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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Major Tokkok happening here

What? You all say first what! Huh? Okay who put me in front of PAS logo???

We all know and have come to accept the fact that politicians, from both sides, BN and the Opposition, talk a lot of cock. Some more than others. But today, Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin proved beyond doubt that he is the champion of TOKKOK fler in 1Malaysia.

In response to an article in Utusan Malaysia which called the Malays cowards for not reacting appropriately to the demands made by the non-Malays.

He said, “It is the media’s right to do so, maybe because other parties have started challenging Malay supremacy, Malay rights, Malay rulers, and things that have already been enshrined in the Constitution, definitely the various statements made by those parties cannot be forgotten, and they are more dangerous, the media only responded to the situation."

And so one newspaper's blatantly racist article is given the 'seal of approval' by no less then the deputy prime minister.

What is happening to MALAYSIA???



Trevor said...

ya right.

It's the (UMNO) media's right to do so.

Else why there were so many sued sedition? (for e.g. Raja Petra)

Would he dare to say that "it's the rakyat's right to have street demo"?

amoker said...

Oh, they started it.

Sounds familiar? Like the childish respond to Perak takeover?

That is our DPM. No wonder he has not make any official visit out of malaysia yet. too stupid.

Anonymous said...

as long as bn is till in power... things wont change... we must vote out bn... NIAMAH!

David Lee said...

...tell them that is human nature.....why...why....God Save Malaysia....NIAMAH..AND... NIALOWTAU....real pisss..

telur dua said...

Tiu Niamah.

Why can't @#$kers like him see it as a challenge to abuse of power, injustice, manipulation, corruption and racism. Why spin it out of orbit?

UMNO is what it is today, struggling to stay relevant, because so many fools like him are members.

Anonymous said...

can some MALAY pakatan leaders make a police report against utusan and this tokkok fler??

i know i know....sigh. they got all angles covered...

gani patail...
all their own flers....



Anonymous said...

he sounds like the apartheid man. numero uno in supremacy.

goodness, he is also the Education Minister. Gosh, my kid of 12 years even said he is a darn racist.

Go on with your supremacy stuff. But dont stand in front of a non-Malay crowd and tell us you believe everyone has a place here. Fuck off, hypocrite.

alvin said...

i feel ur sadness patrick. this is really all time low in the ranking for malaysia. For a so-called "political leader" to utter such words is beyond imagination not to mention UTUSAN(lagi worse). But this is not the first time. U see lah next thing he will say is denying whatever he said or put the blame on newspaper for misquoting him. u read it here first

komando said...

tiu nie mah
this mah yu ting what can we expect from him..?
so hai chai fellow...
cows can think better than him...!
obviously najis pick him because he is to just warm the chair
another idiot in waiting...
yes..keris muting ..
another tai lung ngong !

Anonymous said...

It is seditious statement by Utusan and Muhiddyin because I am disturbed by the statement. Isn't this the standard of proof of Sedition Act? So, what now?

Jia Dad, Xin Mom said...


natives are restless said...

Act 1 :
Stir up racial issues . Let everyone work up to a frenzy.

Act 2 :
Let the situation becomes critical and boils over.

Act 3 :
Move in and scoop up the oppositions and place them under ISA.

Act 4 :
Bravo ! , it's another victory for BN in the next election minus the "who-was?" opposition.

Act 5 :
The resurrection of the Keris.

Joon said...

It's getting out of hand and dangerous. We are running out of time. Possibility of a riot between races? Utusan is encouraging Malays to dislike the other races and challenging them to fight back.

How can our DPM defend such an article? And what the f**k is MCA doing about it?

KIMHO8 said...

Muar is famous for its 'otak-otak'.
But this wicked fellow 'otak' is 'busuk'!

Anonymous said...

Our DPM really knows how to talk cock.He said that it was the right of the media to racist the statement with regard to the Malays.If the star or the Sun's paper would spin the story about the Malays,he or she would be charged under the ISA.What a double statement!

Anonymous said...

Possibility of a riot between races? No way man.kami generasi melayu muda benci Umno!!!!!

-anak melayu malaysian-

Anonymous said...

1 malaysia but many hipocrites

Anonymous said...

So u can see now how malaysia is going backward.. We don't have quality leadership.. This Muhyiddin fella are not fit to be DPM.. maybe tok penghulu post oso not qualified..

I'm a Johorean and I'm ashamed that he's from Johor too.. WTF!


Anonymous said...


Under the 1Malaysia concept,
Everthing is equal
But 2U are more equal than others.

2U being UMNO and Utusan.

Enough said, but not before Niamah to them.

Anonymous said...

Many years I worked very hard in a company ang got nothing,no increment , no promotion.But then there is one guy who cant speak proper english and "Ular " all the time got promoted and sitting on top of us.

Later I realised that the difference is you dont need to speak goog English like uncle Pat but only know how to tokkok to the boss is good enough.But then the boss has to be another kok fellar also lah.


Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:

Umno's propaganda machine Utusan Malaysia reveals what is truly behind the government's policy of 1Malaysia. I hope Malaysians will not be duped by the government's latest slogan in the hope of garnering support for the fledgling political party that is fading into oblivion. One merely need to look at Utusan, Umno's mouthpiece, to see what PM Najib means by 1Malaysia.

In recent days, Utusan has ran headlines like 'Anwar Pengkhianat' (Anwar the traitor) and articles stating that “The Chinese, Indians and PAS are fighting for power, not democracy and justice.” 1Malaysia only benefits the government not the rakyat.

Y2K said...

- 1 point of view, the Umno view
- 1 way of thinking, the Umno way
- 1 voice, only the Umno voice

The rest of you shut up, don't think, work hard and pay your taxes (and other monies)

Stanley said...

#$%& Niamah!

No more spinning already. Utusan articles is making their sinister intention very in-yer-face obvious: Malays must fight the non-Malays now.

I have never doubted Najib's 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia was meant for one race one religion. Malay and Islam. You tak suka, balik Cina or India.

Waiting for 2013 seems like forever. But no matter the day will come. BN has to go!

Anonymous said...

What the f**k is this? Why double standard? If Chinese Newspapers write like that hor, their licenses are suspended already ar!

1Malaysia? 1Malaysia f**k ah!!!

Anonymous said...

He does not know what he is doing for he is chasing after POWER !

I am sorry for him !

As days goes by, he and his fellow country men are making mistakes more than ever.

I think BN and gang will soon become the history of Malaysia.

The more they open their mouth, the closer the chapter for them.

So sad that a man with his age do not even understand what fire means to him.

If use it properly, it can cook a nice meal and if abused, not only the fire will burn him but think of the afterlife, be consumed by fire ???

camcamni said...

He is not only the Tokkok fella but is also an instigator for racial disunity and of course a "chow ji bai" kaki who cheated lots of people when he was the MB of Johore. Ask Stamford on the Mount Austin case. A big snake, a con man and now...trying to boost his sagging drives....trying to become a racial heron for 1 race only. As DPM, he should be for all races but seems he is trying out Najlis's patience as its very clear Najlis is favouring his cousin Kerismuddin to be the next in line...

However, these people ddidnt know that come GE13, they are all sitting at the Opposition gallery just like the Toyol guy is now. Remember toyol guy bosted to achieve zero opposition during the campaign of GE12? Now he is downgraded to Opposition but along the way came the "Istana Khir"....

Anonymous said...

I have always thought his capability is limited to that of a penghulu kampung.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a King Tokkok, looks like a King Tokkok, and lo and behold he is the KING TOKKOK.....correct, correct, correct.

No rules governing UMNO-BN owned media but ISA rules for non UMNO-BN (spelled Opposition) media.

So much for 1Malaysia.....The senile Toon MM is correct, correct, correct, Malaysia boleh sounds far better for 1Malaysia.

Double niamah!!

telur dua said...

This tokkok is rubbish. Can't hold a candle to KJ (BN) or Dr Zulkifli Ahmad (PR).

Anonymous said...

1Malay...sia??? 1Malay dll sia sia saja.

Anonymous said...

he's tokking kok alrite. kok kok kok.


* niamah in kok language.

Anonymous said...

Halo on his back?

How holy is our brokeback Koboi celup?