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Monday, August 03, 2009

A bit over isn't it?

Last week, I lost a young friend. She died of a stroke. A couple of days ago, another friend, even younger, suffered a paralysing stroke. I am told by a reliable doctor friend that he and his colleagues are bewildered by the high number of stroke cases they are treating in recent years. I am watching my diet more closely. Going to the gym regularly. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to be a stroke victim.

Maybe someone should tell Rosmah to lose some weight to start because we would not want to see her set a first record of some kind. We are still trying trying to swallow this First Lady title.



Anonymous said...

hahaaha...msia bila2 boleh cari makan. Macam mana boleh diet?

natives are restless said...

Hey , what are you talking about . Looks like she is on a diet ... a food diet i.e.

ikanbilis said...

haiyoh see this photo also can get heart attack lah!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "Biggest Loser - Asia" is in Malaysia now...????????

Anonymous said...

Ho Chiat Ho Khunn.Looi kai beh leow.
Masi pian Pooi kana Pooi.

Good eat good sleep. Money use cannot finish.

So getting Fatter and fatter loh.

hungry ghost.

落叶满孤城 said...

Uncle Pat....

I really cannot tahan our shoe polishing policy lah.

That make the PHD really worth for RM0.100 only.

No wonder Malaysia U ranking in the world drop like parachute.

artchan said...

face so puffed up like water soaked bread.

And don't even think of walking behind her. The view is blocked completely.

Anonymous said...

She not First LAdy. Raja Permaisuri Agong is First Lady.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has the highest rate of obesity in Asia. You do the math.


Anonymous said...

she should hos the porogram 'Jalan Jalan Cari Makan' instead of appearing on newspaper visiting children in the hospital.

The program should focus on her 'Jalan Jalan' in order to become 'The Biggest Loser' (well, maybe she should take part in this reality program), and 'Cari Makan' (not Makan Suap) for other less fortunate people.

TV3, you have a hit show thanks to my recommendation.

Keang said...

Patrick, do check out the chelation therapy to prevent stroke/heart attack. See Dr. Ebrahim at 3.15 (North Block), AmpWalk, 218 Jln Ampang. Tel 2163-2469.

I had a heart attack last year and used this therapy together with another (ECP) and it's working.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,
If you are really concerned about not being a stroke victim, having suffered the agony of seeing your friends struck by stroke, I think the first thing to do is NOT to wish it upon someone else.

Let the First Lady take care of her own problems. You concentrate on your workouts and eating well. Clear your mind and think of good things, regardless for whom.

Niamah Not!

vivian said...

That's a scary pic :S
Must print that out to remind myself to lose weigh :p

Anonymous said...

Pak Niamah

Here's how she is going to counter “slanderous” information with her own website.

Faster than you can Niamah.

Rosmah’s website up

Aug 4 — Malaysians can now get up close and personal with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the Prime Minister’s wife, with the launch of her website today.

The site will feature news, pictures, speeches, newspaper articles and videos about Rosmah.

She advises Malaysians to use their judgement when they use the Internet and not to simply believe all the “slanderous” information about her from other sources.

Anonymous said...

A good candidate for 'The Biggest Loser' reality TV show, Asia edition. Do you think Najib will submit her entry?

Anonymous said...

My goodness ! Some people really have thick skin.

So, STOOPID mentality can still become a leader of this country ?

Anonymous said...

Henry the VIIIth?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

You should stop posting photos of our urgh...aaghhh...yeuucck... beloved urgghh....aagghh, yeeiokk Fattest (I mean First) Lady so that your readers don't get any heart attacks just from looking at her urgghhh...aagghh, ptuii....face/shape/body

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, I think you should filter the comments more discretely. I beleive in the freedom of speech. But we need to control ourselves too. We can criticised her way of doing things, etc, but not throwing insults and vulgarities about her looks etc. This is very demeaning, cheapskate and below the belt. The world will be laughing at Malaysia. She is still our PM wife, and you allow bloggers to insult our PM wife in your blog. I do not like the PM or his wife too. I am also angry with their conduct and misconduct. But throwing insults and valgarities so freely are not the hallmark of an educated Malaysian. I am sure there are some who do not agree with what I say, and I accept it.

Just a Malaysian

K3 said...

looks like yubaba to me... (an old granny character from the hayao miyazaki's movie, spirited away)

Anonymous said...

Patrick, i see this as personal attack. Not nice to insult a person's look la uncle. God made her to be fat, so indirectly you insult a god creation. Sure you don't like people say something nasty the way you look right Uncle? As long as we healthy, it doesn't matter whether we fat or slim. Jgn marah ye uncle. Nanti cepat tua... eh you tua already :)

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, small matter. Just pay a visit to the plastic surgeon

DaNieL_YiP 大牛叶 said...

She is not first lady, but fat lady.