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Sunday, August 09, 2009

This PM might also be asleep


The Star headline yelled, Lead the change, PM tells Umno. In the Star article Najib says the culture of looking after one’s own clique and race is no longer tenable and as such Umno should take the lead to change. Very good. Words of wisdom even. Comforting to all Malaysians to have a forward thinking Prime Minister. If only...............

His announcement had not come on the same day that Umno controlled papers, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Minggu unleashed yet another racially inflammatory attack on the very fabric of Malaysian harmony. Both papers ran editorials today suggesting that the DAP is anti-Islam and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is willing to betray the Malays to be prime minister. Cause for unlimited detention under ISA if from any other publications.

But then this is 1Malaysia where there are different rules for different people. 1Malaysia, 2Malaysia 3.....4Malaysia, 5Malaysia 6..........



not your ordinary blogger; said...

One Malaysia One Hope-----> HOPELESS!!
there is no return for Malaysia....bad to even worse!!

Anonymous said...

Mengapa tindakan pihak media khususnya Utusan yang menyebarkan artikel2 yang berunsurkan perkauman dan unsur2 menyebabkan "ketegangan" dibenarkan?
Mengapa tidak diberi amaran oleh pihak berkuasa?
Bagaimana kerajaan BN khususnya PM and kabinet2 melaksanakan konsep 1Msia jika media itu sendiri berunsurkan isu2 perkauman?

malayamuda said...

never forget how Najib wanted to bathe chinese blood in 1987

never forget how Kerismuddin held the keris and shouted racist statements during the UMNO assembly recently.

And Never ever forget, Najib's father started May 13......

This fellow is capable of anything !

Anonymous said...

Only in Bangsatland, you can speak through two orifices, oral and anal!
This has been going on for ages.

Crankster said...

1Malaysia - 1 government of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

he no sleeper.

its in the open now. he wants selangor back.

MACC is doing his bidding.

adios Teoh. May your death not be in vain.

PR, you better watch out else Teoh's spirit will come back to haunt you all for failing him.

natives are restless said...

Funny you should say that but last night I was having difficulty sleeping .... 1Malaysia , 2Malaysia , 3Malaysia , 4Malaysia , 5Malaysia , 6Malzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Frankly, no matter how many more 1-6Malaysia launch also no use as long as these circus are not resolved:
1.Toyogate 2.Perak joke 3.Linggamgate 4.PKFZ scandal 5.Teoh's culprits 6.Utusan bigmouth
7.Koh high chapparal 8.MIC maika
9.Umno racism birthright 10.Ministers arrogrance

Anonymous said...

I hope that Zimbabwe don't beat Malaysia to be a better place to live in.

Anonymous said...

1malaysia my foot! cakap tak serupa bikin

Anonymous said...

So long as Awang Selamat is continuing his racist commentary on Utusan without being censured, I see 1malaysia as just a rhetoric slogan coined by PR aides of our dear PM.

As the theme song in CSI goes " Don't Be Fool Again"!

Anonymous said...

While our PM was Zzzzing away, Tengku Razaleigh said the following to Kelab UMNO Australia:

“It does not work when political parties are led by the ignorant and the corrupt who have no standing in the communities they claim to represent,” he said bluntly, saying the country now has top-down rule and power had become increasingly unaccountable with Umno beholden to the executive.

“Our decades under highly-centralised government undermined our power-sharing formula, just as it undermined key institutions such as the judiciary, the police and the rule of law.

“Our major institutions have survived in appearance while their substance has eroded. Seen in this light, the election results of March 8, which saw the Barisan Nasional handed its worst defeat since 1969, was just the beginning of the collapse of a structure which has long been hollowed out,”

“We need a new beginning to racial relations in Malaysia, and you must pioneer that beginning. We need to re-design race relations in Malaysia, and you must be the architects and builders of that design,”

“Begin with our common humanity. Respect for our common humanity must override all lesser affiliations, including race,”
“Islam tolerates no notions of racial superiority or inferiority. All human beings are equal before God. That same principle of equality is absolutely fundamental to democracy, and democracy is a foundational principle of our Constitution.

artchan said...


When you said meant Rosemary or Pinklips?

telur dua said...

Najib: 'I want Selangor back.'

Yeah, like PR is going to give it back on a silver platter. Maybe he just woke up from a dream.

How about the taxpayers wanting their back? Boleh kah?

LOL. Niamah!

Totalcare said...

UMNO only can gain rakyat when their leader stop issuing racist sentiment to non malay/non muslim. I didn't see any problem with Malaysia non malay or non muslim, they keep on helping malaysia ecomomy growth. pay tax. If we can see only UMNO group of leader are thinking by using racist issue, the malays will see them hero "perjuang", but actually they are the leader make malaysian problematic, that why malaysian will not vote them anymore, especially educated and youg generation either malay or non malay. that you can every election they loss in malays majorities or minorities.

Anonymous said...

Najib is not aware of Chinese and Indians are capable of reading Bahasa Malaysia.


RealGunners said...

i don't know, no matter what we talk now also no use, let's just completely whack their asses out of office in 2 yrs time lah..


Wa Lau said...

najis coming out my ass seeing wat Malaysian is becoming!!! not only is najis tidur, his english is so bad he tak faham what meaning "1Malaysia" is!!!! ALL talk cock only ... cakap semua tak sama bikin. BN'a days numbered .... gua kasi guarantee!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Perak sudah kacau dan sekarang mau lari ke Selangor lagi. Lu ingat itu Selangor Gomen punya kah? Jain main main dengan rakyat Selangor. Tengok lah apa sudah jadi kat Toyol nasib baik hanya dua telor sahaja yang sudah pecah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

It would be fun if you could post Najib's photo ( Malaysia Insider ) with his 1 Malaysia sign. Just post it and let the reader's send in their caption. Mesti shiok punya.

Anonymous said...

Do you all know how "huge" an area Selangor is...???
How rich Selangor is...??
Was given to "someone" to run it yet "ruin" it...???

Own Selangorian was more than happy to kick that "someone" out...??

Nothing was done when they held Selangor. (Only "used to the fullest" by others)

Now under PKR hands......
I see that most Selangorians are happy the way it "should be" managed.
I am....!!!!

PKR better "buck up"....!!
If not.....

Anonymous said...

Let Mahathir and family rule Malaysia for life as a family dictatorship. Only they can. The others all fucked up. Then we can have paradise. - Anon.

Anonymous said...

He is pretending to sleep while hatching his 2-faced strategy as highlighted by kim uek in his article in malaysia Insider:

"Najib's 1 Malaysia a two-faced scam?"

While the top husband-and-wife team is merrily singing their idyllic songs of racial harmony and dishing out goodies day in and day out (not covered in Malay newspapers), their party’s propaganda machines are regularly spewing racist poison to rile up the majority race against the minorities. Umno has partially got away with this double-faced game because it has complete control over the local media (other than the Internet), and the two conflicting tunes are played separately to two different audiences in their respective media, with each largely oblivious of what the other has learned.

Anonymous said...

The writer has inside information from his boss on how to be PM. Learn form the experts. They are the masters of betrayal. See what happened to the wealth of the nation. Only the cronies are rich but the rest of the population be they Malays, Chinese or Indians have to slog for a living. Anyway we the frustrated and toolan are willing to take risk with Anwar.

Dave Ming Cheng

Anonymous said...

Ai yo the senile old man is back again and as usual nothing good. I too have short memory but can still rememberlah that this is the end result of 22 years of evil planning. When he was in power it is ok but when he left, there is nobody as cunning as him to carry on with scheme. During his era he appointed fangtastic blood suckers who are still around with 1 million shopping bag, 24 million banglo... 500 million commision...12.5 billion Pocik Kaput Authority and my god endless list. He is so jealous that DSAI is so successful and getting stronger and bigger each day. Remember you can plan but end of the day it is the Almighty who decides.

Anonymous said...


It really isn’t about beer. It is about freedom of choice.

The choice of a shopkeeper to sell anything and everything permitted by the laws of the land. The choice of a consumer to choose to buy anything sold in a shop.

As it is a choice to choose which ever political party that represents your views. Or not choose a political party that is an affront to your views. It is as simple as that and the reason for elections, for everyone in a democracy to vote in a government of their choice with the majority getting their choice.

And thus, the seizure of beer from a 7-Eleven convenience outlet in Selangor is against the law. It has nothing to do with religion. Are Muslims so weak-willed that the mere presence of beer on sale will turn them against their faith?

That is as ridiculous as the idea that being sprayed with holy water from a Roman Catholic Church will turn a Muslim into a non-Muslim.

Anonymous said...

This is another ONE MALAYSIAN who zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on duty.

Anonymous said...

Sleeping on the job, awake and kicking on kicking s's...

komando said...





Anonymous said...

We want Selangor back!
I think the PR government in Selangor should take this seriously and don't take it merely as one of the jokes or dreams because this man is well known of capable to do anything that he wants.
The partners in the PR government should stop giving any loophole to this man and his evil gangs to sabotage and cause havoc in the state that can swing the people trust and fate away from the present state government. Remember the majority voters in the state, though the richest in Malaysia still rely and believe what being reported in the MSM control by this man and his gangs. Even now I have sensed the swing has started, so PR leaders, please buck up or you be kicked out and this man really got back Selangor and then you will regret and bang your balls!

Anonymous said...

One little, two little, three M'l'ysia
Four little, five little M'l'ysia
O'how many M'l'ysia do you want?