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Sunday, July 12, 2009

So who gives a flying ***K!

Okay, you say first. Then I repeat. Can?

Everyday our newspapers and electronic media will feature 'quotes' from VIP's, mostly politicians. Statements that are made, you suspect, because somebody happened to thrust a microphone in his/her face and so had to say something. Or a reporter had, for want of something better to do asked a silly question hoping that he could use the answer to pad a skinny story. Like for example....

"I am happy that Najib has managed to prove himself well in just 100 days"...Abdullah Badawi, former prime minister.

"The announcements prove the PM is a proactive leader who listens to the problems of the people"...Tiong King Sing, BN Backbenchers Club chairman.

"...he understands the problems faced by the people and his walkabouts will inspire all of us..."... Ong Tee Keat, Transport Minister.

Why is that whenever some VVIP says something all the other flers must come out with heads nodding and repeat what we've already heard?

If you still subscribe to newspapers or if you have your wife's fish wrap from this morning, go look and see if you can discover more useless sayings from our 'leaders'. If you post a really funny one I will give you a prize. Really one. I am just following example ma. Everything must come with a bribe......I mean an incentive.



natives are restless said...

No Patrick , don't think we can top your "read this morning's wife's fish wrap .... "
it's a classical !! hehehe.

Nutmeg said...

Our "leaders" are an embarassment. Even our children in our kindergartens make better leaders than these BN morons.

More crappy propaganda. What is the big hoo-haa and fuss about? Najib practically did nothing! All hail the eternal leader Najis!

telur dua said...

The above quotes prove that the PM is surrounded by a bunch of sycophants.

'How can you fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys?' ~ Mr Deeds (the movie)

Anonymous said...

That's why some newpapers are worthy to be my poilet paper. Not the type to read in toilet but to wipe my arse. The one headed by Wong C Wai is one of them.

adrianlee said...

The funniest thing I've heard this week is of a reporter who asked Dr.M for his comments on the positives of Najib's 100 days in office.

Dr.M replied "Err.. Dia banyak turun padang... jumpa rakyat. Dia tak tidor..(referring to Pak Lah)" and smiled. Everyone in the room bursted into laughter.

Anonymous said...

Well said,Anonymous !
WCW is a real 'tripod stand'I should say.

Anonymous said...

When one in power, you hear all the "kompang" and accolades.

The truth of all stories will tell when one retires one day.

~Niabah & the 6 KRAs~

caravanserai said...

Don't go believing
The 11th hour 11 goodies
It is just fishing
On the stormy seas

It is coming
The wind gathering storm
On the shores waves ripple
The dancing will begin
When we fall asleep

The susurrus wind
Breathing down from the sky
Care free stormy images
Don't go believing
It is just a bag of crumbs

The hour on the 11th
The spices of aroma
Burning nostrils tears flow
Don't go believing
It is just fishing

Anonymous said...

Even the "fart" smell good to those parrots.

Parrot sesat.

Anonymous said...


I have just watched 'Isu Khas' programme on TV1 justifying the government's decision on PPSMI.

One suggestion from the panel (a 'Dr') is that English can be taught using ICT.

Since blogging is ICT, I will ask my kids to read your blogs more often. But youhave to come up with the English equivalent of the term 'Niamah'.

Anonymous said...

Becos he is the VVIP Mah! Politician knows that if lies or half truths are said often enough, it will become truth to those without access to alternative news media. I like the one that says "...he understands the problems faced by the people and his walkabouts will inspire all of us..."... Ong Tee Keat, Transport Minister. Cakap sahaja!. When is the last time he did his own walkabout to meet the people. He must take public transport at least once a month to understand the people's problem. Otherwise don't talk about inspiration from the VVIP. The only inspiration from all this is that, I also cannot sleep. I cannot sleep is also becos I worry how to safeguard my millions.

Anonymous said...



THEY ARE ALL PARROTS AND BALL CARRIERS. NOTHING ORIGINAL TO SAY. ALWAYS JUST SAYING..."SAYA SOKONG...apa-apa sajelah yang boss i cakap. dia cakap apa? mana i tahu, i sokong aje...".


Anonymous said...

Aiyo... what you expat from people who owe him a living har? You expat dogs to bite their masters ...hmm ..some do.. solly..!!Anyway..Like you say one.. who gives a @#$% ?

Hu Lam Pa

Anonymous said...

Hoi everyone ,something just struckme...all these notices etc ..just like some people observing the first seven... and also 100 days after some loved one has passed on !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Pat...

Why still talking about these BN fellas...?
When have they ever go against their "master"...?
They are just "head nodders"...!!!

100 days for making the rich richer.
Any "sweets" for the poor...?????

By PM going to the ground will he see the true facts...???
I don't think so...!

All is fine & dandy when he comes.
How many times has he done his walkabout???

Why not set a "timetable" for his Ministers to go to the ground too...?????

Make them do some leg work. Enough of them sitting in the aircond..!!!

Visit the very poor. Bringing bags of goodies is "not" enough. Uplift their "sufferings".

How many more times are BN just talking about the poor & not doing anything....??????????

Rm15 million going to MIC. (Chills running up my spine...!)


michael said...

I want to start a supporters' club called the PM ball carrier club.

All parrots, leeches, humans with IQ<90 and PR shit stirrers are welcome.

Anonymous said...

You know what. I use the newspaper for my doggie pen. When he shit and pee on the papers and guess what? When they landed smack on the pictures of the morons I praise him for job well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Monkey see monkey do ! What do you expect ?

Can't teach an old dog new tricks !

Soon, this old adage will be gone because we don't find a Bahasa version. Only a few will be good in English !

R4Os said...

Dear Patrick,

I was a faithful listener of your rtm radio days in 1970s when your favorite line was, "Blue skies & everything nice..."

I'm curious to know why u seems to impose a self-censorship on critics of Dr.M aka Mamak Kutty? Izzit bcoz his cohorts r now monitoring our cyberspace bloggers just like in our MSM? Look at what happened to Ms Florence Looi of NTV7? It's due to Mamak-Kutty's men-at-work!

Appreciate your stance for not being a parrot.

patrickteoh said...

Dear R40s,
Self-censorship of Dr.M critics? Have I given the impression that I do that? My sincere apologies. It wasn't my intention if at all I have done anything to give you that impression. I only delete comments that I deem to be overly racist and antagonistic.