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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Headline of the day

Muhyiddin Yassin.
Who could become Malaysia's next prime minister. Scared now?

Wise words. Wrong audience. Kids and students don't need Muhyiddin's 'advice'. Children are born sincere and do not see or feel differences of race or creed. Thank you, Muhyiddin. Now go practise what you preach.



Allyson said...

You said it best!!
From day 1 till today, i can't picture this man as our DPM or even our next PM..

Anonymous said...

hey, if he can use government helicopter for umno purposes and is not worried about corruption charges... He can say anythg he wants about anything as far as im concerned! He Da MAN!

Disgruntled pilot.

telur dua said...

This is the face of a traitor if ever I see one.

manaukau said...

Will the DPM note that when human beings are born, including Malays and non Malays, they are 'colour blind' and non violent.
That was the first thing I was taught in school more than 60 years ago ,that was a Chinese school. I do not know what they teach in the other schools. May be the DPM should find out what the other schools are !

Anonymous said...

You say it best when you say nothing at all.
You do it best when you do nothing at all.
You preach it best when you preach nothing at all.
We feel it best when we dont feel your presence at all.

Anonymous said...

Moh Hai Din said:-

Corruption ALLEGATIONS don't scare me. Corruption ALLEGATIONS don't scare me. ( wa lau eh allegations - what a powderful word he use )Allegation don't scare me
Allegation don't scare me
Allegation don't scare me.

Don't scare me
don't scare me
don't scare me

Scare me
Scare me

Please for heaven sake and to show them there is no really no abuse of power quickly lah come up with acceptable explaination even primary school children can accept.

Anonymous said...

Saw him wearing a mask on TV yesterday.

Definitely, 100% and absolutely sure he looks much better behind a mask!

Please keep wearing it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly i can't imagine the future of our our beloved country if he is the 1 who will take over the power in the future.. LOL~~ I was not even saw his extraordinary face before this~ Cheer up man... Mayb i'm wrong.. Who knows???

natives are restless said...

Tough luck Allyson but he is our DPM .... be afraid ... be very afraid ... muhaa ha ha !

Anonymous said...

they will not give up power,status, wealth etc.. that easily, there will be chaos and lost of lives before rainbow appear again. Pat where were you hiding when 513 riot? are you fighting or writing then ?

komando said...

He will join the club of DPM's that never made it to become PM !

Anonymous said...

Koboi begin to Tok-kok a lot lately.

Anonymous said...

Not much of a choice that we have !!!

Better than Rais Yatim lah !


ahoo said...

At least he is talking so sense now ! Anyway, it is better late than never and what he needs to do is to tell every headmaster of each school to acknowledge their students as anak bangsa Malaysia. If he has the will to do that, I say that he is the PM material otherwise another spin for another day to buy some votes lah.

Anonymous said...

Only one word

Niamah !!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Mo hai din, How many real friends from other race do u have. Burung tiong is only one??? I mean real friend not money friends. U will have more if u are more frienly to other races in Malaysia.