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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Naer Mine I Pay!

Aei! I will pay one. Promise.

This Ong fler is in the middle of the Port Klang Free Zone controversy and has been accused of taking bribes and more recently accepting free air-plane rides from a company that is involved with the PKFZ project. The bribes part I don't know la because I never follow that story. After all, Malaysian politicians, bribes, ho hum. But this latest development about journeys on private jets is quite interesting la. They say he accepted free rides on the company's jets but today Ong announced that he fully intended to pay for the use of those jets and will honour all his payments and any obligation that is due. And all that from his personal account. Now as an ordinary tax-paying Malaysian I'd like to ask some simple questions please. And I am sure that there are some totally logical and transparent answers.

Like, if Ong was willing to pay for the use of the private jets why didn't he do so until he was accused of all these wrongdoings? I mean if you asked somebody for the use of the private jets and intended to pay for their use then you would settle the bill right after. No?

Then you say you didn't pay because the company didn't issue you an invoice. How come you didn't ask? Somebody lets you use a Lear Jet and you assume that because you didn't get an invoice that it would be free and the company did you the favor because they like you so much? That is totally presumptuous. Also, that would be considered some form of gratuity wouldn't it? And if you're a high-level officer in government that could be interpreted as corruption and you would not want that to happen. No?

Since the accusations were publicised, Ong's officers have been coming out with all sorts of reasons why things happened the way they happened. My question is why only NOW? Strange isn't it?



Lee said...

hmm, imagine how he can pay with meagre gomen servant salary? unless of coz he is an extraordinary gomen servant la...

Anonymous said...

strange? i dont think there is a word strange in BN's dictionary. Everthing got "jalan", every "jalan" sure can "kauteem"..


Anonymous said...

there got only 2 reasons

1. He's a cheapskate fler. Call chicken but after that duwan to pay

2. Pretend dumb and put the moeny for the jet service into his own pocket and declare never receive invoice.

haha. tiunaseng

komando said...

Ada lembu ada kerbau ada gajah..why worry...they all will rush to pay for "taikoh"...

All fight for the rights to pay on behalf of him... trust me lah

sudah hidup di negara ini dah nak mati takkan tak tahu!

Anonymous said...

Is very obvious that the fler kena trap one lah.

Our brother Ong probably being cheated and believe that he was just hitch hiking the plane.

Is just that our brother Ong's position had made him become sensitive in such situation.

Chinese people call such situation as after being whack on the face, you have to swallow the teeth and blood without complaint.

I heard that such move always used by power people to create "insurance" for themselves.

God bless you OTK.

Anonymous said...

Smart mah!. If nobody knows keep quiet mah!. Now cought, defend lah!. If the RM10M is true than paying for the private jet trip is peanuts. To some businessman donating RM10M is actually insurance premium to make sure everything go right(or goes correct,correct,correct). I guess that this implicated arrangement was not honored by the taker of the RM10M if it is true. Is it actually donation or actually bribe money. Your quesses are as good as mine. Clever eh!. Say is it donation-not a crime, say it is a bribe-is a crime. Anyway, RM10M is pocket money compared to RM12 Billion. We want to see some fireworks display in the next few days or weeks. The guilty must pay. Bee N leaders always say that PR leaders do not have common grounds and are always quarreling among themselves. Now what do they have to say. Yes Bee N have common ground and synergy. You give, I take lah!. This is corruption. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

So many of your bloggers simply comment. Not fair ok. Pls be fair to him la, he is our politician from MCA ok. He is in govt la, so how can you all simply talk about him. If he is fr opposition then ok la, if STAR wallop him then only you get gren light to wallop. Otherwise, pls give him face. We all must create racial harmony and dont simply talk talk.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Tiong is going to squeeze himself out of this. It's alleged his company had been overcharging the govt (read:us taxpayers) on the PKFZ project.
Mati lah kau!

Anonymous said...

i stole the money and i am caught by the police. Can i just give the money back to the owner and free from criminal charge?


落叶满孤城 said...

Uncle Pat...

the most dulan part is,
if this shit not being pecah to public,they even intended to pay by using tax payer money??

Minister entitlement not lncluded private jet...ok.

Tax oayer $$$ not MCA minister own pocket money.

see how the Lim uan Eng take the economical class lah....

Anonymous said...

The total cost came up to RM40K. OTK can afford to pay for RM40K plane rides so easy? Its like 20% of his salary..You were going to pay 20% of salary for a few plane rides? This is not cover up what else is it? Why cover up? What is the cover up?

Anonymous said...

Like this all the makan shop Tak Boleh Tahan lah especially during peak hours.

Can walk out after makan without paying, no bill given ma. I am doing big biz ,where got time to wait. If you ask I pay loh.

teng teng wan sik.

michael said...

If this had be any PR chief minister or exco member, he/she would be INVESTIGATED by MACC.

artchan said...

How can the MCA members vote him as MCA chief. Such an idiot to accept free flights. What about other things free? are we going to get more news on things free.

Anonymous said...

from ipoh to KL , 450km 2nfro : toll 52.40 , minyak shell 80 , wear n tear
30 , driving fees ....totaling 162.40
i ..I din charge my bini a cent YET
.....untill/unless ....!! (yescenti)

Anonymous said...

Not investigasted but arrest under ISA.
To protect you from spending much more.

Nia seng

Anonymous said...

OTK did not know that he has been messing around with a S'wak FooChow mafia king pin.

Anonymous said...

dulu fren2 you dig my ass so
charge u laa money ah ? nevermind laa ! (asessess)

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever think that we were born yesterday ! Under investigation, then only start to pay ! If this thing never arise, duduk diam - diam ! Better stay at Kamunting Camp to deter you from spending more !!! We are more Ta-Kut that you, Tee Kiat !!!