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Friday, August 07, 2009

And the award goes to....

The Optimist of the Year award goes to DAP national publicity secretary, Tony Pua who said......

"We hope that the minister will not only make this polls for show only and take this a real important feedback to ensure that ISA is abolished."

He was referring to the 2-day poll conducted on the Home Ministry's website to gauge public perception over what the opposition calls a draconian law.



camcamni said...

You cant blame Tony for being so optimistic as he is new to this cat and mouse politics of Malaysia. But its always better to have a positive mind rather than negative mind.

No matter how, we know very well that BN-UMNO will NEVER abolish ISA as they need that to stay in power. Thats what they think.

Tony is hardworking and a refresher for all PJ people and his emergence in DAP is a shot in the arm for clean politics. Hope he will maintain his clean and good work and will be able to attract more high profile top notch educated young yuppies to join DAP and slowly change the political scenery of Malaysia.

Guess he has lots to learn from the old timers. Give him time and we will have a tough guy coming.

Crankster said...

Well, no one on this side of Kuala Lumpur is that optimistic, so might as well have one Oxbridge graduate overflow with optimism.

Might help with the haze, if nothing.

Anonymous said...







artchan said...

I have another poll that maybe Hisham should consider putting on the ministry website.

"Should the Home Minister sack himself from the Home Ministry"

colorless said...

It's call political courtesy and Tony knew ISA will not be abolished.

Desolated Malaysian said...

I just returned from ikdn website. which is the results of polls conducted by the website.

The 2 day excercise was duly removed, of course but it was replaced by a poll result from "Undi 6 Julai 2009 - 19 Julai 2009", which was poll 13.

Under poll 13, 51% wants ISA to be kept. On second look there is only 97 responses. But as far as I am concern, I voted yesterday and I was the 2000th odd person whom has casted their vote. AND the results was still 91%. I kept a jpg file on the results.

This means that KDN is either publishing misleading information or just blatantly lying to Malaysian. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Pakatan fellows are really 'novice' in the political game.

They are too overzealos to make change, bark on the wrong tree, step on the wrong toe, fall into BN's trap ...

Nevermin, they still get my vote as without change, we can Niamah here Niamah there everyday.

Tony, Keep it up!
May your positive thinking bring positive action.

Just think before you act in order not to fall into BN's trap. Remember, there are many 'moles' planted by BN within the Pakatan.
Just be careful. Not all Pakatan fellows are clean.

A ROD said...

I have another poll too


He seems to be shitting through his mouth. Or Is that his arsehole on his face we see on TV all the time,
He is even coming up with a guideline on "how to celebrate Merdeka" Eh fuck the fella lah.
If we want to drink or shit is none of your business. The best way to celebrate Merdeka now in our country is to enjoy the fucking day and sleep.... zzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

I don't see any problem with the statement. It's a sincere comment coming from his heart. At the same time, he's sending the message across that this could well be another sandiwara. What do u expect, keep shooting all the time, izit?
We need someone who is tactful, otherwise, u don't get things done but instead u'll be disappeared in no time.

orangutan said...

wah...talking about the true meaning of NAIVETY this guy jus become the champion. c'mon lah...even my grandma also can say "fuck.....lah..." to the poll results

natives are restless said...

This Home Ministry poll is gonna to be
like " forget we ever ask in the first place "


the results are gonna be like "you can stuffed them up yours' for all we care !"

Anonymous said...

sarcasm at its best!

Anonymous said...

Aiya guys, c'mon!

Obviously Tony is not that stupid to believe the Home Ministry's sincerity lah. It was meant as a sarcasm.

What you expect Tony to say when people ask him about the poll? That the Home Ministry is lying? Every right thinking Malaysian also know whether the Home Ministry is lying or not. Cannot be too direct lah.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, it is good to be dumb ! Talk to much and they will react ! Let them be ass holes and the next general election, dooms day is for them !

komando said...

This month's award should go to REE TUAN TEE..another UMNO stooge, ULAMAK UPAHAN ( paid ulaam of UMNO )

so his plans are back fired
UMNO suffered more harm then good from his blurps!

This fellow must minta maaf to all chinese muslims world wide 100"s of millions!

He has shamed all of them!
Rice son of orphan wants to take to task becos this guy farks up!

Not only the converts are angry most malay muslims are damn angry too! Except from UMNO obviously lah..