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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's never been a better time to be a man. Yay!

The angry face of the "victim"

Jamaluddin Mat Isa is a 25- year old police constable. His ex-wife splashed him and his girlfriend with acid. That's the story. Now read the details and see why it is always better to be a man. In Malaysia anyway.

Jamaluddin divorced his wife in May but will only get the legal documents after Hari Raya. I suppose that meant he uttered the words of divorce which I am told is a legal way of getting rid of an unwanted wife. Paperwork can come later. So he is 'legally' divorced.

He admitted that the incident happened when he and his girlfriend were on their way 'upstairs' to bed! Errr...girlfriend.....going upstairs to bed...??? Isn't that Khalwat or something illegal? I believe they whip your ass too for things like that if you're found guilty.

But while the wife is facing the possibility of a 20 year jail term and whipping if found guilty this man is mouthing off in the media about how HE is the only victim???



Anonymous said...

I think if u read this:

"No budget, so no to rape probe"

It will be the mother of all NIAMAH!!!

not your ordinary blogger; said...

hahaha....malaysia boleh ma....khalwat apa...not caught in act excuse la go upstairs to bed to read story books la! policeman somemore...what a shame of our Royal Malaysia brutal Force! hopeless!

Anonymous said...

HE deserves it on the 14th floor !!

Anonymous said...

Whats your point?

Well, isnt he the victim? Or are you condoning acid throwing ?

The issue is really simple.

No matter what the circumstance, do you or do you not condone acid throwing?

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 12:36 PM, no I don't condone acid throwing or any other crime. I have re-written the last bit of the post in case there are other readers who misread my intention. The point I was trying to make is....oh never mind. Have a nice life.

paul said...

Pat, I think Anonymous 12.36 PM is a another moron, can't catch your drift! He must be a newbie, can't catch what underlying statement you're trying to make. Ya, never mind lah .... there's plenty of ppl behind you!

BC said...

Another naughty boy having a nice life imposing his personal grieve on the public is:

caravanserai said...

Sin begets sin
One way wrong deserves another
One will serve time
When the court rules

The man will go free
Admission going upstairs with girlfriend
No khalwat case he wasn't caught
Though he said what was reported

The ex wife was caught on her act
Throwing acid on her former husband and girlfriend
She will serve her time the way she will know
The rule of law shall take her to prison
Unless her lawyer can say she is insane at the time
The former husband has admitted in his report
She needs medical help on her mental problem

I remembered a case long ago
A Muslim man admitted in court
He slept with his girlfriend suing him
Under oath yet Islamic officials never caught him
He wasn't caught in the act.............

Man should answer on his actions
Let go gracefully and amicably
When he has satisfied his lusts
Don't go making enemies
Out of ex-wive and girlfriends
Sin will come
Sin will take its place

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that blind leading the blind !

If Razak Baginda had an affair with the Mongolian beauty, don't you think that this Mr. Constable will also say the same !

By the way, what happened to the Mr. Nice Guy who was with Elizabeth Wong some time ago ? The police force can even catch Mas Selamat who escaped from Singapore and was caught in Johore ! The men in blue can't catch the simple guy who is hiding in Indonesia ??? Oh ! Yeah ! I forgot, there are far too many islands in Indonesia !!!

Anonymous said...

Dumping wife easier than dumping rubbish....Just by words. Really pity the women.
Now I know why there are so many beauty and slimming centre. All living in fear! ha ha

Anonymous said...

i read the newspaper today and it say he is a victim -My ass. who ask him simply f*** this and that. I say he deserve every bit of it. Of course we dont encourage asid splashing but if someone like him were to complain to the society all i can say is HE DESERVE EVERYBITS OF IT.!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. what an idiot!!! padan muka.. buat khalwat, apa sudah jadi? badan jadi macam 'kain batik'..where the F**K is JAIS?? nab this p**sylicker!!- he brought his [girlfriend] naik bilik.. he admitted it in broad day light, weih!! oh, sorry, they went up to watch Terminator 2 izzit or was it 'The Penetrator XXX'.. hahahahaa...

ahoo said...

This kind of news is no news lah ! What people do in private, let it be solely private mah. Wonder why the reporter's bother to give him space in saying his piece.

AlixmeOne said...

it's 4am for goodness sake..... well Mr Constable was just back from work and felt sleepy...didn't realise the gf was following him bed! hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

It should work both ends.

His wife (Legally they are still bound) should be punished for her crimes.

He in fact, should get punished for khalwating. No mercy to him as well.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah ! Too bad, his ex-wife didn't snipped off his sausage !

Otherwise, in tandem with the 20 years in jail !

Kasihan his ex-wife !!!

He deserved every bit of this treatment ! Not that I am lopsided ! He sounds irresponsible. After work, when a husband had not seen his wife for some time, don't he miss his wife or miss other female companion ???

See ! Gotcha !!!

Niamah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is lucky that his cock is still intact. In India, Indonesia, Thailand etc. cock disappear. No play play next time.

Anonymous said...

Why not cut his D***h***

That way no acid no new GF

This guy really ahhhh

Anonymous said...


Basically, if someone admitted doing khalwat, then action can be taken against him by the religious authority. But i guess in this case he already got punished quite severly. So,what is the point......

On the subject of paperwork, islamic religion is more then a thousand years old. You should go back in time a bit if and see if it is practical to talk about paperwork.

It is necessary for a muslim to go to the authority if a divorce have taken place.

Please do not associate religion in this matter. It is a matter a couple separating one with another. Happen to any people regardless religion.

The morality issue in this case is the ex-wife who throw acid to this man and the man himself accused of taking a girlfriend to his home.

We do not not the complete fact and details of the whole issue so it is wrong to be judgmental about this.

We should take this episode as a reminder that we should be careful not to marry a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

she should NOT use acid ...c4 is better laa !adioll

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Anon 12.36PM is in the same boat as the victim, but have not receive his acid treatment yet. He must be feeling quilty. I do not condone throwing of any liquid except cold water. Patrick, if his colleagues can get away with c4,kugann, tbh, getting away with khalwat is 'sap sap suiw' (no problem). The 'victim' deserve punishment. Come on JAIS. This is one guilty case in your bag without having to raid anybodies bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:36 PM, no I don't condone acid throwing or any other crime. I have re-written the last bit of the post in case there are other readers who misread my intention. The point I was trying to make is....oh never mind. Have a nice life.

mmm i dont get this... he is also a victim mah, no meh?

Anonymous said...

Come on, Anonymous 10:23PM. the wife isn't a psychopath! The husband is outrightly irresponsible and unfaithful! He was caught bringing another woman upstairs in their house to their bedroom! Would you let your wife (if you are a man) bring her boyfriend or another man to bed in your own house? Would you be so sweet to her and him and say "Enjoy yourselves!"? If you do, you must be NUTS!!!

The man is lucky he is still alive! The wife reacted in fury and justly so because what the hubby had done is grossly unacceptable and painfully insulting! She should not be too severely punished. To punish only the wife is a type of gross is like adultery is permissible/highly recommended and more honorable than the sanctity of marriage! My sympathy goes to the cheated wife! All married men should be faithful to their wives and vice versa. Otherwise, marriage is meaningless!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, you all never learn from all the things you read is it???

Ministers always ask us not to say anything when it comes to Islam so stay clear ok. Unless you are muslim and an expert in their law, let them d what they please.

But indulge me just once can ah? U see ah, steal things, chop hands, drink beer kena rotan, so illicit sex, maybe throw acid is the punishment la. Muslims scholars out there can advise ah?

sheela said...

Thanks for the article Patrick. They mirror my thoughts exactly when I read the papers yesterday. HE divorces his wife in May and has a girlfriend whom he takes to bed by August. Looks like his wife's accusations of him having an affair during their marriage was most probably correct. Of course, the powers that be will be blind, deaf and dumb on the khalwat issue. Its only used on lesser beings.

Anonymous said...

just one word - munafiq.

Anonymous said...

I too am not condoning throwing of acid but I must say when I read the article, my first reaction was "padan muka". Seriously, I pity the wife more than the so-called 'victim'. And yes, isn't going to bed with girlfriend considered KHALWAT..regardless whether they were caught in the act or not. Talk abt double standard! Shameful...

Anonymous said...

I can imagine, if his wife did not catch him in the act, he will have to take care of two women. With his constable salary? No wonder the boys in blue for known for corruption...

Melanie said...

If a woman gets the cane for having a glass of beer, this guy should have his dong cut off!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2.04am,

I am not saying that in this case the wife is a psychopath. I am saying that the article only give half the story, we should not complete the story ourselves.

There are psychopath in this world, be it man or woman and we should be careful to whom we chose to be our partner.

By the way, they are divorced so it is not cheating. If I read the story correctly, he is not married yet but he brought a girlfriend to his home, that is the issue but nothing mention about if anybody in the house. Like I said, half story.

Anonymous said...

Only in Malaysia Pat........only in Malaysia. Polic are thugs with privileges!

binger said...

Hey, throwing acid is no bigger deal than blowing up people... No?

If you think throwing acid is heinous, what is blowing up people to you?

Anonymous said...

where can i get hold of some acid? do they sell it in supermarkets or something? did the wife keep some behind the living room couch? does the girlfriend still want him now that he looks like shit?

Anonymous said...

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