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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apa the fuck!!!

Hiyah! Who go and tell them? Leceh la now. Some more during Raya.
Kacau betul la.

The Malaysian Mirror today reported "The RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone financial debacle took a fresh twist after news leaked alleging that the cabinet had been kept apprised of the massive cost over-runs and may have thereby even given its tacit approval."

Wow!!! In any other country the above would have been damning evidence on mis-management by the ruling government. In some countries the government would have resigned en masse in shame. In others, the Prime Ministers might have committed ritual suicide.

But in Malaysia.......Najib merely announces......

"Anyone who exposes cabinet papers will be subjected to police investigations and action under the Official Secrets Act will depend on the investigations."

And the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar confirmed a probe has begun and also announces, "We are investigating to find out who is responsible for exposing
information on the cabinet paper,"
he said.

Find out who is responsible for exposing information on the cabinet paper???

Fuck that for a joke, YB.

I don't know about you but as a Malaysian I am more interested in who fucked up in the PKFZ RM12.5billion fiasco!!!



Anonymous said...

This is always the problem of our gomen. No transparency, abuse of power, Wrong agenda, victimised those who are truthful and seeking justice and equality...what is 1Malaysia when all our hard earn wealth is been swindle away secretly.

Anonymous said...

Laws like the OSA make our country a joke. Time for a change.

Anonymous said...

even our Agong doesnt seem to care.



Anonymous said...

Why of course! They must find out who's trying to destroy their $$$ tree. Otherwise how can they afford to take $$ from us legally??!!!

Trevor said...


We voted the govt, and the govt applies the Official Secrets Act on how the tax payer's (a.k.a the voters) money was spent.

For those who exposed this will be caught, instead of those who used the $$ incorrectly.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder those top officials need to have so many private and confidential things. Until now, not many know how much these people and the rulers earn a month. Why can't they make them transparent? I have read from somewhere that they have so many privileges and perks. They don't need to pay for tolls. They can claim for fuel. The rakyat needs to pay for many things even though they earn less than those people.

Now, the PM wants those who are trying to uncover the government's scandal to be investigated because of this PNC thing.

Malaysia is really hopeless with these people around.

donplaypuks® said...

He's miffed the Cabinet Papers have been leaked but not at the clear indication that the Cabinet is implicated in a massive cover up!!

So, what exactly is PM Najib's super duper PKFZ task force going to investigate? How effective is it going to be if the Cabinet is proven to be a party in the PKFZ fiasco?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Now you know why they want to get rid of Ong TK! He was screwing up the handling of PKFZ, screwing up as in not knowing how to cover up properly! And all the former MCA heads are ganging up against him, with Chua the nude actor as the front! We always suspected the involvement of the umnoputras. Now the MT expose proves that they were directly involved!

Anonymous said...

God must have sent RPK to us to expose all the dirty going-ons of BN!

1EarDeaf said...

i find this para more humiliating - "we are not denying the people the right to information on PKFZ, but if there is anything we want to tell the people, we will announce it later."

... so, is it always like this - selective sharing while the busload of corruption is kept behind closed doors???

Anonymous said...

Daulat tuanku... Yang di pertuan agong of Malaysia...

Can tuanku do something about this? This is the quite serious problem leh!

Is that something more important you are doing right now?

Please tuanku... otherwise, Raayat will suffer much lah!

Hamba mohon ribuan maaf... Selamat hari raya idilfitri.

Anonymous said...

PKFZ fiasco will turn up to be a Waterloo for BN.

Trust me. Tne Malaysians are now better educated and has access to alternative media (Niamah inclusive) to see for themselves the cover-up from the BN government.

BN days are really numbered.
The bodohness of people like Krishamudin will accelerate the downfall.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch PM Najib delivering his Hari Raya message on TV1 (during the news segment)?

He looked tired and uncomfortable.

Sitting beside him was Rosmah, who did not make any eye contact to the camera throughout the speech.

Are they feeling guilty of something?

Or are they seeking forgiveness?

Anonymous said...

All BN fellows got a share in the 'profit' from the PKFZ.

That's why the massive cover-up job.

Thanks to the Sun journalist for uncovering the scandal.

By the way the 'F' is PKFZ means the rakyat all all 'F'ucked bigtime. But hte BN fellows (UMNO, MCA & MIC) shared the dirty money.

patrickteoh said...

1Eardeaf 9:01AM, can you let me have the link to the quote you wrote here...

"we are not denying the people the right to information on PKFZ, but if there is anything we want to tell the people, we will announce it later."

I would like to highlight it on the blog. Thank you.

monsterball said...

That idiot wants to catch that person leaking out government secret documents and not talk about the said documents that proved UMNO knew all along...PKFZ funds and approved everything.
He even said...government have no secrets with the people.
War plans and why buy submarines......all secret documents...understandable la.
Why so secretive on tenders...on how money are spend?
We have the right to know how our tax money spend out.
But when come to spending money......UMNO must make sure ...all documents are secretive....or else how to get huge commission?
Day in day out...UMNO is proven....most corrupted and low class liars.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for coining ATF.

It is Malaysia-owned version of WTF.

Uniquely Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia the corrupt will not be investigated but the whistle blower will. Just like the Anwar's sododmy II. Saiful will not be procecuted but look what happened to DSAI. Way to go Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Malaysia! The corrupt will go unpunished while the AG is now actively looking for the whistle blower. Saiful given police protection while DSAI face the court. You get what you asked for. Vote BN this is what you get. Give the opposition a chance in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

this government practice the head on the foot policy, everything is up side down... not kepala otak, but kepala lutut! instead of going after the criminal, they are wacking the Whistleblower!
F.U.C.K lah dey!

Anonymous said...

This is the art of Diversion, in chinese it's known as tai-chi. Eventually, a scape goat shall be found and the whole episode closed. The scape goat shall then be missing in action be it C4ed or holidaying in disney land or residing in palestine where there'll be donations from ros using taxpayers' money la of course! Probably 20 yrs later when u and i are no more here, the son of kerismoo-moo will send him back to rehabilitate la!

Anonymous said...

'the pendatang' speaker NOT isa-ed
but the reporter got it
rpk who leaks will be osa-ed laa !

Fatimah Zuri said...

For the past 20 months all PR state government had the chance to WALK THE TALK by de-classifying all their state documents.

But until now…NADA….only got telur

Why do Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan still have OSA? Why oh Why? Why we cant see the state document by them all?

Where is CAT? I thought PR is all for opening up? lol

U point 1 finger at other people, the other 4 fingers is pointing back right at u.


Anonymous said...

Kerajaan banyak hal sulit tak boleh kasi tahu rakyat.

Maklumlah semua perkara pasal sendiri makan duit rakyat.

Kalay tidak, kenapa tak berani bongkar siapa buat salah PKFZ?

Nampaknay MACC pun 'say yang ikut perintah'.

Daulat Tuanku.

Anonymous said...

Another jail the "Tan Hoon Cheng" story for leaking the news that Penang UMNO Datuk Ahmad Ismail, of pendatang infamy, insulted the Chinese, likened them to Jews, tore down a picture of a Chinese leader of a party in HIS own coalition and generally created all sorts of racial tensions. in the Sin Chew papers? Now PDRM is finding another Tan Hoon Cheng for leaking the secret BN Government paper and publishing that to the public.

artchan said...

who does the fxxking in rosemary house..rosie or jibby?

Anonymous said...

The guys who exposed watergate and president Nixon has to go in disgrace, here in Malaysia, this exposure should be enough for MACC to immediate launch an investigation all night long even if it is Hari Raya holidays as evidence can disappear during this holidays. People doing great service to Malaysians by exposing corrupt pratices are being investigated. Is this our PM's 1Malaysia, Perforance First and People first. What a shame..............

CK said...

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Anonymous said...

aiyah, manyak rahsia/sulit dalam gomen tak boleh kasih lu olang tau laa otherwise kami semua manyak miskin lo...paham !?

anakmalaysia said...

wah...lai liao, lai liao,....

the grandfather of all corruption...

this PKFZ thingy is taking too long..

we would like to see some figures and names please...

p.s.: no more scapegoats and disappearing act this time ok?

allen ng said...


I don't understand why there must be a cover-up in this fiasco of the PKFZ.Those Ministers involved in this scandal should be exposed and skin-alive.To shield them is only to belie the way to champion the One Malaysia's concept.And to impose OSA to those who leak out the news is like intimidating Malaysians not to expose their skeletons in the cupboard to the public.

arnie_nymous said...

Mahathir started this. He disabled a performing democracy so that he and his coterie of crooks could burgle the national coffers. As far as is known, he continues to receive a cut each time you and I use the highways, being one of four trustees of the company that committed this highway robbery of the highest order.

All the balik kampungs these few days have added yet further millions into his pocket.

Only fools believe that in this day and age, they can continue to pull the wool over our collective eyes. There WILL be a reckoning!

Anonymous said...

People First: Get the people before they can get us!
Performance now: Quickly, before the people know what hit them!

1Malaysia: Warn Malaysia!

Ho ho ho said...

Ahmad Ismail is going to be rewarded the Penang Outer Ring Road project by the federal government. What a joke !

Anonymous said...

It is also a known fact PKMS is UMNO in Singapore. After Singapore pulled out of Malaysia, the UMNO organisation changed name to PKNS. Those jokers in PKMS lately "street fight" until blood and hospitalised knowing the one who walk the little corridor of power in the party got to dig freely into the pocket of the party fun just like their brothers in UMNO. Haha...what a joke.

1EarDeaf said...

Patrik, here's the link
have fun.

Anonymous said...

...kalau lu semua olang tau rashia/sulit kami , how to cari makan besar ....beli mansion besar2
......wa salah lu my kong laa...ok,
terima kasih !

Anonymous said...

compared to lionport = gaji kami sikit saja mau cari makan lain dun jealous kami laa !

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ismail - the true Malay hero in the eyes of UMNO.

He will be rewarded with the Penang PORR project.

Will MIC give the same recognition to the 'slipper-garland' member?

Life is full of joke and shit in Bolehland.

No wonder even the middle-class Malays are considering migration too (read an article in the Star today 22 Sep).

Anonymous said...

During this Raya holis I am thinking to myself where will Malaysia be in 10 yrs time? The govt is so crap and the alternative people to win the next election also formerly from the same clique? Will there be any group of people who can win the next govt and be honorable enough to serve the people and not dish out so much crap and be corrupt? far I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. just a sad story for Malaysia - a wonderful country screwed by a few :(

Anonymous said...

Man in Banana kingdom was charged Under OSA for telling the truth on the IMPOTENCE of the country's Leader .


Anonymous said...

why not the government brand all these acts

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that Zaid may be harassed as he is also a suspect. Niamah! - Wira

Anonymous said...

Left hand says, fight corruption !

Right hand says, punish the whistle blowers !

I am damn confuse now, says the brains !

The heart says, never mind, as long as no people can stop me from getting money into my pocket !!!

Niamah !!! No so sure now !!!

Justice for Rakyat said...

Bravo to the one who expose this cabinet paper(on PKFZ project).This is a Scandal of national concern and the culprit must be brought to justice! See other country(like Taiwan) how they take action against their ex-president for corruption. Can Malaysia do that?

Anonymous said...

Maha Dei said, we are not asking them to commit HARAKIRI. We just want them all to take the responsibility and resign.

Now the CORRUPTERS want to arrest and charge the whistleblower.

Wonder why all nespapers are so silent on cabinet's knowledge of the whole issue and their cover up.

Anonymous said...

You all dont know anything but critise only.You see,The government is trying to protect us all by not exposing all these P&C papers bcos they know we rakyat are not intelligent enough to understand all these issues and can get confused.Our job is to work hard and pay our taxes promptly,so pls let the government to do their job for our good.

kenwooi said...

wah.. he so thick face..
damn.. -.-

Anonymous said...

in china , the family has to pay for the bullets to execute its corrupted
children ...!!

Ho ho ho said...

They say the communists shoot you in front and stab you at the back. In Malaysia you get screwed left, right, centre and all over.

1-Screw for 1-Malaysia

Patrick....remember the good old days when you used to say "Blue skies, everything nice ". Aren't we getting nicely screwed ?

Anonymous said...


I thought the ketua pulis PENCHENED has made a VOW that he will ZERO-IN on the blogger who IS AT LARGE by SEPTEMBER this year?.

And now the PENCEN has been lifted yet again, when is he going to NAB that blogger who seemed to know who to poke and when. This ketua pulis is such a useless IDIOT, he is MAKAN GAJI BUTA OR WHAT?. EVEN this ONE blogger he cannot trace and make the ONE PM besar KEMALUANnya!

Ni ketua pulis dan this ONE PM betul2 muka takde keMALUanlah!

Pukimak @ NIAMAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why they want to set up a Royal Commission of their own so quickly.....!!!

And "why" it taking them soo..... long to give the rakyat a "twisted" answer...!!!

Please leave lah.....!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cowards ! The soldier, the police and the BN ministers !
Do not doubt anymore! Just flush the hell out these fools from our once beautiful MALAYSIA, our love. Put them all on a ship and sink it!
Remember! if you vote for them again, you are a bloody fool !

Nordin Bottom said...

What is Najibnomics?

It has a chapter on C4.

Anonymous said...

over here, a murderer can be brought back for burial with honor & with a minister's sympathy some more ..... 'a life is still a life '....SIGH !

Anonymous said...

..dat 'bin top' was trained to be a terrorist in a foreign land one =
NOT his own & our fault so gomen is helping to bring back the dead body ...ok ?

Anonymous said...

Mafia and Yakuza have their codes of secrecy.Fucking BN's code is the OSA. Only crooks need to keep secret, who gets what and how much.

Anonymous said...

isn't this the same fler, who after former ISIS Lim Teck Ghee revealed his figures for NEP review, stated that he will announce the FORMULA at arriving 18.9% bumiputra ownership after more than 30yrs of NEP?
How come till today the formula is still a SECRET? MY FOOT! ".... we will announce later..."


Mat Jambul said...

Hebat betul PM kita pergi Perancis dan buat heboh pasal 1World. Jug buat terror sama UNESCO!

Harap dia dianugerah Nobel Prize tahun depan.

Hidup Malaysia!

Felicia said...

hello mr teoh. i'm a new reader of your blog and i find it very humourous indeed! it's very apparent that you are critical of the malaysian government (so am i and every other person i know). forgive my ignorance, are you a member of any political party? you could reply me by my email if you want.. :)