside down
4. Choose a day in the next 90 days where we all don’t go to work for one day- the excuse being swine flu ;-)
5. Avoid patronising any business associated with Barisan example: don’t fly MAS. Fly with alternative airlines, or fly via Singapore if you need to go overseas
6. Take your money out of any financial institution associated with Barisan or the government apparatus eg. Maybank.
7. Avoid patronising any organisation where Barisan or any of its associated organisation have substantial interests. Would someone like to take responsibility for compiling a list of businesses?
8. Avoid paying excessive tax
9. Avoid buying a new Proton. Buy a second hand car (or second hand Proton if need be). If every potential Malaysian new car buyer did this, it will trip Proton over in less than a year, and we wouldn’t have to put up with hopeless cars (and the government might be forced to totally remove import taxes ;-))
10. Avoid buying fancy expensive foreign cars. You are paying 3 times the factory gate price to the government as revenues, Why give your money to this government if you are unhappy with them? If every towkay can hold off buying a Mercedes or a BMW, this will trip the government coffers over.
11. Support your local small business owner, be it the aunty who sells you vegetables or the mamak shop. Avoid going to big business chains like Carrefoure. They have a more transparent revenue system and the government taxes them. If we have the resolute to impact big business revenues, they will take notice and understand the population matters and will improve their understanding of Malaysian Politics 101,
12. For gods sake Walk! Choose a day where all don’t take the LRT or the local bus system and get the government to take notice.
13. If you have faith that this government will eventually go, sell your shares in government related/ Barisan related stocks and go with those which are going to be the future!
14. Choose a day where Malaysians don’t use a toll paying road!
Lets do it!

Golden Man said...

Hmmm... a good point made and yet we still in gaga over the case. But 1 thing for sure.... you really think Berita Harian knows that level of english. I mean come on here Pat, you know i know la.

Malaysia's own CSI said...

Detailed reports in 3 section

Purple Haze said...

I posted a comment on Tony Fernandes' blog as he had recently been appointed as a Trustee of the 1Malaysia Foundation.

I dunno whether he can bring about any change of great effect such as his Air Asia experiment but they need to know what the ordinary people are thinking, not the public relations spin.


After reading Sunday's Berita Harian editorial written by Zainal Ariffin Isa, I certainly do not feel Malaysian, since the Group Managing Editor has decided to view the death of a Malaysian through a highly racialistic perspective.

Has the 1Malaysia Foundation any resources to educate this person ? Don't you think that for 1Malaysia to succeed, the mainstream media have a huge part to play ?

Perhaps therein lies the first priority of the 1Malaysia Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Read this article by Raja Petra (& the MACC downfall parody video)

"There is many a truth in the parody"

Anonymous said...

Awang Selamat could be our next PM!

R4Os said...

NST, Malay Mail, Berita Harian & Utusan Melayu, etc., these are all part of our corrupt BeEnd Regime's massive propaganda machinery, to fan the fire of racial hatreds against the minority races in 1(Black)Malaysia, much like the Nazist Regime's propaganda against the minority Jewish Germans in the 1930s~1940s...

Najis Regime = Nazist Regime...

monsterball said...

Wonderful open letter by this Art Harun.
We need more Malays to confront UMNO Malays.
Berita Harian is a well known low class..UMNO racialist paper.
Bottom line...UMNO is very proud of the complete control of newspapers and TV .churning out praises for UMNO.
Never feeling ashamed..never play fair in politics...never..sincere...always find ways and means to win votes...unfairly and unjustly...and by any which ways they can think of.
Succeeding to have an IGP and few judges on their wonder they feel so confident to rule forever.
There is o other logical explanation...except UMNO thinks they own Malaysia...except the problem they are facing now is that ...they cannot own the matter how hard they use with money to buy loyalties..
This is the only thing they are still afraid of.. the daring voices like Art Harun...speaking out..and the blessed invention of give Malaysians readers...the alternative opinions and views of every think about the real truth.
The end result....more and more Malaysians are educated and no fools to be fooled anymore.
Just look at more than 2000 Malaysians attended Teoh's funeral.
And then more than 3000 in Penang for a forum..about Teoh .
The beautiful part is..the people listening are from all races.
You can get photos and full details on the Penang meet at "The Middle Road " blog.
I do hope more young Malaysians will speak up like Art Harun.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is out of the topic but I really feel like saying:
U hv a very smart and segak photograph up there but if u could take the cigarette away, it'll be a perfect model for all our youngsters - frank, outspoken, amusing, fun, practical, right minded - u hv that in your blog and your self portrait. Most youngsters who visit your blog would want to be something like u. So, "tak nak", ok?
p/s i don't expect u to publish this comment. TQ.

Secret Admirer

Anonymous said...

Thank you Patrick,very(x infinity) much for the new photograph.
Warm regards,
secret admirer

Anonymous said...

Yoo...only one chinese died and everybody make all remember or not .one vilage was slaughtered and nobody cares..(Memali)