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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ya. Belongs to government ma. No meh?


Section 22 (1) and Section 341 (1) of the Government Gazette notification on Jan 30, 1997, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) had decided not to accept companies registering with the name of “Penang”.

Chief Minister Lim said that he WAS misquoted and his statement taken out of context. According to the follow-up story in The Star today he said....

“We want to create awareness so that the word ‘Penang’ is not simply used. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t say The Star Penang, Penang Sun, Penang laksa or Penang food, but it is only to names that will give public the impression that it is of a state government’s body.

“For instance, you cannot simply use terms like Penang Tourism Board, Penang Heritage or Penang Hill unless you get consent from the state government,” Lim said.

He said the state did not want people to misuse “Penang” to collect donations with the claim that it was for the state government.

“Some people are trying to take this opportunity to ridicule the whole issue, saying that we can’t even use Penang Laksa and others,” he said.


In the race to see who can make the stupidest press statements to piss off Malaysians, the DAP's Lim Guan Eng wins the prize today.

Penang stakes claim to word ‘Penang’

“I want to make it very clear that the word Penang belongs to the state government......" .....Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang.

The name of 'my' birthplace belongs to the government???!!!

Please la, Mr. Lim let's leave the foot-in-mouth disease infestations to those flers from BN, okay? Or are you too enjoying the taste of what it's like to be IN POWER?



Anonymous said...

why must they do that? nothing to better to do? perhaps need to look into making PR ready to government better than what a mess it is now. internal Squabbling. sigh. BN no use, PR cannot get act together. we are doomed!


Anonymous said...

Half right. The state name rightfully belongs to the state inhabitants. Meaning the electorate in a democracy. The state government is, in theory, the elected representative of the state inhabitants. Thus, the state government do have part claim to the state name.

Anti idiot said...

Unless LGE going to blame the media that he is misquoted, this time LGE really f**k up deep deep.

LGE, you mean you want to control all the Penang heritage and culture and food.

You mean we in Selangaor need to kow tow you to eat Penang Char Kway Teow, Penang hokkien mee, Penang Laksa, Penang Heang Piah, Penang Nutmeg, etc because all the hawkers here use "Penang" in their stall.

LGE, you better APOLOGISE big big to all our us, the Rakyat, i mean for this screw up.

Or else, LGE you go fly kite!!!

Niamah, knn!!

Wong Pencen said...

The way Lim Guan Eng is going, that one minister at home will have to go back to school.

Richard Cranium said...

Goes to show that stupidity knows no political affiliations.

May I suggest the PR government trade mark the name so that anyone who wishes to use it in their brand name pay a royalty.

I bet this can meet all the FDS shortfalls if every auntie and uncle laksa and charkoayteow seller pay up.

Philip said...

Patrick, is this verified to be the way and context of what's said?

I'm quite nervous when people pick up something reported in the mainstream media today, and then go to town with it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, LGE go fly kite lah! Yeah I will still vote for DAP/Pakatan, but as far as using the name of Penang, I have to tell LGE to kiss my @$$. Penang belongs to Penangite, not the state government! If all our old classmates wanna have a big do called Penang Nite, or Penang Beer Bust, we shall call it by that name and not ask LGE if he will approve it or not. LGE must have gone cuckoo after the big hoohah on the Kg Buah Pala. So Mister LGE, you go take a good break during this Hari Raya break, have a good beer bust, and then come back to work and toss that silly idea out the window!
Yours truly, PENANG BOY.

Trevor said...

It's a total waste of money.

they are gonna build car from scratch, and for sure it'll be uncompetitive...


How does it feel like, to see the 1Malaysia F1 car speeding on the F1 track, while people get stuck in the jam?


Anonymous said...

So what next? The word "rocket" is also copy right? Success has turn him into an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This Niakong joker is getting irritating day by day ,very Aimin and Hong Thao (show off).

Why cant he just get his job done to clear the mess in Penang but instead wasting time this while talk- big and totkok.
Rakyat would prefer Leaders that are Capable and stay in humility.

Look more and more like soh , soh, soh hai each passing day.


tupingera said...

Laksa Penang is Laksa it whatever name you'll always be Laksa Penang to me.

Jefus said...

its like the Italians see?
if the cheese is not made in Italy it cannot be called Italian cheese. ( look at Kraft )

so if u make Penang Laksa in Petaling Street,....the royalty / proceeds must go to the Penang Gomen? Duh, ah?

life is too stressful lah - no need for screwy dictums,.....

Anonymous said...

I say all these assholes from DAP or PR ... they are all the same like those in BN.

Once they taste some power, they get big headed.

Fuck them ... both PR & BN ... fuckers are all the same.

natives are restless said...

Oh sucks! , does this means naming my children
Pen-Ang , Pena-Ng and Pe-Nang are forbidden ???

Anonymous said...

Has the Kg. Buah Pala issue got the best of you this time ! Headache until utter such severe mistake or unless The Star paper misquoted you again ?

Wah ! What will happen to Pahang Durian, Penang Char Kuey Teow, Ipoh Chicken Rice, Johore Laksa, Mee Siam, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Rocket, etc.

Hey ! That red thingy that fly to the moon, you gotta pay royalty, hah ? Okay ?

Belongs to the US and the Russians hah ?

Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect there is an ongoing attempt by Federal Government to obsolete Penang from Malaysia and to replace it permanently to Pulau Pinang. You do not get Penang mention anywhere in school books now. So the State Government now goes on a protection drive that the word Penang belong to the Penang citizen and the state Government, not to the Federal Government

Anonymous said...

I can understand why the CM did this. Maybe many parties took opportunities using the word "Penang" to misled the public into believing that their events were organized by the state government thus donations keeps pouring in. He should address this issue in a proper way i.e..those who wants to use the word 'Penang" in their event must state somewhere that it is not a state event. This will solve the whole problem. Claiming the word "Penang" belongs solely to the state is a stupid move and a short cut to solved a problem.

White Dog said...

I'm very skeptical of his ability when this first thing he did as a CM is cancelling all the summons. Encouraging wrong-doers? What about those law abiding citizens that paid earlier? And his dad stays even longer than Samy Valu! Do we have a 3rd choice? No ah? All same same lah!

Taiping Joo said...

Go on and make Penang a strong Global "Brand". Build an identity and equity, that we can be proud off. Stop the bickering...

Even Singapore Mee Hoon, Indonesia Fried Rice and Thailand Tom Yum are recognised!!!

CK said...

guan eng really need to clean his act fast

Anonymous said...

As a penangite, I never thought the statement can be of such an adverse interpretation as u have put it. Are u being over reactive for a minor issue like that??? Pls la uncle patrick, it may not be a stupid statement but you have just made it sound like one. This is nothing compared to the million dollar mansion and people being abused while under interrogation, don't u think so?

Jason said...

Hi all,

Please check out the following quote (excerpt from The Star

Jaya Supermart Collapse: ‘Something not done right’

And here it goes >>
...Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said...“A building has to be systematically demolished and if something GOES WRONG, that means certain things were done NOT IN THE RIGHT WAY,”...

I am a trained civil engineer but I am not sure I understand what message the beloved Yang Berhormat is trying to convey. Or is he just trying to show off his English ah?Can someone enlighten me?

Malaysia BOLEH. *puke*

Anonymous said...

Has Malaysia no intelligent politician left?? What happen to them? I guess if a Malaysian politician is found to be intelligent, he gets thrown out of their party. So my theory is this - this guys just keep acting stupid to stay in, la. And if they continue to be politicians for too long they really become STUPID.

Anonymous said...

penang does not belong to lim guan eng, lim kit siang, the pr state government etc etc. it belongs to the people.

so hard up of power that they now even need to caveat the name. what a shame.

ni, why dont u just buy a damn island somewhere and name it your own state and govern that.

Anonymous said...

hey pat, i dont want to jump the gun and hantam YB LGE but it would be nice if u could put up the original article for us to read. You cant trust the media nowadays for misquoting ppl...remember saudara karpal singh and RTM??

Anonymous said...

LGE is trying tho preserve teh Penang brand name, before those 'anti-colonial' fellows insisted that it should be called Pulau Pinang, or worst still "Tanjung".

Patrick said...

Lim Guan Eng you are bloody power crazy We voted you to see a two party system not because you are capable but we have no choice, now you hit us penangnites below our belts and dictate as dictator, unbecomings statements from an uncivilised politician like you Buck up, we know that you have all this while belittle the intelligence of us with misleadings press statement you know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....

veon said...


This Ah Eng is fast becoming likes Ah Bian of Taiwan!!!

God saves P*****!!!(Sorry can't write in full without Ah Eng;s approval!!!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe LGE is correct ?

Maybe the Federal Gomen is planning to ban the word PENANG and use Pulau Pinang saja or have informally warned LGE not to use PENANG in whatever means of communication with Federal Gomen.

To oppose is the best defence : PENANG will always be PENANG KIA PROPERTY
But federal gomen you can use what you fancy - Pulau Pinang or Pulau Pendatang is up to you

Anonymous said...

I agreed with anon 5.21pm and 6.45pm, there must be a reason, find out the facts first before you shoot.
Don't just simply shoot becos' LGE is the perfect or easy target!
You believe what is reported in Star? you believe MSM?

Anonymous said...

'pls enter your parking ticket' ...
I push the card into the slit BUT tak boleh masuk ?
' pls enter your ....' , the machine repeating ....
I push 'harder'...not sucked in laa ?
' pls enter ....',repeating...
DAMN , I kick the machine & shout 'i'm pushing it hard !'
Then, a gentle touch on my shoulder :
" uncle, itu lubang salah ....!"
I turn my head to see a young lass with blue tudung & a long q of about 20 people waiting .....!
Finally ,she helps me to enter the correct slit with ...with my parking card !! (ipoh pumpkin)

tlyung said...

I still remember when i meet this fellar before the last election.

He was introduce by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yu (Palace and Mines) during the 9th day of chinese new year when i help Tan Sri for his prayer to the Heaven (Pai tian Kong)

he is lucky that his Papa finally won thru his legacy... and he thinks he is the one who male DAP proud..

Now you see this four eye Niasing is kissing his balls and others people balls....

NIASING this fellar

Melvin Lim said...

His intention is good. To not let unscrupulous ppl using the Penang name under the pretenxt of representing Penang and abuse it. But poor choice of word and explanation. Bodoh!!!

Anonymous said...

next when you go KL,people ask you where you come from,you just answer i came from one of the state of northern,fuck off

donplaypuks® said...


I think you do LGE an injustice. Kerismudin is today's King of foot in mouth disease.

I just heard Kerismudin put his foot in his cavernous mouth again on NTV 7 news at 8.

He expressed sadness that Nordin Top was dead because they did not have an opportunity to capture and rehabilitate him!!??

I think he's on a roll after cow's head disease. I am waiting to see what he will say when Osama is killed.


We are all o f 1 race, the Human Race.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the numerous adverse comments upon patrick's instigation, I can only sum up that Malaysian generally do not read and think at the same time ! And, worse of all, they then tote along their foul machines guns and go on shooting for nothing !

Go and read in details what had transpired and understand the reasoning behind before making unwarranted remarks !

Anonymous said...

' rehabilitate ' murderers & cow-head carriers !?

Inbaraj Suppiah said...

Wah so all the penang char koey teow stalls need to pay royalty for using the signboard meh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Patrick you will do a great job leading a mob. Most of your commentators have a similar mentality to the cow-head mob. The leader say jump and everyone jumped without much thought. Can you stay on real important issues. I know that you beleive in the freedom of speech. Me too.

Anonymous said...

Why treat Nordin Top as a national hero?

Hishamudin might as well bring his body to the national monument to accord him the state funeral.

No wonder the Indons have an issue with Malaysia.

BN should spend time 'rehabilitate' its own members from corruption. Have boot-camp in Kamunting for example.

Anonymous said...

After Patrick started making short movies with Khairy J. , he is now converted and thus BeEnd 'upgrade chip' is injected in his brain.


Anonymous said...

You guys here are really bolo punya orang. After reading his rationale for controlling the use of "Penang", you still criticise him?

Ravin P said...

Oops look who has to eat the humble pie today.

Perhaps you can up it with an article on the following

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

Maybe YB Lim's move will in the end protect Penangites across the board, and not the other way round as your article sounds like it.

Many years ago the Yangzhou (a beautiful and historic city in China) authorities tried to forbid through legal means unauthorised use of the name 'Yong Chou Fried Rice' ( a type of fried rice originated in Yangzhou and very popular not only among the Chinese but also among the non-Chinese in the Western countries). As every one who had normal taste buds could testify then that there had been simply too many people selling too many self-invented variants of 'Yong Chou Fried Rice' that in the end, no body knew which one was the authentic one (in terms of ingredients used, procedures of preparing, the taste and etc). So if you are not really familiar with the authentic one and one day you try out one of those lousy variants, what would you tell yourself and the other people? "Yeaaak! Yong Chou Fried Rice sucks!" isn't it?

Another example, if I can only make very lousy laksa but still go ahead and open up stalls in, say Malacca and JB, selling laksa under the name 'Penang Laksa' and worst of all, my customers are from around the world...what am I doing to the names 'Penang' and 'Penang Laksa'? Either tarnishing or smearing them isn't it?

So, regulating the use of the name 'Penang' may have some merits worth pondering.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:21 PM above was correct when I predicted Federal Government to obsolete Penang from Malaysia and to replace it permanently to Pulau Pinang.

We now know the Registrar of Companies (ROC) had decided not to accept companies registering with the name of “Penang”. This is a great surprise to everybody!

julian said...

didnt read all the comments again sorry, trying to keep my pressure low----------he is a good guy from what i have been reading eg. helping an underaged girl some years ago.
pressure is getting to him please give him some slack

Anonymous said...

It just show that if you take something out of context and spin it like what you did, and when the truth reveal, you look sooooooooo stupid!
LGE could be the next PM and will outshine any of the previous one if given a chance.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.17 am : ...coz nordin top is a 'bin' , ok ?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you may say about LGE, he is still far better than Koh Tsu Koon, who have not done anything for Penang, by kow-towing to UMNO to advance Malay Agenda.

Penang has lost its shine while Gerakan was the government.

Fatimah Zuri said...


Thanks for the RAYA wishes.

It has always amazed me the number of LGE zombies on the net.

If they attack others it is ok, but if other just criticize their demi-god even a tiny bit they will jump and attack u..LOL

Anonymous said...

To Fatimah Zuri

Are you the sister of Awan gSelamat?

Have a merry Raya.

Please tell your brother to taubat or he can be rehabilitated by Krishamudin.

Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Anonymous said...

ok, ipohites ...dun use 'ipoh' for kopi , food ....BUT can use 'paloh'
...ok ? tks !!
Ah ! dun call yourselves 'ipohites'
but can call ..apa ni ..'palohites' !
hepi cuti !!

Fatimah Zuri said...

to anynomous 11:05 am,

1. sheesh get a name will ya? susah mau refer la

2. no i am not awang selamat's sister

3. thanks for the wish

4. Who is krishamudin.

5. Are you angry that LGE kena criticize meh? Is he untouchable meh?

6. Malaysia Kini, Maklaysia Insider, Malaysia Today says a lot of nasty things about Najib but at least he is gentleman enough to let them voice their opinion.

7. In penang, NST got barred from covering...remind me of the book i used to read..Animal Farm..go and read it dude

Anonymous said...

...aiyoooo, lu baru mari sini kah ?
'kerisamudin' pun tak tau dia ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Fatimah Zuri

Selamat Hari Raya.

NST is like Utusan, a mouthpiece of government, with bias and selective reporting by incompetent 'yang ikut perintah' reporters with poor command of English.

As for 'nasty' things for our PM, remember the saying the 'coconut tree will not sway without the wind'.

As for Animal Farm, you are right that Malaysia has been a place where some are more equal than others (read: NEP). You must be the priviledged one. Count your blessing and don't simply sell away your rights and ASN ala Ali Baba.

By the way, do you understand what is Niamah?

Anonymous said...

Hello Fatimah

Do you know that LGE went to Kamunting camp for defending a Malay girl who was supposedly raped by a well-known politician?

Go find out the truth.

Anak Halal said...

Can someone tell me why LGE went to Kamunting Camp last time?

Anonymous said...

LGE went to Kamunting on Operasi Lalang, he went to Kajang Prison by defending an underage Malay girl raped by an EX-CM of Melaka.

Anonymous said...

TVB Special on LGE