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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1Malaysia F1

The expressions on their faces don't convince me that everybody there thinks it is such a great idea.

Very soon we Malaysians will have another argument with our Singaporean neighbours in the kiasu debate. So you have F1 night race. So what? We have................


You got ah? No right? Ha!

But seriously speaking though the thought that raced through my mind when I read the news was...........

WHAT FOR???!!!

Surely we have better use for our hard-earned tax money. No? During a time when other seasoned F1 teams are thinking hard about how to keep going due to financial crises we jump into this ultra-expensive game? WHY?

So, it is NOT all tax-payers money. This latest hare-brained idea is to be a partnership between the Government and the private sector. According to The Star story, the partners are the Malaysian government, Air Asia and the Naza Group. Maybe, they will eventually tell us what the shareholding ratio is but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Something also tells me that if the venture is a success then the Malaysian government will be just a small shareholder in a venture to encourage Malaysian entrepreneurship or something. But if it bombs big time then the Malaysian government will be the major shareholder and a major, high-powered task force will be formed to investigate.

So! A Malaysian F1 racing team. And the Prime Minister says it will be based at the Sepang International Circuit.

“This is where the cars will be designed, manufactured and tested. It will be ‘Made-in-Malaysia, by Malaysians’ and of course, the pit-stops will be run by Malay-sians,” he said.
(now, I'm sure you noticed that hyphen in the word Malaysian. Believe me it was written like that in online Star. In the street version the word comes at the end of the column space so the hyphen. Tsk tsk tsk...LOL...)

And this is where I am becoming even more sceptical. Remember, one of the the major partners is a car manufacturing company that is more famous for its power-windows that don't work after a week and gear sticks that come off the floor before the first scheduled service. Proton can't even instill confidence in Malaysian car buyers. How is it going to build an F1 racing car that would even get off the grid? Unless of course it is again WE PAY THE MONEY AND THEN GET THE FOREIGNERS TO DO THE JOB AND WE LATER CLAIM THE CREDIT LOR rule that applies here.

Najib also said, "This is a meaningful development and I hope that it will further raise our country’s profile on the world stage."

There are cheaper ways of getting ourselves on the world stage as you call it. Right? If you need pointers just speak to that Syariah judge from Pahang or the Section 23 cow-head protestors from Shah Alam. I'm sure they've got some more great ideas to share.

Actually, our prime ministers all seem to have some grandoise ideas. At least 1 during their reign...I mean term. Mahathir did the Twin Towers, Putrajaya, Multi-media Super Corridor etc. Badawi had his Angkasawan space tourist so now Najib gets a quick start off the block with the Malaysian F1 Team. Let's hope that 5 years down the road we don't suddenly realise that the "F" there stood for FUCK-UP.



Anonymous said...

wat....F1A1 ....O, no ...H1N1 ...?

Anonymous said...

Pat. I knew you are going to write this when I read the news this morning in The Star.

I am equally frustrated as you are because there were so many problems with our country's project.

To name a few, PKFZ, a stadium in Terengganu collapsed, some parts of our MRR2 cracked, a certain section leaked at our Court House, Putrajaya, some Mongolian beauty killed which has got to do with our submarines, even a concert which was held recently at Bukit Jalil had some troubled with electricity supply, etc.

I dare not to think how much of our money will be spent on this project. Even Honda pulled out from the race despite selling their cars well in countries all over the world. Our country may be making money for Proton but not so sure with other countries.

I am really concerned with all these money, our hard earned money goes to wastage and some people's pocket. Don't tell me about MACC. Useless and toothless organization !

Malaysia really BOLEH !!!

fucked'up said...

oopps... i did it again

Anonymous said...

Man, you REALLY nailed it.. Big time!!!

Richard Cranium said...

Au contraire, this is where Proton excels. F1 cars don't need power-windows, and gear shifts that are attached to the floor.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you..when it fails, the govt the major shareholder etc... *cough cough* i used to work for one of the pvt co that is part of this thingy now... i think u know who's the outstanding sales man in this project ;)


Anonymous said...

i mean the outstanding salesman who sold the idea to najib ;)

donplaypuks® said...

"The Malaysian government has gone on overdrive to promote 1Malaysia via billboards and song competitions.

Najib declined to disclose the amount that the public-private initiative will cost. He added however that the government’s investment will be via Proton." MI.

Therein lies the potential, like PKFZ, for another multi-billion $ whack on the M'sian Taxpayer!! Why hide what the deal is all about? What's being covered up?

You can bet your bottom $ that Proton will be forking out all the development and advertising cost and then eventually, the Taxpayer will come charging in to rescue them.

Recently, MAHB which had the rights to Sepang racing circuits and F1 sold it all back to the Govt after a major billion $ "re-structuring" exercise!!


We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Wong Pencen said...

Exactly, WHAT FOR?

To advertise 1Malaysia to the world. Then what? The rest of the world will buy the concept and use it for them.

By next year we will see, 1Malawi, 1China, 1England, 1Brazil, 1Peru, 1Mesir...


Anonymous said...

We just found another way to lose more taxpayers dough and.....tarnish our nation's image at the same time!

The team is going to be dead last in all the races

Anonymous said...

I think this all started with the 1Malaysia tag line. We will jump into anything that has a "1" in it....F1, H1N1 (aiyah - can't think of anything else). Help, anyone?

wong said...

impressed.embaressed .

Anonymous said...

When al the investors in F1 are reviewing their participation, Najib pulls our Tax ringgit into F1?? F8#@ Up!

ANN BK3 said...

'it will further raise our country's
profile on the world stage'.. aiyah no need some more as we are already
very well know the world over as the
MOVER & SHAKER of many 'great feats'
so there is absolutely no sane reason
to throw away good money just to be more noticeable on the world stage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this "syiok sendiri" attitude of our PM/gomen, which all right thinking Malaysians fully agreed with your comments.

While most of the F1 teams are contemplating jumping off the wagon, our stupid gomen wants to be in. Just like the maybank fiasco in Indonesia the gomen is run by 1/2 past 6 advisors.

Rakyat's 'blood Money' wasted on 'Syiok sendiri' projects which otherwise could be used to improve the life of all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

The expressions on their faces do convince me that everybody there thinks it is such a great idea as they will get millions of RM somewhere somehow. Remember the Mohamad Ali Boxing tournament many years ago? The bigger the smile, the more RM millions sure in the pocket of someone.

Anonymous said...

fuck one
shit one
die one
pundek one
cepek one
etc etc one
the 'one' is such a versatile word in Malaysia.
bribe one
makan one
rasuah one
useless one

Anonymous said...

Hole-in-1 ???... as in dead hole!!

Anonymous said...

we cant even get our 'nationa' car proton in order; and now we're looking at our own f1 team.



Anonymous said...

which idiot gave this car its pathetic design?

shadowman said...

Haha, yeah lets see whether that big word comes or not. I mean REALLY big

tupingera said...

Having a Prime Minister who is implicated in the murder of a Mongolian model has further raised the country's profile on the world stage.

Major newspapers around the world had run that report.

Anonymous said...

im imagining a malaysian f1 car coming into the pit stop to change tyres... samy, ah kau, ali and richard change the tyres using outdated tools while the driver encik najis having a teh tarik at a mamak stall before continuing the race.

what a waste of money

artchan said...

i don think they can even make a decent bicycle.....

aisamuddinMH said...

all this,
is similar with tun M sepang, putrajaya and twin tower..
u ppl can yap all you want to
the TIME will come when u realise its time to stop.
hehe, trust me.
i'm gonna wait 5 years, then come back to this blog and declare u guys as losers.

mark my words=)

coming back at 17 sept 2014=)

Anonymous said...

Am I reading correctly!!! Malaysian own F1 team including a car!! Sure not? Even our Proton top range car the Perdana still use so old engine how le.

I suggest best just enter in a bull cart with some kampung boys as team and we be more cost effective and don't have to debate how far behind we finished each race, la.

Anonymous said...

what car are they gonna use? Proton exora? puh leez...

better give back our good quality petrol instead of tricking us into crappy petrol.

Fao said...

this is the LASTTT thing my country needs la....aiyola..apo nak jadi?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever heard that the Govt could not afford to subsidize half of our petrol?

They could afford this 1though.

Anonymous said...

Do the people involved ASK a basic question in the initial stage : Are We Capable?

Anonymous said...

Just when Najib could not articulate to teh rakyat what 1 Malaysia is, someone helped him (actually to ampu him) with the concept of 1 Malaysia racing team.

I suppose he knew his days are numbered. He need to have a legacy to be remembered by.

Mhathir had Proton, twin towers, Puterajaya.

Badawi had his corridors and Hadari.

So Najib need to realise his 1 Malaysia in the form of this racing car.

The F1 community must be happy to have the injection of money now that the likes of Hinda, Toyota BMW are pullin gout.

Proton definitely know something the Japanese and Germans did not know.

By the way, my friend used to work for a supplier to Proton during the design stage of Savvy. I was told Savvy was designed by the Koreans.

Any feat in the Malay Boleh history book.

One up agaisnt the night race in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia
Formila 1 didahulukan
Raykat diketepikan

Anonymous said...

Sure the F1 in Sepang is drawing the tourist to KL.

But does the tourist dollar ever reach the pocket of the kampung folks in the rural area?

Think about this when you see Najib, Tony Fernandes, Dr M's son and his cronies having gala dinner with the celebrities in posh hotels during the F1 celebration.

What does our Tourism Minister has to say about this?

They are using rakyat's money to syiok sendiri among the Ang-Moh!
Talk about Merdeka yet still sucking up and brwon-nosing to the ang-moh!

That's why we poor people can only syiok sendiri our way by Zooming Malaysia or Cuti-cuti Malaysia. ha Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Did you watch ESPN Sportscentre last nite?

Mika Hakinen was asked his opinion of 1 Malaysia racing team with Lotus.

His did not give a convincing answer to support the notion that is a wothwhile venture.

He is like saying to Proton: Keep Walking, you cannot run yet, let alone sprint in the name of Lotus.

Anonymous said...

During this economic crisis, it is a wonder why Malaysia want to get into the F1.
Strictly speaking, it is better for Malaysian Government to concentrate on its primary duty of governing the country. Please leave the thought of forming a F1 team to the private sector or car company.
Even big names like Honda, Toyota which have more related interest are getting out, yet we are jumping in ?
Where angels fear to threat, FOOLs jump in.

But then, if your objective is to fatten a group of cronies, who will be responsible for the team, Then I will say it is a fantastic idea. You can justify to use more tax payers’ money for your own ends. Cheer ! 1Malaysia !

Cuti-cuti Malaysia said...

man! sumpah aku rasa macam tak percaya neh! please should i believe this news! warrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1Malaysia F1 team!? WTH, how about poor peole, n so much other unsolve things bla bla blaa

Nazri Awang said...

How idiot can Najib Razak be?? I bet... arrrggghh...this is so embarassing...

camcamni said...

I heard in yesterday's evening news that Govt wanted this F1 racing team to create jobs for 200+ Malaysian people. WHAT????? So much money for 200+ people? Might as well had use mauybe 1/4 of such money to savalge KBP???
You can see if the venture is successful (my foot!!!) the private companies will enjoy the profits but if it fails, then Govt will have to bail out using our hard earned tax money.
I say NO! How can we we tell the Govt and Najlis that we dont want this F1.
Maybe PR can start an immediate signature campaign to oppose this STUPID idea. Get right on to it now!!!

Tek Khoon said...

this one deserves a "NIAMAH HAI" status..

first reaction..

more anger vented here..

a bit more to raise blood pressure..

what a government!

wils0nlai said...

FUBAR... Fucked yp Beyond All Recognition

chong said...

another m*** F***king giant corruption in the making.


some of the malay kampungs don't even have the basic facilities yet!!!

Collateral Damage said...

As someone who has followed F1 for decades, let me ask everyone why there has never been an F1 base outside of Europe. Even the Japanese have their F1 bases in Europe and only their engine departments are in Japan.

It is because all the expertise and parts manufacturers are in Europe, specifically in England. To base oneself so far away from the manufacturers is geographically too challenging especially in a sport like F1.

Granted, USF1, the other new entrant has based themselves in the US but at least there is a big support system over there.

Another thing is the appointment of Mike Gascoigne. He is not known as the "Rottweller" for nothing. Wait for explosive confrontations with his Malaysian masters.

michael said...

One Malaysia sure get F 1. Niamah !

Anonymous said...

1MF1....let's looking up 'high' on this!

Anonymous said...

amidst these hullabaloo, i'm under the impression that Najib stuck up his head into F1 because it has quite the same name as his 1Malaysia. whatever explanation he offered to justify his decisions were illogical and rubbish. perhaps he will find a way to incorporate 1Utama into his 1Malaysia next.

it was a wrong decision to venture into this costly F1. his talk about F1 car built in malaysia by malaysian bla bla was just a dream. probably he didnt think that to train a Malaysian F1 engineer requires at least 4 years of univ. education, perhaps another few years of specialized study or at least 5 years of experience before he could join the engineering team. at least 9 years! but i guess he would just hire some foreigners to do the job (as usual).

what about previous mega projects? sure, they gave us popularity. but it was superficial and not truly beneficial. KLIA was UNDERUTILIZED, KLCC was also UNDERUTILIZED (many office lots are empty due to high rent). PUTRAJAYA? hmph, their wetland is a white elephant.

truly, we are not ready for such high-tech high-investment when the public persistently complains about basic amenities.

netters, do remember 1MALAYSIA F1 when you cast your vote in next GE.


Anonymous said...

Well Pat,

I guarantee you this project is just another scam of the tax-payers money, and it is already fucked before it begin.You have given all the reasons why it is fucked.

Anonymous said...

You all don't know anything, so sad.Having now 2 Malaysia sponsored F1 teams is small play.Infact we should try to take over 8 teams to make those mat sallehs look up at us and the world shocked.Then everybody will be scared of us and we famous.So pls think out of the box you poor guys.

Anonymous said...

stil got money ma Boleh Land could afford to lose millions here N billions there,N have millions of naive fuck payin taxes. takut APA...

Anonymous said...

lucky f1 car got no power windows. or else ah sure get stuck one.

dua sen said...


So bro Patrick, you're the most qualified to comment. NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

utterly irresponsible !

Gan said...

Wasting $ just for 'face' saja !

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi project gajar putih

1 said...

goblok lokal's fucking 1 BULLSHIT,1najis more altantuya ...HA HA HA...

Anonymous said...

We don't even have a Malaysian bicycle let alone a true Msian car. And we want to come up with a F1 car? I read somewhere that it cost more than 300million US a year to maintain a team. US300mil,thats 1billion RM a year! Have our gomen gone mad to endorse such a venture? Ok,ok this is private venture. So do you think the private sector will just fork out the money without passing it on to consumers? Expect airasia's new
slogan: "Now not everyone can fly"

Hor Beh Kahn said...

WHAT!!! Build our own F1 engines from scratch? Tuan Najib, you must be joking, right. I bought Proton car dulu & on the day of delivery itself, the wipers & odometer BOTH don't work, the speedometer also don't work & worse there were huge amounts of debris in the fuel tank causing the car to drag & jerk. It took 3 hours to cover 400 metres. And know what, the Boss of the authorised service centre ask me why I bought such a cheap quality car. The irony is that he became a Millionaire servicing Proton cars.

I smell humongous corruption deals in the making on this F1 team.

Anonymous said...

dis F1 flu causes rm400,000,000.00 yearly man !!

Anonymous said...

Now you know the trick lah.
We rakyat were advised to spend wisely during the downturn so that the savings can be used by them for their hobbies..

Are you clear by now what does 1Mean ? All the while you guys are so innocent to think it's 1 human race.

All your lives Raced by Him the ONE at a deadly pace.God Bless.


Anonymous said...

this fernandez fella and the nazmi thing......

All in the name of the 1-thing!....and billions to be spent. and watch the fat mama walking on stage!....ah, that will make the rostrum models and the paddock pit girlz looked like her CUCU!....

on the money spent, fernandez will use it to lease more B-777s.....I dont know what this nation is heading to.....

I have a nephew working in a giant japanese auto-outfit....proton is NUTS in th auto world....and we want to improve them by having an F1 team?......

this is purely PUKIMAK!....

Anonymous said...

where are you my love?

my wanging aint gonna get me up. I need a NEW TOY. Mama Mia. F1 gonna get me up, baby. and I am not paying for it.

beh ta han(tak boleh tahan) said...

1Malaysia F1= Satu Orang Siok Sendiri One. Wah! beh ta han!

Anonymous said...

I fear for the worse...Another reason for the government to prolong the special treatment (PROTECTION!!) for Proton. I forsee Proton will start selling their model as Proton F1. Price: RM 100k Engine: CamPro F1 edisi 1600cc. Colour: Black, Blue & Red ONLY.
New slogan: Everyone Can Drive An F1 Car:) KNS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Luckily the F1 car do not have power windows or handles on any doors. Otherwise it will have to make many pit-stops to replace them.

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

This F***1 business is a game for the super rich countries, but for the kucings kurap, they may as well think twice before plunging into the shit pool.

Our muddle-headed peminpins can think of nothing else except to enjoy spending rakyat's money. I don't know how much thrill can they get from this F***1 business.

Glancing thru our impeccable track record, we have to list of losses to be proud of.

Another list of White Elephants projects to adore & admire.

We have even dumped out RM15 billion (i.e. 15 thousand million ringgit) thru the ValvaCap to shore-up our sagging share market.

God, please send us a better set of people who are able to spend our money wisely, to rule us.

Anonymous said...

Why not spend the money on public transportation?

The reason is simple.
Our Ministers do not take public transport.

Tony Fernandes want you to fly and not to take bus.

Above all, they want F1 so that theyy could get closer to the celebrities and have dinner/party with them.

Simple as that.

Where is PRIHATIN?

Anonymous said...

Niamah, Proton need a foreign partner to survive and now we are talking about our own F1 design team. What a fcuked up nation? Who are the group of people we are going to enrich this time with the hard earned tax payers money? I am sure the project will fail and the government have to bail them out. The Honda group is withdrawing from the F1 circuit but Malaysia still want to join the elite group at this time of economic downturn, doesn't make sense! What are they trying to prove, Malaysia Boleh?

Anonymous said...

What about Cyberjaya..???
Nama saja mau...!

Why isn't our Economy looked into...???

If they want to use "MY" taxes can...!!
Just make sure there's "returns" for me too...!!!

That's why Tony F is smart to involve himself for 1 year only. Make dough & run....!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah....let it be. Whatever the people say, BN will never listen. They are supposed to be smart and that is reason we voted them in. That's going to make us an idiot!!

Anonymous said...

Port Klang issue not yet settle, now they are going to create a Second Port Klang here!!!!!! Wake UP!!! B4 Malaysia end up as Corrupted Country!!!

Al Tugauw said...


Anonymous said...

Got the Message loud and Clear.

1Malaysia is I am no 1 in Malaysia !!
Makan tak habis -Chiat beh leow or Makan habis-chiat ka leow.

Choy ni tol soh.

Anonymous said...

What if next year lotus F1 fails to qualify for the race?

Where will Najib hide himself then?

casper c said...

Anon 10.08 AM

Don't know what the govt is harping about courting a partner for Proton. Najib even implied it would be "the same tie up as suggested with VW" but mind us all, tie up with VW was all talk, mere attempt to cloud the issue(no takers) as well as it being against the spirit of EU charter.

No European concern will get involve with Proton solely because Proton's business is one protected by vested interest that runs contrary to open competition.

The bedlam that binds the Euro Union is one that promotes fair trade and are anti protectionist. No one is going to touch Proton even with the longest of pole unless the wigs come up with some fancy creative language that says otherwise.

It is trying but have a g'weekend all out there.

fatsen said...

.... why dont use this money to buy back PLUS high way shareholder ? ?? that 1malaysia concept? ... we cant feel the F1..

Anonymous said...

It be fun to watch the other F1's driver moving aside during the race letting our '1 Malaysia' car zooom passed them.... cause its a Proton and with Malaysia Driver in it!

Anonymous said...

UMNO usually used the non-bumi as the agent.

MCA was the agent for Port Keang case.

Since MIC is so incapable, UMNO sought that Air Asia guy to make the transaction.

Therefore UMNO is always 'clean' to the Malays.

Anonymous said...

Joining Formula 1 is glamorous but will not help to make Malaysia a high income developed country

By Dr Chen Man Hin, DAP life adviser

The other day PM Najib’s kitchen cabinet announced plans to make Malaysia a high income developed country. Two days later he announced Malaysia will become a F1 racing country to bring glory and prestige as a renowned automobile producer of world standards.

Proton is sucking up millions every year of taxpayers’ money to support the automobile industry, and now F1 will require spending a billion or more annually. It will increase the financial burden of the people.

Tun Mahathir supports the F1 initiative because it will bring publicity worth millions for Malaysia, as F1 races are splashed across the media. He forgets that it will also focus on the sorry state of the automobile industry headed by Proton.

Instead of sponsoring F1, PM Najib and former-PM Mahathir should pull up their sleeves and turn the automobile industry around to be as successful as the Thai automobile manufacturing. Thailand is now internationally known as the ‘Detroit of SE Asia’

Thailand is not chasing for F1 fame because it does not bring fortune.

The Thais do not have a national car to subsidise, like Malaysia. They take the road of liberalisation and invite international car makers to support their automobile programme.

PM Najib should take note that HONDA and BMW, world famous car makers have lost interest in F1 and have pulled out of the F1 racing grid.

He should also be aware that LOTUS F1 in its heydays in the nineties won 6 coveted F1 constructors title. But what good did Lotus bring to the British auto industry, which is in a sorry state? Its one time branded car makers had to be bailed out by US and European car makers.

It is doubtful that participation in F1 will help to develop the economy of the country and contribute to the making of a high income Malaysia.

We respectfully suggest that the two Prime Ministers should concentrate their energy to save the automobile industry liberalisation measures. Stop subsidising Proton and let there be free competition of all motor makers, which is the successful formula adopted by Thailand, the ‘Detroit of SE Asia’

Anonymous said...

Tony Fernandes thought he could weave his magic again from air to the F1 track.

He forgot his core competence is in 'low cost'.

F1 is 'high cost'.

I salute his courage. But I will be sorry for him when the venture fail, for it will.

Allyson said...

There is a chinese saying, if your head is not big enough, dun wear a big hat....

This is a perfect example of the blind-sightedness of our govt. They rather to be spend billions Rm per year(yes billions; Ferrari, Mclaren and Honda spent Rm1.4-1.5 billion in 2008). Is Malaysia that rich to be dumping in billions into a sport that we are not even good in? Proton cars aren't the best at all. How many ppl have complained abt their bad gear box or the many many problem they have with their car. Lotus engine make not even be on the mark either. Why are we dumping in $$ in a venture we know it is not going to be long lasting? Worse thing is that, i read that this venture is for 2010. Are we even ready to get going??? there is only less than 4 months in 2009 and F1 season starts around Feb/Mar... so 6 months to get an F1 team running?? GILA

I am a big fan of F1....I do feel that Malaysia will make a fool of herself trying to get to the starting grid.

First race, we can only hope the car can finish all the laps, worse case, get off the starting grid

Anonymous said...

Let's see how big this baloon gonna blow seem everytime it is getting bigger and bigger..twin tower, "hang-kai-satwan" (angkasawan) and now "Fatt-wan" (F1). If this goes on and we the rakyat still keep quite, then we are soh-wan.

stephen said...

Lotus team will be related to Proton the funny part is....this co owner have no knowledge for engine that's over 1.6L... since Perdana's engine from Mitsubishi.

Everything is boleh here...maybe Tony will set the theme that 1Malaysia F1 team is a low cost team. NO more 5 stars hotel for driver.....all take Budget airline...stay at back packers hotel or tune hotel that need to pay extra for air con/ shampoo.

TO make things sound stupid...they want to put the HQ at Sepang while LOTUS core engineering team is at there will be a lot of money spend just to transfer those UK chap over? oh no they want to use Malaysia but unfortunately our leader think it is as simple as buy a pack of COKE from Tesco or 7-11. You need a lot of knowledge and experience to be an engineer for F1 since small mistake can kill.

they think it is as simple as 123....

Anonymous said...

Please spend the moeny to improve teh welfare of the Penan tribe instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure before "they" decide to go into the F1 project....
They must have plan it "properly".

Knowing the cost & outcome with their eyes wide open...!

"They" are doing whatever they want & the hell with what the rakyat thinks... (people 1st..!)

What do we have that has made "GOOD" performance...????

Wait..! I'm still thinking arr...!

Just look at our Football lah!! So damn pathetic.
(This is "one" example only...!)

Should I go on ...?

Anonymous said...

tdm : ' ...ah...dat's good , go ahead
i 100% sokong one ...!!'

amoker said...

sorry dude. 1 Malaysia is not the first ... Singapore came out of it long time ago and they even have a song about it. Another case of Najib stealing ideas ... kah kah

Anyway, i would not want to be a driver in this car. real hazard.

People said...

Good la! Let them hang there! Digging its own graveyard more deeper and deeper!

Anonymous said...

how much of our bloodied duit been wasted on alex yoong , the bolehland F1 racer ?

Anonymous said...

After more than 20yrs proton can't even develop its own engine..want to race in F1? Tiuniamah

telur dua said...

This Gomen can't differentiate between dream and fantasy. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how we could use the money to improve the public transport.

Imagine no Bas Pajak.

The 1malaysia governemnt will not promote public transport because this is detrimental to the future of Proton.

Spending on F1 is a waste of public fund.I hope all rakyat will show disapproval in the next election.

Ho ho ho said...

My 13 years old son asked whether they will use made-in-malayia tyres. I told him that I am not sure whether our malaysian made tyres will be suitable for F1.But I will not be surprised that our hard earned money will go to paying for the employment of foreigners in the F1 team just like the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Anonymous said...

The only component with actual value in the whole organisation of the project is Lotus, with 60 years of racing pedigree, 5o of those in F1.

But wait.... Lotus isn't Malaysian...

NVM, if Tun M says can, sure can...

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