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Monday, August 03, 2009

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

It's a brand la. Ya la just like my misai and cowboy hat la. Tak faham ke?

You know how since our PM, Najib announced the latest slogan, 1Malaysia we've been asking ourselves "What the hell does that mean?" The cantakerous old fler, Mahathir also didn't quite get what Najib means and says that his Malaysia Boleh slogan is better. Actually, I think it is not his but was coined by and for some chocolatey drink. And today The Malaysian Insider reported that nearly 40 per cent of Malaysians do not know what 1Malaysia means.

So we mostly don't know what it means. Don't worry! Help is at hand. One man has the answer. He knows.

And that man is our Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin.

And he must be thinking that we are all sooooooooooooo stupid la. In today's Star he claimed that 1Malaysia is set to become a very influential brand name to promote Malaysian businesses among both local and global investors. He also said that the concept was adopted to turn Malaysia into an excellent nation.

Huh? How come we dont' get that one? We must be bodoh la. But our Muhyiddin Yassin also said that 1Malaysia symbolises unity and solidarity among the races. HUH???!!!

Baarger!!! The fler stupid or he thinks we all BODOH??? But this last part of The Malaysian Insider article puts it quite nicely...

Each of our prime ministers since 1981 has followed the same template — a catchy slogan, a song, an advertisement campaign and a sackful of promises. Each of them believed that Malaysians can be won over by nice sounding rhetoric.

Each of them believed that Malaysians are more form than substance.

Are we?



Anonymous said...

1Malaysia = 1AMENO = 1partiracist remark

Anonymous said...

I remembered years back that when Tengku Razalee worn a tribal tradition hat during an election campaign, he was critisised by armno that he support a certain religion. Now this guy wear a cowboy hat. Aha, he must be pro USA. How can 1 malaysia wear cowboy hat, must wear malaysian hat mah. Also play golf, mat salleh game also what. Why not play gasing, or go fly kite(wau bulan).


Anonymous said...

Actually Pat, what does 1Malaysia mean arr...????

I lagi bodoh lah...!!!

int said...

only clever ppl get it, bodoh. u don't get it, so u stupid la! haiya...

Observer said...

1Malaysia is like 1Utama, a lot pf window dressing and window shopping!

Anonymous said...

I used to jump my kuda(kuda kayu) and ride, I had six pistol by my side (water pistol). I was so handsome women pengsan..But A cowboy job is never done.

Gaya mesti mau, kalah tak pay.Lagipun Cakap tak kena bayar cukai ma.

Hantam sajalah.

ycg said...

cut the barger some slack la patrick. you mean about 60% of the peepur know what 1Malaysia is? that is good lor. why not ask these 60% seperately on what is 1Malaysia and see if their answer match ar?

Anonymous said...

"Bersih, Cekap, Amanah"
- and look what has happened!

Work with me, Not work for me.

the best way to promote 1Malaysia is to adopt the song written by Pete Teo, and sung by Malaysian artiests. I suppose PM got the idea from the song to coin the term 1Malaysia.

Datuk Rise Yatim, what say you?
How come RTM never show the video clip?

Why FENOMINA SENI never feature the making of the song?

Patrick, please feature the song in your JAZZ CAFE, should it make a return to TV2.

Anonymous said...

Koboi Ok lah.

Asalkan Koboi tak pakai Keris!

camcamni said...

Patrick, I also dont know what is 1Malaysia lah. Born and brought up in Malaysia all my 52 years, I considered myself a Malaysian and even when I was on overseas posting in my work, I proudly tell people I am Malaysian. Is there another Malaysia? If not, then why 1Malaysia? This gives an indication that there must have ben few Malaysias in Malaysia that we have to set things straight now and once and for all its going to be only 1Malaysia????

Dont know whether we are stupid or our PM is stupid with his stupid cabinet (wooden?). Or PM thinks we Malaysians today still as stupid as in TM's time ah?

Hey, we are in IT times dont coin such stupid slogans lah...after all there is only 1Malaysia all the while. Bodoh UMNO, Bodoh MCA, Bodoh MIC.....dll...

michael said...

Until today I still don't understand what is 1Malaysia.
So I think you 40% may be an aberration.

Why doesn't Najib just adopt Malaysian Malaysia ?
It's so much easier to understand and I'm sure the non-Malay votes will flock back to BN if he does that.

Anonymous said...

We are gonna be bigger idiots if we let tgem win another election.
I hope more people will step forward.

Anonymous said...

Day in day out they yammer about that 1Malaysia and I still don't understand what it is.

Then one day I read the newspapers and it said that 1Malaysia is:

Bumiputra 50%
Chinese 30%
Indian 15%
Others 5%

And they can charge you 1% after sales.

This one really kepala pusing plan.

Anonymous said...

Oh ! Reminds me of this young chap going for an interview in a company. He wrote the following in the application form :

Name : Many. Depends on who call me.

Age : Consider young at heart.

Address : 1Malaysia

Sex : Sometimes

Expected Salary : Yes

Experience : First experience in finding a job

Race : 1Malaysia

Religion : 1Malaysia

Title : Call me Datuk if possible

Hobby : Participating in street demo. because always can see my face in various media

Qualification : Can walk and talk at the same time

Any other experience : Eat, sleep, watch TV, etc.

Anonymous said...

Koboi Muhyiddin lives up to 'Style Mesti Ada' ...

PUTRAJAYA, Aug 4 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today urged all Malaysians not to raise sensitive issues or to incite racial hatred.

He was responding to a question about an article published in today’s Utusan Malaysia, calling the Malays cowards for not reacting appropriately to the demands made by the non-Malays.

“It is the media’s right to do so, maybe because other parties have started challenging Malay supremacy, Malay rights, Malay rulers, and things that have already been enshrined in the Constitution, definitely the various statements made by those parties cannot be forgotten, and they are more dangerous, the media only responded to the situation,” Muhyiddin told reporters insisting that he was not specifically commenting on the article.

natives are restless said...

Naw! guys , he's only fulfilling his childhood dreams .... to dress up as a cowboy.

I always wanted to be cowboy when I was young ...and don't we all ?

komando said...




Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

Nope the cowboy hatted Moo-yahoo-din is not stoopid but he is a natural born idiot. He just thinks that we are North Korea and 1Malaysia has similar international branding like North Korea's international branding calling of it's Great Leader or Dear Leader.