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Friday, August 07, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

No more!

1. Prime Minster Najib said that the Government will NOT censor the Internet. It only wants to block pornography. we go again! Remember when they said the ISA was only going to be used to combat the threat of the Communists Terrorists? Now it's used to protect "national security". Of course they do not elaborate on what they mean by national security la. As long as the Home Minister says you are a threat to national security they can arrest you under the ISA. So maybe right at the start we should DEMAND that the government clarify in utmost detail their definition of pornography. More and more I think this government thinks we Malaysian Rakyat are stupid.

2. In the latest addition to the comedy script taxi drivers who suffered loss of income during the anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) demonstration on Saturday want to sue to organiser for compensation. Apparently, every driver suffered losses of around RM150 that day. you think that the demonstration 'organisers' can sue the police for disrupting a peaceful march and thereby causing them to cause businesses and taxi drivers to lose money? Why not? Since we are playing silly childish games let's all get in on the games.

3. And how many of you read about this amazing piece of sleuthing by our deputy prime minister? "Death threat politically motivated to bring down MACC", he announced. And he's even solved the case of whodunit. It's the Opposition!

Wah! Damn terror la our Muhyiddin. Sherlock Holmes also kalah la.



Anonymous said...

You left out the infamous quote by dr. Rais from this news..

"“Look at the situation of countries which had fallen victim to widespread pornography, resulting in child sex."

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

Jangan main main loh. sekarang punya sue bukan kira ribu tapi juta-juta.
Satu ribu juta pun ada.Dengar pun sudah mati sakit jantung sebelum kena sue.

You sue me , I sue you. Left sue right , right sue left. Top sue bottom , bottom sue top.

So draw lah.In the end abuk pun tak ada only screw up tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

So the taxi driver are earning rm150 a day. And they complain that they are making enough such that have to increase charges a couple of weeks ago?
Good that they can claim for losses. So let's do the same too when we get delays, road blocks, street, road closures for gomen functions like vip visits, rallies, celebrations, etc. Can ah?

Anonymous said...

That is why people call him Munkeedin Al Malikul Sembab as his brain is dead.

Anonymous said...

Ai yo this Mo Hai coming out with the such Soh Hai statement again. Every time somebody says something very very stupid he will come out from behind to back up. Imagine being paid so much to do say things just to be heard loud and clear. Come on lah brother, there are better things to do.

Anonymous said...

You can sue me , call me DOM (dirty old man) on-

Monday , Teusday , Wednesday , Thursday , friday and saturday. But never never on Sunday cos is my day of rest.

Lembu also need rest after many sue-crew up.

Anonymous said...

Can we sue the Ministry of Transport for the loss of income during daily traffic jam in down town KL? Or maybe sue PDRM for loss of income due to rising crime rate? Maybe some politician can sue us for not paying their comedian act, Truman style.

jejaka anggun said...

hahahah... sherlock holmes... funny la u...

maybe he thinks he's in spiderwick chronicles la pakcik teo...

artchan said...

Within the short period,,the taxi drivers lost RM150???

Fantastic facts from these taximen? I thought they have benn clamouring for taxi fares increase becos they cannot cari makan, now the RM150 is a revelation. I think with the open admision by the taximen, the govt should immdly reduce the taxi fare..or revert to the old taxi fare.

The taximen should do good to claim any losses from the police. If the police had given permission for the march there would have been more people taking taxis on that day. Stooopid taximen...go f8ck the police

Big Bad Wolf said...

If the taxi driver can sue the demonstrator for causing massive jam, then can i sue the blardee gov for causing jams due to the following reasons?

1. Diversion of traffic at Kepong/Sg Buloh due to the closure of the MRR2 bridge

2. Poor provision and planning of public transport (LRT, Komuter, buses) and road planning which causes daily traffic jam in city area?

3. Road blocks set by the police 1 day before the demonstration, and also on the actual day itself


Anonymous said...

This is to block bloggers from telling the truth, so that the Main Stream Media and our TV's can have a heyday telling us all the lies and untruth, to perpetuate a rule of law to deprive our citizens the democratic right of expression.If pornografy is the concern then we have to address the availibility of illegal DVD's. BN is worried at the bloggers who have managed to capture the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

he also very terror with land matters while being MB of Johor. joke then was that he would even sell his own graveyard site if price is right. and he had to back down on a land acquisition matter after being sued. gosh, now he is the DPM. God save Msia if Najib is out of office.

Oops, Hobson's choice really.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.55

wha, you surprise meh? that rais dont even believe his own thesis which gave him his PHd. so, what you expect from him huh?

Anonymous said...

Why have 'Green Dam' to block porno when porno DVDs are so cheap and easily avaulable to school children anywhere in Malaysia?

Given such a low bandwidth provided by TM and P1, where got kick watching online? Buy the DVD and watch at home to get the 5.1 sound effect, and very soon in High Definition. Got subtitle somemore, as though you cannot understand the 'plot'. Ha Ha!

Dr Rise is really behind time.
I suppose the motive is to block bloggers like Mr Niamah.

Dammed it!

natives are restless said...

Happy days are here again . "Porno stays !!".

Well ,at least that's what it meant by no internet censorship right ?

Anonymous said...

BN is making me kepala pusing with its many spin on its media particularly Utusan and RTM.

Colin Binny said...

Niamah! LIM KIT SIANG is becoming senile like old man Mahathir Kutty.

In his personal vendetta against the IGP, Kit Siang's charges are becoming more and more fantastic by the day. He claimed 99% of Malaysians don't feel safe in this country...if so, how come so many people out on the streets?

Soon Kit will be charging Musa for incest, khalwat, zinah, and sodomy (of Kit, of course). Really fantastic!

Ayahanda Ananda said...

Anonymous 3.07pm, "green"-damn right bro!!!
Who want to watch the "itek~itek~yamatek" online with our down to the longkang bandwidth (banned-width?)???

Before you green-Damn-it, Dr Rais, please make sure our internet bandwidth are capable of doing that, would you?

Anonymous said...

The son of the MACC's chief is the victim of Child pornography due to the uncensored Internet!


Anonymous said...

1.Banyak perisian(software) percuma atau boleh beli kat Low Yat dengan harga yang berpatutan untuk ibubapa kawal porno. Ini macam ada satu lagi skim komputer akan secara langsung kasi pasang itu perisian. Siapa akan bekal perisian ini dan siapa akan bayar atau paksa bayar?

2. Pertamanya, dimana2 negara juga ada demo. Malah, di europa demo pihak pekerja bukan perkara yang janggal. Pihak berkuasa perlu tahu mengapa rakyat berbuat begitu? Sebagai negara demokrasi, kerajaan perlu menilai konsep demokrasi yang memberikan hak kebebasan kepada raykat menyuarakan sesuatu akta yang tidak adil dan terpesong dari perlaksanaannya.

3. Pihak berkuasa tidak kira mana agensi kalau menjalankan tugasnya dengan adil, saksama dan telus tanpa mengira faktor politik, kaum, agama dan bangsa akan dapat mengurangkan ancaman sebegini.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! This is good lah ! My turn to tokkok !

It's a National Threat in the headlines of The Star last week.

Use ISA and throw whoever who spread the virus A(H1N1 )into jail !

Apa macam ???

Anonymous said...

Let me teach you all something.

In a psychological warface, I think somebody is using this tactic,

If you can't convince someone, confuse that fella !

Apa macam ???

komando said...

i am changing profession want to become lawyer

many cases to sue
make tons of monies
come lah join me
we sue UMNO & BN 52 years of corruption and lies!