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Monday, September 14, 2009

Betterrer than you la

Okay since some of you actually is the comparison.......

The President of the United States of America

The US President's home and office

The Prime Minister of Malaysia

Remember, this is just the PM's OFFICE



patrickteoh said...

I tried to look online for photos of the Prime Minister's office. Can't find any at all. Lots of the White House's Oval Office. But none of the Malaysian PM's office. Why ah?

Anonymous said...


How come you are not invited to be in Jin Notti?

Silembu said...

Havent settle down who is the rightful contractor to publish the photos?

AnthonyLKK said...

cannot say like that we are developing country ma so we work harder office size also must bigger lo


Anonymous said...

apa le yang nak dikecohkan sangat..

kalau spesis mata sepet yang buat...mesti heboh satu dunia puji.

kenapa tak buat perbandingan antara saiz bangunan PENTAGON dan bangunan Pertahanan malaysia?

dengki tak ingat.

Anonymous said...

Adeii..our PM where got office ooh..that why all the policy are damn..GOOD..chun naw...!!


Anonymous said... ! dat's how our bloodied $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ finishes !
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ...

Anonymous said...

Our Budaya ma. Gaya mesti mau , kalah takpa.

When you are feeling small you have to use or do something big so people dont look down upon you.Just like my friend's name card got 10 titles printed on it but he still not yet pay my rental.

When you are already TAIKO , anything cheap you use also people say it's very expensive or say you are very humble.


Anonymous said...

Wah FIRST WORLD residence, but unfortunately THIRD CLASS residents.
But residents no speaking England, so they may think they are the first class mojos staying in third class habitats.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.43PM says
'Wah FIRST WORLD residence, but unfortunately THIRD CLASS residents.' I fully agree. Let compares the cars. I don't beleive President Obama own any Rolls Royces, Ferraris or Lamborghinis etc. Even if he do it will be from his own hard earned money. But our numbers of r.....s combined own many of the cars mentioned above. What about a full days work?. It is a full days work for most of those leaders. but for us it is officiatiating some events, visit some ophanages, handing out some angpow to settlers, flood/fire victims, pay golf, checking their bank A/c????

chong said...

so proud...

malaysia boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

Mahligai is a better word !

Well, can't say much !

We are a developed nation and therefore, everything has to be canggih !

I suggest that all our nation's beggars wear a full piece suit and beg at KLIA !!!

No more Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

Since the White House is a subject,
malaysians should protest that our new ambassador's credentials were presented to merely a deputy state secretary.....a backhanded way of complimenting us on our choice?