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Thursday, August 06, 2009


A cock in typical talk cock stance

There's so much cock in The Star today that I think it should be re-classified as a XXX Adult tabloid.

The first piece of tokkok that caught my eye was actually part of another story. That of the MACC's latest raid on Selangor's Pakatan Rakyat officers. This time it was state exco member Rodziah Ismail’s turn.

Anyway, after the raid MACC deputy chief Commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed expressed disappointment with the latest trend by those under investigation or by witnesses to call in the media to record or photograph the MACC officers.

“Such a practice is not only putting pressure on our officers but also on the witness. It is setting a very bad precedent. The MACC officers are carrying out their job professionally but the same cannot be said about those calling the media while we do our job,” he said.

Hello, Mr. deputy big-shot where have you been the last couple of months? In the light of what is going on in Malaysia you expect Malaysians to quietly allow you and your officers free rein in your 'investigations'??? If your officers are carrying out their job professionally as you claim what is your gripe about? Anyway, I think you have the contacts to call out the water cannon and tear gas brudders if those pesky media flers get to be too much, right? So?

The next piece of cock comes from someone who's somewhat of an expert. Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Husseinn has ordered the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to take stern action against those people responsible for uploading a video clip on the Internet which purportedly shows the police assaulting a detainee.

"I view the uploading of this slanderous and malicious video clip very seriously as it has tarnished the credibility and image of the police."

Aiyoh Hisham, Hisham...what cock are you talking about? First, no Malaysian who possesses even an ounce of intelligence and who watched that video will think that the uniformed personnel involved are policemen. They are not wearing the PDRM uniform! And while all of us abhor the violence and the inhumane treatment of the victim we do not (although some of us might wish we could) smear that shit on our boys in blue.

And then to put his foot further down his own throat Hisham continues his tokkok by lamenting that the use of cyberspace to spread malicious lies and slander in the country was fast getting out of hand. Wah! Actually, if the Hisham fler was a stand-up comedian he'd continue that statement by saying, "If it's malicious lies and slander you want to read buy our newspapers! Cheaper than a computer and the monthly Streamyx connection." But then being a politician and a minister he's probably able to come up with something much funnier.

I am a Perakian and proud of it. Until recently I'd always thought the best of the Perak Royal family. And Raja Nazrin.....handsome, eloquent prince charming. Right out of a fairy tale la.

But today even Raja Nazrin is talking cock. “Democracy does not mean anything goes. It certainly does not mean mob rule,” he said. Errrr.....yes we as Malaysian citizens know that. And your point is? If your reference was to the recent street demonstrations I am sure Your Royal Highness knows that at those events the 'anything goes and mob rule' bits all came from the Police.

Raja Nazrin also said that our “...... constitution spells out not only what our rights are but also what the limits to those rights are.”

“These limits ensure that decisions are not made by those who wield the most power, shout the loudest or behave in the crudest manner.”

If His Royal Highness meant to direct his speech at "those who wield the most power, shout the loudest or behave in the crudest manner", then I bow down humbly in total awe and admiration of your wisdom but if you meant to direct what you said to the Malaysian Rakyat......

I don't know la. Sigh...for you flers reading this here you go and read the report and form your own conclusions about what Tuanku said la. I am going to get a stiff drink.



Anonymous said...

I think the problem lies with our Malaysian culture. When I was young, I was told to obey the elders including my parents, teachers, seniors, etc. Whenever I want to give a piece of my mind, I am labelled a rebel ! Eventually, come to a point, I keep them to myself. When studied overseas, experienced a culture shock ! Those younger fellas are able to express themselves so freely and eloquently until I am so ashamed of my "kampung" mentality !

51 years of independence, we are so dependent on mainstream media that we have to listen only to the righteous leaders ( self-claimed )and adhere to their call. You must do this and you must do that ! You cannot do this and you cannot do that !

If I am 51 years old today and still follow our leaders' footsteps, I don't know whether I can survive in a modern society where information flow freely and fiercely ?

Mainstream media reported that it is "evil" to demonstrate on 01/08/09 and what happened if the British or USA were to start ruling our country again tomorrow ?

You tokkok Kings are going out to protest and do street demo. Stripped off your "hak asasi" and titles, you mogok and start to burn flags and chant, " runtuhkan ini dan itu".

I can't believe that our leaders of our country are behaving like a bunch of school boys and act as if he or she is righteous. You and me are all devils advocate. Then, be a King with no subjects and live by your own in an island. Be like King Midas and whatever you touch will be turned to gold. Certainly no objection from anybody because "dead objects" won't protest ! Apa macam ".

Nowadays, our country have produced many scholars and they are very good at only talking cock and sucking "thumb" !

Well, speaks so much about leadership and syiok sendiri.

Zanie said...

Yeah how I love that..MACC officers being tailed by reporters and media. Go chase them buddy..coz if you happen to be able to capture an image of a body being thrown out of the window, it would be much easier to identify the murder! No need royal commission lah.

telur dua said...

To identify slander and lies, Mr Kris Mudin need look no further than Utusan and all those pro-UMNO blogs.

Why bark up the wrong tree. Not that he has plenty of moral authority to start with.

niakong said...

Ku ku chiau!!!

Hey, do allow me to sidetrack a little ... what're all those talking about reducing crime by PM recently??? I thought when Pak Lah was in power, he has already initiated a big move to reduce crime. Millions were spent to upgrade the various facilities of the PDRM, including new fleets of cars and a major recruitment drive to strengthen the force. What has happened to all that??? The PM may have changed (and pretend don't know anything about that), but the IGP is still the same.

Malaysians memang mudah lupa but certainly not on this issue. So, what have been done so far, after millions spent, to reduce crime???

MACC, it's time to get cracking and show that you're somewhere near ICAC!!!

Anonymous said...

Would have tot that identifying and arresting those bully boys beating the poor man would be more important..doesn't matter who it was nobody should be beaten like thatexcept one day I hope those #@%8*&ers get the same or their offspring get done too like that.


Anonymous said...

And the royal colour is so befitting these cocks................YELLOW!! Only know how to hide behind PDRM. Without guns, they really are Pondans Diraja Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Hassan Ali? This shows that stupidity knows no bounds - whether you are from BN side or PR side or whether you hold a doctorate or a ministerial post in the country.

Trevor said...

If MACC is carrying out the job professionally, Teoh Beng Hock's tragedy would not happen in the first place.

As for the 'mob' - what had they done apart from being sprayed with chemical stuff, teargas, and water cannon... ?

Were the "People First, Performance Now" govt able to calculate what's the physical damage caused in the city, by the 'mob'?

If no, I really wonder which group of 'mob' did Raja Nazrin refer to.

A seriously niamah joke here.

Daniel Tan said...

I must say we the people is really cheesed off by all these people in power talking cock.

Tiger said...

Unfortunately, the Regent has got it wrong.
The constitution is to PROTECT the PEOPLE from the government. It is NOT by any means, a limit of people's rights.
It's so unfortunate that the BN has amassed enough power to control the monarchy!
We hope that the monarchy will find the courage to rise up to the BN dictators who are ruining their states!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Patrick

I am so fed up with you, Patrick. If I am not mistaken you were a former radio DJ and I know a lot of DJ when on air talk a lot of tokkok too............and you are no exception.

Why don't you cool down and write something the way your mother always taught you ie be respectful of others.

I tell you that I can agree with most of what you have written but your language really put me off.

Anti Manusia Berlagak Semua Tahu

KIMHO8 said...

No comment for Ulat Aku.
Fed up with his talking cock!

kingtut said...

Can stop subscribing to Malaysian newspapers liao.... and start having some chicks at the backyard instead...

ibrahim anwar said...

This was what Anwar said about the ISA on 24 May 1994 when he was Deputy Prime Minister while officiating a "Mesyuarat Agung Antarabangsa ke 27, Majlis Ekonomi Lembangan Pasifik (PBEC)" in Kuala Lumpur, Anwar Ibrahim said:

“Walaupun keadaan dalam negara sekarang adalah baik, namun tidak dapat dinafikan kemungkinan berlakunya ketegangan. Dalam keadaan seperti itu kebijaksanaan untuk mempertahankan ISA adalah perlu demi keamanan negara. Adalah tidak wajar untuk menghapuskan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang terbukti berkesan membawa keamanan dan kemakmuran di negara ini.”

On 28th Oktober 1987, Anwar's statement when he was Education Minister on the arrest under ISA of both BN and Opposition members during Operation Lallang:

“The goverment’s decision to ban all public rallies showed that it placed national security above the aspirations of certain politicians and political parties…..The government’s actions were carefully planned and placed priority on national interest not that of any particular group. There can be no compromise on national security in a multiracial country like ours.”

Fast forward to 1st August 2009, this is what Anwar Ibrahim defacto Opposition Leader and wannabe PM said in the anti ISA demonstration:

“We gather today to fight a cruel law under a cruel administration..”

amoker said...

I have nothing to say except that those in 'power' can preach and talk as if they are holy. They are not. People are just commenting in the web cause they are crushed on the street. And the stupidity of these individuals need commenting.

On Raja Nazrin, is he following his dad? waste time to hope on royalty.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Taking into consideration all the mysterious deaths in detention I think the video clip will actually improve their image. Wait till someone come up with a video showing actual killing in detention. Mr Hm Minister, Image of your boys in blue will only improve when PR takes over and kick out all the arrogants.'Than your balls will be blue'

Tuanku is surely refering to the boys in blue as they are the one who wield the most power, shout the loudest or behave in the crudest manner.”Hope the boys in blue can read in between the lines what tuanku is saying.


Anonymous said...

rakyat have no more power left... i would be mourning for the rakyat this coming merdeka instead of celebrating it.

are we really "merdeka?"

i don think so

Anonymous said...

i paid 28++ for 'eat all you can' in a steamboat shop BUT 'dis & dat' costly ones are limited...@#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

so frustrated today morning after reading the star online. every news just show unfairness. the teoh inquest.the macc raid. everything. really sad.i hope things change and the bullied/dead will have a chance of justice. enough said am really dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

Hisham should investigate to eradicate such cruelty of treating suspects (?)to show his sincerity to have a respectable police force but instead he's finding fault at who's circulating the video clip; sigh...Hopeless... and the police force is hopelessly devoted to him. TL! Ayam Berkokok!

camcamni said...

Didnt MACC went with the press to shout about the arrest of the 2 former PKR Perak Excos for investigations and also the so called "car and cows" case of MB Khalid?

Now they got someone killed in their nahds and so fett the pressure and now dont want to have anything about the press? Ya lah...kan ni niah....tokkok only.

Why they dare not name the ADUN from Trengganu? Just becuz he is from BN? Come clean lah....but how to be clean when their "tai kor" son also so dirty....suka budak kechil lah....waaa lauuuuuu...

The Royals of Perak is best seen to be 'Tiam Tiam" and dont talk rots lah. Who cant see that its the MOB thats the Police?

The Police are the "Licensed Gangster" who can go about simply beating people up. BN willbe finished if the Police upholds their motto and so does MACC. They are actually 2 very important branches of UMNO.

Dylan said...

Uncle Pat & all other ppl, can you look into this interview.
This bagger who supports ISA was being interview to give such racist comments in the video at 4min 45secs there.
Really Niamah to him.

Anonymous said...

There is a whole lot of crap out there. Even from people whom we once have respect for; they too have started this tokking kok trend and has raised the bar.

And yes, sue the fellas for loss of income during anti ISA. The fellas causing all the disruption may not be the organiser, it could just be the police themselves. What say the minister who said to sue them? This "them" could be you!

Y2K said...

For MACC deputy chief Commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed, isn't it too long ago his own boss told reporters about the strong evidence about the Car and Cows?

So when they talk to media, it's ok but not if you or me talk?

Tokkok man!

Y2K said...

Hey Patrick,

I just saw this article in The Star about Tamil Tiger leader arrested in Malaysia ( and recalled this story about Jet Li becoming a Singaporean.

Thinking further back, Mas Selamat was arrested in Malaysia and Gong Li also became a Singaporean. See any interesting pattern here?

This article wonders is Singapore is the new celebrity playground... wonder Malaysia is whose playground.

Perhaps this is worthy of a Niamah article!

ssr said...

Pat let's have a chivas like how this tokok flers drink lol.

camcamni said...

I know MB Khalid will not be cowed by the BN "MOLE" Hassan Ali and neither the Selangor PAS youth. He has not ban the sale of beer in Selangor but will study the ways on how to curb the sale. This is sensible way of handling matters rather than shouting at each other.

I dont drink but Pat....many voters are drinkers and their votes cannot be taken for granted. They are a force by themselves.

PAS Selangor should do a soul search and if there is a need to chop off the ills in Hassan, do it and you will see the better tomorrow together with DAP and PKR. Hassan is a No No to PR.

not your ordinary blogger; said...

muahahahha.....that fcuker hisham is another oscar nominee for the best talk cock king in year 2009! so sad there are so many of them...and to lead us to hell......instead of heaven! one malaysia one hope that is HOPELESS!

Anonymous said...

How do we educate our children?

By banning, censoring ...

That's what our YB in politics want to do.

Rais wanted 'Green Dam' to censor 'blue element'.
Why not enforce banning of illegal DVDs where ponorgraphy is so easily available to students?

PAS wanted to ban the sale of liquor. I suspect the religious classed have not been effective to deter the muslim from the lure of liquor.

What about banning the kap cai to eliminate Mat Rempit?

What about banning money politics?

EarthBug said...

Patrick, the cock is much nicer-looking than all those flers... Innocent laa...