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Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is the man in charge of communication and culture?

You want to talk in English I have changed my mode (?). Go ahead.

If you're still optimistic about this country's immediate future watch the Malaysiakini/YouTube video


Pay special attention to segment 2:30 to 2:45. Watch his body language. His sneer. His venom. This is the man who is our country's minister of information, communication and CULTURE. After watching the video I think he fails miserably in all 3 portfolios.



natives are restless said...

he is a culture shock alright .

Lee said...

malaysia is like a lost cause nowadays, government trying to clamp down anything that can expose their dirty linens... come on la. u can do whatever u wan, but malaysians are not like how we used to be edi la... wake up la wahai gomen yang tak serik-serik.

Anonymous said...

Tiu nia seng , what talk in english ? Its better to say talk in england atleast not so toolan.

Like this where got road , kerbau pun mati.

niakong said...

Let's face it!

Many of the staff that we, the rakyat, employ are without substance. No brain, no brawn!! They're just passengers with very heavy extra baggage ... trying to sink the nation.

Blame it on the HR dept that did the recruitment process.

Since the HR dept is the source of all these problems, we should just sack the HR Head. But too bad, a 5-year binding contract has been signed, so we just need to be patient in the meantime.

Dear fellow Rakyat, let's rise to the occasion in the coming GE!!!

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why the rakyat are fed up with this type of government... what arrogance.Mind you, this is one of the most senior member of the cabinet. This is the same guy who wrote the text book (IN ENGLISH NOT BM!!!) about Administrative and Legislative Laws in Malaysia.

I feel bad for The Star reporter... made to be embarassed like that in front of everyone.

Patrick, Please forward the clip to more people.

Anonymous said...

i went to a circus once.....i saw a clown......

Anonymous said...

as far as i know, pornography isn't Bahasa Malaysia. Haha. And english isnt bahasa orang putih. It's an international language, friend. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Such an uncultured act by a minister. The true sinister self was revealed for all to see. Typical arrogant behaviour by those in power. I want to see what the mentioned newspaper reporter write about that press conference. If I were him, I will spit at his f*#@ing face and quit the job.

Anonymous said...

TMP, where r u ?

Adam said...

He is senile and irrelevant. Rude and imbecile.

artchan said...

He has no culture and he doesnt know how to communicate. Najib replaced a joker with another joker minister. If Najib keeps him, the joke will be on Najib.

Anonymous said...

Holly Molly ... what a pathetic person! The gall of this "minister" - what a joker!! Uncultured is all I can say of him ... and for a country to have this person as a high ranking minister is shameful to say the least! God help Malaysia ... until then, I'm staying away!!

allen ng said...


I think this chap should be addressed as Minister with two faces,one for the government and one for the opposition.He really knows how to wager his tail to appease his boss to survive his political ambition.

Marco said...

This kindly of attitude is normal among those 'aged elite Malay'.

Anonymous said...

just saw that on youtube and thought you should post it on your blog and BAM! here it is :)god, he is the most d_sg_st_ng one by far

maw said...

to him culture is macam kerbau cucuk hidung that is what he is trying to breed.

C++ said...


I wonder where he get his PhD last time. The way he talk and gesture didn't reflect his education and knowledge. He might get his paper certificate using "black market syndicate" .... hahaha.. WTF

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia porno is watched via pirated DVD (you get 5.1 sound system in HD).

No need internet to download since our TM Streamyx cannot deliver the promised broadband.

So Mr Rais should leave it to KeriShamudin to crack down porno DVDs (that's assuming MACC can operate to ensure it happen).

Jefus said...

latest acronym

Internet Suppression Act


caravanserai said...

Filtering internet
The way forward to the people?
I doubt it will work
When hackers will make it a field day

Let the people write
Relate their frustrations
Relate their experiences
Relate their worth
Of living here

Why so afraid?
We want to progress
We will learn and see
The good and bad things
This is life..........
Unless the minister has forgotten

A sexual learning process
When you have sex problems
The sex experts will ask you watch
Learn the behind scenes watch the techniques
And we think we know everything

Even when you go to fertility clinic
Be a donor for free or services rendered
You watch pornography to get the juices flowing
Get up your seedswarm women need it

We all do pornography
Like it or not we indulge in it
In the garden, jungle treks
In hotels and bedrooms
Oh not forgetting in cars
Parking in dark alleys

I say let them learn
They can shiok “sendiri”
Sexual crimes disease of the mind
Basically we all have it
The good and bad flags

When there is no internet
Sexual crimes do happen
We dream; we foreplay; we stroke it
And the end story......
We are sinned like it or not

Yo. said...

wow, if 'kebangsaan' people have that attitude, i'd rather speak English all the time.

what is up with these people who are so afraid of using English?

telur dua said...

How morally upright is this Mr Bridge Burner and people like him in the Cabinet?

They like to pontificate, but to the people they are just farting through their mouth.

As long as people like him are in the Gomen, BN can do no right. Najib, where are the promised reforms? The first step in any reform is house cleaning. That means getting rid of deadwoods like Mr Bridge Burner, Mr Raba2 and Mr Taxi Permit. They are liabilities.

落叶满孤城 said...

Ai yo yo...

My little Jacky is more polite than him....

By the way ,jacky is my dog.

Anonymous said...

In short ,We have many Gaji Buta list.Ada tak ada pun serupa juga.

Looking at it , We just require a fully programmed computerised policy system for each department to run the show..

All we ever need is Operator.

Cool Operator....chuun punya.

Anonymous said...

wtf, he said he won't answer any questions except on merdeka celebration then proceed to answer a question on internet filtering! and his show of disrespect to a journalist who posed a question in english with uncalled for caustic remark, sneering and looking down on his educational background. don't you just hate this sort of politician who gives malaysia a bad name. i feel ashamed to be a malaysian!

wandererAUS said...

"In the kingdom of the blinds the onr-eyed is the king"
For this reasons, Mongolian C4 is feeling very comfortable, he has in his cabinet, spent force, drop outs and belakan pintu shameless anyone expect brilliant achievements coming from these below par goons?
Mr Rice, you have a Phd for honey sucking!!!

R4Os said...

"cakap orang putih, hmhmhhh..."

This bloody "nationalist wannabe" S.O.B, snears at English language as if its a dirty low-class language, but he himself went to UK for his PhD (Laws) degree after he lost out from umno infighting.

What a BIG hypocrite!

R4Os said...

This is the same guy who cried like a baby when Pak'lah appointed him a minister (out of sympathy?) despite his total lack of grass-root supports in umno. Now he acts like an snobbish arse-hole....


David Lee said...

....."saw hai"....stupid.

David Lee said...

......where are we heading...."lan Tou"...idiot.

telur dua said...

Culture is something this munafiq Minister doesn't have.

The behaviour he exhibited shows up his inferiority complex. You can take this man out of the kampung, but you can't take the kampung out of him.

All that English education and PhDs did nothing for him. So sad.

Anonymous said...

It's ok....!!!
Let them keep on making a "clown" of themselves & on behalf of Najib...!

When have anyone of them make any "top marks"...?

It's ok..................!

Anonymous said...

i watched this video 3 times and felt the bile rising to my throat!!! I stopped watching after that... i dont want to purk!

Anonymous said...

Knnccb, beh tahan, kokky like shit! Somemore minister of miscommunication and disculture! Toolan betul.

Anonymous said...

Kwailan and toolan scoundrel left over from an neolithic era trying to reinvent himself by returning to the ancient barf!

Anonymous said...

his balls gotten bigger than his brain...

severe case of verbal diarrhea... don't understand why he did that to an english newspaper reporter, not like they don't deserve it.

or he just an arrogant bastard.

Anonymous said...

well, he didint even belief what his own thesis that gave him his PHd. Now, Its Permanent Head Damage.
In the name of Minsiter, he will even sell his own soul, if he has any left.

komando said...

This farker..he belongs to either the museum or archives !


soh hai chai "rice son of orphan"

SetiaSelalu said...

The Minister should really be honest and censor the deceitful and very crafty Mahathir who has ENRICHED himself and family with untold wealth by spreading disunity among the races with his venom NOT censor critics although I do agree people who comment on internet on Malaysian politics should also check their facts carefully.
Keadilan & Pas have shown great humanity & sincerity in campaigning for the abolition of the ISA.
Go to youtube and listen to the humiliations & sufferings of one ISA political detainee Abdul Malek Hussin and you will realise how Mahathir & those in power use ISA & MACC,Polis to try to finish off Good men like Anwar & more.
The ISA,MACC & Polis should be independent but like the treasury its being used in a corrupt way.
For Evil to flourish ,Good Men & Women do and say nothing !
Stand and be counted ,for in numbers, we find strength for the sake of our future generations.

Anonymous said...

Dr Rais should be another local Koboi, riding his buffalo into sunset to retire for good, since his pencen is good.

In another words, he is redundant and irrelevant in the internet age.
Don't make a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Want to get porno DVDs cheap cheap in JB?

Go to Holiday Plaza (there are about 40 DVD vendors there) or those kiosks fronting Jalan Wong Ah Fook at City centre.

No need to spend your precious riingit on internet subscriptin to watch porno.

My message is to hightlight to the authority that they have failed tocrack down on illegal pirated DVDs peddling porno to the kids.

I guess Musa Hassan should know as he was formerly heading the polis in Johor.

So again, don't waste time and resources censoring the internet.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting katak minister!

Anonymous said...

y waste time on flers like this. some more got phd. wonder how he defended his thesis? maybe he spoke in malgish and confused the review board.
u go straight u no gostan yeahh. u no pass me i no go home.
ok ok ok u passed!

artchan said...

His english not so when we lost the two stones to Singapore, it was a win win..according to the Miscommunication And Miscultured minister.
Has he thought of cloning himself? that he can go f@ck himself..instead of being so rude to the journalist

telur dua said...

Even TDM is frequently interviewed and answered in English. He doesn't have any beef or feel the need to belittle the journalists .

So, who is this Uncultured Minister when compared to TDM?

exMalaysian said...

I guess my dumping of the Malaysian citizenship that many years ago was the right decision then. Can't help it but to laugh at such idiotic minister that your country has produced. God help you all!

Anonymous said...

He should find some ways to censor Newspaper that have seditious reports, comments etc. They are right at his door step everyday. Maybe they are 'adek-beradek'. I personally knew some of the ministers wives who are always making up and enjoying sexual jokes. I am sure their minister husbands are enjoying them too. Hypocrites. Always barking up the wrong tree. Some times a thief who points a finger and shout 'thief' at another person can escape being caught himself.
Malaysia Bole

Nick said...

Cocky Bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

that is one very vile old man.


Anonymous said...

an antique like this should be sent to whats that street in Melaka?..that sells antiques? yea, Jonker an exhibit or an item to be sold, if anyone wants to buy la..

Patut dah lama masuk muzium, he and his wife. They think they're Malaysia's most glamorus couple.. Rais is berlagak taik ayam that's all.

Dia tak boleh sesuai la dgn org zaman ini.There are many old people around who can think with the times..this one cannot. Why did Najib take this fella?

Anonymous said...

yoyoyo guys... lay low. It's too embarrassing. Singaporeans might see this and will laugh at us for electing this gomen.

Anonymous said...

He lost 2 stones to Singapore and tried to redeem himself with the internet filter.

He should rilek sikit, maybe watch 'Papadom' the best Malaysian picture. Or go to Indian curry house to eat Papadom.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thick skin dino, niakong! So senselessly arrogant.

rpremkumar2u said...

As a Minister of .. Culture, he is very much like a cluttered pearl culture gone wrong. His facial histrionics reminds of being intellectually arrogant. It stems from the profound ignorance of focus on the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

This show of arrogance is so common among the govt servants. They ignore the fact that they are SERVANTS of the people and NOT the other way around. Whatever it is, we pay their salaries!!!
This sort of behaviour happens because we the citizens of Malaysia allows it. So long as we are afraid to rebuke this kind of behaviour so unfairly thrown to demean and insult us, it will continue to happen. After all, WHO THE F*** IS HE??? We are NOT living under their charity or mercy!! WAKE UP MALAYSIANS AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE MASTERS OF THIS COUNTRY. NOT ARROGANT CLOWNS LIKE THIS ONE!!

Anonymous said...

Another blind man in the kingdom of the blind. Have him replaced? No difference. It will be another blind bloke chosen from this kingdom of the blind. Not even an one-eye Jack!!

komando said...

This moron lost "Batu Putih" from day one to Singapore.

Ask any guy who knows about UN INTERNATIONAL LAWS OF THE SEAS (UNCLOS)!





Anonymous said...

Ok now you folks, I can see that all of you are sorely missing Badawi and even the Botak guy!!! It was fun each time the Botak guy spoke, and you can throw darts at him for all the stupid things he said. Now you have to make do with this "Cannot Communicate Minister", and the "Kerispudding Guy" who tries to keep a low profile these days, and let his chief cop and the Mujaheedin do the tough talking. Yeah, those were the "good ole days".

Anonymous said...

what a fucking asshole this minister is. oklah, i change my mode now - awak menteri cakap macam katak bawah tempurung lah. Betui ke ni, menteri informasi?

I hope you die by end of this year

Rice Yat(im) said...

He said he would not answer certain quetions, questions irrelevent to the topic at hand, as that was wasting time... And the champion for wasting time is himself--he kept on repeating...

Then comes his sneer "mau cakap puteh"...

Isn't that common with our 1Malaysia leaders? How risible...

Anonymous said...

a reporter from an english daily asking a question in english - and this minister sneers back. what kind of mentality is this, from a minister old enough to be a great grandfather and someone whom you thought all these years who have acquired some maturity. I guess he lost all those hair for the wrong reasons. I am not sure, maybe the reporter reminds him of a well endowed model from a hair treatment advertisement?

the good thing though is umno continues to self destruct itself.

Anonymous said...

My God ! Okay ! We had a Malay lady minister some time back and most of the time, she does not wear a tudung. Does that mean that she is un-Islamic ?

Let's say that I am a Chinese and I have lunch at McDonalds. I am not a Chinese because I should be having noodles ???

An Indian was spotted at Isetan buying his clothes and aren't he suppose to be at a shop situated at Brickfields ?

English is an international language and does not belongs to the people of United Kingdom.

How about your boss, Rais ? Wasn't he educated in UK ( Nottingham U ) and your saudara Khairy ( Oxford ).

To say that you are stupid, you are not, naive, you are not, senile, you are not, patriotic, you are not, and how many are nots ???

You are a baggage to the current administration.

Good ! Goons ! B-END !

Anonymous said...

A true statesman is able to engage with people of all races and languages. Isn't that what 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now is all about? How is it that our "statesman" here practises discrimination and the policy of exclusion? Why must a media conference be conducted in his so-called "1 mode" only? What's wrong with the English language? This is conduct most unbecoming of a leader. Memang tak beradat dan berbudaya! Mempamerkan imej negatif saja.

Anonymous said...

Sad..sad..sad..shame..shame..shame..we are indeed going backward

Anonymous said...

whos good then? U? all u do is critique here n there...why dun u go up there and do thrash!
sorry but all this ppl commenting and suporting u is making me puke rather than all the nonsense ministers are doing..well at least theyre doing sumthing, rather than u sitting in ur shell and condemning everybody..come on patrick..i had a lot more respect for u before than now..

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