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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

So who's the fool here?

Khir Toyo's modest abode in the suburb of Shah Alam. Nice eh? See what you can get if you eat your vegetables?

The above photo is lifted from the front page of The Star today. It supposedly shows a house (if you want to be modest, call it a house. I think 'estate' is more appropriate) that belongs to the ex-chief minister of Selangor. Take a good look at it. It is over 50,000 sq ft or 1.17acres. I daresay that it rivals some of the star homes in Los Angeles. It has been claimed that it took RM24million to build, RM20million to furnish and the land cost RM3.18million. Now, Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim wants to know how a non-practising dentist earning the salary of then chief minister and now opposition leader can afford a property like that. Yes, I would like to know too, Mr. Khir Toyo.

Of course in his own defence Khir Toyo fired a couple of salvoes back at his accusers.

"I cannot tolerate anymore...I will sue..."

"I bought the house for RM3.5million (meaning not RM24million as alleged la)...with a loan from HSBC. I did not buy the land and build the house on it as claimed by Ng."

"My contractor has absconded and the work has yet to be completed. That is why I haven't moved into the house yet."

This man Khir, the son of a Toyo is either the stupidest F****R in town or he thinks we are.

Okay, sure. Sue the bastard if what he says is untrue. Don't have to tolerate. Pull it all out in the open. Nail the baarger's ass to the wall. Now! And we'll provide the hammer and nails.

Eh! Hello! You bought the house for RM3.5million issit? Wah! So that's going to make things okay issit? We all go AWWWWWWWW!!! and pat you on the back issit? The fler bought it la. So okay lor. But tell us also la how you manage to get such a good deal. RM3.5million for a 1.7 acre estate completely built up? You must have had some damn good connections man! The last time I looked a duplex apartment in Damansara Perdana, 2.500 sq.ft. was RM800,000 already. Maybe we should all move to Shah Alam. But anyway......

Like, that is not the point or the question we and that Ng fler are asking. You really that stupid or you think we are?

Your contractor absconded and you can't move into your palatial home issit? AWWWW!!!

Like the fuck we care! We do care however to hear some answers to the questions we are asking. Since you are not so clever let us speak the questions s...l...o...w...l...y...okay?

How does a non-practising dentist and now ex-chief minister manage to obtain and service a loan of RM3.5million?

How did a non-practising dentist and lowly-paid Menteri Besar (albeit tax-free pay) afford to buy 2 plots of land worth RM2.9million and RM900,000 respectively?

Oh wait..........somebody somewhere might want to suggest you pull out the "my-wife-is-a-successful-entrepreneur-in-her-own-right" routine. Please don't use that because it's been used too often and we are quite tired of hearing it. You can try the "it-was-a-gift-from-my-grateful-constituents-who-love-me" angle. I think we haven't heard that one in some time.

RM3.5million housing loan. Was it given to him or the Chief Minister?
(since the post many have asked why I used this old photo instead of showing him with the new face makeover. This is the real man ma!)



Anonymous said...

Patrick, you are not doing justice to our revered ex-MB. You are using an old picture of him lah - before the hilarious botox and nose job treatments. How can you be so mean?

donplaypuks® said...

Three important questions:

1. Did the land cost $3.96 million and he got 100% financing (which is very unusual since normal finance margin will be 70%-80%) or it cost more than $3.96 million, say $5 or $6 million?

2. Does he still owe HSBC any amount, or as is usual in window dressing deals, he quietly paid off the loan a couple of years later? If he did so, where did he get the money from?

3. What is the built up area of the buildings. That will give us a betetr yardstick to estimate the cost of construction. The land area is not relevant for construction costs.

Anyone with any info out there?

Anonymous said...

now he has to pull off at least 300 gigi per bulan to pay the bank !

Trashed said...

I should have offered the seller RM 4 million as it would still be a bargain for a 50,000 sq ft property.

That will work out to be RM 80 per sq ft ... that's still less than buying a typical terrace house, which is at least RM 100 per sq ft (Klang Valley rate will be way higher).

Barger, how come the seller didn't advertise huh ?

Anonymous said...

Don't anyhow understimate his wealth.

Khir Toyo made a killing as a dentist before he joined politics.

Can check with him how much he used to charge to fill a decayed tooth.

Why he need such a big estate?
Maybe he is getting 3 Madu.

Toyol said...

OMG! Is that a picture of him before botox? I'd forgotten already how 'handsome' this f****r was.

One of the 'paling perasan' MOFO on the planet la this person.

Anonymous said...

This is "NOT" the first time he took us for a fool...!!!

I am sure many real estate agents will be "happy" to sell it, as Toyol fella is offering a good commission....!!!

Why does he keeps on..... putting his bloody foot in his mouth ???

Why does he think the rakyat are forever bloody "fools"...??

Why does he always, "always" get away with it...??????????
Where the "HELL" are the MACCs..??

The villagers of Buah Pala are going tru "shit"....!!!!!!!

BN gonna NOT want to get involved or support their own BN fella......?????

I also wanna tour of the house..!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it was not botox la. It was something else. Cost a few thousand ringgit per treatment. A few treatments a year. Ha ha I am not telling what it is but 110% sure not botox and tempeh.

Anyway, I gladly offer RM5 million (with all the furniture, fittings and all others). Must let this Toyol make some money la. But I like to view the property first and must bring camera to take photos.

This Toyol thinks we all are brain dead zombies or what? RM4 mil all in? Rumah teres 22 X 75 no renovation, furniture and fittings pun RM500 ribu. Apa lagi 50,000 kaki plus swimming pools and furniture and fittings.

Anonymous said...

Soon another tourist attraction in Shan Alam. A 'Neverland' in the making.

We can tell the world how to live 'The Malaysian Dream'!

Only in Bolehland you can build a RM24 million castle with less than RM4 million.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat! Dont you know our ex MB make billions of rupiah selling tempe back home (ancestral home that is) in Lampung? How could Assemblyman Ng made such accusations.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't imagine how many teeth he had pulled out from his patients to make so much money for the bungalow. Perhaps the teeth he pulled including from MACC...which make them all toothless...bravo Dr. Gigi aka Anak Toyo

dragonfly said...

This is only the tip of the iceberg, it was Zakaria's mansion before and now it's toyo's palatial mansion... but guys, open your eyes and look around, there are a lot of multi millions mansions owned by our umno masters...
Anyway, its a open secret in selangor that during toyo rule, he has his finger in every piggy banks/pie/contracts/land matters... that belong to the gomen or rakyat. remember the 40 million exco retreat?...

Anonymous said...

Pat, I think u missed out a censor at your blog as below:
" Like the f**k we care! We do care however to hear some answers to the questions we are asking. Since you are not so clever let us speak the questions s...l...o...w...l...y...okay? "

Better censor it, else those crazy fler out there may have the ISA target you...

I thoroughly enjoy ur blogs, and would hate to have it stopped... :D

Anonymous said...

his bini oso got $$$$$$$$ wat, how ?

Anonymous said...

Remember there was a president somewhere in the world that said, " I never pay for sex"???? Did he mean that somebody else was paying for the sex that he was getting? And if somebody said he only paid $3.5 million for a house that is worth 24 million, then is it because somebody else paid the difference ?

Anonymous said...

Wah the Istana Toyol is big enough to house the whole Selangor PDRM riot squad. Next time there is an election in Shah Alam, no need to rent canopies, just put the whole PDRM riot squad in there.

Anonymous said...

dun be jealous !!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe what our nation has become ???

We have this kind of leader who not only trying to deceive kids but adults like us as though we were born yesterday !

My goodness gracious ! Has the cheek to twist and turn and another act of it sounds like me, looks like me but it wasn't me. Monkey see monkey do !

Looks like we are moving backwards !

kagome_chan said...

Maybe we Shah Alam dwellers can hope for an increase in the value of our properties with such an illustrious addition to our neighbourhood....