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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What? Nothing wrong what.

BN's Rohaizad Othman. "I'm innocent!!! The Penang Umno chief said so."

The BN candidate in the Permatang Pasir by-election, Rohaizad Othman is, or rather was, a lawyer. It is now revealed that he was dis-barred after being found guilty of misconduct for not returning RM161,000 of his client’s money!(You can read the full report at The Malaysian Insider) Pretty serious shit don't you think? But our man Rohaizad doesn't think so. He doesn't even think it serious enough to need explaning to the people of the constituency whom he wants to vote for him. "I have been cleared by the Penang Umno chief who is also a vice president of the party. So everything is OK! I have been cleared. I am here and eligible to contest,” he told a press conference.

Proving once and for all that in Malaysia the power to decide guilt or innocence does not lie with the judiciary but with Umno 'chiefs'.

But I think there was a slight hint of desperate arrogance when Rohaizad informed anyone willing to listen that, “The voters here are not complaining. They’re not making any noise so it shows that they are not bothered by the issue.” That's the desperation bit. Now the arrogance part. Rohaizad said that to bring up his past shows that PAS and PR are running out of ideas and resorting to character assassination. And to lend some credence Rohaizat said that his reasoning is backed by none other than........................ Umno's second biggest chief, Muhyiddin Yasin. Phwaaaa!!!

I have never been to Permatang Pasir nor do I know anyone from there. But if it is true that you people are not complaining and not bothered by the issue then all I can say to you is...Good luck!


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For the defense................for the prosecution.


Anonymous said...

BN candidate no need honesty, b'cos that is not a good quality mah. Nowaday only corrupt people join BN, so there is no pool of good character people, so no choice, put any deregistered lawyer.

giam2020 said...

Good luck to the people of Permatang
Pasir if they were to vote BN. The candidate cannot even be trusted with
161K and he want to be a YB and if
he were to be in power, can you
trust him with the country's finances.

GreenBug said...

Reminds me of the MACC Chief defending his son (an MAS pilot summore...) conviction by an Adelaide court for child porno / paedophile charges... "everybody also got pornography in their mobile phone too... whats wrong?"

Anonymous said...

He fits perfectly in UMNO, don't you think so? maybe not, he should be MCA or Party of the Tiong fella... don't know the party name. Anyway, he fits perfectly in BN.

Anonymous said...

Wow your Malaysia really boleh. Now only I know the Penang Umno Chief is so powerful. Just zap and lo and behold niamah everything is cleared. No wonder those frogs from Perak waiting for trial until today also no case. No wonder DPM also not scared. Umno chief can clear. So everything is OK.

Amno common don't tell me there are no more eligible candidates kah. Last time also link up with bankrupcy case. Anyway make sure this time BN 100% win because Samy's countryman is giving 100% support. Very crucial this time. For TSK please make very sure this time your photo is respected. I felt very bad the way you were treated by Umno guys last time.

Trashed said...

There is a statement by some UMNO bigwig that said that Rohaizat's partner in the firm was the one responsible but if that is the case, I have not heard of Rohaizat's similar denial and if so, surely the Bar Council would have made a decision that considers that.

But Rohaizat had his chances including a High Court hearing on 12 August and has the current media attention .... but he still does not say that he did not do it.

An innocent man would be pleading his innocence all the way but this character seems not to mind.

Good luck, Permatang Pasir voters !

KIMHO8 said...

He's an evil ignorant loser in the cradle of Evil BLOODYUNMO.

Anonymous said...

He already looks like a wolf ; now we know he's also a moral moron. Tuniasing!

Anonymous said...

AMNO candidate don't have to be someone who can do the job right, someone who is honest, someone who will fight right from wrong...

They only have to be someone who is corrupted, someone who is willing to do 'dirty' job for their cheif, someone who is racist..

Viva Malaysia
Niamah AMNO

R4Os said...

His party's spokesman said he's a "HERO" despite his firm's legal con job!

Wah-lau-er... Like dat oso can ah?


Anonymous said...


This is sheer arrogance of power.UMNO is like the warlord and the judiciary is just secondary.The power now is in the hands of UMNO and judiciary takes the backseat.UMNO is the want to say who is what and what is black.....not the judiciary!!

Fatimah said...

The Bar Council has always been pro-opposition. If any of you have any doubt just ask Tun Mahathir himself.

No wonder Tun Mahathir never trusted this ‘people’. Now I understand what he meant when he told us long time ago that the Bar Council is just like the Opposition.

Enough about the Bar Council. I would like to highlight the fact that MANY PEOPLE have yet to realize :

The Koperasi Pekebun Getah have WITHDRAWN…yes…WITHDRAWN their accusation towards Rohaizad. Mind you, his partner was the one who stole the money NOT him. See the links below (dont be lazy).

There is even an official letter from the KOPERASI themselves.

Why is it OK for CONVICTED CRIMINAL (SODOMY & CORRUPTION) to become wakil rakyat for PERMATANG PAUH but NOT OK for a person who was a victim of circumstances?

Does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

There goes our country again...!!!

Does the goverment really, really bother about us arr...???

What was the slogan again..???
People..... (which position...???), Performance (when...???)

1 what...??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I am innocent, I am innocent, I am innocent just like what khir said, keep on telling the whole country that he is innocent. See the similarity? So how if become CM of Penang another Disneyland tour. Wah lau eh little birdie of same feather flock together.

Accoridng to news in MI his appeal was dismissed by High Court yet Moh Hai said Hai Chat was not ` legally wrong ' uh is it? No wonder he went the express way, the Amno chief can clear him that's why he was given the green light. I don't take orders from court only from my party. Got it? Now get lost and I repeat I AM INOOOOOOOOOOOOOVENT. BETUL BETUL NIAMAH.

Anonymous said...

that's all there is to it.

we don't have statesmen anymore these days.

all we have are greedy people who dive into politics in a heartbeat because they want to get rich quick!

PutraMerang said...

Good Luck to the people of Permatang Pasir. This candidate is ideal for them. Willing to steal from the many rakyat, and willing to give away to a few rakyat. Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan ma. UmnoBN is prepared to invest tonnes of money here, to achieve Results. If they put an ustaz here, susah lah ma. That is what Tok Guru Nik Aziz was saying, how Umno and PAS is not and will never be the same. Non Muslim need to choose between the two. Umno has been choosen all this while because PAS is being potrayed as Taliban? or was it because Umno can steal from the many Malays and willing to give it away to many Chinese and Indians and all? I never voted for Umno and will never vote for Umno, because I am pengkhianat melayu, but I believe in god. If Umnos believes in god, they would never have done what they have been doing.

ahoo said...

When they are so used to Piratisation, this kind of callous tone that he has been clear of his misconduct by his party is simply showing utter disrespect to our laws. Who does he think he is ? Why our leaders speak with fork tongues ?

Many will attest that nobody is above the law BUT they themselves will try to wringgle out with their own sets of law. How would the nation progress and how would the foreign investors think of our laws ? No only we have 1st world facilities and 3rd world mentality BUT the way we push forward our political agenda is also of 3rd class mentality.

Anonymous said...

What what what withdrawn their accusation after all the world know about it?. Heck who the hell cares or believe. As usual this is Malaysia and everything sure boleh. No point withdraw because sperm already swim inside. Use your mouth to suck it out eh? Phui. What a cheap stunt.

komando said...

why bother if they want to kill themselves

let them do lah

we just watch the movie and enjoy the show lah

UMNO - they can condone anyone, anywhere, anytime, anybody...they are GODs

Anonymous said...

Ini contoh Peguam Pajak!

novice101 said...

The voters are not complaining now, but they will let their anger be known on polling day. Why, because that is the way to teach the Umnoputras.

Anonymous said...

Looks like me and sounds like me, but it's not me !!!

That shows that B-End is running out of people to choose from !!!

Anyway, Khairy was found to be guilty of corruption by UMNO some time last year ! Still he was chosen to be a leader of UMNO Youth.

Well, shows so much of the goons !

CCB said...

1malaysia by umno. I will believe in umno.......................50 years from now.

amoker said...

Yeah, UMNO is king mah. Muhyiddin says I am clean, the judges should also agree and MACC/ Police will also agree.


Anonymous said...

Wantan Malaysia



Anonymous said...

If you read the bar council blog

the choice of word is more horrific than



Anonymous said...

If this is the Best they got,(charged with cheating) than what about the Rest they got,(charged with worst crime? c4? submarine PKFZ). 'This is the best we got! Ha!HA!. How true but honest statement from Armno

Anonymous said...

last timein penang bn also got one candidate who said he find it hard to smile. why bn always get such candidate one. all very genuine, soft hearted, caring but only problem is hard to smile. he he, strange la, want to stop smiliong or find it hard to smile, join umno.

donplaypuks® said...


By Syed Jaymal Zahiid
PERMATANG PASIR, Aug 20 — The controversy surrounding Barisan Nasional candidate Rohaizat Othman’s disbarment took a new twist today when his partner, the one Umno accused of taking their client's money, appeared to deny the allegation.

Yusri Ishak alleged that the money was used by Rohaizat to help his friend-cum-client to finance a land transaction worth RM 130,000 which was to be reimbursed but the Umno politician's friend had failed to do so.

Rohaizat then claimed the land, planning to sell it to remit the funds used to purchase it but to no avail, said Yusri, adding that that was one of the reasons why Rohaizat had failed to repay the co-operative.

He also said some of the co-operative funds had been used to help another of Rohaizat's friends, a director in a housing development company, and also to manage the firm's branch in Ipoh.

The 38-year-old lost an appeal on Aug 12 against being struck off the rolls of the Malaysian Bar after he blamed his partner for the matter which the Bar Council said involved RM161,000 in client's money." MI 20/08/09

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

What dumbass DPM that we have ? Education Minister ?

Takanlah the stupid fella literally eat the money in front of you, only then you believe that he has actually done something wrong !!!

No wonder people say rotten mud won't stay on the surface of a wall !!!

Niamah Ke Chow Hai !!!

wuliao said...

Uncle Pat,

You should see this in Today's Star! Him? Good-looking?