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Monday, September 14, 2009

Can work what!

Lee Hsien Loong. Annual salary - S$3.9million

Najib Razak. Annual salary - about RM240,000 (about S$102,000)

For some time now I've entertained the thought that in Malaysia and other Asian countries some form of "corruption" or "benefits" can and do work. With positive results for both the receipients and the givers. No? Okay, look at this example.

Singapore's ministers are the best paid politicians in the world. The Singaporean prime minister receives an annual salary of S$3.9 million. Lee Hsien Loong's salary is more than the allocations to some of the island republic's social services like Hospice services which receive S$3.5 million annually. But nobody in Singapore complains. Okay la, so most of them dare not complain and the others just shrug and say "So?".

Malaysian ministers receive rather more down to earth pay packages. I think I read somewhere that our prime minister only receives about RM20,000 or less a month. And almost everybody in Malaysia is complaining. What the hell la!!!

So the Singapore PM takes home millions a year. Nobody there complains. Why? Everything works. The MRT is clean, comfy and efficiently affordable. Education system works. No traffic jams. Almost everybody can own their own homes. Etc. etc. etc. "Hiyah! Never mind la. Can make a good living lor. My children future okay lor."

So Malaysian ministers are paid peanuts (look I am not the one who completed that sentence ya?) but we still complain about them. Why? Because things don't work so well here. Highways crack, hillslope developments collapse, education system sucks......

So what am I saying? I say let our politicians take bribes. RASUAH. Take as much as you want to be on par with those Singaporean flers. But also make sure that the fler you award the contract to does a good job so that the Rakyat can enjoy first class facilities. That way, WIN-WIN ma! You can be rich without anyone raising any eyebrows. And we go on our merry ways out of your hair. Yes or not?

Huh? I think I better go back to sleep. It must be the medication causing this hallucination. Sorry ah.



Anonymous said...

Its not only 20k lah, how about MP allowance, this and that, annual income 39mil lah .GlC ceo aso get the sky and the clouds, i read from star paper.
So how come CEO 1malaysia so little.
MUST be very much more lah.

Anonymous said...


In Singapore you have first class politicians and of course you would receive first class job.Whereas in Malaysia,you also know that it is third class politicians doing the third class job and what do you expect?Miracle!!Better dream for the next election and sweep away these third class politicians replacing it with something better than these cheap-skate morons.

wong said...

take example on police the sergent get less then 1500rm take home pay why is he still there? answer is so simple...lubang ada...its not how much the minister get paid..but how much lubang they get example khir toyol...23mil bungalow ..what abt others?

wong said...

lubang banyak is just petty cash,simple as that

tlyung said...

Can they set a chart or season bride price list... this could be useful for our budgeting and this shall goes into record (^^) may be tax free !!!

Jonathan said...

Ppl work less if they get more bribes, coz there's no black & white. They're not accountable to provide service. Which is why the country is where it is today.

If you really want change for the better, pay the man good money via legitimate means, and expect the same in service.

chapchai said...

In order to attract the best brains into government Singapore politicians are as well paid as the best brains in the private sector. They go on the basis that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

Richard Cranium said...

There is much merit in your suggestion to allow politicians skim off the top so long as the facilities are first class, and living standard is becoming of a first class populace.

I have no issue with that. For you moral minority out there, I'm sure you'd take some office stationery home, right? Or, linger just a little while longer for lunch? Or, use the company's laser jet to print your resume?

Anonymous said...

Well, change new responsible and reliable pm similar like mahathir, I think this could be possible.

doraemon1972 said...

bro, just my feeling...

doraemon1972 said...

bro, just my feeling...

Anonymous said...

True & dedicated statesmen will never be bothered with their salary.

President John F Kennedy was one of them.

I quote, "He donated his entire presidential salary of $100,000 to charity, ranging from hospitals to the Boy and Girl Scouts, to Jewish
philanthropies and retarded children's associations. In 1962, however, he chose to make what were clearly strategically political contributions with his private funds, the United Negro College Fund and the Cuban Families Committee."
From: Page 95
"The Kennedy White House : Family Life and Pictures, 1961-1963"
by Carl Sferrazza Anthony.

In other words, able & brilliant statesman is not measured by the size of his pay.

So, if one is thinking of getting a big fat pay then he can just forget about joining politics to serve his country.

Anonymous said...

Its not just the high pay per se but the entire mindset and conduct
that permeate the entire ranks
of the executive,the judiciary and legislature..from the PM to the roadsweeper.

These instituitions and its leaders lead by example,good behaviour and sacrifice
You dont hear a Minister or top civil servant cavorting in a lounge
or using his official car to go
to the supermarker,have a free lunch or gifts in golfbags
A top civil servant said simply
..choose to be a monk, must live like one

When LKY came to power,his first
priority was to eliminate corruption knowing how it can sap the energy and vitallity of a nation;resources go to waste
he suceeded through sheer will discipline and control
There was no compromise.
Friends and foes went to jail
And it will continue to be so

Without a mindset change and the
elimination of corruption, cronyism and nepotism
Malaysia must fail

Anonymous said...

our minister & assistants r overpaid with our bloodied $$$$$$$$$ ...@#%^&*

Anonymous said...

Why you post the Singapore PM with a handsome photo but my PM with a niamah photo?

From Rosmah @ Rose...

Tiger said...

The longest serving PM admitted in his blog that his salary was 20k per month.
But a good question is that how the heck did he afford such a nice big house in Mines Resort?
I know software engineers who make 20k a month, but they don't live in RM5 million dollar bungalows in a golf resort.

Anonymous said...

Ours is based on saleman system, LOW BASIC, HIGH COMMISSION. Singapore system is based on FIXED ADMIN SALARY.
And we all know Salesmen always make more money than administrators.

Anonymous said...

I work and work for 20 years that also I keep 100% of my salary into my saving account. I wonder how people gaji less than me can afford to own a 5 million ringgit banglow within such a short period. Must ask sifu how to manipulate.

Lau Kwui said...

Patrick,cannot be so little lah!Other allowances add up to more than the pay itself.Of coarse they cannot beat the S'pore PM bcos their country can afford it but we Malaysia tak bolih!Productivity and prudency and cleanness matter here.

Anonymous said...

Aiya unker, you never heard of side income meh ?

Anonymous said...

Why low pay and still die die also want to fight for the post ? It took me sometimes to realise during my working days where this Guy never complain about non-increment.

Low pay less pressure ma and samoe can give excuces not to perform.
You give monkey pay so I give monkey performance loh.

But you forgot the monkeys in the Zoo or Botanical garden got so many Free Bananas (makan tak habis)until they choked.

Orang Utan.

Anonymous said...

look at the picture and what jib was trying to say was this...

what 20k only? u gotta be kidding, man.

Jiko said...

This reminds me of something I read in Last Chance to See about the conservation of endangered animals. It goes something like, if tree as timber costs £100, we should pay £200 to the illegal logger not to cut the tree. But very soon the logger will see that from the same tree they can earn £300. :X

But then again in this case we're often talking of people at the bottom end who needs the money to survive, & in a politician's case we are talking about people whom have grown so... indifferent to their culture of greed.

Anonymous said...

If we can save some money from the RM12 Billion scandal,we can pay all our ministers better that Spore and USA combined. And this did not include the total of Billions of Ringgits saved in all other financial scandals, mismanagement, corruptions and incompetences in the past 50 years.

fini mahadami said...

don't you know that they also received ridiculous allowances? maid allowance.driver's allowance. home renovation allowance. party allowance. and the list just goes on...I bet those allowances alone is the equivalent of my 1 year salary!!

ANN BK3 said...

The official renumeration is only
'kacang putih' buuuuuuuut the fringe
benefits are eeeeeenormous. In Bolehland it's a norm where we have the 'official and unofficial version'
whichever the case.

Anonymous said...

Any HR practitioner would have told you that salary is just one component of the Total Reward system.

Our Malaysia Boleh Ministers have all the PERKS that can be translated into millions of ringgits. For example, accessibility to 'insider's information', 'lawatan sambil belanja' expenses, free flight tickets, elaun this and elaun that ...

The talk of our ministers are paid little is to con the kampung folks...

st kuek said...

Hey all , I'll even work for FREE as PM of Malaysia if you guys would take me . I just love the "benefits".

Anonymous said...

did you ever wish, one day, YOU guys will take over Malaysia? Dream on.

I wonder how can Afdlin cud be nice to you.

Racist piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

SYABAS CEO salary is already over 1 million la.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 9:18 AM I don't understand your comment. Did you mean to call me racist? Why? Who are YOU guys? And why would I wish them to take over Malaysia?
BTW, I think you totally misunderstood the post.

Anonymous said...

That's why, our Ministers here still want to continue with their low pay job because they can get more than $3.9 million with one stroke of a pen. many many millions did he get for the submarine deal, or the minister and his mah chai on the PKFZ? I guess LHL or his other lesser ministers may not get it in their lifetime. So who said our Ministers are paid peanuts? It is a hell of a huge nut! Niamah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the Singaporean ministers all got real degrees from top unis in the world while their Malaysian counterparts' MBAs, PHDs etc could come from obscure places.

BTW, Australian ministers also not paid that well but we are still doing a great job. How come?
Because the Australian people won't let them get away with shoddy inputs!
And we got the ballot box to knock those who are too arrogant, corrupt etc. One bad move and you're history or in jail! But in Malaysia, the ethics are upside down and pusing balik.


Anonymous said...

Our politicians think we are 3-year old kid trying to con us that they are paid low to serve rakyat.

Did they ever disclose their full income, from commision, perks, allowances?

Their family get full-expense paid for 'lawatan sambil belajar' trips.

Our Ministers get side information to make a killing in stock market?

Ha ha!

Anyway they do not deserve any RM for their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I do not mind to be paid low so long as I get free expense-paid overseas trip for my family and the bank could grant me loan to build a RM23 million palace.

Now I know why so many want to YB to serve rakyat.


Gary Chee said...

Couldn't agree more. As long the Rakyat are satisfied with the living, who cares which bozo is up there and how much he earns.

Anonymous said...

1 SUBMARINE (underground dealing-since it is under water?) IS ENOUGH TO LAST A FEW GENERATIONs.

jealous guy.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia
2 Submarines
3 ???

Anonymous said...

pets-allowance oso dapat ah /?

Anonymous said...

1) Scorpene submarine
2) OPV (offshore Petrol Vessel)
3) National Service
4) Eurocopter deal
5) Sukhoi fighter
6) Director fees

With those side incomes, I think Hsien Loong's pay is like peanut...

michael said...

Uncle Teoh, renumeration is not based solely on salary. Look at the siblings and children of past Malaysian PMs and key ministers. Many of them are worth billions each, something those highest paid ministers on earth will never match.

najib manaukau said...

If the Malaysian P.M. and his ministers are so poorly paid why then so many would die to become one ?
Also why so many could retire and live so comfortably like the pariah Mahathir ? My two children earn many times more than the Malaysian P.M. and yet they can only to live in a much smaller house.
May be one tenth of Khir's mansion.
The pariah still travels to foreign countries so frequently especially to London yearly, when he told everyone to look east ?
Is he worries he might meet someone who recognises him or might get to know what he is doing there ?
Patrick, have you forgotten to mention their income under the table ?

Anonymous said...

RM240K/ year is the official salary. The unofficial salary is surely even 20 time more than Spore Prime Minister! Worst still, the more unofficial salary are extended to his wife, brother, sister, in-laws, friends, friend of a friend, and......too many.

Anonymous said...

wahhahaha of all countries you're comparing us with singapore?

you must have forgotten about Temasek Holdings.

Anonymous said...

Aiya! They all got the benefits mah.
How bout other races? Kononnya 'Unite we Malayians.' Talk to my stick lah.

Anonymous said...

me,you N others if given a chance to FATT CHOY why not? apa salah nya siapa tangkap,rezeki jangan di tolak hahaaa... only in BOLEH LAND

Anonymous said...

me,you N others if given a chance to FATT CHOY why not? apa salah nya siapa tangkap,rezeki jangan di tolak hahaaa... only in BOLEH LAND

Observer said...

The $3.9 million given to Baby Lee is Singapore's form of corruption. What makes Baby Lee more capable than the US President or Prime Minister of UK to receive 3-5 times the salary of his UK and US peers? And what makes Baby Lee's wife worthy of being the only one running Temasek instead of another Singaporean, and Baby Lee II formerly running Singtel? Do you mean to tell me all other Singaporeans are inferior to the Singaporean royal Lee Family??? The Lee Family is overrated, there are many competent Singaporeans who could easily replace them, with half the fuss, and certainly half the big ego and big mouth.

Certainly not pay the politician peanuts, but certainly not pay them a fortune too! There is a reason why serving in a government is called PUBLIC SERVICE, and NOT MONEY SERVICE.