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Monday, August 03, 2009

Why? This is why.

Should they?



Anonymous said...

Cannot wear Red T-Shirt, Cannot wear Black T-Shirt, Cannot meet under Ipoh Tree. Cannot drink Teh Tarik near tree. Cannot shout slogan, Cannot have peaceful demo, aha, also cannot drink beer in Shah Alam, cannot have ora sex, cannot slaugther p*g, cannot argue with MA*C, cannot argue with polis, cannot used the word Al**h, Cannot use the word 'Mongolian' cannot hold lighted candle, cannot criticise gomen, Cannot, Cannot, Cannot, but Correct, Correct, Correct, can. Why worry about ISA. We are all in detention already.
Niahmah also cannot!

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kita anak melayu said...

saya sedang mulakan kempen: Saya dikhianati Anwar

tujuanny abagi menangkis saman yang ditujukan kepada Utusan Melayu dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

kalau kita semua kata kita dikhianati sudah tentu saman beliau akan dibuang kes kerana ianya bukan fitnah lagi, ianya adalah sentimen rakyat

untuk lebih lanjut dan untuk mengambil logo sila ke

Anonymous said...

Is Najib going to build STADIUM DEMONSTRASI in all states to accommodate rikuest (new Malay word) for protest?

PNB could use the Amanah Saham 1Malaysia to fund the project?

Anonymous said...

Day trip (Lawatan Sambil Belajar)to KT Palace is only RM50.

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo’s constituents go to see his mansion

SHAH ALAM: DAP Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim turned tour guide Monday when he took 50 people from Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s constituency of Sungai Besar to see the former mentri besar’s controversial mansion in Section 7 in Shah Alam Monday.

“Each of us chipped in RM50 to pay for the trip to see the extraordinary and stunning RM24mil palace,” he told reporters during the visit Monday.

Ng and the people from Sungai Besar, the constituency of Dr Mohd Khir, as well as Sekinchan arrived at 10.45am in a tour bus.

Ng said they were on a day study tour to see Dr Mohd Khir’s mansion and other tourist spots around here.

He said many people from Sungai Besar and Sekinchan had asked him about Dr Mohd Khir’s new mansion and wanted to have a closer look.

Ng and the visitors also held a banner that read ‘Study Tour to Unusual and Stunning KT’s Palace’ and took photographs at the main entrance.

The one-hour visit went on peacefully before they left for lunch. Two police patrol team also arrived at the site to take a look at what was happening.

Ng said he would propose to the state to list the ‘palace’ as one of the tourist attractions in the state.

Ng also said he received an appointment letter on July 8 from Dr Mohd Khir to sell the mansion for RM24mil but was disappointed because he was not given keys to let his clients see the mansion.

“I have found a potential buyer, a businessman from Kuala Lumpur, who is willing to buy it for RM24mil, but he wants to see the interior of the mansion first.

“How am I going to sell the house when I can show my clients the mansion?” he asked.

He added that client had come to see the mansion twice but had to remain outside.

Ng said at least five people were interested, including two Klang residents.

The strategic location and large piece of land, about 51,000sq ft, are the main reasons many are interested, he said.

He said Dr Mohd Khir had promised to give him 50% commission if he could sell the mansion.

However, Ng said Dr Mohd Khir should not ask for 10% of deposit from the interested buyers before they get to see the mansion.

“No real estates are sold that way, be sincere if you really want to sell the mansion,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Mohd Khir had said he had bought the mansion for RM3.5mil from a company that was facing financial difficulties.

Anonymous said...

to: kita anak melayu

By the look of ur name, we can tell u r racist... u want to promote ur blog, go and ask from ur gomen.. u r really NOOB.

Anonymous said...

To: Kita Anak Melayu

Pergilah ramai-ramai melabur amanah saham bumiputera anjuran PNB demi masa depan anda.

Bila tak jadi janganlah pijak bangsa lain.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ng Sueen Lim,

You can go to another palace of the Toyol....In Glenmarie Court! The Istana is almost same in size....but here, you can really meet the toyol....They have moved in here, in Glenmarie Court!

Go check it out!


Anonymous said...

When the rakyat do not have other avenues to bring out their dissatisfaction, they turn to the streets.

All the YBs should know. Any kid can answer your question.

Alamak ! You mean you can only think this far and still be a leader of this country ?

Oh Me said...

patrick..tell me about that vampire story lah...the one u had radio one..u telling ghost story one...tell lah..thats the best radio series ever-lah!CLASSIC!!

u need to seel the session back lah....

artchan said...

I watched some videos posted on the GMI march and saw police frisking bags. I thought they were looking for weapons or were looking for t shirts..hahahahahaha.....bloody idiots. I never knew t shirts are offensive weapons..

The stupid police will charge that poor chap will carrying a black tshirt....hahahahaahaha...betul betul bodoh punya polis

Anonymous said...

Hey ! Come to think of it,this street demo. thing really unite all people together.

Malay, Chinese, Indian, Old Folks, Young folks, united together against a darker force !

Really 1Malaysia !

alvin said...

Walau eh! im so proud lah patrick! today my beloved PM says if i want to demonstrate, he will provide me a stadium for me to shout until i blackout oso nvm. wah...first time i hear this. our country is always FIRST for the WRONG REASONS!!!

KIMHO8 said...

My business do get affected on that day. But I am so pleased that we have the courage to hold justice which money can't buy.
A good harvest day for me!

Anonymous said...

Mandela didn't march - he set up bombs which killed people and was sent to jail for terrorism MURDER. Yesterday's Terrorist, Today's Freedom Fighter.

alvin said...

actually i want to say a big thank you to those who participated in the demonstration. It takes a lot of guts to do it. thank you for being our VOICE. Ahmads, Samys and the Ah Sengs out there on the road on saturday.. thank u!!

komando said...



Anonymous said...

Why do you 'kentut'?

You cannot continue to hold the air in your stomach.

So we should know why the street protest took place. Because the foul air need to be released one day.

Our PM has acknowledge this. that's why he is allowing closed-door protest, because he does not want the foreign media to smell the foul air of kentut.

Anonymous said...

Mandela didn't march - he set up bombs which killed people and was sent to jail for terrorism MURDER. Yesterday's Terrorist, Today's Freedom Fighter.---

Who ever u are, do some research before making such a huge accusation. Mandela (and the black in SA) never use bomb during their fight. Only SB in Malaysia use the 4 Altantuya