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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wah! Damn expensive man.

Hmmmm......did they advertise last time or not?

Okay, so Najib has completed his first 100 days in office as Prime Minister and 65% (?) of Malaysians surveyed think that he is doing a good job. Great!

Najib himself has, since Day 1, advocated a People First Performance Now style of management. I am guessing he meant a no bullshit style since he also went on walkabouts to 'meet the people' and get a feel of what was happening on ground level. Najib also has been known to want a no frills approach for his administration. In other words do the job and don't expect red carpets, bunga mangga, polystyrene backdrops and expensive 'souvenirs' at official functions. Unfortunately, the last bit never filtered through.

Today, in 'celebration' of Najib's first 100 days there were 9 full-paged, full colour advertisements taken out in the New Straits Times alone to congratulate the man. Now you do the math. Each full-page, full colour ad costs Rm30,000!!! So okay, those are taken out by corporations who don't really care how they spend shareholders money. But there is also one ad from the state government and the people of the state of Perak!!! Now I wonder how many Perak tax-payers were consulted on how their money should be spent?

So okay, congratulations Najib. Keep up the good work and all that. But can you also ask those carriers of round objects to stop wasting money on these things? I was going to say "useless things" but then corporations are also not known for doing things for nothing. So I guess when these corporations make presentations for this project and that approval you will remember their ads congratulating you on your first 100 days in office. At least they hope you will remember.



Anonymous said...

This is not somthing new are unexpected. I remembered when Dr.Rice returned from S46 to Armno, and when queried by reporters that he said that he will NEVER return to Armno and other negative things that he said about Armno, his reply was that it was only a rhetoric statement. We should all know that politician is always making rhetoric statement. Our PM is no different. Most statements uttered by politician are just to please the hearers and does not carry must weight. Lies and half-truths are the order of the day. We citizens must always not beleive blindly what politicians say.

Anonymous said...

If only those rich people/companies who always want to angkat kaki their ultimate bosses by taking out full page full color ad.for simplest reason , could better use the money to help the poor, the homeless, those NGOs (disabled,abandoned,old folks homes,the blind,orphanage homes etc)who always in need of funds,God would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

What is the round objects that they are carrying?

Ampu Tuanku!

Anonymous said...

tdm : he dun zzzzzzz , dat's good BUT has more -ves than +ves !

niakong said...

Sigh ... gone are those good old days where the leaders of the nation really fought for the betterment of the nation!!!

Sigh ... what we have nowadays are just leaders who are just concerned about their own well-being (in the name of the betterment of the nation of course!)

Let us not be in state of denial!!!
S.O.S. we need a hero badly!

Anonymous said...


I wasn't around to celebrate Dr M's first 100 days but I don't recall Pak Lah getting such a round of applause for completing 100 days in office.

I guess the cronies are just relieved they survived 100 days to continue milking the various cash cows..

Semua Boleh, ala PR said...

Whilst BN is trying hard to improve, some very interesting pratice in the Pakatan Rakyat government.

"UNDERGROUND BUSINESS" !!!! , serious no joke.

From horse's mouth:

"... certain exco member had been and is continuing to be used as a meeting place for people connected with the “underground business activities.”

Greenbug said...

These corporations like Telekom, Tenanga and all those ball carriers are spending taxpayers money... period!

nia sing said...

It's good as it'll stimulate the economy mah ! Who's care about the money ? It's not their monies ! 300K from the rakyat's pocket to the media pocket, and so on.....

- Castaway - said...

I didn't even bother to buy the newspaper today.
Today is just like any other day.

Nutmeg said...

Najib is behaving like North Korea. All hail the great leader Najis!

Anonymous said...

>65% (?) of Malaysians surveyed think that he is doing a good job.

Ah, but how many were surveyed??? And who was chosen for the survey?

Anonymous said...

65% approval ratings. So you mean to say no more Mongolian story? All forgotton just for 20% discount on T&G? Bala, Saiful, Razak... all these names still sounds familiar? How about the rm24million house or all the losers appointed to the cabinet? I hope we are all not that cheap.

Anonymous said...

Perak gomen need to angkat bola a bit... if not how the MB want to sit peacefully in his place??

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah's lucky number is 13.

Najib's favourite is 11.

Are they listening too much to Lilian Too?

clearwater said...

Just part of the 'bodek' culture, my good man Patrick ; especially so when you spend someone else's money but credit comes to you. No check, no balance ; just pure unadulterated fawning so your loyalty will be ardently displayed to the 1Man.

Anonymous said...

Dulu lain sekarang lain !

We all mudah lupa !

Give people a chance to dedicate himself to you lah !

Whatever he says, setuju lah and otherwise, .... not good lah !